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                                                  Avatar The Last Airbender
                                                      Jet and The Duke

The characters in this story come from episode number 10 in the first season of Avatar so if you havent seen that episode you might not recognize these characters. Jet is around 17 and Duke is around 10  

Jet and The Duke were standing at the side of a canal with 5 small underwater antiship mines. A week earlier Jet learned that 1 fire nation ship carrying vital information about weaknesses in the earth armies was on its way to fireloard Ozi. He also learned the ship would be traveling through a canal that was only 2 days away from his gang's hideout. There was no question in his mind he had to find a way to sink the ship. This was a mammoth of a chance to do something huge in the war and make a difference. If he pulled this off he knew he would go down in history on both sides for more than just an annoying supply raider. Jet consulted Duke his gang's explosive expert. Even though Duke was only 10 he knew more about explosives than some experts triple his age. The Duke agreed with Jet and saw the importance of the mission. He also had a solution on how to destroy the ship. Duke had just perfected and underwater mine that would explode on proximity when the ship passed. It was lightweight to so it could be carried down and set in place by a person. The only drawback was that the mines where complicated to set so Duke would have to go with Jet. It was set, Jet and Duke would go to the canal site and they rest of the gang would stay behind. Jet told Longshot his best friend and second in command of the gang that he would be watching the hideout while they were gone.

They left the hideout with a wagon full of the mines 5 days before the ship was suppose to arrive. The trip to the canal went as planned. They arrived with plenty of time but decided to wait until the day the ship was suppose to arrive. On the morning the ship was to arrive Jet and Duke went to the chosen sight where they would lay the mines. They until midnight until the ship showed up. They would lay the mines and then watch the ship get blown up from afar. As they approached the beach Jet said to Duke

"Lets take our clothes off so they dont get them wet."

Duke agreed and they started to undress. Jet untied his armored jacket and threw it to the ground. Duke could see just how big Jets arms really where. Next jet took his black t-shirt and tossed it aside. Jets chest was buff to say the least he had huge Pecs and a six pack stomach. As Duke stared at Jet he began to get a tingling feeling in his crotch he had never had before. Duke continued to stare until Jet told him to hurry up. Duke spun back down to earth and started to get undressed. First he removed his gold plated helmet. It had probably saved his life on a few occasions and he placed it carefully in the sand. Next he removed his cape then his shirt and threw them both on the ground. Jet looked over at Duke and was aroused by his bare chest. There was something about Duke that made Jet want him. While Jet was staring at Duke Jet pulled down his pants to reveal his white underwear. He worked at the knot then let his underwear fall to the sand. Duke was amazed by what he saw. Jet had 2 perfect butt cheeks muscular and round. His front side was just as arousing. His penis hung at 5 inches long and he had 2 massive balls in his sack. Topping this all was a mound of pubic hair. Duke almost drooled staring down Jet. Finally he came back down to earth and removed his own underwear. Now it was Jets turn to stare. Although Duke had not started puberty and he was pretty small(his penis barley reached 1 and a half inches and his balls where still sucked tight agents his body in a small sack)there was something about him that aroused Jet and made Jet wanted him. After a minute of staring down each other Jet knew he wanted to fuck Duke but he knew it would have to wait until after the mission.

The first 4 minesets went off like clockwork. Jet hauled the mines to precise location at the bottom of the canal. Then Duke jumped in and armed the proximity device. But after the 5th mine was armed when Jet was about to resurface he heard rumbling. Jet Grabbed Duke and they came up behind a bush. Jet saw an armada of soldiers about 50 with 5 tanks and 2 canapults. Jet didn't have to tell Duke to stay quiet. Luckily for them the soldiers didn't see them or the mines. However they did see Jets and Dukes clothing and unluckily the soldiers decided to keep it.

Jet and Duke waited for the soldiers to be far out of site before coming out from behind the bush. When they did they discussed what to do. Even though they were both stuck butt naked if they stayed they decided to stay to watch the ship sink. However unknown to each other they both new this would be the only chance for them to fuck and where both planning to convince the other to do so.

Jet found a cave where they could be alone but still see the ship sink. At 6 o'clock after Jet had gotten a small fire going he made his move. Jet moved to Duke and kissed him right on the lips. As Jet was kissing Duke he said

"Duke I love you so much. I want to fuck you in the ass. It may cause you pain at first but by the end you will have the most incredible feeling you have had in your life."

Unknown to Jet this is what Duke wanted ever since they had been naked together by the canal. Duke quickly accepted and they got busy. Duke knowing what Jet wanted to do lied down on his stomach and spread his legs. Jet looked at his ass. It was small and cute. He had a nice pink hole that looked tight and warm. Jet walked up behind Duke kneeled down and stuck his massive cock into Dukes tight hole. For the first few seconds it hurt like hell but slowly the pain turned to pleasure just as Jet had promised. Jet had felt pleasure almost right away. Duke's hole made his penis warm and made the stabbing motion more intense. All they could hear where Jet and Dukes panting and Jet's sack hitting agents Dukes butt. Jet's penis stabbed in and out of Dukes butt. Dukes panting got harder and harder until he cried out in pleasure. Jet knew Duke had just experienced his first orgasm. He couldn't shoot yet but it still felt good. And Jet felt happy for him knowing he had just discovered the joy that his boyhood could bring him. After Duke orgasmed Jet's panting started intensifying. He started to stab faster and harder into Duke until he cummed. Jet cried out and blew his load in Dukes butt. They both collapsed and panting rolled over and kissed each other telling each other how much they were in love. As it drew closer to midnight the lone fire nation ship carrying the Intel steamed by. The mines exploded perfectly. Jet and Duke Watched as the most important info for the fire nation in hundreds of years sunk deep to the canal floor and was dragged out to the ocean.

As they were walking back to the hideout Jet and Duke couldn't stop staring at each other. They had shared the most intemet act that can happen between men and knew they were in love. They arrived at the hideout on time although butt naked. As they where explaining why they where naked Longshot looked over Jet's penis and thought "I will get me some of that no matter what it takes".

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