The following story is adult fiction. This story will contain elements of a sexual nature. If it is illegal to view this sort of material in your area, or if you are not old enough. Even though their are characters who are presented in this story, this story makes no claim to their sexuality and should be admired as fiction only.

This is presented as a Christmas gift to a fellow author and friend. He knows who he is. This is a new style and writing format for myself, but none the less. I'm proud of my work. I do hope you enjoy, this will be a series. Not sure long, but we'll see.

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   Aiden's invitation had been a godsend. A trip to New York was just what I needed to recharge the batteries. For so long I had been pushing myself, and for two years the consistency had taken it's toll. When I graduated high school, I went straight on to college. Jumping from major to major trying to find something I truly wanted to do was leaving me at wit's end. So I decided to take a year off and spend time with one of my closest friends. Aiden had went directly from high school and had pursued a successful career as a photographer. I hadn't really seen too much of him since he left Miami, but we've been friends since pre-school. New York was definitely going to be fun and exciting.

   I really didn't know what all I could do in New York except tag along with Aiden, but he had brought up the idea of doing some modeling gigs. The entertainment industry always fascinated me. Could modeling be a form of entertainment? or art? I had saved up some money before I took off, but it wouldn't last long in the big apple. Maybe I would take Aiden up on his offer, he did have the connections after all. Perhaps I could make it as a model, I am a hot looking guy. All ego aside though, but sense I brought it up; I might as well share my looks with you. I've got short light brown hair, brown-almond eyes. I have a slim build, but nice muscle tone and the most incredible smile you've ever seen. I bet if I was an actor, I would land casting calls just by the head shots.

   I was finally done with the seventh season of Charmed. The show was in such demand this season, that more episodes had to be filmed. Don't get me wrong, I love my job. The cast are not only co-workers, but their my family. But this year, I was really tired and emotionally drained. So much had happened that I dared not to even return to my Los Angeles home. New York had been good to me, so I naturally choose to spend the Christmas season at my apartment in the upper-east side. This getaway would not only be a cool-down session, I also had photo shoots to attend for teasers for the next season. The joys of being an actor.

   Who knew jet-lag could be so bad? I was drained by the time I made it to Aiden's apartment. We exchanged hugs and greetings and I soon collapsed in the guest-room. When I finally woke up, it was morning. I guess I had been asleep for the entire day and night. But now I felt refreshed and ready to have some fun; or so I thought. Aiden dragged me into work with him that day. For the most part it was exciting to see some pretty famous models grace the shoot.

  "Your awfully quite today Angel" Aiden said, using my nickname.

  "This is so boring. Why did you drag me to a female swimsuit shoot?" I replied putting emphasis on the female part.

  "You'll see Angel, you'll see" Aiden replied before taking a few more shots.

   I knew Aiden enjoyed his job, but I was so not going to spend the day gawking over him and his semi-nude females. After watching a few more seductive poses that nearly turned my stomach, I decided to wander around the studio. The walls were covered with photos of past shoots and Aiden's other subjects. I had to admit, the guy did some pretty good work. In fact, his work made me ponder my recent decision to become a lawyer. When I was done exploring, I decided to try the cappuccino machine I found earlier in the kitchen.

   Now I knew why Starbucks made so much money. This machine was damn near impossible to operate. I might of had better luck if I just gave up, but I'm a caffine-junkie; so surrender was not an option. After large amounts of steam and strange burnt smells, I was rewarded by a slight chuckle which made me immediately turn around.

  "Seems like your having allot of trouble there man" replied the stranger in front of me.

  "Holy" I started.

  "Shit. Yeah, I know. It's a celebrity" said the man with a smirk.

  "Your Brian Krause!" I replied in the most dorkiest manner. God help me.

  "Yep, I guess I am. Here, I have an extra" Brian said smiling as he extended an extra cup.

  "Wow, thanks" I replied like an eager school-girl. I couldn't believe I was mere feet away from Brian Krause. Charmed's "Leo" and an all around hottie.

  "No problem. Well I've got to go pose now, take care" Brian said as he held out his hand.

  I immeditaly shook his hand, I swear I popped a boner right then and there. Thank god he stared immediately my face and never looked down, or he would of gotten a nice view. As I sipped the caffine goodness, I kept my eyes glued to the various cast members at the shoot. Sometime between the swimsuit digest and my cappuccino crisis, the cast had slipped in. Aiden had a huge smirk on his face as he and his crew took the photos. He knew how much I liked Charmed and how I crushed on Brian Krause. Aiden gave me no fair warning, oh I was so going to get him back. As the hours crept by, I could of sworn Brian was looking at me between takes. God I needed to get a grip, and fast.

 Okay every-one. We are done!" Aiden shouted cheerfully which was met with applause from the entire room.

 Done already?" I squeaked out causing some of the cast members, including Brian to look in my direction. I instantly turned four shades of red.

   I helped Aiden store all of the equipment and return the film so it could be processed. I couldn't wait to get my hand on a few of those prints. When we returned home, I jumped right into the shower. I was just stepping out of the bathroom wrapped in towels when I saw Aiden standing at my doorway with two necklaces with large tags on them; his smirk made me instantly think danger.

  "What?" I asked blankly.

  "Private charmed cast party. by invitation only" Aiden replied with a smirk.

  "I'm going to a celebrity party!" I yelled as I practically jumped up and down before snatching my pass.

   Everyone who had a decent role on the seventh season was at the cast party. Alyssa, Holly, Rose, even Drew Fuller attended. Club BLVD was a fairly nice size club in Manhattan. As we entered the doors, we all could tell this club was hot. Bodies graced the floor as a mixture of tribal beats and hip-hop danced across the sound-waves. When we were all settled in the private white room, I found myself laughing as Drew was making passes at "taken" ladies. Holly was recently married and Alyssa was dating a baseball star. I made my way around the room chatting with some of the cast and production crew. It was great, even if it was only for a little while. Just as I was getting another drink, the room lit up in a flash before vanishing. I turned around to see Aiden, the photographer from today's shoot with a sony mavica in hand.

  "I thought everyone should have photos of tonight's party" Aiden replied as Holly and Rose motioned him over.

   As Aiden moved over to the girls, I spotted the coffee guru standing at the doorway. He was wearing faded blue jeans and a vintage tee followed by a sports jacket. Funny he wasn't a celebrity, yet he had the whole "casual yet too cool for you" style going on. He flashed me a smile and headed over in my direction. Shit, I just realized I didn't know this guy's name; of course he knew me. I felt like a prick for not catching the fan's name. So I couldn't remember everyone, but I hadn't even made an effort.

  "Mr Krause, could you sign this for me please?" the guy said as he pulled a used coffee cup from him bag.

  "Just call me Brian" I replied grinning and taking the cup.

  "Just make it out to Arik please" Arik said smiling the most toothiest grin ever.

   I signed the guy's cup and instantly fell into deep conversation with him. I learned that he was a real good friend of Aiden's and that was in fact the person who invited him to New York. Arik acted like he hadn't had much fun in a long time. There was a good reason for that. He had graduated high school and went straight on to law school. I was quite surprised that he hadn't admitted himself to a looney bin; he laughed at that comment. I felt a natural attraction to Arik, unfortunly I was getting quite hammered and if he felt anything towards me; it would surely die this evening. Along with my sobriety.

   Maybe it was me, but it really felt like Brian was showing a true interest in everything I talked about. But the evening just wasn't about me, I learned allot about him. We spoke about places we had both been in the world, cars, and sports. I had no idea that he was a professional soccer player at one point in his life. As the evening progressed, Brian got drunk; and I mean shit-faced. This was strange, I kept having the "Leo" image in my head and my mind would wander across such thoughts like: "would a white-lighter act like this?" Wait a minute, snap out of it! This is real life, your with a real celebrity; stop confusing them with the characters they play. Some things were true off-screen; Brain was funny and a nice guy, not to mention fine as hell. God I had it bad. I was immediately pulled out of my "Brian" thoughts when I heard a "weeee" followed by a loud thud. There laying on the floor was Brian on his back and his chair backwards under him. I giggled at the notion and bent down to help him up. Everyone started breaking out into laughing fits as I helped Brian up.

  "Waiter! Check!" Holly yelled out causing more laughter from the crowd.

   I was picking up the chair and the ice when I felt a tap on my shoulder. Turning around, I was greeted by Holly and Drew. Was I in trouble? What did they want? Good question, so I questioned.

  "Everything okay guys?" I asked as I placed the cup of spilt ice on the counter.

  "You seem like a nice guy, would you help get Brian home? Drew asked as he eyed his stumbling cast-mate.

  "I'll give you directions if your up to it. It's just we're all a little tipsy and Brian would never forgive himself if he stayed the remainder of the night and made a "real" ass out of himself" Holly replied as she started writing on a note pad.

  "Sure. I mean I wouldn't want the press to get a hold of something like this" I replied as I pulled on my jacket.

  "Exactly, the press!" Drew snickered out. He must of gotten really friendly with the open bar.

   The night's breeze had me shivering like mad as Brian and I walked down the street to the curb to catch a taxi. When we finally reached the curb, I was shaking and cursing for not bringing a thicker jacket. Brian kept mumbling things like "that bitch" and "who does she think she is?" Okay, obviously he was drinking for a reason tonight. I couldn't help but laugh at his ramblings, even drunk he was hot and more cuter then ever. Maybe if I was actually paying attention to Brian and not his qualities, I would of been able to stop what happened next.

   Brian just went off ranting and walked into the street. A taxi was swooping by and instinct took over. I rushed out into the street and grabbed Brian and fell hard to the ground missing the taxi by mere inches. The driver blew the horn before pulling over to the curb. I poured Brain into the back seat and we took off.

  "Fucking Drivers!" Brian gargled out before passing out.

  "You guys could of been killed!" the driver shouted as she pulled into the street.

  "He had a little too much to drink at the party" I replied as I handed her the address.

  "Well be careful next time, you guys could of been. HEY! That's Brian Krause!" yelled the driver!

  "I wish we were. We're only impersonators" I spoke up quickly, trying to cover a tabloid scandal in the making.

  "Well he looks like the real guy. But who are you supposed to be?" she asked as she continued to drive.

  "I'm um. Drew Fuller" I replied trying to sound as convincing as possible.

  "Right. Your awfully skinny and too tanned. You'll never pass for him" She replied.

   After an awkward cab drive and twenty face slaps later, I had managed to get Brian into his apartment. The neighborhood was fantastic. But the apartment building was far more amazing. With an arm around my neck, I slowly made my way down the hallway kicking open doors until I found the master bedroom. It was strange, the entire apartment was stunning and as clean as it hadn't been lived in; ever. But there were no qualities that made it seem like home, no pictures or any personal items that could make it seem as if it was someone's home. For a moment, I felt almost sad; but I'm sure Brian hardly ever uses this place. Charmed is filmed in California so that would make sense if his home was close by. Brian sat on the edge of the bed with his eyes closed and still mumbling softly. I wasn't sure how to address the situation at hand. This was a famous celebrity, by all means I should be leaving immediately so none of the doormen will get any ideas. But I had been with too many friends who needed a helping hand after an all-nighter. I just couldn't leave him like this, something was troubling him and when would I ever have a chance to be this close to a celebrity again?

   I pulled off Brian's leather coat and his shoes giving extra care to each item. They must of cost a fortune! When I pulled off his socks, I decided to just leave it at that. I didn't want him waking up and coming after me the next day because he was stripped by a complete stranger. As I was unfolding the cover, he started stirring and speaking louder now. Only now he was more understandable. I think.

  "What about my pants?" He asked softly.

   Did he just ask me to remove his pants? God my imagination was being very cruel, but hey who was I to deny my sub-consicence. I undid the belt and carefully un-buttoned his blue jeans. My hands were shaking and I had to stop a minute to get a grip. If only I could what I really wanted! If I was dreaming I am so gonna shoot myself afterwards. I took a handful of the material in both hands and in one swift motion pulled his pants off. I was greeted by the most powerful, muscular legs I have ever seen. As I folded up the jeans, I couldn't help but notice the outline of his member through his tight white boxers. Holy shit, I gasped aloud as I quickly dropped the jeans and tossed the sheet and blankets over his lower-body. My heart was racing a mile-a-minute as I placed all of his clothes on the dresser. I reached across his sleeping form and turned off the lamp and just as I was about to pull away I was stopped by a hand on my shoulder.

  "Stay, please" Brian mumbled before slipping back into deep slumber.

   Maybe it was the fact I was in a celebrity home, or perhaps it was because I was too tired. Whatever the reason, I stayed. I found an extra blanket in the spare closet and after slipping off my shoes and jacket I took up residence in a corner chair. After watching Brian sleep peacefully for a few minutes, I slowly drifted off to sleep listening to Chris Isaak's "life will go on". If this was a dream, god help the fool who wakes me up.