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Bedding with J. Jonah Jameson Part 2



"Something wrong kid??" he barked waking me from my reverie.

"Uh nothing Mr. Jameson sir. Goodnight!" I stammered as I looked over at him and lay down on my side with my back facing him. My hard-on would have ripped through my boxer briefs if I slept on my back. I looked at him and smiled slightly as he scowled and closed his eyes. He clapped twice and the lights went off and darkness covered us in its gentle blanket. I immediately passed out, the throbbing in my head still hadn't faded and I'm sure it was the same for JJ. For some strange reason though I woke up about an hour later, the alarm clock flashed 4:02 and all thoughts of sleep were slowly oozing out of my ears. I slowly came to, only to find myself unable to move at all. What was going on??? I looked down only to find one muscular, hairy arm tightly wrapped around my stomach, awww ain't that cute JJ was a cuddler. I felt his fur tickle my back with the rhythmic rise and fall of his chest. Gaining some courage I scooted backwards into his hard chest and felt his luscious pelt press into my back. I felt him stir, his breathing stopped and then started up again. I could have died and gone to heaven at that point, I was being cuddled by the hottest media baron in the world!! While I was off in la-la land, I didn't notice JJ's breathing pick up and what I didn't know was that JJ wasn't asleep at all. I smiled to myself as my thoughts clouded my mind and I mumbled under my breath.

"What I wouldn't give to have this bear be my man."

"Would you like that?" A soft but gruff voice echoed in my ear and shocked me out of my dreams.

"Mr. Jameson, sir ... I'm so sorry .. I .. uh ... didn't mean to wake you ... I uh ... I'm sorry for what I just said." I stuttered as I made to get up and get away from the situation I had put myself in. But I couldn't move, JJ held his arm firmly in place locking me in place.

"So you didn't mean what you just said?" His gruff voice said and in it I sensed hurt. He was hurt? Did I mean it? Of course I did he was the most gorgeous man I had ever seen, not to mention one of the best businessmen I had ever worked for. My heart still pounded in my ribcage, like a raging beast trying to free itself, as I turned over onto my right side. I came face to face with my bear boss and saw in his eyes deep hurt at my words. What was I supposed to do, usually when you sleep with the boss they're not gay ... this has never happened to me before. I've dreamt of a few other bosses, but I had slept with the highest ranked woman to get a few jobs. I looked into his cobalt blue eyes that shone in the Manhattan dawn. I want to make this man happy, he looks so alone, always alone.

"Would you have me then?" I whispered as I looked straight into those eyes. The smile that broke across his face reflected in those beautiful eyes and I smiled back at him.

"Aren't I little too young Mr. Jameson? I mean I'm just 22." I asked just to get it out of the way.

"What's this Mr. Jameson thing, you make me sound like I'm 50." He retorted with his wicked grin.

"Well you are and that's why I'm so attracted to you, you big piece of hunky bear meat!!" I replied with a devilish grin of my own. I reached up with my hand and placed it on his cheek and caressed the day old stubble. I brushed the bruise at his temple and he winced slightly. I didn't know what was happening and nor did I care all I wanted to do was be with him. He drew me closer and I closed my eyes as his thick lips came into contact with mine, that bristly moustache tussled with my own as we parted our lips and searched for each other's tongues. JJ propped himself up without breaking our kiss and pushed me onto my back where we continued to kiss passionately. I let my hand run through the thick hair on his head as my other hand caressed his face, I felt a hand go to my chest and run through the hair on my chest. We slowly broke our kiss as I gazed into the face of my boss, I noticed every little detail about him. His wrinkles that no one would notice unless they were this close, how the end of his mustache was slightly graying compared to the rest of the jet black bristles, how his eyes shone with passion just like when he latched onto a new story. Everything about J. Jonah Jameson was different from the loud mouth man who bossed me around, his eyes were gentle ... almost loving. His smile was so warm and tender it made my heart flutter, his gentle caress made me shiver with excitement. I smiled broadly and reached for his massive paw, I gripped his right hand tightly with my left and entwined my fingers with his. He squeezed it gently as if telling me that I could trust him and that he would never hurt me and with a gentle squeeze back I told him that I trusted him completely.

"Before we get hot and heavy can I ask you a question?" I queried, something was on my mind.

"Sure kiddo, go for it." He replied looking me square in the eye.

"Why are we doing this? Weren't you married? I heard what happened to your wife, so why am I lucky enough to be in bed with one of the hottest men in all of New York?" I asked, my voice tapered off as I probed about his wife. He didn't reply and lowered his gaze, looks like I hit a sensitive spot. I was just about to tell him to let it go when he replied.

"I've been alone for a long, long time now. Joan was murdered when I went to Korea and John has been tied up with his astronaut work for a long time now. I couldn't look at any of the women at all these parties, they're just not my type." He paused and looked up as if gauging my reaction, I nodded affirmation that I was listening and did care. "I started to feel empty, but when Parker joined and then you came along, I felt an affinity towards you two like my sons. But Parker has Felicia Hardy so I knew I couldn't do much with him, but you were new and ... good looking and I saw the way you looked at me." He snapped his head up at me after he said this.

"Don't you dare tell anyone what I just said!!! Especially Parker!!" he snarled at me, his regular self coming through. I smiled and nodded, like Parker needs to hear that. He sighed and smiled back at me apologetically.

"Well then JJ, let's get back to each other shall we? You won't be lonely tonight ... and from now on." I said with a mischievous grin. With that I pushed him onto his back and brought my leg over him, we were now face-to-face, chest to chest and grinding our hard dicks into each other. He grinned and encircled me with his massive, furry arms and pulled me closer to him. I rested my elbows on either side of his head and kissed him passionately. I sucked on his tongue, relishing the taste of the cigar that still lingered. He let go of me and ran his hands down my back feeling the light covering of hair. His roaming hands finally rested on my ass, he pushed my ass down causing my hard-on to crush into his massive boner. I broke our kiss and kissed my way down his neck and entered into the forest of his chest hair and desperately tried to locate his nipple. I found his silver dollar sized nipple and sucked and nibbled on it causing JJ to moan and groan with ecstasy, he shivered and spasmed under my ministrations and pushed my head off to catch his breath.

"Any further kid and I'd have blown my lid." He gasped. We switched positions as he nibbled on my nipples biting them slightly causing my boner to twitch and spasm like mad. But we both grew tired of this we knew that we wanted more, much more and sensing that JJ took the initiative and scooted down my body. I felt his hot breath over my pulsing rod that was straining the fabric of my boxer briefs. I let out a massive sigh as he pushed my cock flat down against my body and licked it through my underwear. I squirmed as electric bolts ran through my body, he stopped and in one quick motion hooked his fingers in my boxers and tugged them down exposing my rigid manhood. In my opinion I wasn't all that big, though I have had some women (and men) gasp at the sight. My brown fuckpole stood straight up at 7.5 inches rising from my dense pubic bush that made its way halfway up my cock. JJ grinned with satisfaction and quickly ripped off my boxers and drank in the sight of my naked body.

"What's wrong JJ? It won't bite, go ahead give it a kiss." I cajoled as I ran my hands through his hair. Did he ever kiss it, he engulfed it with his hot daddy mouth. He stuck his tongue in between the foreskin and licked around my sensitive head, causing me to thrash with ecstasy. Without warning his lifted his head off my cock and then took it straight to the hilt, encasing my throbbing penis with his amazingly warm mouth. He had just swallowed 7.5 inches of thick Indian cock, something that takes a lot of practice. I would like to say that this made me think, but his mouth was making me feel so good that any sort of thought process was thrown out the window. I felt his moustache grind into my pubic bush again and again and that drove me insane. I could have come had he not tugged on my balls and waited for my excitement to drop a few levels. If he kept this up I'd drop my load in a matter of minutes. I dragged him up to face me and slowly slid down his body, swapping positions, running my hand through his chest hair, and came to rest in front of his massive bulge. There was a huge wet spot on his thin blue pajamas and I brought my tongue up and licked the wet spot and the massive cockhead that hid underneath.


I gasped as I saw the outline for the first time and saw that the head rested well left of pubic bush and almost doubled back around his waist. I wasted no time in pulling open the drawstrings and almost ripping those pajamas of his sexy waist as he kicked them off. His cock flopped up, now freed of its prison, and smacked me in the face. I lay there astounded as I looked at the biggest cock I had ever seen on a person. It was almost 10.5 inches and as thick as a beer can and sprung out of a dense, but neatly trimmed pubic bush. Below this monster hung two egg-sized nuts, which were also trimmed, in a massive sack that rested on the bed. I looked up in awe and saw his smirk at my reaction to his appendage. Unlike most American men he was uncut and his skin barely hung on to that massive mushroom head, I lifted his throbbing cock as it lay on his stomach and felt the heaviness of the meat. I licked the semi-exposed head and sniffed in his musky aroma that gave me the biggest high of my short life. I rolled down his foreskin and ministered his cockhead with a diligent tongue lashing. I licked up the huge prominent vein and finally decided to go in for the kill. I held his massive cock in place with my left and slowly engulfed his throbbing member, with my right I massaged those humongous nuts. In my first stroke I took in about 8 inches before coming up for air and in another few I had my nose buried in his musky, grey bush. Like a kid bobbing for apples I went up and down on his cock and felt his deep rumbles of acknowledgement run through his body. I couldn't believe that I had just downed 10.5 inches of hot bear cock and from the gasping and moaning on JJ's part neither could he. I pulled off his cock and took his nuts in my mouth one after the other causing JJ to squirm even more. I went back to worshipping that amazing cock of his and he grabbed either side of my head and began pumping into my mouth.


I let him have his way and snaked my hand under him and grabbed his fuzzy ass cheeks. I was right about his ass being fuzzy and my God were they ever!! I squeezed those firm globes with every pump of his cock, feeling his muscles clench and unclench. I decided to explore further and pushed a finger between his hairy crack and found his hole. I traced circles around it and he let out another massive gasp of pleasure, what didn't give him any pleasure?? I brought my hand up and gathered some of the pre-cum and saliva that was coating his cock and greased up my finger, before pushing it into his hot ass chute. It was warm and tight and he squeezed on it with pleasure, this was one hot bear and I began to slowly fuck in and out of his hot hole. First with one finger, then with two and finally with three I was able to get deep enough to tickle his prostate. I felt his balls tighten and decided that enough was enough and pulled out of his ass and off his cock. I brought my fingers to his face and without hesitation he swallowed my fingers and ravished them with his hungry tongue. I drew myself up to face and him and kissed him again, swapping his pre-cum that coated my throat with his ass juices. His alarm clock went off and startled us both, we laughed at our reactions and I saw him smile his warm and amazing smile as he reached out to turn it off. It was 5:30 am and we were just getting started. We explored each other some more and took up a 69 position with me on top driving my full 7.5 inches into his hot throat. He played with my virgin ass and almost shot off at how tight it was.


I have had experiences with other men, but I never let them take my ass I was waiting for Mr. Right and now here in the arms of my studly boss I had found it. I forced myself off his cock and turned around to face him and looked into those eyes. I saw passion, love and trust reflected in his gorgeous sky blue eyes and I now had no hesitation.

"JJ ... would you be my first?" I asked still gazing into his eyes.

"Your first what kiddo?" he said in a slightly confused tone, some of my pre-cum had leaked over his chin. I lowered my head and licked it up and gave him a quick kiss. I smiled at his as I raised my head up to look into his eyes.

"I want you to be the first man that I have ever been with ... completely." I said softly, suddenly shy of him. I didn't get a verbal answer, but tears welled up in his eyes and he hugged me tight as I reciprocated.

"I'm really big, baby." He said softly concern tinting his sentence.

"It's ok ... we have 4 more hours till we go to work." I said with a wicked smile. The sun was slowly rising over the Manhattan skyline and illuminating the room. I guess JJ wanted privacy because he reached over and hit a switch on some remote that shut the blinds.

"I love you, kid. I never thought that I would say this, but I do love you." He said tears still in his eyes and his passion renewed. We switched spots as I lay on my back and watched this big bear of a man get on top of me. He reached for his night stand and pulled out some lube and a magnum, but I took the condom from his hand and put it aside.

"I know we should play safe, but I want just you inside me JJ all of you." I whispered.


I felt his strong fingers lube up my ass and he stuck one large finger slowly inside, I gasped as I felt the cold lube enter my ass. He worked his finger in and out and added another finger and another. He kept probing my ass nice and slow till he felt that it was wide enough for his behemoth. He lubed up his cock and with my help he guided it to the entrance of my virgin ass. He spread my ass cheeks and pushed my legs back a bit and slowly began to tease my hole. Round and round he rubbed that bulbous head, causing me to get more and more heated. When I couldn't stand it anymore I yelled to the heavens,

"FUCK ME JJ!! Make me yours!"

Needing just that he pushed hard into my ass and slowly but surely my sphincter gave way to his hot bear meat. With a pop it entered my hole and I gasped for air, grabbing at the sheets and almost rising to meet him. He waited a bit and slowly began to push in and made my virgin ass realize that this was where his cock belonged and it willingly gave to his will. It must have taken about 15 minutes before I felt his big balls knock against my ass and his pubic bush tickle my cheeks. Sweating profusely we both looked into each others eyes and smiled before he pulled his cock almost all the way out just till his cock head was inside my ass and quickly forced it back in. That motion knocked the wind out of my and waves of pleasure stretched out from my ass and made their way across my body to my brain. He waited a minute and then did the same thing over and over again, each time leaving me winded and wanting more. He slowly settled into an amazing rhythm and I reached out for his hairy nipples. I squeezed his well defined pecs and pinched his nipples and felt his massive egg sized balls slap harder and harder into my asscheeks.


"Watching my big, white cock disappear between your hot brown asscheeks is the sexiest thing I have ever seen kid!!" JJ gasped as he kept up his fucking pace. Between his blanket of fur and between my own hairy chest lay trapped my cock, feeling his hair slide up and down my length was driving me nuts. We smiled at each other and he leaned in and kissed me, never slowing down his fucking tempo. I began to grind back into his ass as he kept a steady pace. We kissed like madmen biting and sucking on each others lips, kissing each other's faces and not letting up on each other. His chest was firmly pressed into mine and I felt his hard nipples rubbing against mine, with my two free hands I reached up and pinched both his and my own together eliciting a deep growl as we kissed. I could not stand his pace anymore I needed it harder and faster like an animal. As we kissed I moaned, "Harder bitch!" and not needing anymore encouragement he slammed his 10.5 inches back into me after withdrawing it completely. I gasped and groaned as he still continued to kiss me and fuck me like the big daddy bear that he was and I loved every minute of it. His harder strokes now slammed into my prostate and was sending me over the edge with every stroke. I only lasted another five minutes as it all became just too much and my balls withdrew and let out and orgasm that I could only call animalistic. I wrapped my arms around JJ's torso and kissed him hard and I roared and let fly between our hairy bellies from what I could remember 9 big shots of cum. With the onset of orgasm my ass muscles clamped around his cock and brought him close to his own orgasm. JJ ripped out of my grip, pulled out his cock with a loud pop, clutched his big balls and erupted all over my cock, balls, stomach and chest. I thought my load was big, JJ shot 15 enormous and thick ropes of tasty, hot jizz all the way up to my nipples. And with each shot he growled and clenched his eyes as his body shook with pleasure. He milked the last few drops out onto his knuckles that dripped onto my cock and collapsed on top of me. I pulled him into an embrace as we both caught our breaths, smearing the cum from our ejaculations together and onto each other's chests. I felt his hot, throbbing cock lie between us as it slowly made its way back to its dormant state, leaving behind a trail of cum and ass juices. We lay still, just breathing and savouring each other's presence and almost fell asleep when JJ turned his head and looked at me with a sly smile. I mopped up the sweat from his brow and raising a questioning eyebrow, slightly confused as to what he was grinning at.


"Looks like you're still ready to go, eh Tiger?" he chuckled gruffly as he brought both his legs together and squeezed my cock between his thighs. After our massive orgasms we both were passing out with exhaustion but unbeknownst to me my cock had already sprung back to life and given the position that we were in it had stood straight up between JJ's legs and was throbbing and pulsing next to his balls. He chuckled and flashed me a winning smile as he got up off of me and scooted down between my legs. I was about to object when JJ went and engulfed my cock again, which threw all reason and words right out the window. He went down on me five or six times before pulling off, scooted back up and reached for the night table. From it he took out a case and pulled a Cuban out, fished around for a lighter and lit up after biting off the end. I saw his muscular, furry chest expand as he took a long, hearty puff of his cigar and slowly he exhaled. The exotic and spicy smoke hovered in the room and filled my nostrils, he took another puff and scuttled down my body like a crab. With his mouth full of smoke he took my cock head and sucked. The warm, swirling smoke danced off the skin of my cock and added more heat to it enhancing my pleasure. I growled in ecstasy and he blew the smoke out of his mouth all over my crotch. I thought he was going to do that again, but he got up and straddled me and before I knew what he happening he sat down on my cock in one motion. He grunted loudly and cursed as he collapsed forward, his big bear paws falling on my pecs. He clutched at the hair on my chest and shut his eyes, that had to hurt. I was still in shock at what he had just done, he had just taken my thick 7.5 inches up his ass without lube and from his reaction looks like I wasn't the only virgin. I gripped his massive biceps and held him up, I may not have been hung like he was but it would still hurt. I drew him closer and kissed his forehead and eyes and cheeks and told him that he didn't have to do this if it hurt. I loved the feeling of his warm hole sitting on my cock and feeling his ass juices run down my balls, but if I had hurt him I would not forgive myself. I took the cigar out of his hands and gently placed it on his lips and he took a long draw, that seemed to calm him down some. He slowly started gyrating his hips on my cock as he puffed on his cigar. The sweat from his body mingled with his fur and flattened it and also dripped off of him and onto my chest and torso.


He began to slowly ride my cock up and down, I could see his muscles flex and strain, and began to pick up speed. I put my hands on his hips to guide him and give him support as I began to thrust upwards into him. It felt amazing, the warmth of his love tunnel and the way his ass muscles flexed and milked my cock and just the fact that J. Jonah Jameson one of the butchest, and most masculine men I had ever lay eyes upon was riding my cock like a cowboy at a rodeo. He gazed into my eyes as he began slamming down hard meeting my upward thrusts, the cigar still being chewed on between those perfect lips and that amazing black mustache. His 10.5" monster had now come to life and was smacking my belly with every stroke leaving a big pool of pre-cum on my crotch and stomach. Every so often JJ would reach down and scoop up some of that pre-cum and apply it to his ass to keep it well lubed. Damn, he made me horny, and I wanted to fill him with my cum as we began to fuck in earnest. The contrast of my dark chocolate cock going in and out of his tanned ass was amazingly hot, like out of some amazing fantasy. He moaned, groaned and growled as I gasped, growled and grunted at our fucking. My cock kept poking his prostate and he began a more guttural growl each time it did, within ten minutes I felt his ass tense up and saw his balls quickly contract. With a loud grunt he announced his orgasm as he froze midway on my cock as his ass muscles contracted and he shot another 8 shots of thick, white, juicy cum on my chest. That was all I needed, I quickly raised his ass and jerked my cock twice and shot my second load of the night ... or should I say morning!! It coated his ass and balls and my stomach as 8 shots of mine joined our pool of cum on my chest. This time he collapsed on me for good as we both caught our breath and I felt the new cum mix on belly and get smeared into his. I reached in between our panting, sweaty bodies and scooped up some cum, a mix of mine and his, and brought it to my lips. The sweet and salty taste sent another shudder of pleasure down my spine. He looked at me, resting his head on my shoulder and just opened his mouth. I reached between us again and brought it to his lips, but dodged his eager tongue and smeared it on that jet black mustache. The contrast of the thick, white semen on his black mustache was amazingly hot and what was even more hot was watching him lick it off his mustache and my fingers. He leaned and kissed me and we shared what cum we had eaten between us. Contented we could have fallen asleep, but JJ looked at the clock that read 7:15.


Slowly we both got of the bed and cleaned each other off by licking up and down each of our bodies. I licked under his sensitive cock head and watched him shiver, as he did the same a minute later and felt me squirm. We stumbled to his bathroom, where I turned on the hot water in his Jacuzzi and he brought out a bottle of bubble bath. We got in and I let him lean against me as we both soaked in each other and the warmth of the water. Occasionally my big bear would turn around and kiss me and who was I to deny my boss. Before the bath ran cold, we got into the shower, made out some more under the hot stream and cleaned each other with tender love and care. I toweled him off and admired his defined body, hoping that when I was his age I would be just like him. I looked at his monster cock that was now dangling with his massive balls at around 6" and gave it a quick kiss and I dried his crotch. He toweled me off and took quick nibbles of my nipples and cock head as he dried me. I smiled and kissed him again as he rose up, we made our way to the sinks and shaved and brushed. For a rich man he only had one sink and we had a good time jostling and fighting for place. The bedroom still smelt heavily of sweat, cum and Cuban cigars. I inhaled this heavenly odour as JJ came up behind me and hugged me.

"Hey JJ."

"Yeah kid?"

"I love you too daddy bear." I confessed as I pressed back into him. He hugged me tighter and let out a huge sigh, we stayed that way for 10-15 minutes just enjoying each other's touch. We got ready and headed off to work in his chauffeured car. On the way to work, we couldn't keep our hands to ourselves and walked into The Daily Bugle with massive hard-ons and wide, contented smiles on our faces. We had both finally found love and nothing was going to ruin it. Looks like I may just stop regretting working here and begin to enjoy it a whole lot more!