Disclaimer: This story is completely fictional and is in no way based on actual people. 
Any similarities between the characters and real persons is completely coincidental. 
The Spider-Man characters are sole property of Marvel. This story depicts sexual acts 
between men and both protected and unprotected acts of sexual intercourse. 
Though you should always practice safe sex. Those who are disturbed by this and/or 
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Author's Note: I am basing my characters off of the Spider-Man cartoons from the 90s

since I went on Spider-Man binge recently. Why J. Jonah Jameson you ask?? Why not??

Don't tell me you wouldn't wanna get into his pants >=D


Bedding with J. Jonah Jameson Part 1



It's been six months since I joined the Bugle and not a day goes by that I regret doing so. It has its perks sure, I get into swanky parties, get caught up in the most exciting events of the day, see JJ loose his top repeatedly (if he's not already yelling at me) and the pay isn't half bad either. So why do I regret it?? J. Jonah Jameson. The man is a walking time bomb I'm surprised the friggin' paper even runs, but he does have the chops to run this hell-hole. Uh-oh here comes his latest victim, okay latest doesn't cut it what I should have said is repeat victim. Peter Parker, Spider-man photojournalist extraordinaire and JJ's favourite punching bag. Ahhhh the sound of JJ yelling at someone other than me is so relaxing I could get used to it.

"GET YOUR KEESTER IN HERE!" JJ hollered at me as he slammed the door shut again. Oh great, what did I do this time?? I knew it was too good to be true. I opened the door and was greeted with a jet-engine roar from JJ.

"This is the BEST you can do Parker? I'm surprised I still pay you, you talentless clown!!" JJ continued, like a steamroller over Criss Angel.

"Pay me? I can't remember the last time you paid well enough for the shots I bring in JJ!" Parker retorted, he was a feisty one that sarcastic wit has shut down JJ's mental presses more than once.

"Why I oughta ... you know what Parker? Consider yourself of the Hardy Ball, kid you're coming with me tomorrow night!" JJ yelled still slightly red from the tongue lashing Parker had laid out on him.

"Say what?? Sure JJ anythin' you want!!" I replied quickly before he changed his mind. I felt sorry for taking Parker's gig but hey I got bills to pay too! I snuck out quickly before JJ remembered what he was gonna yell at me for, not without taking a dirty look from Parker. The Hardy Ball was gonna be HUGE!!!! Everyone's gonna be there, and I was tagging along with the best of them. JJ may not be very well liked in the office, but the social elite had him at all the events from the money he made of off chumps like me. He was also a very good looking man so many of the women, like Anastasia Hardy, invited him to their soirees.


Ok good looking was an understatement, JJ was a hot motherfucker!!! It may have only been six months since I joined the Bugle but I've had quite a bit of time with JJ. In my first month Doc Ock crashed JJ's party and flung him after JJ decided to tell him off. Not a smart idea! He woulda sailed over the railing of his balcony had I not been there to catch him. Ok I didn't really catch him, he just collided with me while I clicked shots of Spidey swinging in to save the day ... or the party. JJ was out cold and weighed a fuckin' ton! I shoved him off (with much difficulty, mind you I was trying to get shots of the action), and carried him outta harms way (which wasn't very easy either). Which JJ conveniently doesn't remember ... ass!! But when I pushed him offa me I got to feel him up and the man was a solid brick wall. For a man his age he was built like a brick shithouse!!!! His firm pecs gave slightly as I heaved him off me, his back was rippled with muscle and his thighs were amazingly thick and strong. As I carried him, I could feel my muscles scream he musta weighed at least 220lbs and at 6'1" he carried that weight well. Let's not forget about his hair, oh my god!! When Doc Ock hammered JJ into clueless ole me he ripped the front of JJ's Armani suit and shirt. His chest was covered with the thickest forest of salt and pepper hair that I had ever seen. That was what the give was when I felt his chest that soft mat of fur. I had seen some hairy bears in my 22 years, but J. Jonah Jameson took the fucking cake. Thank God he was out cold I popped the biggest boner ever!!


Ok let's talk about me, since you're all probably wondering "Who the hell is the annoying brat??!" My name is A.J Benjamin, shortened so that people don't stumble and fall over my hard-to-pronounce Indian name. I ain't ashamed of it; I just hate it when people mispronounce it. I just turned 22 and all my work at the local Toronto paper had paid off big time when I applied for a job with The Daily Bugle. Thankfully I got Robbie Robertson to interview me and I got hired and made the move to NYC. I had just graduated from a business Bachelor's but my love for photography prevailed. I was in shape having played cricket and tennis all my life. I stood at a solid 5'10" and weighed in at 235lbs. Think that's a mismatch, think again I was pretty solid from my gym-bunny days in high school. I was the biggest (weight-wise) and most powerful player on the school tennis circuit. My Indian genes granted me jet black eyes and hair that covered 95% of my body. My chin was duly adorned with a thick beard when I hit 17. The rest you'll find out soon enough, now back to my story.


The Hardy Ball was massive, the crème de la crème of the New York elite were there and I wasted no time earning my pay and taking a few shots of JJ in his gorgeous fitted suit for myself. I quietly made my way over to the bar and quickly downed a whisky to get myself prepped for the rest of the evening. Felicia Hardy was looking amazing as ever, but I'm not a blonde fan, and look who she's got hanging off her arm good old Parker. I heard that they went to ESU together didn't know that they were this close though. I floated around the room taking more shots that would please JJ and keep him from bursting my eardrums tomorrow.

"Benjamin!! Get over here and take a picture of me with Mr. Fisk!" JJ bellowed as he shook hands with a giant of a man. Wilson Fisk, humanitarian and billionaire, towered over Jameson as he laughed at my plight. I sauntered over and took a few shots of JJ and his behemoth friend to please my boss, and then got lost in the crowd once more. I weaved, maneuvered and clicked my way through the crowd, I even got some numbers from some pretty ladies. My glasses always made the ladies weak in the knees for some reason, guess the dorks do get some once in a while. After dinner was announced I ran into the restroom quickly to get rid of the three whiskeys that had made their way into my system. As luck would have it JJ was there, greaaaaaat like I needed to see him now! I walked over to the urinals where JJ was standing and took up my position two urinals over from him. He stood there with his left hand on his hip, right hand holding his cock and his eyes shut and slightly tilted up. I tried to sneak a peek but the partitions seemed to get in the way, fuck! Just as I drained my lizard, JJ zipped up and noticed me. He nodded to me and quickly I stuffed my semi-hard cock back into my pants and hurried on over to the sink. We finished washing our hands and were about to make small talk when a huge tremor rocked the building. Highly confused we both dashed out to the banquet hall only to find an enormous hole in the ceiling and rubble all over the place. There in the centre of the panicked crowd stood Doc Ock 5 ft in the air balanced like an acrobat on his metallic tentacles. Instinctively I reached for my camera and started clicking away as the not-so-good doctor made his way through the mayhem and in one pass of his tentacles scooped Felicia Hardy. But he didn't have any time to laugh as Spider-Man came swinging down and knocked him across the room. Felicia dropped to the floor and slowly made her way out with the crowd. As Doc Ock crashed into the wall his tentacles flailed to steady himself and in the process sent giant pieces of the rubble flying. One piece had the misfortune of flying our way, I ducked out of its path but JJ got clipped as he ducked and dropped like a pile of fresh newspapers. I quickly got up and dragged JJ towards the other staircases near the washrooms, but ducked into a small room that was on the way. Spider-Man had somehow managed to bring his fight closer to us and I tried my level best to get out of the way with the comatose JJ. I managed to put JJ safely in the room, but as Doc Ock ripped out another pillar to throw at the web slinger and another piece of the ceiling came down and conveniently knocked me out. Great, now I won't get any shots and will definitely have JJ on my case was all I could think before seeing black.


I don't know how long I was out for, but I woke up in a haze of pain. The throbbing in my head made my vision all fuzzy, and somehow made me delirious. The last I remember is dragging good old JJ into a sideroom at the banquet hall, now I'm in a posh bedroom. The New York skyline shimmered through the immense windows and classy art pieces hung on the walls. A sharp smell caught my attention, Cubans and really good ones at that. I fumbled on the night table next to the bed that I lay on for my glasses. I slipped them on and got acquainted with the lighting and stumbled out of the bed and towards the door. Turns out it didn't lead out but into the bathroom and a gorgeous sight awaited me there. There exuding magnificence stood J. Jonah Jameson. The bathroom was huge too and at the washbasin stood a shirtless JJ, the thick salt and pepper hair covered his chest and made its way upto his shoulders. The thick forearms also had a nice covering of fur. His back was well muscled and tapered down into blue silk pajamas as JJ looked intensely into the mirror examining a slight bump on his head. At the sound of the door he whirled around and looked right at me. Between those gorgeous lips hung a half smoked cigar that was the origin of the smoke I had smelled earlier.

"Finally awake eh Benjamin?" he said taking a deep draw on his cigar. He let out the smoke in a fine stream out of the other corner of his mouth.

"Where am I JJ ... ah ... Mr. Jameson??" I mumbled slightly confounded by the gorgeous bear of a boss that was standing in front of me and genuinely confused as to what hospital we were in.

"Where else you buffoon, you're in my apartment!" he chuckled as he walked towards me. His chiseled shoulders, chest and arms mesmerized me with each movement he made, and unabashedly I stared at this mature, hairy Adonis before me.

"How did I get here? What happened to Doc Ock and Spider-Man? Where's my camera??" I said in a panicked tone as I set off to hunt for my camera in this massive apartment.

"Calm down, kid. It's in the living room, you did well to not break it when you passed out otherwise you could have kissed your job goodbye." He replied chuckling at my sudden frantic scramble.

"Oh ... how did I get here though Mr. Jameson?" I said after stopping in the bedroom. I turned around to face him as he followed me back into the bedroom and for the first time took a look at him below the waist. His silk pajama hung loosely about him, but it still couldn't hide that obscene bulge. I quickly looked back up at his face as he raised an eyebrow at me.

"I brought you here, how else? When I woke up I found you out cold and draped across my body. I moved you, with much difficulty I add you really need to cut down on those donuts. By the time I fully realized what had happened, the medics were swarming over us. I was treated and I got you treated there too, thankfully you had nothing serious and I had my driver bring us here since I don't know where you live." He rattled off with a hint of self-righteousness in his voice.

"Uhh ... thank you sir. Guess I should get going then." Was all I could say. He had brought me back to his house and now I was lying in his bed??? What was going on??

"Going? HAH!! Where would you go dressed like that??" He barked at me through his deep, throaty laugh. I looked down at myself and found myself dressed in nothing but my boxer briefs. In my confusion I hadn't even noticed that I had been stripped down to my undies. With a jump I covered myself up and blushed (as best as my tanned skin would allow me) as I felt the beginnings of a hard-on. He extinguished his cigar in a nearby crystal ashtray and moved past me, his arm brushing against mine on the way to his dresser. I sank back onto the bed and watched as he rummaged around in his drawers, my cock grew stiffer by the minute.

"Just stay the night kid, it'll be easier in the morning." He said finally as he turned back to the bed. "The couch is all yours in the living room but don't even think about touching the TV! On second thought you should sleep in here I've got too many things out there that are valuable and I don't need you groping them."

Whoa! Did I just hear right, I was gonna be sleeping in the same bed as JJ????? This has to be some sort of delusion brought on by that knock to the head.

"Uh, Mr. Jameson ... I don't mind going home it's not that late." I said tentatively.

"Not that late?! It's nearly 3 am!! I don't want you sleeping in tomorrow you gotta be at work at 9:30 and this way I can make sure your lazy ass gets there!" he said as he made his way towards the bed. "Now move your ass to the other side, I sleep here." With that command he slumped down onto the bed as I quickly scooted over and watched this mature hunk (that was also my boss) lie down next to me. I looked at his prostrate form and let my eyes cover every aspect of his body. His muscles rippled under the forest of salt and pepper chest hair. He was even hairier than I was, and I'm considered a bear even at 22, though he didn't have any on his back I'm almost positive he would have a neatly furred ass that I would give anything to munch on. Under all that hair I could make out that his stomach wasn't as ripped as the rest of his body, all those parties were affecting him, but who am I to complain I love a man with a belly. He rested that hot head of his on his arms exposing even hairier armpits and the musk from there was intoxicating. My eyes made their way past his hairy chest and rested on that magnificent lump that almost tented his silk pajamas. This man was a giant among men!! I could see the faint outline of a thick cock resting on monster sized nuts it must have been at least 6.5 inches soft from my estimation.

"Something wrong kid??" he barked waking me from my reverie.

"Uh nothing Mr. Jameson sir. Goodnight!" I stammered as I looked over at him and lay down on my side with my back facing him. My hard-on would have ripped through my boxer briefs if I slept on my back. I looked at him and smiled slightly as he scowled and closed his eyes. He clapped twice and the lights went off and darkness covered us in its gentle blanket. I slipped my glasses onto the night table and almost immediately passed out, the throbbing in my head still hadn't faded and I'm sure it was the same for JJ.