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                             Aangs First Fire bending Lesson
In a pond at the edge of a forest a week after Zuko got his fire bending back.

The scene is at the edge of a forest facing a lake. 2 far away figures can be seen standing in the lake. As the scene moves closer and out of the forest a yellow and orange shirt can be seen thrown on the ground where the sandy beach meets the soil of the forest. A little farther down half covered in sand a pair of pants can be seen. Next to these pants there is a piece of red shoulder armor with the fire nation symbol on it. Under the armor is an ember red shirt and tunic with gold ends and a pair of red pants folded neatly inside it all. Right before the waterline there is a tree with a low lying branch. Hanging On this branch are 2 pieces of underwear. One piece hanging from the back is a pear of briefs, orange, small and tight. The other piece hanging just to the left of those is just a red waist band with a pouch hanging from it that barley covers the genitals. There is a small string running from the bottom of the pouch to the waist to hold the pouch in place. The owner s! of the underwear stand in the water.

As the scene moves closer their bare butts can clearly be seen. In the middle of the lake there is a boy about the age of 13. He is bald and although he has done some growing over the past year he is still dwarfed by the young man standing next to him. On his bald head a tattoo of an arrow can be made out. The lines from the tattoo run down his back. 2 lines branch off to his hands while a third runs down his back. The line splits in 2 as his lower back meets his butt cheeks. The lines run on the inside of his cheeks all the way down his butt until they disappear underneath the water which is lingering just beneath his small cheeks. His butt is small and round. No muscle has appeared yet and a difference can definatly be seen between his butt and the one of the young man standing next to him.

The young man standing to the right of him is approcemetly 17. He is buff from years of training and hard work. His hair is tied back in a short ponytail with a red headband. The only thing on his body is his duel samari swards which he carries on a pouch hanging tightly from his upper back. The swards are held to his body by a strap on his shoulders which are about level with the other boys head. Even though his back is covered by the sword pouch you can tell he is strong. As the scene moves down you can easily see the difference between the boy and the man. They are barley standing 2 inches apart. Their butts are level with each other but you can tell which one is older. The 17 year old is much more muscular as his but is dented in with muscles. His cheeks dwarf those of the kid standing next to him as they bulge out and make the kids butt seem like a huge pimple. The young man's butt clears the water with ease as 2 inches of his thighs are easily above water. As the scene m! oves the front part of their bodies comes into view.

The 13 year old boy is showing every sign of growing into his power but he hasn't quite reached it yet. His shoulders are starting to widen and become broad but there is still a lot of boyhood roundness left in them. His chest is still mostly boy looking as his 6 pack really hasn't grown in yet. Although his flat stomach still looks pretty good.  As the scene moves down the boy's crotch come into view.  The boys crotch is between a boys and a mans. He has a little pubic hair as a small black bush of about 10 hairs starts to form. Even though his dick has gotten fatter over the past few months it is still only 1and1/2 inches long while flaccid as it still hangs above the water clearly uncut. The one sign of maturity are his balls. They have finally dropped down and his sack is starting to fill out. Next to him is the perfect example of what he could look like in a few years.

The 17 year olds body is stunning. His chest is rock hard as his upper chests bulges out. The mittle of his chest is crossed with an x from the pouch straps holding his swards to his back. As the scene moves down the muscles right above his crotch are tone and perfect and teasing to what is under them. As it moves down his crotch is fully developed. He has a massive main of hair right above his penis. His penis is 4 inches flaccid and dips downward into the water hiding the fact that he is circumcised. His balls are the most impressive by far. His balls are huge. A little smaller than tennis balls that hang down in a huge sack just skimming the water.  As the scene zooms outward  both of their bodies can now be seen in full. The young man turns to the boy and begins to speak.

"Alright Aang show me what you got".

Aang steps forward and throws a punch towards the open air. As he does a little bit of fire comes out from his hand. He set his hands back at his side and waited for further instruction from Zuko.

"Is that it? Is that all you can do"?

"Well Zuko I haven't had 17 years of personal training like you have. Maybe it would help if you showed me a few moves.

"Hey that's not a bad idea. You might want to take a step back".
With that Zuko throw his fists forward and fire shoots a few yards ahead. Zuko startes to hop around as if he is boxing and throws fire punch after fire punch. He throws a few leg kicks in to. By the time the demonstration is done Aang is not himself. Not so much from the fire bending display but from the fact that when Zuko jumped around like that he looked so sexy. Every part of his body was in motion especially the part between his legs. He got especially aroused when Zukos 4 inch penis slapped against the water and his rock hard stomach. For some reason this really turned him on and made him determined to make out with Zuko one way or another.
Zuko had been instructing Aang all morning and Aang was finally ready to show that he had learned a thing or two about the basics of fire bending.

"Now Aang you don't have to do anything fancy just remember your basics. Go"!
As Aang startes to display what he had learned that morning Zuko's eyes started to drift away from Aang's hands and towards Aang' crotch.  Zuko started to study Aang's genitals. He guessed his penis was around 1 and inches soft, his balls where dropped and he had a little hair. He started to think back to when he was 13. His genitals where around that size. He also remembered being very horny at that age. Thinking to himself.

"Dam if I was naked for hours with a hunk like me back then I would have just been dying to fuck him".
Remembering how he felt back then made him realize Aang must fell the same way. For the first time in his life he felt bad for Aang.

"This kid must be using every ounce of restraint he has to keep himself focused on fire bending and not his feelings or my body".
Zuko made a decision. He was going to reward Aang for his focus and hard work. He was going to let Aang Fuck him in the ass.

He snapped out of his thought just in time to see Aang finish his fire bending display.

"So what did you think Zuko"?

"I am proud to have you as my pupil Aang. Now why don't we take a rest we have been drilling all morning."


"Sure why not you earned it".

Aang spotting a small ledge nearby suggested they go diving Zuko agreed.
Aang watched as Zuko got ready to dive. For the first time he was able to study Zuko's butt. He enjoyed what he saw. He liked the way Zuko's butt was big but dented in with muscle. There was something sexy about being muscular in that region. As Zuko jumped his legs spread apart and Aang saw his pink hole. He almost came right there

"I bet it's warm and tight in their" Aang thought, having no idea that in a little while he would find out first hand.
As Zuko climbed back up to the rock he said

"Alright Aang now it's your turn".

Aang stepped forward onto the ledge while Zuko stood back and watched. While Zuko knew his own muscle toned butt was a sight to see something inside him made him aroused at the little round boyhood butt that was now in front of him. Those 2 perfect little round globes made him drool and the line running on the inside part of them mad his own penis stick out like a 7 inch drawn sword. As Aang jumped Zuko saw his hole and thought what a nice hole that would be to take. He was going to let Aang fuck him today but he was now determined to make Aang repay the favor sometime in the future.

(30 minutes later)
Aang and Zuko (still naked) where relaxing under a tree. Aang (thinking Zuko didn't notice) had his head up against a tree and was staring directly at Zuko's semi hard cut 5 inch dick.

"Like what you see Aang"?

"I don't know what you're talking about".

"Common Aang anyone here could see you where staring at my dick. Plus it's kind of hard to deny when your penis looks like it's ready to stab someone. Aang's face got red as he realized Zuko was right.
It's alright I understand how you feel. I was a boy once to you know.  I know how you fell. And I am proud of you for working so hard today. I have decided you have earned a little reward. I don't know if you have ever had sex with a guy before but it is the greatest feeling ever."

With that Zuko layed down on his belly and spread his legs. The Avatar got the message. Aang couldn't believe what was happening. The crown prince of the fire nation. The guy that had tried to kill him many times was about to let him stick his dick into his butt. Aang got ready. As he pulled back his foreskin he laid down on Zukos back his little 3 inch dick waiting in Zukos left butt cheek. Aang arched his hips up and with a powerful thrust jammed his 3 inch pecker strait into Zukos hole. Aang was in heaven. Zuko's hole was as warm and tight as Aang imagined as he almost cummed right there . Aang started his motion slowly going in and out of Zuko's "back door"

As Aang started pumping in and out of Zuko reached down and started to pump his own cock now both boys where enjoying themselves.

As Aang started to go faster he felt himself getting closer and closer to climax. He could now feel the cum at the base of his penis and as he pumped harder into Zuko it came up faster and faster until BOOM! And with a moan Aang released his clear boyhood juice into Zuko . Aang pumped about 3 spirts of juice into Zukos butt then fell back and collapsed in exhaustion. For a minute he just lay there in euphoria. As he came back to earth he saw Zuko Cleaning up from what had transpired a few moments ago. And from that moment on he knew he was addicted. As he stared at Zuko's soft 3 incher he knew he had to have more but he also knew the next time he would likely be the one on the bottom.

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