This is my first story.  I’ll say it simply: if you’re reading this and you aren’t supposed to, then just don’t get caught. If I told you not to read it I’d be a hypocrite, because that’s exactly what I’d do in your position, and I can hardly blame you for being curious at the very least. But be warned-this story contains sexual innuendo concerning innocent acts between two boys: myself and Zachary Hanson. None of it actually happened, or indeed ever will, I’m sure, but hey, I can dream can’t I? No slight intended on Mr. Hanson, of course, for whom I have the utmost respect and regard.


Bastian and Hanson:  Conversations With God (chapter 30)

Conversations With God

Oooooooh, I love that smell, I thought. I inhaled deeply, savoring the strawberry Zac. It could have been triple ripple butterscotch Zac and I still would have loved it, but the strawberry was verrry nice. There was something about it that just made me wake up.....


Gawd, I needed it bad! I pressed my cock into Zac’s ass and I thought I was gonna blow right then. I was bursting at every seam, and I thought I was going to explode. Too bad I opened my eyes.

"Good morning," this from Wicked Sister #2. She was standing in front of the window looking down at me. Ugh, it was an ugly sight.


"Mom sent me to see if you wanted to eat or sleep all day. Well?" She asked after a few moments, tapping her foot.

"Hmm, I think I’ll sleep all day," I closed my eyes again.

"Okay," she said, "Come on, Zac." She reached down and manhandled him off the couch. He woke up as he landed with a thud.

"Yeouch!" And not without protest. Elizabeth managed to look a little ashamed of herself, but not entirely.

"Liz! What were you thinking?" I demanded, and I rolled off to help him stand up. I caught his eyes as he stood up and all of a sudden everything was alright again. Somehow.

"I just thought maybe Zac would like to eat breakfast with us. Mom said I could wake you up," she said defensively.

"Yeah, but that didn’t mean you didn’t have to ask first!"

"It’s okay," Zac said lamely, trying to smooth things over.

"No! It isn’t!  You owe him an apology," I told her. She had no right to pull anyone out of bed, even if they were famous. She looked guilty and paid her dues to the ruffled guest. Then she looked at me.

"I won’t tell you cussed if you won’t tell," she said. This was the one kind of exchange that we got along well together over.

"Deal," I said grudgingly.  I still thought I had a stronger case.

"Good. Now come on," she said, pulling on Zac before he had the chance to follow her.


"So how come you’re not in school, Elizabeth," I said accusingly. She just smirked.

"You’re missing the best part of Spring Break, Dominick," and she actually started to hop. Ugh, bitch!, I thought. I couldn’t believe I’d forgotten this week was spring break. We broke into the kitchen to find the whole house mashed into one small room. We were by far the most un-presentable, standing there in just our boxers when everyone else had quite obviously been up for quite a while. I hate that feeling, being underdressed or whatever it is. Zac’s mom took one look and pointed us to the door.

"Get dressed first, and don’t forget to brush your teeth and wash your face." I looked at Mrs. Masterson and saw the same look on her face.

"Clothes first, then food. Now scoot."

By the time we got back (which took longer than normal, of course), the kitchen was deserted and everyone was in different parts of the house. If the Hansons had been anyone else, half of the population of the house would be out in the street, but since they didn’t have any protection today (the bodyguards were all undergoing background checks and personality profiles for the next few days), they couldn’t go out, and so everyone was in effect grounded. Bad for the Hansons, good for the girls.

Zac and I took one look at the melee ensuing and decided to run. We tried, anyway. Like I said before, it almost works none of the time.

"Bastian! Get back in here."

"Yessir," another sigh, a slumping of the shoulders, just enough to tell them I’d really rather be somewhere else as I turned around.

"Quit that and get in here," Mr. Masterson said, ushering Zac and me into the living room. Zac gave me a weakly reassuring look, and we sat down in the spot vacated for us.

"Okay then, this meeting is called to order." The room went silent.

"Now, because of the, um, situation," he started off with, referring to the incident in the woods, "a few things are going to have to change." Dead quiet. Crickets quiet. He cleared his throat.

"Because of the security issues, the Hanson lads can’t go back to their hotel. So they will be staying here, with us, through the weekend." Girls might have fainted, I could have cared less. My heart caught in my throat as I thought of what that meant to us, Zac and I.

"They will be taking the two spare bedrooms upstairs [by which he meant the third floor, largely unused]. Mister Hanson here will be staying in the ground floor guest bedroom."

"But where will Mackie sleep?" Jonathan asked.

"And what about Avie?" From the youngest wicked sister, who seemed to have finally made a friend. Zac’s mom cleared her throat.

"They’ll be going with me. We’re leaving for Oklahoma this afternoon." Pouts, as expected. This was GREAT! The house to ourselves basically.

"Well then, does anybody have any objections?"  Zac's dad asked the famous singers, even though he focused on Taylor and Dean more than Zac and Ike. They all shook their heads. After all, a hotel isn’t exactly homely accommodations (Tay and Dean might have had objections, but they didn’t voice them). I had objections, too, I mean, who wants to make out with their parents within earshot?

But there was always the tree-house. Apparently Zac was thinking along the same lines because I saw a smile trying to make its way onto his face. This was going to be fucking Awesome!

His mother left with the younger Hansons right after the meeting, leaving four plus father with us. Tay and Dean disappeared after making necessary changes to their appearance to check out the local malls. Ike played the cool guy and dazzled the girls of the house for a while, and then disappeared himself, ostensibly to practice. He did that a lot. I got the impression that he was kind of a loner, but that might have been more because he didn’t know anyone, and there wasn’t anyone his age around. He got along great with Mr. Masterson, though, and they went with Mr. Hanson somewhere later that afternoon.

Zac and I, after existing in close proximity to the girls for a while and sating their voracious appetites for Hanson, disappeared outside. It felt weird, being in a house filled with girls who wanted to drool over Zac twenty-four hours a day, my little brother, my best friend (who was also gay), and Taran’s mother. She didn’t know what to make of it, either. Originally, it was just supposed to be Taran and me with the Hansons. Now it had turned into a single Hanson with Taran, me, and everyone else. Until the other two Hansons (the band) came back, with one each best friend of their own, and one each father of their own. It kind of sucked, because we had to appease the girls to maintain civility (Taran’s mom’s words, not mine), and because somehow Taran had to be worked into everything. After those two activities were taken care of there wasn’t much left for Zac and me.

And it wasn’t like they could just get rid of the four younger ones. They couldn’t just be shooed off to a friend’s house, where they would promptly brag about having famous celebrities staying at our house. It’s a good thing we had an indoor pool, because we spent a lot of time there, where we could play around with the girls (and boys) and I could cop cheap feels from Zac. I hated to be wasting our last days together inside and in the spotlight so to speak, but there wasn’t much I could do about it.

Zac didn’t feel that way.

"Shit! This sucks!" he told me that night. It was decided that he would sleep in my bed since it was way too big for me anyway. That way Tay and Dean could share and Ike, being the oldest, could have a bed all to himself. I laugh every time I think of that irony.

The good thing was that we could talk to each other in semi-private after we’d listened to Taran and Jonathan slip off into dreamland. We’d lay in my bed and hold hands underneath the covers, waiting.

"Not much we can do, though."

"But it still sucks! Can’t we send them all away for a day? Just one day! Even an hour! I’ll take an hour," he said desperately.

"Me too." We were quiet for a long while, feeling each other breath.

"What happened?" He asked, and I knew, with some sick instinct, exactly what he meant.

"I don’t know," I said, sad, and my voice sounded like it was a whisper a mile away. Jim was something I wished I could forget. A disgusting turn of fate perhaps, but it made me think about everything that mattered to me, about everything that made my life worth living. My love for Zac was more powerful than that hate. It had to be. But some small part of me was still scared for us, for him, and for me. I knew, and with more disgust and frustration than I’d ever felt before, that it was everywhere, surrounding us, and that it would never go away. We would be cornered every day of our life, and only through our love could we escape the constant worry, the constant fear. It wasn’t the pain that he had inflicted on us that mattered; it was the unknown pain that was still out there, the daily threat that living presented. It was the fear of things we couldn’t know, and couldn’t control; of things that were somehow omnipresent and yet elusive.

I knew what caused it, because in that lifetime that I spent suspended from Jim’s hands I knew the anger that he harbored. The irrational fury that needed a vent, that had to be shared, that tore him up inside. There was nothing that we could have done differently that would have stopped it. But we were the unfortunate targets of it, and there was always the chance that it would happen again. It was the fear, the insecurity, and the ensuing anger that we were afraid of. The things that were as much a part of us as was love. I’d felt like I was in the middle of some vast battlefield, some ethereal war that I’d somehow been caught up in, if only in that one minute of terror. Jim was an animal, but the animal wasn’t just Jim. The animal was everywhere, in everyone, and it was a constant struggle to keep it under control.

It’s times like that, when I get struck by some cold realization, that I suddenly feel eternity stretching out before me and behind me, and I see right through my hollow self to the emptiness inside.

But Zac cured me of that, and all I knew was the warm body wrapped up in my arms. Zac filled me, he made me whole. My love for him filled the hollowness that I couldn’t even identify, that hole in my existence. And yet since the incident, we’d been swamped by our parents, overprotective and smothering. We hadn’t had the chance to do squat today, and the next day was just as bleak. So much for spending the week with Hanson. At least Taran’s sister and mine were able to get something out of it. We tried to get away when we could, but Zac and I were shut up tight. I was beginning to feel empty again, and confused. I needed to feel Zac’s body against mine, and in the bed I pulled him closer to me, craving the security that I felt from him. Love had to be stronger than this, I thought. It had to be.

The next day provided no solutions. We were chased from one room to the next, able to find privacy only in the bathroom. Fuck! I wanted to scream, and so did Zac, but we held it in. Zac managed to get away for a little while, disappearing out the bathroom window and reappearing in the kitchen half an hour later. He offered no excuse and got yelled at, but he just shrugged it off like I would.

We snuck glances at each other all day, and a lot of hidden signals passed between us. A little rub on his wrist and I got so hard I couldn’t stand up. He knew it, too, and grinned every time. I took my time with lunch, actually dipping my finger in the ketchup and then sucking on it. He was sitting across from me, and his eyes never left my mouth. It was my turn to grin. He spilled his coke down the front of his shirt when I did it, too.

We got tired of being harrassed all the time, and the pent up energy led to one thing after the other, and at the end of the day we were wrestling in the living room. Taran’s dad came in and broke it up.

"Something could get broken, you know," he said informatively. He picked Taran up and tossed him onto the couch, and then me. Zac he just helped up, gently of course. It wasn’t my fault that Zac was on bottom, I swear. He wanted to be there. Honest!

We were shooed off to take showers because we stank, and once again I had to endure the torture of knowing that Zac was standing naked less than two room away. Oooh, I was pissed. It was so unfair! I dreamt about running my hands through his wet hair, lathering in the strawberry shampoo that he used. Or of covering his body in soap, so slick and slippery. Oh, God, did I have it bad. I needed him, and I didn’t think I could trust myself that night to have to lay next to him and not do something. I could suck him off, that would be great, and if he could just keep quiet then no one would be the wiser. And then he could do me. Or we could sixty-nine (he told me about that last night, but Taran rolled over and we got scared so we didn’t do it). I’d been looking forward for the chance to try that all day.

We didn’t get the chance to try because Taran didn’t go to bed immediately. He insisted on staying up to play N64. So he did, and Zac and I were left alone with Jonathan a bed over. We couldn’t do anything because there was no telling when Taran would come back in, and we couldn’t risk getting caught, especially if his mother or father came in with him. Ugh! This was too much, and I was going to explode!

Zac crawled in with me and lay in my arms for a while. I slipped my hand in his pants and held onto his hard-on. I slowly rubbed up and down on it. Not enough to make him come, but enough to put him in seventh heaven. More than enough to turn me on, too, what with my nose buried in his neck while his breath ran ragged.

And then it all went to hell when Jonathan rolled over and saw us.

He didn’t think of anything bad, he was just curious.

"Is Zac having a nightmare?" I looked up and saw him, a look of utter horror on my face. Zac opened his eyes and sat up quick.

"Oh, God! That was horrible!" He said, overacting. I was really surprised, and so was Jonathan. I at least had the wits to take my hand out of Zac’s pants, but not before he grabbed and squeezed it under the covers. I thought I was going to die, but somehow Zac managed to pull it off. He sat there panting for a short while and then laid back down, brushing his hair back out of his eyes.

I thought I could just lay there and stare into Zac’s eyes as we lay turned towards each other. I was wrong, though, because Jonathan was scared, and he crawled over Zac and me to lay down on the other side. I was so pissed, not just because Zac and I were trying to do stuff that Jonathan had no business knowing about, but because he was embarassing me.

"Jonathan, get back in your own bed."

"I don’t wanna."

"Get your butt back over there," I said, shoving him up. He looked like he was about to turn on the waterworks, for what I had no clue. It wasn’t like he’d been traumatized for life or anything.

"Okay, okay, just go to sleep quick, okay?"

"Okay," he said, and he curled up and sucked his thumb as he drifted off. Why is it that younger siblings always find the most inopportune time to interrupt you?

"Sorry," I lipped to Zac. He just grinned and put his forehead against mine.

"I’ve got a surprise for you," he said under his breath.

"What?" He didn’t say anything; he took my hand and pushed it against his dick. I gripped it and cupped his nuts with my fingers. He closed his eyes and purred, a very content grin on his face. He wrapped his hand around my wrist and held it still, opening his eyes to look at me.

"Sebastian, I...."

"What?" I asked, concerned.

"I, uh, I want to do it," he stammered out under his breath.


"No, no way," he said, shocked. "Come on," he said, rolling up and out of bed. I got out with him.

"What, you want to ‘do it’ in Jonathan’s bed? No way," I whispered. He looked at me like I was from Mars or something.

"Just shut up and get dressed," he said. Duh, okay, whatever. I got dressed. He saw the look on my face.

"Trust me," he said, holding my hand. I gave up.

"Okay, I trust you. Now what?"

"Come on," he said, pulling me along. We went to Tay and Dean’s room, which was empty for the time being. He opened the window and out he went, dropping silently to the grass below. It was the dark side of the house, and no one would see him/us, whatever. Okay, so Zac’s brighter than I thought, I thought. He really does know something about sneaking out. I dropped down behind him, being careful to close the window while I hung onto the ledge. He tried to catch me, but we just ended up in a pile of giggles in the grass

We high-tailed it around the lights, behind the hedges, and right into the forest. Zac remembered where the trail was and went straight for it in the dark. I don’t think I could have. We made it to the tree house without making too much noise, and we wouldn’t be discovered for a long time out here at least.

We went in and I saw that it had changed. The mattress was on the floor for one, eliminating the noisy squeaking of its stand. A candle lay in one corner, and Zac hurried to light it. The windows and walls were covered with white sheets. I looked around in wonder at how it had changed. It looked clean, not because it was but because everything was covered. In another corner he had two good sized backpacks, one of which I saw was mine. Zac looked at me and grinned, setting the candle on the floor.

When he stood back up he looked completely different. The grin was gone, replaced with the most tender smile I ever saw touch those soft lips. He approached me slowly, seductively, and he had to know what it was doing to my poor heart. I watched him with a kind of dread, realizing just how much he meant to me. I was nervous, and consumed with my love for him, burning as bright as the candle in some lonely corner of the world it seemed. But at least it was our corner, and no one could take it from us. Our love was stronger, and now I knew it.

We stood, separated by two feet of charged airspace. I could feel his emotions, reaching out from him, wrapping themselves around me. I felt warm in the cool of the night in the candlelight. The moon cast a palid shadow on the sheet covering the window, lending a surreal cast behind him. He looked like an angel, his blond hair afire in the golden glow. I felt like kneeling down and worshipping him, like smothering his body in soft whispering kisses. He took my breath away, and I hardly missed it.

We must have stood together like that for a long time, but it didn’t seem like it. It was like we were stuck in a moment, oblivious to the existence of a whole world outside the window. I wanted to lock it out and throw away the key, to never leave this holy shrine, cleansed with the love we shared and the experience we were making.

The closer I looked at him, the more drawn in I was. His eyes collected the light in pools of flaring radiance, like stars at the bottom of a pond. I caught myself looking so far over the edge I was about to fall in. In the same way I knew he was standing before me, I couldn’t tell where I was. It was like I was lost, but I found myself in him. Someone who knew me, better than I could ever know myself. Someone I could share my thoughts with, in a way I couldn’t share them with anyone else. Someone I could spend whole lifetimes with and never lack of things to discuss, to share, to experience. I found someone to fill the hole in my chest, to fill my beating heart with the love it needed to feel for someone.

I didn’t want to say anything, and I didn’t want to do anything. I just wanted to stare. Some part ofme still couldn’t believe that it was Zac Hanson that I was standing before. The other parts claimed temporary insanity and went with it. The last part caved in, but not without leaving a tell-tale trail of awe and wonder, and not without lodging a protest. I wanted to behold him in all his glory, to see him in all of the ways he was. A celebrity, a boy, and the love of my life, not necessarily in that order. He was so unique, and so wonderful.

I felt powerful in his love. And yet I felt smaller than ever before. That someone could love me, in that manner, still was almost too much to hope for. Love has to be the greatest gift we can give, and yet it’s also the cheapest. But it was hard. The Jim episode taught me that. Hate and love were equally cheap, but hate was so much easier to give. And standing there with Zac made me realize just how much love I had to give, how selfless I could be. I would have done anything to make him happy. Whatever his wish, it would have been my command. His happiness took over my whole mind, it was all I could feel.

He motioned with one hand, and I saw two chairs, facing each other. They both had blankets laid across them. The candle burned in its corner behind them. I realized that he was creating the scene from two, three days ago when Jim had erupted on us. Zac looked at me pleadingly, and I succumbed to his wish. I nodded, never letting my eyes leave his, reassuring him by trying to make him feel the love I felt for him. I led him by the hand to a seat and sat him on the edge. I sat across from him and pulled a foot up onto my lap and began untying it, never letting my eyes leave his for a moment. His eyelids drooped lazily, and his eyes lost focus as he concentrated on the feeling of being undressed. I went slowly, intent on giving him the best experience ever.

I slipped the shoe over his foot and set it on the floor. I wrapped my hand around his foot and ran my fingers over the cloth, dipping my fingertips into the top of his sock and slowly pulling it down. I went so slow it tickled him, and a small grin made its way onto his bliss-filled face. I dropped the sock on the floor and started to rub his bare foot, running my fingers through his toes and rubbing them gently. I put my fingertips on the sensitive skin under his heel and rubbed gentle circles in the valley, just like I had before. His held his breath and arched his back. I let go to do the other foot, taking just as much time to savour it as well. I bent down and kissed his toes, every single one of them. They were more precious to me than anything else in the world, and not knowing why made it even more mysterious and meaningful.

I finished with his feet, and he wouldn’t let me do anything else before giving me the same treatment. I have to admit, though, that doing it to him, and seeing the joy on his face, was better than having him do it to me. He went further, though, taking my toes into his mouth and sucking on them. We’d just showered, so we were clean and all. If we hadn’t, then I probably would have thought differently. As it was, I stopped breathing every time he enveloped a digit in the soft warmth of his mouth. He ran his tongue over them, tickling and soothing at the same time. It was refreshing. His lips dipped into the same sensitive skin below my ankles that I’d dwelt in on his, and I held my breath as he introduced me to feelings I didn’t know my feet could give me. Wonderful can’t come close.

His lips slid off slowly, and I opened my eyes to look into his once again. My breath came out in a whoosh, and I slowly let my back relax, settling back into the chair almost drained from the simple sensations. I didn’t know if I could take much more of that kind of ecstacy.

But apparently I had to, because he made me stand up and then he took my shirt off. I stood, barechested, while he looked me up and down, touching here, rubbing there, massaging everywhere. He put his hands on my shoulders and let them fall down my chest, thumping in time to my pounding heart. His hands fell to his sides, and he started to pull his shirt off. I stopped him, and did it myself, slowly. I saw his soft, tender armpits and stopped, startled, in wonder I didn’t know I could have for someone’s armpits. They looked so tender, the skin so delicate. I left his arms above his head, wrapped up in his shirt, and let my hands fall to his pits, cupping them and rubbing them rhythmically.

I held his ribs while he breathed, reaching out to kiss his pink nipples and his heart. I wanted to bury myself in his chest, to crawl into it and fall asleep and never wake up. I made my way up to his neck, my lips grazing his skin the whole way and my hands rubbing over the skin of his armpits and the super-sensitive skin of his upper arms. His mouth tried to find mine through his shirt, and I disappeared down into his belly-button, flicking my tongue into it and around it. I revelled in his taste. My fingers danced down his sides to just above his hips, and my mouth smothered the whole front of his belly in kisses tender and warm. I stood up five minutes later, not really wanting to. I kissed him quickly through his shirt, and then pulled it off.

Zac stared at me with a really surprised look on his face and then grabbed mine in his hands and smashed his lips to mine. He tried to push against me frantically, but I pushed him firmly away. There was no way I was going to let him get off that easily. He fought, but I eventually made him let go. He looked hurt, but I put my fingers on his cheek and jaw and his desolate expression melted into one of anticipated contentment. I cupped his face in my hands and then slid them down over his shoulders and over his chest, down to his pants.

I kneeled in the white sheet-covered floor in front of him and dipped my fingers into the waistband of his boxers. My thumbs popped the button on his jeans and I slowly slid the zipper down and pried his pants apart. His hard-on jutted up and out as much as possible, still held by the band of his boxers. I slid his jeans down over his hips, dragging his boxers halfway off with them. He stepped out of his pants as they bunched up on the floor and stood before me in his underwear. I reached out and kissed the head of his cock through the damp fabric. He moaned and phantom-bucked, and I could feel his dick trembling under the slight pressure my lips put on it.

I felt his hands in my hair, and I let go and stood up, feeling his hands fall down inside my pants to grip my ass. I pushed my ass out, wanting to give him the most rounded surface I could, knowing now just how much it turned him on. His grip tightened. I put my hands on his forearms and pulled his hands out of my pants. Then I turned him around so he was facing away from me. I leaned against him, wrapping my hands around his chest and kissing the nape of his neck, holding his hands in mine. While I was doing that he dropped his hands to his sides and then snuck them between us. He started unbottoning my pants while I chewed on his ear, his hair falling down over my face. I ran my thumbs over his nipples, caressing his smooth muscles under his golden skin.

My pants came loose, and I let go to push them to the ground and step out of them. Zac had his hands at his side, and I met them with mine as I stood up behind him again. I pushed my body against his in a non-embrace, but only for a short while. Then he turned around and started to take my shirt off, but only after kissing my chest and stomach through it for an eternity. It tickled, and it felt weird, but pleasant, and I let him do it because I knew just how much it turned him on. He kissed me just below my shirt, and then on my bare skin all the way to my neck as he slowly pulled my shirt up and over my head. I stood with my arms locked while he ran his hands over me and down my sides, my breath convulsing from the extreme feelings he was giving me. I felt his lips touch my pits and I felt his kisses fall over my ribs and down to my hips.

I felt his forehead between my hips and my dick, kissing me from each side in a persistent nuzzle. It felt so awesome I never wanted to wake up ever again. But then it was gone, and I felt him helping me take my shirt off the rest of the way. I suppose I must have looked just as surprised as he did when I took his shirt off, and I know I felt the same way. The first moment I saw him as the shirt lifted over my eyes I knew I had to kiss him, to hold him and to tell him I loved him. I gripped him fiercely and pulled him to me, lifting my leg to wrap it around him, to pull him even closer. I pressed my lips to his, letting my tongue run wild inside his mouth.

This time it was his turn to push me away. I knew then what he went through when I’d done it to him, because touching him was the only thing that mattered in the whole world. It hurt, physically, not to be next to him. I was lucky, because he couldn’t handle it this time, and he gave in, and once again I felt the wholeness of his embrace. Our cocks found places in each other’s bodies and we started humping each other through our boxers, dicks burning holes through the thin fabric. It didn’t take long, and we blew huge loads all over ourselves.

We stood, panting and kissing, for a little while longer. And then Zac did something that completely surprised me. While I was spent, he wasn’t, and he dropped to his knees and started licking the wet spot on my shorts. His fingers found their way to his mouth and they popped the top botton and opened my boxers to let the tip of my dick show. His tongue snaked in and licked my head, sending shivers down my spine. I felt his tongue cleansing the inside of my shorts, and the movement of the fabric made me hard again. I felt the sudden appearance of his hands in my pants, gripping my fleshy cheeks from below as he pulled me towards him. I let my head fall back and opened my mouth in a silent moan.

He ran his tongue all over my dick and the inside of my pants, and then all of a sudden he stopped. I stood, numb and worn out, and then I felt his hands on each side of my head, holding it still while his mouth met mine and he shared with me his treasure. I suppose I should have thought it was gross, but it wasn’t-not from him.

"I love you," I felt him mouth against my ear. I opened my eyes to the ceiling and let them fall on Zac, standing a foot away and worth giving my life for. I looked down at his boxers and saw a tell-tale tent in them. I reached out and grabbed his cock, moving my fingers ever so slightly around it, making him moan and rock from the massage. I unbottoned him and knelt down. And then I changed my mind. I let go and put my hands on his hips, turning him around so his butt was in my face. I took one look and wanted to swallow his perfectly rounded ass. Instead I bent down and kissed the backs of his knees. I worked my way up, ignoring his protesting pants. My nose lifted his boxers as I moved my mouth up to kiss the tender spots where thigh meets cheek, nuzzling his soft skin. I inhaled and my mind was filled with sparks and flashes of incandescent light. It was sweet and soft and salty and, above everything, horny.

Enough of this, I thought, and I put my hands to his pants and pulled them down, ever so slowly revealing his fleshy mounds to my hungry eyes. I kissed them as they came into view, and then all over them as I freed them. They stuck out obnoxiously above the waistband of his boxers and I cupped them in my hands and put my cheek to them, feeling their softness and warmth. I kneeded them and ran my hands over his whole body, warming his cool skin with my palms. I pushed his last piece of clothing to the floor and worshipped his marble thighs. Then I stood up and, holding onto his hips, started kissing his neck again. I loved his neck; it turned me on like nothing else.

He turned around and kissed me gently, his eyelids drooped seductively and the smallest hint of a smile on his lips. I grinned at him, and he laughed a little. We were enjoying ourselves, even though we were almost on each other too seriously to notice. I couldn’t help but giggle as I pushed him back into a chair, especially at the way his dick just stood straight up out of his lap. He looked down at it like it was the first time he’d ever seen like that. I bent over him and kissed his forehead, and down to his nose, and down to his lips as he raised his head. He smiled sheepishly and tried to cover himself coyly.

"None of that," I said, and I took his hands away and knelt on the floor in front of him. I bent over and laid my head in his lap, tickling his nuts with the tip of my tongue and teasing his shaft with my lips. I inhaled and my head filled with the airy smell of his most coveted secret, golden and pure and whole. He ran his fingers through my hair and made half-giggle, half-moans of pure pleasure. Then, wanting to surprise him, I lifted my head and sucked his whole hard cock into my mouth, working on it with mock ferocity. My tongue scrubbed it clean of his earlier exertions and my lips rinsed it. I let go and looked at his face, an expression of intent concentration taking the place of joy. I smiled and went down on him again, this time moving my tongue up and over the head of his dick and flicking at his slit. I sucked and snaked, massaging the whole time, until I felt him tense and his hands gripped the sides of the chair. His hips froze as his cock started to twitch in my mouth. I wrapped my lips around the head of his dick and teased his slit as it erupted.

He came for a full minute, holding his breath and then letting it out as explosively as his cum. I lay my head in his lap and nursed his softening cock, feeling more loved than ever before. He ran his hands through my hair and I closed my eyes. Then he pulled me up off him and kissed me, deeply and passionately, but sedately. He eyes caught mine like miracles on a holy night, and they pulled me in and down and filled me with a new religion.

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