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Bastian and Hanson:  The Reunion II (Chapter 5 of "Dominick II")

Zac lay panting. My head rested on his stomach, and I had his limp cock in my mouth. My hand was still wrapped around his nuts, and with my pinky I traced circles lightly on his thigh. God, it takes my breath away every time we do something like that. No matter how many times we kiss, make out, or have sex, it will always be new to me.

"Promise me you’ll never leave me Bastian," he whispered. I was shocked. I lifted my head enough to turn it over and glare at him from his belly. I could hear his heartbeat skipping sedately along. But not for long.

"I would never leave you, Zac. You know that." And ooh, it made me pissed to think that he thought I might. He opened an eye and peered at me, a small grin tugging at the corner of his mouth.

"I know, I just wanted to see if you were going to run off so I could chase you," he said. I was stunned. My mouth hung open.

"You...." I couldn’t say anything. Oooooooh!

"Yeah, well, at least I still get to make up with you." He thought for a second. "Twice, actually, if we count the ‘other’ thing."

"Zac, you don’t have to do anything to make up with me," I said seductively, slowly crawling up his body. His face took on that oh-so-cute ‘oh-shit’ expression as my dick slid between his thighs and poked him in his nuts.

"I love you," I said. I kissed him on his forehead and rested my head on his chest. I closed my eyes as his hands ran over my back.

"I love you so much, Dominick Sebastian Ryan," he whispered in my ear. His hands ran through my hair. He took a breath and pushed me off of him and sat up.

"Wassup, Zac?" I asked from where I lay. My dick stuck up in the air like a flagpole. He looked pointedly at it.

"Er, that," he said, wrapping his fingers around it. I closed my eyes and tossed my head back. I could barely keep myself from blowing up immediately, his hand felt so cool around me. It had been so long since someone had touched me like that, so carefully and lovingly. He started moving up and down on it, and I couldn’t hold back. Less than five seconds later I started spurting my absolute relief into his waiting mouth. He pressed his lips against the tip of my cock to coax the last bits of cum out, and the heat on my head made me start shooting all over. I felt like I was taking a piss, but it felt so fucking amazing.


"Yeah, no shit," Zac said matter-of-factly. I looked at him, at the way he said it so offhandedly. I grinned.

"You bastard," I laughed. I pushed him giggling over the edge of the bed. I saw his hand sticking up, clawing at the air. He waved it around and slammed it down on the edge of the bed, like he was dying or something. His head appeared suddenly, and he had a hungry look in his eyes.

He looked around like he was lost, and eventually took notice of me watching him with great fascination.

"Oh my God! It’s Dominick Ryan! Eeeek!" He pretended to scream and then passed out. I collapsed with laughter.

"I was never like that," I spluttered.

"Yeah, you were too cool, right?"

"Uh..yeah.....No! I mean, uh...."

"Git down here!" he said, his hand appearing again out of nowhere and latching onto my ankle.

"Aack!" I fell on top of him with a thump. The noise was kind of loud, and Zac’s mouth made an ‘o’, and he looked panicked. Two seconds later he started laughing uncontrollably. I felt like doing something evil to him, but I didn’t. I kneeled between his legs and watched his dick bob and jump. Okay, so I was going to do something evil to him. He put his hands over his mouth and eyes to muffle the sounds he was making, so he didn’t see me bend down over him.

He stopped laughing when my lips closed around his pecker, though. I stretched out on my stomach and opened my mouth wider to take in his dick and nuts at the same time. He took a deep gasping breath as my tongue crept down to lick along the skin between his legs. I felt his dick grow in my mouth, but I kept clamped down so it couldn’t get too big. I grabbed his hips and started kneeding his soft skin. My tongue continued its massage-attack on his nuts while my hands worked their way up his side to his ribs.

He put his hands on the side of my head and pulled me off of his dick and up to his mouth, and we kissed again. He brought his legs up around me and pulled me to him with all of his strength. His tongue wrapped around mine, and we fell into eternity.

"Come ‘ere," he said, pushing me off and standing up. His dick stood up and I reached up to grab it. He wanted to get on the bed, but I had him in my mouth before he could move.

"Ooh...OOOOHH!" I wrapped my tongue around his sensitive head and started rubbing back and forth, causing Zac to buck as he tried to escape it. I grabbed his hips and swung him around to the bed and forced him to sit. His legs split wide as I buried my face between his thighs. I grabbed his buttocks and pulled him to me, forcing his hard cock further down my throat. I wanted to swallow him, to take him inside of me and never let him go.

"Eh, stop. Stop it, I’m gonna cum, Bas," he pulled me off of him yet again. He had to put up quite a fight, though. I looked up and saw him holding a tube of KY in front of my face. He grinned and then got serious.

"I’ve needed to feel you in me for months, Bas. I love you so much. Please." He looked like he was about to cry.

I stood up and bent over to kiss him. With my tongue firmly locked with his, he started spreading the gelly all over my hard-on. Every few minutes he’d take a few slow pumps on it to even the jelly out. He cupped my balls in his hand and rolled them over his slick fingers while leaning back with his other arm around me. Our cocks pressed against each other while Zac brought his knees up to his chin and wrapped his legs around me. With his loose hand he pushed my hard-on down between his legs. I grabbed two pillows and put one under his butt and the other under my thighs to make us more comfortable.

My dick found his hole, and I pushed against it. He was tight, though, and didn’t want to let me in.

"Aah!" He panted. "Uhn, here, use this," he handed me the tube of gelly. I crept down his body, kissing him all the way, all over his chest and stomach and legs, all the way to his dick. I didn’t suck on it, but licked all around it, making him twitch and jerk like crazy. My tongue flew over his butt-cheeks, and down into his crack. I licked from one end to the other, making him gasp and moan when I went over his hole. I opened my mouth all the way and extended my tongue, pushing at him. He still didn’t want to let me in. I pushed my mouth against his crack and set my tongue against him, slowly moving up and down over him. I inhaled his wonderful smell, so good I felt like I was on a drug.

Slowly he loosened up, and I pushed my tongue into him, just a little at a time. And then I felt it. He went completely slack, absolutely willing. I thrust my tongue deep into him, eliciting a startled yelp as I invaded his hot cave. I took two fingers and placed them at the sides of his opening, slowly pushing them in while my tongue made its way out. I looked up at him and watched as I turned and twisted them inside of him, the look of bliss on his face like nothing else. I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to do it now.

I moved up on him again, letting my dick rest on his nuts. I kissed him deep, which I guess was kind of gross, but we weren’t really thinking straight at that point. I lifted myself over him and pushed my dick to his hole, still wide and loose. I let myself down on him slowly, feeling him closing around me like a warm blanket. I let my weight push me in, down and down, until I couldn’t go any further without getting my balls involved. He winced, and I kissed him all over his face, trying to take the pain away. I didn’t do anything but hold him until he got over the shock.

He looked at me hungrily, and nodded. I rocked back, ever so slowly letting my dick slide almost all of the way out, and then back in. He had a look of pain on his face, and I almost pulled out completely, but when he sensed me about to he shook his head and pulled me back into him. Out I moved again, and this time he nearly slammed me back into him.

"Uh, Bas, do it for real. It’s okay, I’m alright." I looked him and suddenly understood his need. I nodded, and slowly sped up. We bounced as I pushed in and out of him. The bed started to creak, making us stop and look at each other with surprise. I grinned, and Zac started giggling. I thrust into him while we were laughing, trying as hard as I could not to cum right away. I pumped harder and harder, ignoring the protesting squeeks from the bed and the quiet whimpers from Zac.

I couldn’t hold back forever, no matter how hard I tried. Zac’s warm, tight hole gripped my dick like a vice, pulling and coaxing me. I could smell the strawberry scent rising off of him, and with it his lust-filled sweat and that golden smell he always seemed to radiate. It was too good, too amazing, to keep up forever. I took a deep breath and pushed as hard as I could, making the bed hit the wall.

"Uhnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnh," I moaned from somewhere deep inside, digging my hips into his thighs and pulling him up to me. My dick started to spasm, and Zac’s sphincters went wild around me, pushing and pulling, drawing my orgasm out for what seemed to be an eternity. He put both of his arms around me and pulled me down to him, thrusting his tongue into my open mouth as I shot deep into him, straight at his heart.

I collapsed on top of him. I was exhausted, but wide awake. It was still early enough that we could go back to sleep for a couple of hours, which was exactly what we needed. That was only the second time we’d done that, and was just as dumbstruck as the first time. I couldn’t believe that we’d actually done it in the house, either. For a second I worried if we’d woken someone up. Oh well, who cares if we did.

Zac lowered his legs, pushing me out of him. I knelt between his thighs and admired the sight.

"Hello, loverboy," I said, smiling. He smiled in a tired sort of way, but it was really charming just the same. He patted the bed beside him, and I laid down. He rolled onto his side to face me, and kissed my nose.

"Showertime," he grinned. I couldn’t believe he still had energy left! All I wanted to do was lay down and die in his arms, I was so tired. He went to stand up and winced.

"Aaah! Oh God. I think you killed me. I don’t think I can walk," he said, hunched over. I panicked.

"Oh, Zac, are you okay!?! I didn’t mean to hurt you, I’m so sorry. Zac, I’m soo, soooo sorry," I rushed to him, touching him all over, trying to make him feel better by sheer force of will. I was so worried I thought I was going to have a heart attack and die.

"I’m fine, it just really, really hurts," he faked a laugh. "It hurt last time, too, remember? This is normal," he said, but it didn’t help my anxiety. He grabbed my face in his hands.

"Bastian," he said, looking deep into my eyes, "you make me feel whole. You can’t ever hurt me. Okay?" I nodded dumbly.

"So are you going to carry me or what?" He asked, exasperated.

"Uh..." I nodded dumbly again. I couldn’t decide how to pick him up, though, so he just jumped in my arms and we fell back onto the bed. He sighed.

"You could try standing, you know."

"Nah, we can have more fun like this." I sat up and pushed him off me onto the bed. I stood up and rolled him onto his back and bent down to pick him up. He wrapped his arms around my neck and we were off to the bathroom, with Zac sprinkling kisses all over my face the whole way. I set him down on the edge of the tub.

"Shower or bath?" I asked. He thought for a minute.

"Bath." I started the water for the bath and realized we didn’t have any clothes to put on afterwards. I wrapped a towel around my waist and went looking for robes or something.

"Bastian?" I froze in my tracks and tried to become part of the wall. We had woken someone up. And of everyone to wake up, it had to be Taran’s mom. I would have rolled my eyes at the irony if I hadn’t been so surprised.

"Bastian what are you doing?" She called from the hall below.

"Uh, I uh, I’m going to take a bath. My leg’s cramped and I want to get it to relax." Uh-huh, that was going to fly.

"Oh. Are you going to play in the game tomorrow?" Shit! Just like me to forget something again. Zac just did that to me. Can’t imagine why.

"Uh, I dunno. Let me ask Zac if he wants to go to it," oops, give it away why don’t you!

"Don’t wake Zac up, Bastian, let him sleep. He’s had a long drive. Don’t stay up too late. If you want to go, make sure you’re up by eight," she wandered back down the hall. I stood still, doing deep breathing exercises, until I was sure she was gone. I ran to my room and grabbed two robes.

Zac started cracking up just as I entered the bathroom again. I grinned and tossed my towel around his head and got in the bath just as he pulled it off. I lifted his legs with his help and turned him so he was facing me. I couldn’t help myself; I had his balls in my mouth before he could do anything to stop me.

"Jeez, you just can’t get enough of my hot body, can you?" He asked after getting his breath back.

"Shut up and get in here," I reached up to help him in. He settled slowly, and leaned against the side. The tub was nice and big, with enough room for three people at least, so we had more than enough space to sprawl. Zac reached up for the shampoo and shoved my head under water with his other hand. I didn’t do anything to stop him, and I slid right down into the warm water. I sat up in the middle of the tub and suddenly Zac’s hands splatted against my head. He started rubbing shampoo on me, not just in my hair, but all down my back and my chest. I laughed.


"Shup, smells better than that soap you use." I shut up and let him lather me, his hands gliding over my skin and making me feel, well, horny. He rinsed me and tongue bathed the back of my neck, his hands dipping down to wash my dick. He nibbled while running his fingers over my wet balls. He chewed on my ear while slowly jerking me off with soap. He licked and kissed my shoulders while sliding his finger underneath me to rub against my hole. I felt so hot again, and I pushed against his finger, forcing him inside of me. It was electric, and it shot through my body like a lightning bolt. I needed to feel him in me, and now.

He lifted me up and made me bend over in front of him on my hands and knees. I bent over, half needing him to kneel and shove his dick into me so hard my head popped off.

"Zac," I panted, turning my head around to look at him. He thought about it for an agonizingly long minute.

"No, I don’t think so." I died.


"You can’t play soccer if you can’t walk, Bastian. And you are going to that game," he said in no uncertain terms. It took me a second to recover.

"Fuck the game, and fuck me, now, please Zac."

"Oh no. You’re going to be my cute soccer boy tomorrow, Bastian." His eyes got unfocused. "You have no idea how much you turn me on in those soccer shorts of yours, and that white shirt, with your hair flopping all over the place," he sounded like he was in a dream, which was kind of sick, since he was talking about me playing soccer.

"Fuck," he whispered dreamily.

"Uh, Zac? Are you, like, sane?" He shook his head and came back to the real world.

"Probably not." He grabbed the washcloth and attacked my rear, surprising the hell out of me.

"Would you mind getting your butt out of my face so I can rinse it?" He said primly. He put his hands on my thighs and pushed himself back, leaving me where I was, and with a dumb-ass look on my face. Next thing I knew he had the sprayer aimed at my arse and he was shooting warm water at it. It felt good enough, but it was just so fucking sudden I had to do something. I ended up throwing myself forward and splashing soapy water all over the place.

Zac convulsed.

"Get your ass back here so I can finish, dammit," he grabbed my hips and forced me back in front of him. I felt exposed. He finished spraying me and ran his hands over my butt, softly massaging the muscles underneath. Every once in a while a finger would stray over my hole, and I’d loosen up and try to push back on it. But then it was gone, leaving me hot in the throes of passion. I felt his hands on my hips again, and he pulled me closer to him. Then, suddenly, I felt his mouth on my skin, nibbling at my fleshy cheeks. He moved up and down my thighs slowly, while massaging my calves with his hands.

I didn’t want it to ever end, and it went on forever long enough. I was afraid he was stopping when his tongue suddenly appeared at my back door. He licked me from my balls to my tailbone, and I almost fell on my face again. I needed him in me so bad it hurt, but I knew he wasn’t going to do it. I realized that. I felt his finger at my hole and relaxed it enough so he could slip it into me and wash my insides. He pushed it in and out, sending shockwaves through my body. I gasped as he penetrated me, making me aware of feelings I didn’t know I could have. Pure desire shot through me as he curled his finger and twisted it in me. He scrubbed every part of me, being extremely thorough with not one but two fingers.

And then suddenly I felt him put his tongue over my hole and push at it softly. My mouth opened in a silent gasp as he filled me, pushing it in and then pulling it out. I felt him lick the back of my balls again, and then spread my cheeks apart with his hands. His tongue made its way to my hole again, and he started to tongue-fuck me while curling his tongue and flicking it in every direction, which only made me groan and push back on him harder. He reached around and grabbed my rock-hard boner, and three slow jerks later I was filling the tub with another liquid. Zac shoved his tongue deep in me while I came, and the hot feeling of his flesh in me made me spasm harder and harder, even after I’d stopped spurting.

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