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                                             Avatar The Last Airbender
                                                 Jet and Longshot

It was a hot day deep in fire nation occupied territory. Jet and Longshot headed down to the lake for a quick cool off while the rest of the gang stayed behind to plan their upcoming mission. It had been nearly 2 weeks since Jet had returned home with duke and Longshot had been dying to at least see him naked ever since.

They arrived at the water and began to undress. Longshot got started first pulling his blue shirt over his head. Longshot although not fully grown was well built and was showing signs of becoming as strong as Jet. As Jet pulled his own shirt off he took notice of how muscular Longshot was. Next longshot removed his pants. Just like his arms his legs where strong and powerful. He looked over at Jet and saw Jet in his underwear. He was instantly hard. He could see Jet's package through his underwear and could tell he was big. With jet watching, Longshot let his underwear fall to the ground. Jet instantly got horny. Although not as big as his own Longshot's penis was pretty impressive it hung at about 3 and a half inches. His balls where pretty big and he was uncut. This was crowned by a thick bush of hair growing atop it all. As jet stared his penis began to grow. As he removed his own underwear his penis bounced out and stuck strait up. Longshot stared longingly. Jets penis stuck out about 6 inches fully erect. He was uncut also and had 2 massive balls hanging from a huge sack. There was a mountain of pubic hair atop all this.

As Jet ran forward to dive into the water his butt became visible to Longshot. It was perfect. 2 big cheeks as muscular as can be and a perfectly aligned crack right down the center split them apart and as Jet was diving Longshot saw Jets pink hole. Longshot followed jet and dove into the water. As Longhsot dove Jet was able to study his butt. Longshot's butt was in the middle he was nowhere near as muscular as Jet but his butt wasn't small and plump like Dukes either. You could see where puberty was taking over. His butt was expanding and although not complete the boyhood fat was beginning to give way to developing muscle. As Longshot came to the surface he and Jet locked eyes. Both slowly waded through the water until they reached each other. They slowly moved their lips together and kissed and as they did their penises rubbed together giving both immense pleasure.

As they continued kissing and rubbing they moved towards the beach until the water was just about at their ankles. Jet lied down on the muddy lake bed and longshot lied belly to belly with him. They realigned themselves and started rubbing their dicks together. They rubbed faster and faster and the pressure built more and more. Finally jet could feel his orgasm coming

He felt the pressure travel slowly from the bottom of his shaft to the head of his penis.As he felt himself about to explode he yelled out in pleasure. Longshot felt as jets cum exploded and landed on his stomach. He saw jet relax and enjoy the moment. But unlike Jet Longshot hadn't cummed. He had held himself back because he wanted to do something that Jet would only agree to if Jet had already had his fun. Longshot wanted to fuck jet in the ass.

It took some doing but after a while Longshot managed to convince Jet to let him fuck him in the ass. Jet lied belly down in the mud as Longshot prepared to stick into Jet. As Jet spread his legs Longshot took Jet's cum and put it on Jet's hole. Longshot kneeled down behind Jet lined up his dick with Jets hole and thrusted hard into jet. Jet felt some discomfort at first but that was soon replaced by immense pleasure. Longshot was in heaven he had never felt anything this great before. Jet's hole made Longshot's dick feel warm and snug. Jet was surprisingly enjoying this to. Longshot's dick touched a spot inside him that filled him with pleasure over and over again. As Longshot fucked Jet faster and faster his dick began to throb he could feel his orgasm coming up his shaft and wham his dick exploded. Longshot fell back and Jet fell forward both of them wallowing in pleasure.

As they were lying there they spoke to each other.

Longshot: Jet that was the best feeling ever

Jet: I agree.

Longshot: Let's do this again soon

Jet: Yea

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