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Bastian and Hanson:  Love By Moonlight:  Cravings (chapter 31)

Happy-sacs aside, we were having a great time. We were away from the nagging people, and we could be ourselves, which I think counted for more. Having to watch Zac play it up to the girls was disgusting, like he was selling out or something. But now, sitting on his lap and looking into his deep brown eyes, I only wanted to kiss him, hold him, and show him how much I loved him. We weren’t talking much. I mean, let’s face it, who wants to talk when they’ve got so many other options?

Like kissing. I kissed his ears, I kissed his neck, I kissed his nose, his eyebrows, his belly-button, and, yes, his lips. He did the same thing to me, and I’m not sure which was better-getting or receiving. I do know that we were closer than ever before, and that nothing in the world could top this.

He got tired of being the only one naked, though, and made me stand in front of him while he finished nudifying me. I almost felt like I was about to get a spanking, and he even swatted me one when I turned to sit across from him. I span and saw a wide grin on his face. Yeah, great, joke’s on me.

"Bite me," I said. I hate it when people joke around about spanking me. It’s so humiliating, and it’s not like they even have a reason, either. Most of ‘em just want to touch my ass, I guess, but I don’t know why it’s so fucking important. I hate it most when it’s the old guys trying to act grand-fatherly or whatever and they give me a ‘pat’ like to tell me I’m being a good boy. It’s my ass, and I should get to decide who gets to ‘pat’ it. No more geezers. Fuckers.

Zac was a little taken aback.

"Sorry," he said. I sighed.

"It’s okay, it’s not you, really," I said, trying to mollify him. It didn’t work too well, but I just sat down and let it drop. I didn’t really mind it so much when it was Zac, but I wish he hadn’t taken me by surprise. It didn’t turn me on or anything, but it didn’t make me really pissed off like when anyone else does it.

"It’s just I hate it when people do that to me, Zac. Just don’t surprise me next time, okay?"

"Does that mean I get to do it again?" He asked with a gleam in his eyes.

"Oh, no," I put my arms out in front of me, "no way." I hesitated for a minute.

"But you can suck on my toes again," I said, and I offered him a foot. The other one I slipped under his nuts and I started to lift them with my toes. He grinned and shrugged, taking hold of my foot and licking the bottom of it from heel to ball. I couldn’t help it and laughed hysterically as he started to tongue-bathe my toes.

"Zac, that tickles! Quit! Stop! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease!" I shrieked, trying to laugh while talking. I tried to pull my foot back but he had a vice-like grip on it. He stopped and I sat there, panting. Then his expression got serious and he pulled my foot to his lips and slowly kissed the middle of the bottom of it. His hands reached out and massaged my calf, and it felt so good. Oh, it felt good. My dick started to get hard again, and he slipped a foot under my nuts like I’d done to him. I felt him lift my nuts and let them fall, only to lift them again in a rhythmic pattern, his big toe teasing my arsehole.

"Oh, Zac, that is so amazing, man."

"Uh-huh," he moaned from behind a toe. He set my foot aside and got up. He reached down to help me up and we kissed for a short while. Then he sat back down and held me in front of him. He stared at my dick for a few seconds and then leaned forward. He touched his tongue to the tip of my cock and rolled it around on my head. But instead of taking me into his mouth he made his way down to my balls, and he swallowed them. I felt like shooting the second his warm mouth engulfed my nuts, and a moan escaped my lips. But it wasn’t to be, and he let up and stood up, wrapping his arms around me and holding me to him. He set his head on my shoulder and whispered into my ear.

"I love you Sebastian, more than anything else in the world." I tried to say something, but he put a finger to my lips and silenced me.

"We don’t have much more time together, and....and, no don’t say anything, I’ll find a way for us to be together, don’t worry about that, but we shouldn’t think about it, at least not now. But, I want to, I mean, if you want to, I want to feel you in me," he finally blurted out. "I need to feel you in me, and this is like the last chance we’ll have to be together for a long time. But if you don’t want to, then it’s okay, I’ll understa-" I cut him off with a kiss. I felt so honored, like a God even, knowing how deeply Zac cared for me. I felt a stirring in me, and I too felt an emptiness in me that only Zac could fill.

"Please fuck me, Sebastian," he whispered through our kiss, "I want you more than anything in the world. Please." I didn’t say anything. I held him, and I kissed him. He grabbed my throbbing cock and held it, pulling on it and rubbing over it. And then he let go of me and walked over to the corner. He picked up his bag and dug through it, finally pulling out a can of vasoline. He dropped it on the bed and came to get me, leading me by my hand to sit down on the bed next to him. Without a word he took the pillow and laid it in the center of the bed, and then he laid down on top of it, his golden downy-soft globes suspended like soft pillows above the rest of him. He looked back at me over his shoulder and smiled, motioning for me to get the jelly.

I popped the can. He told me about people doing this, too, last night. We hadn’t gotten the chance to sixty-nine, but if what he read was true, this was ten times better. I looked between his cheeks and saw his hole, puckering and loosening in the cold air. I knelt between his legs and massaged his cheeks and thighs for a while. He stuck his ass further into the air and I had to push it back down onto the bed.

"Hurry," he said in a frantic voice. He needed this really bad.

"Okay, okay," I said, and I stuck a finger into the jelly-can and smeared it around his hole. It felt weird, wrinkly and smooth at the same time. When my finger passed directly over it I felt it open up a little and a strong warmth. I kept smearing until I could see the light from the candle shining off the insides of his butt. He motioned to me and I knelt next to him while he leaned on his side and coated my dick with the stuff, squeezing occassionally.

"Uhn, Zac, stop, I’m gonna cum," I said behind shut eyes. He let go and rolled onto his stomach again. I got up and knelt between his legs again, staring down at his beautiful thighs. He started to moan and reach his hand back for me to pull me down to him, but instead of putting my dick over him, I started to move my fingers around his hole, teasing him. He started to rock and squirm, pushing his cock into the pillow and lifting his ass at the same time, needing two separate sensations at the same time. I held my breath and pushed my finger into his ass, feeling it clench almost immediately as I slipped into him. He stopped moving and held his breath, then started to fuck the pillow underneath him. I turned my finger and he stopped and squirmed from the feeling. He started to push back on my finger, to pull it all the way in, and I let him, and then pushed him back down. He settled and I moved my finger in him, making his legs tense and relax. He reached back and grabbed my wrist, pulling my hand away and then shoving it back in. I did that for a while, moving my finger around in him every once in a while, keeping him hotter than he’d ever been before. I finally pulled my finger out and saw that his hole was wider than it was before; I could see the red of his tunnel in the center of his pucker.

He looked over his shoulder with a look of pain on his face and I knew I had to be quick. I moved my cock to its hot target, setting the tip against the intense heat. I lay down on top of him, holding him and kissing his neck. I felt him spread his legs more, and his hole loosened as he consciously relaxed it. He took a breath and held it.

"Do it," he said, panting from need. I pushed ever so slightly, and I felt a few millimeters slip into him. I didn’t want to go too fast. He told me that we’d have to go slow the first few times to keep it from hurting, and I would have taken three hours to get in him if only to spare him a millisecond of pain. He squeezed my hand and I pushed a little more, feeling his muscles open up a little to let me in. I waited a while and then pushed again, feeling the tip of my cock slip into him and his muscles clench around it. It was so hot I would have spurted if I’d gone any faster.

Instead I waited a few minutes for his breathing to subside to normal, and then I gently pushed again. Not getting any reaction from him other than another hand squeeze, I pushed again. And again. And again. And then I was all the way in, my nuts laying on top of his. Zac panted and sighed contentedly. He started rocking his hips, moving my dick around inside him to get used to it. After a minute of that he gave a small smile and squeezed my hand again, signaling to me that it was my turn.

I took a deep breath and slowly started to move my hips back, feeling him clench my dick from the sudden movement. I stopped and he concentrated, loosening his muscles. I pushed back in and was once again rewarded with a sigh of contentment. I started to move rhythmically, smoothly and gently rocking back and forward by less than an inch. I felt his hole go soft after a while as it adapted to this new feeling, and I started to rock further and further, but still slowly. My breath started to come in gasps and I saw stars as Zac and I became a part of each other, rocking and moaning together, feeling each other’s need and desire-becoming one. The warmth of his body around me took me to new heights, the closeness and tightness nothing like his mouth. There was something more present in his hole, in this gift, that wasn’t there when he took me into his mouth. Somehow it seemed that his needing me in him meant more than the sucking and rubbing.

I moved in and out through his silky grip, feeling the tension build in my cock as Zac gave himself to me. My thrusts came more forcefully, but still gently, as I would pull out almost completely and then shove my dick all the way back in. My nuts slammed against his as I fucked him, feeling him grip me and let me go. His hands found mine, and he slipped his fingers through mine and pulled my arms around him. I found a place underneath his ear where my mouth could disappear for days and I kissed it while hugging him, my ass high up in the air over his. He moved his legs around mine and I thrust as hard as I could, deep into him.

He swallowed my cock and clenched it hard as I spurt into him, my dick convulsing like a wild animal in him. After a minute I started to breath again, and my cock started to shrink in him. I laid on top of him for the longest time, holding him in my arms, feeling his warm hole around my dick. For what seemed like an hour my mind was concentrated solely on that one part of me that was embedded in him. His hole was looser than it was before, and it had accepted me in an embrace almost as soft as the one I held him in.

Before I knew it we’d fallen asleep. I awoke a while later, my ass sending me feelings of intense cold. I reached for a blanket from a chair and pulled it down over me. Zac moved and my dick slipped from his ass. I rolled onto my side and he rolled with me, leaving me bedded between his warm buns. At least part of me was warm, I thought. He was awake, though, and he rolled to face me. He put his forehead against mine and looked in my eyes.

"So how was I?" He asked with an impish grin. I couldn’t help but giggle a little.

"You were wonderful," was all I said, with suitable awe. I still couldn’t believe what just happened, how impossible it felt, and how crazy the sensations had been. He tried to laugh too, but stopped and winced.

"Are you alright?" I asked, concerned. He grimaced.

"Yeah, I’m fine. Just a little sore," he added.

"How does it feel?" I was worried, so kill me. Okay, okay, I was a little curious, too, but mostly I was worried. I didn’t want to hurt him, and I was afraid that maybe I was too forcefull or something. He made a lopsided grin.

"I dunno, it kinda feels squishy inside, and loose ouside. It feels weird, but cool. Kinda sore, but kinda numb, too. Feels kinda dribbly, too. Hey, get me that roll of tp out of my bag, would ya?" He pointed and I fetched, earning appreciative comments from him on my way back.

"I can’t believe you fit that thing all the way in me," he said. I felt foolish and awkward, and I just handed him the roll without saying anything. He looked at me and handed it back.

"I can’t see back there. You do it. You made the mess," he said in his mock-mother voice, "You clean it up." Then he laid his head down on the pillow while I went to work on his nether-regions. It wasn’t as bad as it sounded, but there was a bit of jelly that had dripped down onto his nuts. His hole was wide and red, but not swollen or anything gross. I dipped a finger in, just out of curiosity, and didn’t feel anywhere near the kind of tightness that he had earlier.

"Hmmm, that feels good," he said. I looked at my finger sticking out of his ass and suddenly felt the craving for that feeling. Zac said it was great, so hey, might as well try it, right? Of course I’d played around with sticking things in me, only once, but every kid does that right? This looked like it was quite different, though, especially from the way his hole looked half an hour later. It was fine by morning, though, so no worries there. Zac sensed something and turned on his stomach to look at me.

"Hey, Bastian, wha’s the matter?"

"What? Oh, nothing," I shook my head, but my gaze remained fixed on my finger and his hole. He clenched it weakly and pushed himself back on it, swallowing it almost completely without resistance.

"What’s it feel like?" I asked.

"It feels really cool," he said. "Hey, roll your finger around again, I’m looser now."

"Um, okay," I said, and I complied, gaining squirms of pleasure from him. I decided I had to try this. I slipped my finger from him and wiped him off again, and then my finger. I helped him turn over and then I laid down on top of him and kissed him, fully intent on making him hard again. It worked, and it made him forget completely about the soreness of his ass. The thought of having him in me started to work its magic on me, and I began to feel hornier than ever before. It was just such a kinky idea. Okay, well, here goes, I thought. I slipped down to his cock, kissing down his chest and dipping my tongue into his belly-button again. Then I took his dick into my mouth and tongue-bathed it slowly for a few minutes, getting harder and hornier by the second.

I pulled myself away and up to his mouth, and I kissed him deeply and passionately and pressed my pounding heart to his. Then I let up and looked into his eyes.

"Zac, uh, I um, I want you to do it to me. You know, with your finger," I said, copping out at the end. It just seemed too big to put in my ass, I thought with a shiver.

"Okay," Zac said. "Here, roll over," he put the pillow back on the center of the bed and made me roll onto it. My ass hung suspended in the air and made me feel really vulnerable. He reached over for the can of jelly. He spread my legs and knelt between them, kneeding my buttocks and thighs. The massage felt out of this world, and made me relax a lot. He worked his way to the center of my butt and gently pulled my cheeks apart. It felt weird, having someone stare at my hole, and I guess I should have felt something else, maybe an emptiness that I needed Zac to fill, but I didn’t-not yet anyway. I have to be fair and say that I just wanted to feel his finger on me and in me, not necessarily that huge boner of his. All I could think of was how much it probably hurt.

I felt a warmth on my skin and heard Zac kiss me on each cheek, and then all over them. That felt cool, having someone kiss my ass. Wow. Especially when he was massaging it the whole time, too. But when he extended his tongue down my crack it opened a whole new window of sensation to me. I gasped, surprised, at the warmth and the feeling. He did it again, his slippery tongue going just to my tailbone, and it felt wonderful, and he knew it. And then, once again, he did something completely unheralded and completely Zac-he pried my butt apart and licked the back of my nuts, all the way to my hole. But he didn’t stop there, he just let the tip of his tongue rest on my opening and pushed his way in a little. My ass clenched at the suddenness of it and caught his cheeks in mine. He didn’t stop, though, and his tongue went wild over me. I gasped and panted as he danced over me and pushed and danced and pushed.

I loosened up a little after he slowed down and I felt him push his tongue into me, moving around just barely inside. He was much more daring than I was, but that probably came from growing up in the public eye and having to be a kid while being watched all the time. Either way, the tongue-fucking felt otherworldly, and I highly recommend the experience to anyone who hasn’t had it. I actually squirmed off the pillow while his tongue was suirming in me it felt so good. He let up and rolled me over and made me spread my legs so he could suck me off some more. He wiped my dick sterile with a baby wipe while chewing on my nuts, letting his tongue dip down to my hole and then licking me from there to the tip of my dick. He put my dick in his mouth and all of a sudden I felt a finger at my ass, smearing the jelly around. I realized he was going to stick his finger in me while he was sucking my dick, and I got at least ten times harder.

He didn’t go right in, like I wanted him to, but rubbed up and down my crack, stopping over my hole to dip his fingertip in and then moving on. I shut my eyes and felt my legs clench around his shoulders.

"Uh, Zac, I’m gonna cum," I couldn’t hold it in anymore. He let up off my dick and looked at me sheepishly.

"Sorry, couldn’t help it," he said apologetically, as if there was anything to be sorry for. "Are you ready?" I looked at him and nodded, and he positioned his finger over my hole. Our eyes connected as he slid it in, my ass muscles clenching him as his knuckle slid into my cave. My ass was suspended on top of the pillow, and Zac wrapped my feet behind his head, my knees somewhere above and to the side of my chest. I loved having his finger in me; it was teasing places I didn’t know existed. Zac was great like that, a regular Jacques Cousteau explorer-type, taking me to amazing depths of beautiful feelings in an ocean of love.

He pulled it out and I suddenly felt the emptiness that craved something bigger and hotter. He pushed his finger back in, but it only filled me a little-enough to tease the sensation, but not enough to sate the need. I felt so frustrated, having a need that only Zac could fulfill. I tried to rock my ass up to him, to pull his finger in further, when I felt him push all the way to the hilt. He crooked his finger and rolled it around in me and I shuddered, but it wasn’t enough. I looked at him in lust, hot and horny.

"Zac, uh, Zac," I panted, "ah, ah, do it, with your dick, pleeeeeeeeeeeeease," I managed to say. I really needed to feel him in me, I felt so empty. He grinned and scooted closer, spreading his legs so his dick could make contact with my hole. With one finger still in me he covered his dick with jelly with his other hand. But instead of putting his dick in me he slid a second finger in. He twisted and rolled them around, making me do the same on the bed but with considerably more noise. I felt like I was on the edge of some great cliff, and about to fall into the best feeling it was possible to have. And then his fingers disappeared and I felt empty and cold again.

But not for long, because he put his cock against me and pushed, gently but firmly. I needed him so much I didn’t really feel the pain as he slowly slid into me. My feet slid down his back as he leaned into me, my knees positioned just over his shoulders next to his head, pulling my ass further up to meet his dick. Just as they got there his dick slid the rest of the way into me, and without any pushing on his part or resistance on mine. It was like a perfect fit, and it connected with all the places I needed it to. He wrapped his hands around my hips and froze, letting me get used to the feeling of having something so big up my ass. He flexed it, making me jump when his dick did. He pulled out, making me thrash around on the bed. He slid smoothly back in and I calmed down as the void was filled.

Over and over he went, in and out. When he pushed in I felt his cock sliding through my ring, and because he was going so slow it felt like his cock was a foot long. That feeling was on top of the world, and I could feel something break in me every time he did it. I put my hands on top of his over my ass while he did the work. He grinned at me and I smiled back, signaling to him that I was ready to take more. I wanted to feel him slam his dick into me all the way, to push his nuts in if it was possible. He took one hand and tickled the space between my balls and my hole, making me pant and thrash even more as he pulled and pushed. I couldn’t control my legs and they twisted and turned against his chest and shoulders. At one point it felt so great I even held them out completely straight above him.

He went slow until I loosened up, which was hard because all I wanted to do was clench and pull him in me. After a while I went half-numb and it began to feel good, feeling him slide out and in. We fucked forever, and the image of Zac’s face looking up with his eyes closed like he was praying was enough to send me over the edge. Then he squinted and opened his eyes to look at me and made one last thrust. I felt hot jets of his cum deep in the center of my being and his cock twitched while his hands squeezed my ass. I’d been rubbing my cock at the same time, and his eruption in me caused my own. I spurted as he spurted, my spasming ass coaxing more juice from him while I covered my face and chest with my jizz. His dick came out of my ass with a plop, and I felt the same oozy feeling he told me about. He reached over and pulled out a baby wipe and wiped me down from head to toe, stopping to lick up the mess I made on my face.

His lips passed over mine and I gave him a quick kiss, no tongue. Without saying a word he kissed my heart and then cleaned my dick the same way. My ass felt loose and big and sore, but I didn’t mind it one bit, not after the heart-attack I’d almost just had. I wondered if he could feel my heartbeat through my dick while I was in him like I could feel his when he was in me. When he was fucking me the euphoria I felt was indescribable, and I could tell that we’d have to do this a lot in the future.

Without a word he removed the pillow from under me and lay down on my side, one leg draped between mine and his (clean) cock pressed against my hip. He played with the bracelets around my wrist, the symbols of promises we’d just fulfilled, of an unspoken love and bond we had with each other. I put a hand on his ass and toyed with his cheeks and hole while we drifted into dreams of each other.

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