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                                          Avatar The Last Airbender
                                                  Aang and Sokka

Aang, Sokka Katara and Toph were camping in the woods. They were traveling to the great earth city Ba Sing Se when they decided to make camp for the night. After dinner Katara and Toph retreated to 1 tent while Sokka and Ang retreated to the other one.

Since it was a hot night Aang and Sokka decided to sleep in their underwear. Unknown to Sokka Aang always though he was attractive and always wanted to see what was under that white cloth. Both Aang and Sokka had stripped down to their underwear and went to sleep. Well at least Sokka did Aang had his mind on one thing and that was seeing what was under Sokka's undies.

Aang waited about an hour thinking "Sokka has to be asleep" he crept over to Sokka. He worked at the knot in Sokka's tie on underwear for about 5 minutes. Finally he undid the knot. The moment of truth had arrived as Aang pulled back the 3 sides of Sokka's undies. He could not believe what he saw Sokka's cock was huge about 6 inches uncut and covered with hair. His was only about 2 inches also uncut  and since he was just 12 he only had 1 or 2 pathetic hairs. Now mesmerized Aang picked up Sokkas cock and started to play with it, rubbing it and bouncing it back and forth. Sokka feeling someone fondling his cock began to wake up. Unknown to Aang Sokka opened one eye and saw Aang sitting their fondling him. Oh it felt so good but he had heard of something else another act that felt even better and act that required use of another human body and Sokka new Aang would do anything to keep what he was doing to Sokka right now a secret. Aang was loving every second of this he was enjoying the sight and feel of Sokka's cock and Sokka would never know, it aroused him in a way he could not explain.

All of a sudden Sokka sat up wide awake Aang was frozen with fear and Sokka looked mad.

"Aang what the fuck are you doing". "I was umumuum". "Don't even try to explain I know exactly what you were doing, and as soon as Katara gets up tomorrow I'm going to tell her everything."

Thinking of both the embarrassment and fear of having his secret love know that he had fondled her brother's cock he begged Sokka not to tell.

"Please don't tell Katara ill do anything for you Sokka." Unknown to Aang this is exactly what Sokka wanted.

" Anything? All right do everything I tell you for the rest of tonight and not a word of this will get back to anyone. Deal?

"Deal!" Aang said. "Alright Aang first of all take you underwear off you won't be needing it for the rest of the night."

Aang slowly pulled his orange briefs off and tossed them to the other side of the tent.

"Alright Aang now lie down on your belly and spread your legs. Aang laid down and did as he was told. For a second Sokka just stared at Aangs butt, 2 small tight cheeks with the avatar tattoos running down both cheeks on the edge of his butt crack. His hole was pink, tight and obviously virgin. Sokka was so aroused by the sight of Aangs butt his cock was sticking strait up like an arrow.

Sokka got up and walked towards Aang and without any warning stuck his huge cock up Aangs tight asshole. The pain was so immense Aang wanted to scream his lungs out. However the pain only lasted for a few seconds and was soon replaced by pleasure. Now all Aang could here was Sokka's ball's slapping agents his butt and fell the immense pleasure when Sokka's huge cock touched his sweet spot. As Sokka penetrated Aang faster and faster in and out in and out both their orgasms began to grow
Fuck me Sokka common faster" Sokka thrusts faster and faster until he yells out I'm gonna come! He blew his load inside Aangs tight butt and fell back. Aang blew his young preteen load on the ground as he relaxes from the most intense and pleasurable experience of his young life. Sokka crawls over to Aang and whispers in his ear
"our little secret?" Aang responds "If you promise to fuck me again." Sokka smiles and says deal.

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