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                                              Avatar The Last Airbender
                                                   Aang And Zuko

Aang woke up on a hard damp floor in a prison cell in the fire nation. His hands and feet where chained to the floor. As he awoke he felt the grainy stone directly touching his butt. He looked up and realized all his clothes (including his tight orange underwear) were gone. He heard someone coming and pretended to be asleep. Outside Prince Zuko approached the prison cell. Aang could hear him talking to the Guard

"If you know what's good for you you'll forget I was ever here"
"Whatever you say"

Aang could hear the sound of the heavy metal door opening and prince Zuko stepped inside. Still pretending to be asleep Aang heard the heavy metal door being shut and wondered what Zuko would do to him.  Unknown to anyone Zuko had been attracted to the avatar ever since he had laid eyes on him in the North Pole.  He looked at the avatar and was aroused. His little penis could not have been more than 2 inches long and he only had a few hairs.  Zuko began undressing. He pulled the red night tunic over his head leaving him in just his red underwear.  He slowly untied his underwear and let it fall to the floor. Aang opened one eye just enoph so he could see what was going on. Even being chained to the floor Aang was instantly aroused. Zuko's chest was rock hard and his butt was nicely shaped and muscular.  As he turned around his penis came into Aang's view.  It was huge extended forward over 6 inches the pink head was already out as Zuko was cut. His 2 huge balls hung in a massive sack and it was all covered by hair. The second Aang saw Zuko's penis he knew he wanted it in him and hoped Zuko would try to have his way with him.  Zuko walked across the room and opened the small sell where the avatar was chained up. He opened the cell door and stepped inside. Zuko kneeled by the avatar and spoke

"I know your awake avatar!

Aang opened his eyes fully  Zuko responded

"That's better. Now listen avatar as you know as the prince of the fire nation I always get what I want. As it so happens I want you ass as my personal pussy. I want to fuck you in the ass whenever I feel like it. In order to do so I have to unchain you. When I unchain you you will behave. Do everything I say and the water tribe girl and her brother will be treated humanely. However if you misbehave or don't satisfy my needs the water tribe girl will be slowly allowed to die. It is your choice avatar, but if you want to see your water tribe friends again I suggest you give me what I want."

Although Aang wasn't intimidated by Zuko's threats he actually wanted Zuko to fuck him so he immediately agreed.  After Aang agreed Zuko took the keys and unchained Aang.

"Alright avatar first I will start out by exploring your body. Ly flat on the floor with your front side up."

Aang did as he was told as Zuko explored. Zuko started at Aang's chest he took Aang's right nipple in his fingers and started to rub it. It got immediately got hard.  He played with it for awhile then moved on to Aang's belly button. It was cute as it protruded inward but there was not much sexual function for it so Zuko moved on. When Zuko got to Aang's penis he was both confused and intrigued. This was because Aang's penis contained an extra piece of skin covering the pink head almost completely. Since Zukkos father had never discussed sexual things with him Zuko never knew what circumcision or a foreskin was even though he was circumcised.
Confused Zuko asked

"What is this"

Flapping Aang's foreskin up and down. Aang explained about foreskins and circumcisions. He also explained that the monks that raised him didn't believe in changing the body in any way and that was why he was not circumcised.  As Zuko took in this information he began playing with Aang's foreskin flapping it up and down. Up and down. This caused Aang great pleasure so much he almost cummed right there. Zuko was having fun playing with Aang's foreskin. Flapping it up and down. As he saw how much fun and pleasure this brought Aang Zuko wished he had never been circumcised.

Zuko decided to move on and ordered Aang to turn over. For a second Zuko just stared at Aang's butt. 2 little cheeks perfectly smooth. Airbender arrows running along the edge of both sides almost in his crack. For some reason the arrows turned him on and made him horny. He ordered Aang to spread his legs. Zuko took a finger and started rubbing Aang's balls. This caused a wave of pleasure through Aang's spine. Zuko then moved and started rubbing at the bottom of Aang's crack he moved up his crack and started to rub Aang's hole. When Aang moaned in pleasure Zuko took 2 fingers and pressed them against the avatars hole. As they broke the pressure and entered Aang almost cummed again but stopped himself wanting to save that for when Zuko stuck into him.

Zuko now satisfied that the avatar could now handle him withdrew his fingers. He kneeled down behind Aang and lined his 6inch cock right up agents Aang's hole. Zuko thrusted his hips up in the air and with a powerful stab jammed his cock into Aang's tight asshole. Aang felt pain and first but it subsided as he knew it would and replaced by pure pleasure. Zuko's cock was longer than Sokka's so Zuko was able to hit spots Sokka couldn't giving Aang a feeling he couldn't even dream of. As Zuko stabbed in and out in and out he hit Aang's sweet spot over and over again Aang could feel the pressure coming as it built more and more until Aang could no longer hold it back. With a loud moan of pleasure Aang orgasmed and collapsed. He could feel his clear sticky fluid on the floor below him. As he collapsed he heard Zuko scream out in pleasure and felt Zuko's massive cock blow it's load inside him. Zuko slowly pulled out of Aang and fell back on the hard stone floor. Zuko looked at the avatar longingly already thinking about the next time. After Zuko regained his breath he chained the avatar back up. He put his clothes back on and as he was walking out he said to Aang
"This is only the beginning."

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