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Being The International Mascot
Andy Mann

Was my luck in, or was my luck in??? After the great wins at home to Scotland and France, the magnificent win in Ireland, and the squeaky performance against Italy, England had their chance for their first Grand Slam in over a decade. All we had to do was beat the Welsh in their own back yard, or at least not lose by more than six points. Wales themselves still had a great chance of winning the Six Nations, if they beat us by enough points to turn the small points difference around.

So why was my luck in? The RFU had asked each youth team in the country to submit a name of a player and two lucky lads had been drawn out as mascots for the big day. Our club had allowed the players to secretly nominate a player. I had put forward Danny Franklin, our scrum half as he was playing really well, but most players had selected me, due to me having my best ever try scoring season. After that, the gods of luck were shining again and I was picked out as one of the two mascots to represent our country.

It turned out though that it coincided with a business trip abroad that my Dad had to go on, so where I had originally been staying with my Grandparents, I was now on my way to Cardiff. Both of my grandparents weren't willing to drive the distance so after frantic phone calls so that I didn't miss possibly my only opportunity to pull on the white shirt of my country, I found myself in the car of the vice chairman of our club.

I was normally a bit of a chatter box, but sat next to the fifty odd year old man next to me, other than rugby I had no idea what to say. Mr Gregory, his greying hair cut neatly kept glancing over at me in the passenger seat tried to engage me in conversation, but as his son was now in his thirties and with no grandchildren, he had no idea what interested a twelve year old boy.

To make sure that nothing caused me to miss my big day, Mr Gregory had suggested to my parents that we travelled down on the Friday evening after I finished school, stayed over on Saturday night and we would travel back home on Sunday after breakfast to get back in time for my game on Sunday afternoon. This fitted in well with my parents as it meant that I was in the company of an adult for the whole time that they were away.

So with conversation limited to rugby, my schooling and me asking him about the multi million pound business that he owned, I was pleased when the three hour journey came to an end and we pulled into the car park of the hotel he had booked us into. My blue eyes widened as I saw him drive his Jaguar into the Hilton Hotel that was around a mile from the impressive Millennium Stadium.

"Well Andy, if we are going to stay in a hotel," Mr Gregory started. "We're going to stay in a nice one."
"But my folks said they'd pay for me," I began, thinking how much this would cost, especially this weekend of all weekends.
"Don't worry about that young man," he replied. "One benefit of being successful is that you can spend money on others when you think it's necessary, and with you representing our Club so proudly, what better thing to spend it on."

I flushed as I accepted his compliment, and muttered a thanks to him, making him smile. As he parked up, he reached over and ruffled my hair, like my granddad always does. As he was paying for the hotel, and had brought me here so I could have my day of glory, I allowed him to do it without complaint. Normally, I would frown and whine and spend the next few minutes re-spiking my blonde hair back into style.

We carried our bags into reception and I waited to the side while Mr Gregory checked us in. I heard him raise his voice slightly and started to get concerned that something had gone wrong. With the thought of missing out on being the mascot, I thought to myself that I would happily sleep in a doorway if needed, but I guess Mr Gregory is used to a certain level of luxury and wouldn't appreciate that. Finally the man walked over towards me, his stern expression fading quickly as he saw my worried face.

"Don't worry Andy, it's all okay," he said, reassuring me.
"What's wrong?" I asked.
"They messed up our reservation, and had booked us into a totally unacceptable room," he replied. "Once I flashed my loyalty card at them, they upgraded us immediately to a room above the grade that I had booked, and given us a complimentary meal tomorrow in the restaurant."
"Kewl!" I grinned at him.

We made our way to the elevator and he told me to push the button for our floor. Once the lift was in motion, he turned to me.

"Did you bring any swimming gear?" he asked.
"Um, no," I answered, confused. "I didn't know I needed to."
"I guess your parents didn't get the email I sent them," he sighed. "There is a swimming pool and spa so I thought that we could go and have a relax before we eat."
"Oh, well I've got my rugby shorts," I suggested.
"That could do," Mr Gregory replied.

We arrived on our floor and when we got to the room, Mr Gregory swiped the key card in the slot and we went into the room. I stared around it in awe. It was huge. It was much bigger than my bedroom, and my parents' room. There were a couple of chairs in front of a cupboard which when I peeked inside had a large flat screen tv. There was a desk with another chair, this one more office like than the comfy ones I'd already seen. A chest of drawers and a built in wardrobe completed the furniture.

I poked my head into the bathroom and again was impressed by the luxury of it. A large bath, separate shower cubicle and two toilets? I pointed it out to Mr Gregory who chuckled as he explained what a bidet was.

"Have you never seen Crocodile Dundee?" he laughed.
"Um, no, is that a Pixar film?" I asked, getting a groan from the older man, who I was easily warming up to.
"When we get home, remind me and I'll let you borrow it. I have it on VHS."
"VHS? What's that?" I questioned, grinning at his second groan showing that I was pulling his leg. Dad still had a video player as he refused to re-buy all the films that he already owned.
"Let's get unpacked and then head down to see about the spa," he said.

We quickly put our things in the respective places. I grabbed my shorts and one of the hotel towels and watched as Mr Gregory got his own swim gear. We headed down to the changing rooms and Mr Gregory put a pound coin into a locker to open it so we could store our clothes. He quickly started stripping and I caught myself staring at his body. I had expected him to be all gross and fat, I guess, as he is old, but his body was trim and smooth. My eyes were drawn to his crotch, and I could see a healthy sized mound beneath his y-fronts.

Ever since last October when I had been the mascot for the Tigers and had been well and truly introduced to the world of man boy sex by three of my heroes, my hormones had been on overdrive ever since. However, with no obvious candidate for my sexual desires, and the fear of exposure if I approached the wrong man, I had remained sexually frustrated, relying on my hand or my pillow to relieve my pent up needs. Suddenly I was looking at Mr Gregory in a different way.

"You're not going to be able to go swimming unless you change, Andy," I heard the man's voice, shaking me from my daydream.

I mumbled that I had spaced out for a moment, and with a flushing face, I refused to make eye contact with him for fear of giving away my secret. I quickly unbutton my school polo shirt, passing it to Mr Gregory who had a coat hanger to stop it from creasing in the locker. I undid my belt and popped the button on my grey school trousers. Gulping slightly to myself, I unzipped and pulled them down to my ankles. I stepped out of them, fully aware that my four inches of hardness was poking against the material of my briefs. I kicked my feet out of my trousers and quickly pulled my dark green pants off, exposing myself to a watching Mr Gregory, who had just pulled his swimming trunks up.

I glanced around for a moment, looking for my shorts that I had put on the bench next to me. Starting to panic slightly, I turned back to a smiling Mr Gregory.

"Looking for these Andy?" he chuckled, handing me my black shorts.
"Um, yeah, thanks," I stammered, reaching out to take them from his outstretched hands, allowing him to have a full frontal view of my naked body as I did.
"Well, let's get out there then and enjoy ourselves," he said, ruffling my hair once more.

I pulled on my heavy cotton shorts, covering myself up from the view of the dozen men in the changing room. I followed the older man through the door and saw an impressive twenty metre indoor pool. There was a side pool, which I guessed was the Jacuzzi and then two doors at the end of the room, which Mr Gregory explained was the sauna and stream rooms.

We both eased ourselves into the pool and started off by swimming lengths before moving to the Jacuzzi. As the bubbles started, I giggled as I was sat directly on an air flow, the bubbling water massaging my balls. I scooted slightly and found myself right next to Mr Gregory, my left leg brushing against his. Noting that he was relaxing with his head back, I did the same. As I closed my eyes, I felt an arm around my shoulder and glanced at the man.

"Sorry Andy," he said, starting to withdraw his arm. "I'm so used to cuddling my nephew in the pool at home."
"It's okay, it was nice," I replied, and smiled as he replaced it.

We relaxed for a few minutes, the warm water around me easing me into a slumber. I heard some male voices around us and felt the water rise slightly as I assumed the men were getting in. Mr Gregory was engaging them in conversation but all I could concentrate on was the fact that tomorrow, I was going to meet Ben Youngs, Manu Tuilagi and Toby Flood once again. The memory of my birthday brought my cock back to full hardness and as I felt a hand begin to rub my right leg, it was all I could do to stop myself groaning out loud and cumming there and then.

As I remembered the feeling when Ben, then Toby followed by Manu all slid their cocks inside my tight virgin arse, my cock throbbed as the hand on my leg slide upwards and found the leg of my shorts. Hold on!! This hand on my leg isn't a memory! It's real!

My eyes shot open and so that I didn't let on to Mr Gregory that I was being felt up, I eased my head to the right to discover who the hell had the nerve to start feeling up a twelve year old boy when he was in public with, well Mr Gregory could be my granddad for all the mystery leg rubber was.

Green eyes stared back at me. Dark hair, slicked wet from obviously being in the pool topped a face that I knew so well. It was a face I regularly wanked off looking at.

"Ben?" I gasped as the England scrum half laughed and gave my hair a rub.
"Andy!" He greeted me. "What are you doing here?"
"I've been picked as one of the mascots for tomorrow," I gushed at my hero and number one fantasy, a fantasy that had come so true for me.
"That's brilliant," he grinned at me. "Maybe we can have the same fun as we did at Welford Road?"
"That would be so cool," I smiled back, trying hard to curb my enthusiasm.

A cough from the side of me brought our attention to Mr Gregory. Introductions were quickly exchanged and I looked around and saw Ben's older brother Tom also in the Jacuzzi. Tom was a lot different in build to Ben. As a front row hooker, he was very stocky, chunky even, although not fat. In a way, he reminded me of a Sontaran from Doctor Who, but I wouldn't tell him that. I could see the captain Chris Robshaw and fly half Owen Farrell swimming laps. I had mixed feeling about Farrell. Even though he was quite cute, he was also the main challenger for the position in the team being held by one of my other crushes Toby Flood. Disappointingly Owen had been picked ahead of Toby to start tomorrow.

As we chatted, Ben kept his hand on my leg, the fact being disguised by the bubbly water. He kept teasing it upwards, trying to get fingers inside the leg of my shorts and I was beginning to get a little frustrated at the fact my cock was like a tent pole with no one actually touching it. I eased my right hand into the water and waited for the next time that Ben slid his own hand up my leg. As he did, I calmly put my hand on top of his and glanced at him.

For a moment, I saw a look of apprehension flash across his face before I smiled and moved his hand over my straining crotch. The scrum half grinned at me as he squeezed my tented shorts, causing me to bite my lower lip in anticipation of better things happening.

"I don't know about you bro, but I'm gonna get some steam," Ben announced suddenly.
"Hmm, yeah I could do with a little heat into my shoulder," the older Tom said. "I'm still sore from the hit from Coley yesterday."
"You ever been in a steam room Andy?" the younger Youngs asked me.
"Um, no, never," I replied honestly.
"Go ahead Andy," Mr Gregory told me. "I can't go into a steam room, or a sauna as I suffer with breathing when I'm in them so the doctor has told me it's a no no."
"Are you sure?" I asked. "I mean, I'm here with you."
"Go have some time with the players," he smiled at me. "It's not every day you can relax and talk with England players is it?"

I quickly rearranged myself in the shorts department before standing up. I saw Ben smile and lick his lips at the sight of the water dripping off my smooth hairless body. Yeah! I was still hairless, even in the pubes department. It was annoying in a way cos there was only me and little Graham Pettifer who were still without pubes and we got some stick for it in the shower. However, I love the feel of still being smooth and I read on the internet that a lot of gay men shave as well as their partners prefer it when blowing them. I want lots of blow jobs so I'll happily take the stick!

I followed Ben and his brother along the side of the pool, glancing in the pool and seeing Chris and Owen watching us head towards the steam room.

"That looks like a good idea Youngie," the captain of England said to his scrum half.
"Why don't you and Owen do some more laps before joining us," Ben replied.
"Why?" the young fly half asked.
"Because you need the exercise!" Tom joked.

Ben put his hand on my shoulder, my body shivering at the contact and the look he sent to his captain told me that Chris must know what was about to happen. Or at least what I hoped would happen.

As soon as we were through the door, Tom closing it firmly behind him, my body was spun around and Ben mashed his lips on mine. I moaned loudly as I felt him force his tongue inside my mouth. I sucked on his oral muscle and wrapped my arms around his semi naked sweating body.

"Jeez, you were right bro," Tom gasped. "This kid wants it."
"Oh yeah bro," Ben replied, breaking the kiss for a moment. "He took Tobes, Manu and me in the changing rooms after we beat the Welshies."

I giggled at the slur of the Ospreys before turning to Tom. I looked him up and down and noted he had some serious wood poking through his shorts. I reached over and rubbed the hooker's cock through the thin shorts causing him to groan. He took hold of my arms and pulled me to him, a bit too forcefully causing my body to crash into his. He wrapped his thick arms around me and kissed me hard on the mouth. I squirmed in his grip as I felt like he was squeezing the life out of me.

"Ease up bro," Ben scolded. "Remember how young he is!"
"Sorry!" Tom apologised, releasing me. "It's just that I've never, you know, had the chance before."
"What?" I gasped out. "You've never had sex?"
"WHAT!" Tom said indignantly, as his brother fell against the bench laughing. "Shut it before I beat you bro!"
"Sorry, but your face was priceless," Ben chuckled. "What my less than eloquent brother is trying to say is that he has never been with a boy before."
"How did you know he wanted to then?" I asked, thinking that I was about to help the hunk lose a type of virginity, my cock still at full mast.
"I fucked up my laptop and Ben is a bit of a whizz on them," he replied.
"And when I unlocked it and got rid of the virus he'd downloaded, let's just say there were some choice pictures there," Ben smiled.
"So you gonna bum me?" I asked, my temperature rising. Whether it was from the steam or the two men who were stroking my near naked body I wasn't sure.
"Well, if we are going to have some fun, we need to get a shift on before your Mr Gregory comes looking," Ben agreed.

With that, he pulled down my shorts with no warning, leaving me stood naked in front of the two of them. Tom's mouth dropped open as he looked at my hairless body, my four inches proudly standing upright. I nodded in approval at the look he gave me and he reached forwards and took my prick in his hand, slowly starting to wank me.

"So smooth, so soft, but so hard," he whispered.

I felt hands on my bum cheeks and an elbow gently pressed against the inside of my leg as if to tell me to widen my stance. I did so, wondering, hoping for a repeat of the changing room in Leicester when Toby licked my bum hole. I was in gay boy heaven as I felt wetness lap at my pucker, Ben really grabbing hold of my waist to get his face as far into my crack as possible.

Tom had continued to tease the foreskin of my stiffy back and forth, causing my body to start to shiver despite the warmth of the steamed up room. Licking his lips, he bent forwards and sucked his mouth onto my left nipple, my arms rising up, my fingers interlocking in his short brown hair.

A finger replaced tongue as the younger brother started to get me ready for what was going to be a short bumming and as he probed inside me, he found that little spot of pleasure that had been so worked over before. I gasped, rising up onto my tip toes as I felt myself climax into Tom's grip. Still unable to shoot the wet stuff, I shuddered as my dry orgasm racked through my body.

Knowing that my pucker would be at its most vulnerable immediately after cumming, Ben pulled me towards the bench and with an arm around my midriff and one on my back, he bent me forwards. I took hold of the wooden bench, allowing my legs to be moved a little further apart until the scrum half was happy with the position he had me in. I felt his cock head press up against my hole and took a deep breath in as I waited for the pain of penetration that I was expecting.

"You ready Andy?" Ben whispered, and receiving my nod as affirmative, he pushed into me in one thrust.

I gasped loudly, pleased that it wasn't the thick cock of Manu invading my private place but still, the force of the thrust from the thin cock still left a burning feeling. Now that he was inside me, the stocky scrum half grabbed hold of my hips and began to fuck me, knowing that we could be interrupted at any time.

"Oh fuck, I forgot how tight you were," he moaned. "Tom, you're gonna love this."
"Well hurry up and let me have a go," Tom said, his voice barely above a whisper as he watched a real life man boy fuck occur in front of his very eyes.

Ben leant forward and gripped me under my arms, still holding me bent forwards and began to place kisses around my neck and upper back as he pummelled into my tender young hole. I was once again hard as a rock as my hero rabbit fucked me for the second time in my short sexual career and it wasn't many minutes before I felt myself pushing against him, timing my backwards motions to match the ramming forwards of his seven inch prick.

"Fu hu huck!" I cried out as I felt him thrust hard and fast into me, scraping my shoulders with his nails as he dug in to hold me tight as he closed in on his climax.
"Nearly there sweetie," he moaned into my eye before nibbling it into his mouth.

That caused me to lose self-control and I bucked underneath him as I rode my second climax of the last twenty minutes. I felt my hole twitch and shrink around his thrusting cock which tipped him over the edge and with three long hard thrusts, he shot his load inside my love canal.

"Come on then," Tom said, almost whining to his brother. "Let me have a go."

As Ben pulled out, I felt the hooker's thick strong hands take hold of my body and he lined up his cock with my hole. As he pushed forward, it slipped to the side and in frustration, he tried again, only for it to miss its target once more. Hearing him growl in rising anger, I steadied myself with one arm on the bench and reached round with my left, guiding his cock to my hole. I felt my eyes widen as I took hold of his hardness, I could hardly get my hand around it. He certainly was the `bigger' brother.

As I lined him up, he pushed forward hard once more and barged his way past my anal defences. I yelled out in pain, not expecting him to be so forceful at his intrusion, tears leaking out of my eyes. I tried to move away from him but his strong hands kept their firm grip on my body as he began to thrust in and out of me.

"Tom, please, stop," I begged, wanting time to adjust to the thickness of him.
"Nuh uh, no way," he gasped as he continued to fuck me hard.

Knowing that there was no way he would stop his first boy fuck, I gritted my teeth and hung on to the bench in front of me as he went to town on my arse. I could feel my legs being lifted almost off the floor with every forward pump of his body as he slammed himself into me. I certainly knew that I was being fucked and as my boy hole adjusted to having his log up inside me, I began to get the pleasure that only a bottom can feel while being ravished by an over eager top.

As I heard the England front rower begin to gasp in shorter breaths, the door of the steam room opened slightly and I heard footsteps as someone or someones entered the room. Thinking we'd been caught, I tried again to get out of the obvious position that we were in, only to feel Ben's calming hand on my back, rubbing me in a circular motion.

"It's okay Andy," he said calmly. "Just let Tommy finish inside you."
"Fucking hell you weren't lying!" I heard a northern accent gasp out.
"You were right Youngie," a posh sounding London accent added. "The boy is fucking cute."

I groaned and moaned loudly as I felt Tom grab my body and ram himself hard into me, letting out his own yell as he shot inside me. My legs wobbled at the pounding I was on the end of and strong arms held my body as it threatened to collapse to the floor. I turned my head and stared into the face of the England captain as he held my slim body.

Chris rubbed a hand over my body before turning back to Owen Farrell who was staring at my gaping hole, cum dripping down my leg. I felt his huge hand encase my stiff cock, and I whimpered as he began to wank me. Wanting my third release, I humped his hand as he continued and with a grin on his face, the tall blonde haired flanker rubbed me until I shook with delight as my prick throbbed into his fist.

"I think he needs a break," Ben told the other three men, taking me into his arms and pulling me over to the bench, sitting on it and holding me on his lap, his arms around me, his hands gently stroking my stomach, I purred as I leaned against him. I gazed upwards and saw him looking at me, his lips smiling and he pecked my mouth softly.
"I love you," I whispered, hoping he would hear me, but also hoping he didn't.

A squeeze of my body didn't tell me either way, but I hoped against hope that he loved me too. I felt Ben motion my head in the direction of Chris and Owen and my mouth dropped as I saw the England captain positioning himself behind the Sarries fly half. I couldn't believe that a grown man was about to get buggered in front of me, but as I sat watching, I saw Chris sink his stiff cock into the arse of the twenty one year old challenger of Toby, my Toby!

"Ow fuck!" I heard the Lancastrian groan as his captain fucked him hard.
"Shut it boy," Chris ordered, grabbing the short hair of his partner. "The kid took both the Youngs with ease so you better wise up or you'll be out the squad."
"Maybe the kid needs Andy here to teach him how to take it," I heard Tom laugh, causing a hurt look shot across from Owen.

Feeling sorry for him, despite my animosity to him taking the place of my beloved Toby, I pulled up out of Ben's lap and sprang across and punched the hooker on the chin, the sound of my fist connecting with his jaw ringing through the steam room. Shocked, Chris actually slipped out of Owen and they all looked at me in shock.

"Until you've had a cock inside you," I hissed at the man who had buggered me earlier, "never take the piss out of someone who is letting you fuck him."
"Easy tiger," I heard Ben try to calm me, but I spun on him.
"No way, look I'm not the greatest fan of you Owen," I started. "Only cos I love Toby cos he's Tigers, but don't let them treat you like that."

I saw Owen pull away from the tall captain, looking at me before putting an arm around me. He looked over at the three other players, a frown on his face.

"How about we go back to my room for a bit and chat?" he asked me. "I've got my X-Box down here."

I glanced at the figure of Ben, still sat where I had left him on the bench and wondering if I was doing the right thing, I mentally shrugged to myself and grabbed my shorts and put them on.

"Yeah, let's go," I said, taking the slim fly half by the hand.

He pulled his own shorts on and to warnings of retribution from Robshaw, we left the steam room. As we walked down the side of the pool, I glanced across at the Jacuzzi and was concerned as I couldn't see Mr Gregory. Ad we walked into the changing rooms, I breathed a sigh of relief as I saw him almost fully dressed by our locker.

"Ah there you are young man," he said, ruffling my hair. Why do older men always want to do that??
"Sorry Mr Gregory," I apologised. "I got talking."
"I'm sure that you were busy with the players," he replied, a smile crossing his face. "Well, I'm heading to bed as I'm pooped."
"Do you mind if I hang with Owen for a bit?" I asked.
"I've brought my console down so we can play for a bit if that's okay," the young player added.
"Nice to meet you, Owen," my vice chairman said. Brief introductions and the reassurance that I would behave myself in his room, a likely story huh!, and he was gone, leaving me with a spare key card and the still semi naked form of the England fly half in front of me.

"Come on, let's get to your room," I suggested, stripping off causing him to stare at my body once more.
"Don't you have no modesty?" he asked me quietly, keeping his voice down so that the other three men in the changing room couldn't hear. However, as he stripped his own shorts off, they looked over at him, checking out the international star.

Giggling out loud, I shook my head and pulled on my dry clothes, watching him do the same. I was pleased to see that for once, a famous person had an average cock, not a monster thick one! I licked my lips and thought about getting my mouth around it, before shaking myself mentally remembering that I wasn't supposed to like Owen, an opinion that was rapidly vanishing as I got to know him better.

We headed up to his room and were soon playing on the latest racing multiplayer, nudging each other to try to get each other to crash and generally being two young lads messing around. Eventually his fingers digging into my ribs moved across and underneath my shirt, onto my smooth stomach. I laid back onto his bed allowing him access to my body as he explored it.

"So you liked it when Ben and Tom, um, did you?" he asked nervously.
"Damn right I did!" I giggled. "And before when I was mascot for the Tigers earlier this season when, um, some others joined in."
"Others?" he asked.
"You promise not to tell anyone?" I asked. Receiving a nod, I briefly described my birthday, and noted how hard his cock seemed to get. I leaned forward and fished it out of his shorts. I heard his gasp of pleasure as I swallowed it into my mouth, savouring the taste. As I started to bob up and down on it, I felt his hands on my body and he swung me up and over the top of him. My trousers and pants were tugged down, my cock stiff once more as only a pre-pubescent boy cock could be. I groaned as he raised his head up off the bed and flicked his tongue over the tip of my cock. As he opened his mouth, I lowered my body downwards and started to face fuck the young player as I sucked his own six inches.

"Cumming!" he gasped out after only a few minutes, spitting my cock out of his mouth and he let loose with six heavy shots of spunk into my mouth. I savoured the taste of the hot juice and he rolled me off the top of him, much to my displeasure.
"Have you ever fucked?" Owen asked me.
"I told you that I have been," I replied, a little disconcerted that he obviously hadn't listened to me earlier.
"No, um, I mean, have YOU ever fucked someone?" he asked tentatively.
"Um, no, I've only ever got fucked," I replied. "But then again, I've only ever had two things, once at Welford Road and the second, um, today."
"Do you wanna try fucking me?" the fly half asked me. "Chris was a bit big and it kinda hurt, but I really want to know what it feels like."
"Really?" I replied. "You'd let me?"
"Well, yeah," he replied. "I mean, I guess that if you liked it, maybe you'd know how to do it to someone else."
"Well I dunno about that, but yeah, I'll try," I gushed.

A quick rearranging of our positions and I was soon staring at the held apart cheeks of the slim guy, his rosebud winking at me, inviting me to enter. I couldn't resist and leaned forward and licked my tongue against his flesh. I heard him groan and I was pleased that it tasted just like his cock did, although it smelled a little musky.

I pushed a finger against his hole and scratched it slightly with my nail, causing a loud squawk of pleasure. I licked my finger and pushed it inside him, marvelling at how his flesh eased around my digit and how warm he felt. In and out I pushed, before adding a second followed by a third at his urging. He was riding my probing, causing me to remember how I bucked myself on Tom's cock earlier.

My cock throbbed with my memory and I knew that I wanted to try fucking a hole desperately so I pulled my fingers out and lined my four inches against him. With a single push forwards I was inside him. Tightness surrounded my cock, holding it tight making me almost bit my lip as I stopped myself from shouting out in pleasure. I started to push in and out of the young man's hole, revelling in the sensation it caused as I dragged my small prick back and forth. Within minutes I felt myself lose my breath and my cock hurt as I shuddered with my climax. My balls tensed and my prick spasmed. I pulled out with a gasp and saw creamy liquid clinging to the tip of my cock.

"I've cum!" I crowed in delight at my first wet orgasm.
"And it looked like our little bottom boy here enjoyed it as well," a voice said from the door way.

We both span around, facing whoever had come into the room unannounced. Of course, we were both still naked from the sex we had just had and all our floppy bits were on show as the forms of Toby Flood and Tom Croft stepped through the doorway.

"TOBY!" I cried out, jumping up from the bed and running over to hug the Tigers fly half.
"Hey there little fella," he smiled at me, wrapping his arms around my naked torso.

"Tom, this is the little guys that Manu told you about from last October," he told the taller back row forward.
"The one that the three of you fucked on his birthday?" Tom asked.
"That's me!" I gushed.
"Well, I'm sorry to say but you're a little young for me," the rangy forward replied, crushing me in an instant. "While I accept that some of the guys like messing around with you youngsters, I'm not into it."
"But, but," I started, receiving a smack on my rear.
"That's the only butt I want to hear," Toby chuckled as I clutched my stinging behind.
"Now Owen on the other hand," Tom started, looking across the shaking form of the twenty one year old. "I've been fantasizing about having his arse for a couple of years now."
"Well, it's here if you're gentle," Owen offered.
"Yeah, you've gotta be nice to him cos Robshaw was horrible!" I complained.
"Hmm, maybe I will," the tall flanker said. "But not tonight."
"Yeah, we bumped into Youngie and he told us you were up here and with the boss on the way round to make sure we're all tucked up in bed," Toby started, "I thought we'd better come and make sure you weren't caught doing anything naughty!"
"What time is it?" I asked, surprised that grown men would need a curfew.
"A little after ten," Tom replied, causing me to gasp in surprise. We'd been in Owen's room for a couple of hours. It seemed a lot less.
"I'd better head off back to my room," I said with regret, missing out on the chance to have Toby naked.

I grabbed my things and said a farewell to Owen and Tom, who had stayed behind to talk to the young fly half. Toby walked with me to the lift and we stood patiently, silent, casting quick glances at each other. As we got into the empty lift, I pushed the button for the floor my room was on, some six floors above the England players. Lips found mine as Toby grabbed me, his hand finding the front of my shorts. I moaned loudly as he groped me, loving the feel of him gripping me through the cotton material of my rugby shorts.

"It's a shame I didn't know you were here earlier as I'd have joined you in the steam room," Toby told me, causing me to groan in disappointment. "We will also be heading straight off after the game tomorrow so we won't be able to have a repeat of the Ospreys game, but don't worry, I'll make sure we get some time before the game to play."

Grinning at him and feeling myself get rock hard in anticipation, I gave him a peck on the lips as the elevator doors opened on my floor and made my way back to my room. I swiped in, rearranging myself so that I wasn't too obvious and headed into the room.

Mr Gregory was lying on top of the bed, a book in his hands. He looked up over the top of the cover, watching me as I walked past the bathroom.

"Have fun?" he asked me.
"Yeah, Owen was really fun," I said truthfully. "We played on his X-box and talked rugby and shit, oops, um, stuff!"
"Now it's okay Andy," the older man chuckled. "Coming from a rugby background, trust me I know more swear words that you do!"
"Bet you bloody don't!" I grinned at him.

We spent the next few minutes trading swear words until I had to collapse on the bed with tears streaming down my cheeks, my sides hurting from laughing so hard. This was a whole new side to the normally serious businessman, and I felt privileged to have seen it.

"Well, we better turn in or you might sleep through your big day," Mr Gregory said, wiping his own tears from beneath his eyes.
"Okey dokey," I agreed not wanting to run the risk.

I grabbed my sleeping shorts that Mum had bought for me in the week, as I had started sleeping without anything on, preferring the feel of being naked and flopping free underneath my duvet. I went into the bathroom and stripped everything off. Running the hot tap, I quickly gave myself a once over with the flannel and sprayed myself with deodorant, just in case there was any sex smell still on my body. I was in the process of cleaning my teeth when there was a knock at the door.

"Really sorry Andy, but I've got to hit the pan," Mr Gregory said through the door.

I mumbled as loud as I could with a mouthful of toothpaste for him to come in and enter he did. He gave a little gasp as he saw me standing naked by the sink, but I hadn't given it a second thought, having been naked many times in the changing rooms in front of our coaches, and also having been buggered recently by the two Youngs brothers. Feeling naughty, I slowed down my mouth washing as he stood by the toilet and fished his cock out of his pj bottoms and I tried to make it look like I was looking forwards, while all the time my eyes were looking left, trying to see his cock. I smiled to myself as I caught a few glances of it and suddenly I felt blood begin to flow into my own.

Not wanting to be caught by the man with a boner of my own, I spat out the mouthwash, grabbed a towel to wipe my mouth and quickly turned away to pull on my shorts, hiding my stiffening willy. Nothing was said as we walked back to the bedroom, so I guessed I got away with it! As we re-entered the room, I noticed something for the first time.

"Um, Mr Gregory, where am I supposed to sleep?" I asked, looking at the only king size bed in the room. I certainly didn't fancy sleeping on the couch!
"In the bed silly," the older man replied, a look of confusion on his face.
"Well, where are you sleeping?" I queried, my own confusion must have showed as well.
"In the bed," he started, before realising why I was asking.
"Oh, I'm sorry Andy, I didn't think," he said. "My nephew normally sleeps in with me whenever he stays over, or if we go away so I didn't think that you would be uncomfortable."

He started to walk to where the phone was on the desk.

"I'll ring down and see if we can get another bed in here," Mr Gregory started to pick the phone up.
"No, no, it's okay," I interrupted. "It just threw me was all."
"Are you sure?" he asked.
"Deffo!" I said, pulling back the heavy duvet and jumping onto the bed. I bounced a little on the firm mattress and laid back, resting my head on the pillow with my arms folded underneath my head. Without realising it, I was giving my vice chairman a perfect view up the leg of my shorts as he looked at me from the bottom of the bed. He walked to his side of the bed, and I noticed he adjusted himself in a manner that I was constantly having to do at school when I think no-one is looking. As he got in, I turned onto my side facing away from him and closed my eyes, my breathing easing into a slow rhythm as sleep overtook me.

I gasped as lips touched mine. My eyes opened and gazed into the pale blue eyes of the boy in front of me. Light brown hair, flicked to one side as the fourteen year old sex bomb slid his naked slim body next to mine. I moaned as his hand touched my stiff cock. He kissed my chest as he lowered himself downwards towards my dick.
"Suck me Dakota, please!" I begged the young actor.

I couldn't believe that the star of Real Steel was slipping my four inches into his warm, wet mouth. It was immediately too much for me and I felt my cock throb as I fired three shots of my newly produced boy juice into his mouth.

I woke with a start, dampness around my groin. I turned and saw that I was still in the king size bed alongside Mr Gregory. I flopped back down, clinging to the naked vision of my current teen actor crush, even though it was pure imagination. I glanced at the clock on the wall, faintly lit by a shaft of sunlight creeping into the room through a crack in the curtains. It was around half an hour before Mr Gregory had told me that we would be getting up for breakfast. Never a morning person, I thought about trying to go back to sleep but the wetness of my shorts made my mind up that I needed to get up and clean up. Besides it would be embarrassing if Mr Gregory saw that I'd finally had a wet dream. I couldn't wait to get home and tell my best bud Jermaine, as he had been telling me for a couple of months that he'd been producing the baby makers and how he was gonna have to be careful with his girlfriend now. Yeah, like he's screwing her!

I eased myself out of bed, grimacing slightly as the slimy wet material stuck to my middle. I hobbled across to the bathroom after stubbing my little toe on the bedside cabinet and closed the bathroom door so I could turn on the light without waking Mr Gregory. I went to pull down my shorts but noticed that they were all skew whiff. I guess my wet dream must have made me move around a lot in my sleep. I peeled them off and started the shower and stepped into it. As the warm water flowed over me, my thoughts drifted from the young figure of Dakota, through the various rugby players that I had now seen naked and had some sexual experiences with and as I slowly wanked myself, lubricating myself with the soapy shower gel, I felt my balls start to pull in my sack and knowing that I was about to shoot, I closed my eyes to enjoy the feeling. As I did, the vision of Mr Gregory from when we were getting changed, the sneaky glance I had gotten of his cock, sprang into my mind and I came, moaning out loudly.

I turned the shower off and pulled back the shower curtain to see the older man stood at the sink, razor in his hand. He glanced over at me, a smile on his lips as I was flushed red, albeit from embarrassment and not the temperature of the shower.

"I thought we could get an early start, Andy," he said, ignoring the fact I was stood stark bullock naked in front of him, looking around for a towel. "We don't have to be at the stadium until one, so we're going to have a look around the city, grab some food and head there in plenty of time."
"Yeah. Sure thing." I mumbled out, not that eager about traipsing around but I suppose I had to do what he said. Me? I'd definitely prefer to spend some naked time with any of the hot England studs.
"Come on, let's get you dry," he motioned for me to step out of the shower, holding a towel and proceeded to rub my hair vigorously. I stood there, allowing him to do it, fully aware that as he massaged my head, my other littler head was beginning to make its presence known. I was about to say something when he moved the towel from my head and started to dry my neck. Now this was something different, surely, rather than the kindly actions of the responsible adult drying my hair, he was now rubbing the towel over my naked back and chest.

Thoughts crossed my mind about to say something to stop him, but when the fluffy towel covered hand found my groin, all thoughts stopped. I stood there, allowing him access to my body. I closed my eyes as I felt myself being rubbed back to hardness and I know I should stop him but it felt so good. Eventually my common sense overrode my desires and I pulled away from him, startling him. As he muttered out an apology, once more citing his young nephew, I started to wonder if he did indeed have a nephew my age. After all, he was in his fifties so how could he?

I left the bathroom and went back to get dressed. The letter that I had received from the RFU, the controlling body of English Rugby Union, had told me that I would receive a brand new kit to wear on the day. My parents had emailed back with my sizes so everything would fit. So I put on a pair of smart jeans, my current favourite t-shirt, one depicting Labrinth, the British singer, and my new pair of Nike Air trainers, nicely colour a deep red, the same colour as my rugby boots.

Mr Gregory came out of the bathroom, having showered himself, and we had a half conversation while he got dressed. I think he was worried he had overstepped a line by drying my privates, and in a way he had as I hadn't asked or given him permission to touch me there. My head was swirling with thoughts of whether he was being fatherly or grandfatherly given his age and was simply drying me, or if there was a motive behind it. I suppose the fact that he was doing the same with his nephew and he was not in prison meant it must have been the former.

After a full English breakfast, which cracked me up as we were in a hotel in Wales, being served by Welsh people on the day that England were playing Wales for the Championship, we headed out into the city. My initial fears of being traipsed around were soon laid to rest as we took taxis from one area to the other. We checked out some of the local landmarks before he suggested we look in some of the shops. I was soon stunned, and started to argue softly with him as he started buying me things, such as new shirts, hoodies, and a new pair of rugby boots. Each time, he had simply asked if I liked something and if I said yes, he bought it. I started saying `no I didn't like it' to things but he saw past it and before I knew what had happened he had spent over three hundred pounds on me.

"Why?" I asked him as we settled down at a booth in MacDonald's to eat a brief lunch of big macs, fries, a milkshake for me and coffee for him.
"Why what?" he replied.
"Why are you spending all that on me?" I wanted to know. "Was it cos of you touching me?"
"Of course not, although I apologise again for that," Mr Gregory answered. "I told you before, I have more money than I know what to do with, and if I don't spend it before I snuff it, the Government will get half of most of it so why not give some other people some pleasure with it?"
"You're not gonna die anytime soon," I stated. "Are you?"
"I certainly hope not," he chuckled. "But let's just say that the money I spend this weekend on the hotel, the food, the clothes, my Company will make a hundred times that amount in profit in the same time that I'm spending it."
"WOW!" I gasped out, a new understanding of his generosity coming to the fore.

His phone bleeped and he looked at it, seeing it was an alarm not an incoming call.

"Well, we best drop all this off at the hotel and then head over to the stadium," he told me. "We have a reception, a stadium tour, a meet and greet with the players and then the match."
"Do you think we'll win?" I asked.
"I certainly think we can win," he said. "But will we win?"
"I don't think we will," I said sadly. "Wales have players with experience of these games while a lot of our players are still new."
"That's a good point," he answered me, ruffling my hair. WHY DO PEOPLE LIKE DOING THAT???

We dropped everything back at the hotel and arrived at the stadium to be greeted by a representative of the stadium, a Welsh guy called Henry, and the PR officer from the RFU, a youngish guy who introduced himself as Bob. We had to wait for about twenty minutes while the other mascot for England and the three Welsh mascots turned up. Even though they were the enemy, rugby etiquette showed through the five of us and we were all soon talking like we were best mates.

David and Ryan Williams were twin brothers from Swansea. They were a little older than me having turned thirteen and were tall, dark haired and quite slim. They both played on the wing for the Ospreys youth team so I couldn't help but give them a little dig about the fact that Tigers had qualified from our European group and they had finished third.

Owain Jenkins completed the Welsh contingent and he was a right little cutie. He was only six and was a little out of place with the rest of us, but he had such a disarming smile and attitude that we all took him and adopted him as a little brother. His bright red hair showed Celtic roots and his hazel eyes and freckled face lit up whatever room we were in.

However the boy I was most interested in was Billy Humphries, my fellow English mascot. He was a couple of years younger than me, and his build showed that. He was only about four foot tall, around five inches shorter than me but the big different was his frame. Whereas I was topping towards the one hundred and twenty pound mark, he was barely over fifty pounds. He had an almost girly look to him as well, with light brown hair that reached his neckline and his dark brown eyes were like pools of chocolate. His voice was still high, whereas mine had started cracking when I spoke, the sure sign that puberty was well and truly settling its way into my body.

After the tour of the empty stadium, which is magnificent, we had a buffet style lunch and waited the arrival of the players. The Welsh team turned up first and David, Ryan and Owain said their goodbyes, after we had exchanged email address with the three, and suddenly it was just me and Billy. An uncomfortable silence fell between us for a few moments as I wondered what to say to the boy who was giving my cock a hard time in staying down. I had never felt this way for a boy younger than me before, all of my fantasies being reserved for men, or boys at my school, or the stunning wonderful Dakota of course!

"So who's your favourite player?" we both said at the same time, looking for the easy conversation re-starter. We both burst out laughing at the identical thought.
"You first," I told him.
"Well, I ought to like a Quins player I guess cos that's my team, but I really like Manu," Billy said. "He is so awesome!"
"Yeah he is," I agreed, but not in the way he would be thinking! "I met him a few months ago when I was mascot for Tigers."
"REALLY?" He bubbled, and proceeded to fire question after question about the young English centre. All I could think of though, as I fielded his questions, was how big his cock was and how it stretched my young hole as he fucked me.

Finally Bob came to get us, telling us that the players had arrived. We headed down to the changing room and were introduced to Stuart Lancaster and Graham Rowntree, the two main coaches for England, and then the rest of the team. The Tigers players in the team gave me a bigger welcome than most, although Owen Farrell gave me a brief hug and smile as the memory of last night flooded through both of us.

"Well here are your new kits boys," the guy in charge of the players kits announced, motioning us to the changing area next to the players. The kits were laid out in number order, so the starting fifteen were all in a line, the replacements to one side, and us two mascots at the end. I found myself in between Billy and another Billy, this one called Twelvetrees. The former Tigers player who had left us at the end of last season used to be a favourite of mine as he was a centre like myself but also had a good kicking accuracy and was used on occasions to kick the really long penalties. Toby was next to him and grinned at me as I peeled my t-shirt off, exposing my chest to him. Wanting to put on a show for my previous lover, I slowly peeled every other item of clothing off, except for my briefs that I had started to wear, and made some excuse to stop and talk to the now wide eyed Billy. The young one, not the player, although I was sure I felt his eyes on me.

"You're not scared about looking like a kid to them?" Billy whispered to me as he shyly unbuttoned his shirt, his parents having made him dress smartly for this occasion.
"Here's the thing Billy," I replied, leaning in to whisper my answer in his ear. "We ARE kids," I giggled and grabbed him, tickling his ribs causing him to collapse on the floor in a fit of laughter.

This brought the attention of several players to us and most chuckled at our fun, and even joined in, turning the tables on me. Manu had grabbed me, putting me into a half-nelson as Toby turned to my fellow mascot.

"Don't you think a bit of payback is deserved?" he smiled at the boy, who was staring in awe at his hero who's strong tanned arms were beginning to get uncomfortable around my shoulders.
"It's a damn shame I didn't bump into you last night," I heard Manu whisper into my ear. "I'd love to have rode that sweet ass of yours again but looks like I've missed the chance."

I groaned slightly at the feel of his hardening cock as it pressed into the slight material covering my bum cheeks and I started to worry as I felt my own prick begin swaying to life. Just at that point, the brown haired Billy chose to launch his tickle attack, digging his fingers into my arm pits, my sides and my ribs. I could only howl and shake as Manu held me tightly allowing the younger boy his revenge.

Eventually Graham Rowntree shouted at Manu to leave me be and with a sigh, he released me, allowing my hands to shoot down to the front of my briefs that were obscenely tented with my huge thirty inches of cock. Well, it's not that I know but it sure felt like it after being on display for the whole of the squad to look at.

"Wow, you've got stiffy!" Billy giggled as I sat down on the bench, exhausted at crying and laughing so much through the tickle torture.
"Yeah, it happens all the time," I reassured him as I noticed a nicely growing bulge in his trousers. "It's not a big thing, getting a hard on I mean!" Seeing his expression thinking I meant my cock. I mean I know four inches isn't huge but it's good enough for a twelve year old!

I felt a hand on my bare shoulder and turned my head to see a smiling Toby. He leaned forwards and whispered into my ear that I should head over to one of the doors on the far wall, explaining that it was a private treatment area and that we could have some fun in there when the first team squad went out on their initial warm ups.

Smiling to myself that I was at least going to get some action with my favourite fly half, I pulled on my shorts before sitting down to put my white socks on. Urging Billy to hurry and get changed, I sat there and watched him, well okay, perved on his young skinny hairless body. I'd found out that he had only just taken up the game, and his Dad was the main sponsor of his youth club so the club instead of drawing a name fairly had given it to the son of the main sponsor. Each to their own I suppose, but I wasn't complaining as I watched him put his rugby shirt on before shyly taking his trousers off. I managed to distract him for a few minutes, stopping him from putting on his shorts so that I could sneak a peek at the growing bulge in his pants.

I started to wonder if I could introduce the boy to the pleasures of sex, but was distracted as the naked body of Mako Vunipola walked past me, a huge black cock flopping in front of me. Unconsciously I licked my lips and my gaze followed it back to his seat on the bench. I looked back at Billy who had giggled as I had blanked out any conversation with him. Blushing at being caught staring I turned my attention back to him.

"What? Like you've never looked before?" I asked him, a smile on my face.
"Um, no," he admitted, his face dropping slightly. "I've not started playing yet, just training, so I've not been in the showers yet."
"Well, what about your Dad?" I queried. Although nudity wasn't the norm in our house, when Mum was out, Dad was relaxed on the state of dress and I had seen him naked a couple of times.
"No way!" He gasped out. "Father would never go naked in the house."

I saw a look flash across his face, one that told me somehow that I shouldn't push him into something sexual. An insight that I knew that he wasn't ready for anything other than the jokes or suggestions, and I felt myself wilt down below. I had thought that I might be able to get some sneaky kisses and gropes of the younger boy but I certainly didn't want him shouting anything out bad.

As I sat pondering, I saw Toby stood by the door he had mentioned earlier, motioning to me with a shake of his head. I made an excuse to Billy that I needed to go and see Mr Gregory and sneakily made my way into the treatment room. As I entered, strong hands wrapped around my body and I was pulled onto the now familiar lips of the Leicester fly half. As we kissed I felt a second pair of hands on me, moving my shirt upwards and then a third pulling my shorts down. Knowing the reason why I was in there, I allowed the strange hands to have their free rein over my now naked body, groaning into Toby as he continued his kiss.

"Look, we ain't got long, so if we're gonna screw the kid let's get on with it," a voice said from behind me.
"He's not just a piece of meat you know," Toby argued. "If you think he is, then you can fuck off and get rid of that boner with your fist Danny."

I turned and saw the replacement scrum half Danny Care stood completely naked with an impressive hard on. While I knew that Ben was a better player, it looked like the Quins player could be a better fuck. He was quite a cute looking guy and I certainly wouldn't mind him playing around with me. The hulking figure of Vunipola strode across my vision, blocking my view of him and I saw him raise a fist to the young scrum half.

"You hurt the boy and I hurt you," Mako said simply.
"I ain't putting up with this shit," Danny spat and moved past the large prop, picking his kit up, putting it back on. "Keep the slut to yourselves then."

Mako growled and with a squeak, Danny left the room, leaving just the three of us in there. The bulky forward turned to look at us, shrugging his shoulders.

"Well, we've probably got less time now than before, especially if that twat says anything," Toby complained.
"Why don't you get this started then?" I asked, grinning.
"You want this?" Mako asked, holding his cock in my direction. I looked at it and gulped and shivered. It was fucking huge. Memories of Manu's thick log sprang to mind, but this seemed bigger if that was possible.
"Um, I think so," I stuttered, wondering about how it would fit inside me.
"Don't scare him just yet, Vuni!" Toby chuckled as he cupped my bum cheeks, sliding a finger into my crack. I groaned in pleasure as I felt it slickly run down the flesh and find my hidden hole. Without any waiting, Toby pushed his finger inside me, causing me to buck back onto his hand, forcing his digit deep inside me.
"He really likes this then?" Mako said, watching as I squirmed in joy as the fly half added a second finger.
"He had the time of his life on his birthday last October," Toby replied, putting down the tub of Vaseline he was using. "The Youngs also said they enjoyed him yesterday evening."
"I did!" I piped up, not wanting to be left out of the conversation and earned a smile from Toby who simply bent me forwards over the lowered treatment table. It was just at the right height for me to lie at a ninety degree angle but as Toby tried to position himself behind me, he found me a little low. Reaching underneath, he raised the table a few inches, meaning that my toes were no longer in contact with the floor.
"You ready for this?" my second favourite player asked me and with my squeaked affirmative, Toby pushed inside me, exclaiming once again how tight I was. Even though I'd just been with Ben and Tom yesterday, I guess my still pre-teen body was still supple enough to recover quickly.

Even though I had only been introduced to being bummed a short five months ago, and even though I had been with two players yesterday, I still gasped as the invasion of my bum hole occurred as if it was the first time. As Toby picked up a rhythm of fucking me, I felt myself sliding slightly on the smooth surface of the treatment couch. It caused my foreskin to start rubbing back and forth and I found myself intensely turned on by the fact I had no control of my body's motions.

"Oh fuck, I'm cumming!" I moaned out loud, not believing I was already shooting just minutes after Toby had entered me. I felt three hard shots erupt from my dick and coat the surface underneath me, making it more lubricated to my motions, causing even greater sensations in my cock.
"Shit! I love the feeling when a boy's hole spasms when they cum!" Toby whimpered. He was still fully erect and gripped my hips as he picked up his pace, ramming his cock further inside me than before.
"Man, he's loving it," Mako said in disbelief as he switched between watching Toby's cock pumping my ass and looking at the changing expressions on my face as the fly half took me further up towards heaven.
"Told you," Toby panted. "He's natural boy fuck."

That didn't sound like proper English to me but I was past caring as the twenty seven year old slammed into hard as he screamed in pleasure as he must have coated my innards with his baby makers. Four more hard thrusts into me and I felt his body lean over me and rest onto my back, a couple of further weak humps into my bum as he kissed my neck and cheeks as he came down from his orgasm.

"Andy, you are fucking fantastic," he gushed, stroking my ego as much as he had been stroking my love buttons a few moments ago.
"May I try now Andy?" the bulky prop asked politely.

As I nodded and Toby moved away from me, I felt the huge cock of the two hundred and eight pound forward press against my pucker. There was no way that was gonna go in without hurting me, I thought to myself and sure enough as the twenty two year old pushed forward, he actually moved the heavy treatment table a few inches. I cried out in agony, causing the man to immediately pull back, apologising straight away.

"Here, let me lube him some more," Toby offered, greasing me some more with the Vaseline. He offered the jar to Mako who looked at him a little confused. "You need to grease yourself as well otherwise you hurt both your cock but more importantly your boy."

I heard Mako gasp and turned to see the fly half taking the upper hand and wrapping his own around the prop's thick cock. Seemingly satisfied with his work, Toby motioned for him to try again and I gripped the far edge of the couch and gritted my teeth for the expected pain to hit me once more. Sure enough, it was like someone had hit me with one of those electric cattle prods and my body shook and quivered under the young man's grip as he tried to force himself past my defences, but even with the additional lubrication, nothing was going inside.

Tears and snot streamed down my face as my back end felt like someone was trying to force the proverbial telegraph pole inside me and as Mako took another break, I rolled off and onto the floor, curling myself up into a ball.

"Aw man!" Mako sighed sadly. "I've gone and hurt him."

Both men crouched by the side of me, stroking me, kissing me, cooing to me as I recovered from the last attempt to get inside me.

"I'm sorry," I sobbed out. "I really wanted to let you do it to me."
"Don't worry bout it," Mako stroked my hair. "You're just a little too little for me is all."
"How about I suck you instead?" I offered, wanting to at least let him cum in some part of my body. After all, someone like Robshaw would probably just held me tighter and forced his way inside me no matter what and the fact that Mako didn't showed he at least cared for who he wanted to impale.
"Would you do that?" he asked, surprised.
"Sure," I replied, my face lighting up and grabbing a towel, I wiped my face before wiping the prop's dick to get rid of the Vaseline.

As my ministrations of his dick during the cleaning process kept him hard, I didn't have to do anything to tempt him into my mouth. I opened my mouth as wide as I could, and found that I could indeed take him in. I wrapped my lips over my teeth, not wanting to risk scraping the thick piece of meat sliding inside me. After the pain he had caused me, Mako simply stood there, his hands gently resting on my head, his fingers weaving into my hair. Guessing that he wanted me to take it at my own pace, I started running my tongue around the thick bulbous head of his cock, slurping as pre-cum was already leaking from it. It had kind of a sweet and sour taste to it, but I knew I liked it already.

I started to bob on his dick, taking more and more of it in my mouth but as it touched the back of my throat, causing me to gag slightly, I saw that I wasn't even half way down his cock. How big was this thing? Re-adjusting my hold on his dick, I started to wank the base of it while sucking, slurping, bathing and generally orally massaging the rest of his thickness.

After I don't know how long, but with my knees were beginning to ache, I felt the hands in my hair tighten their grip slightly and with an unexpected thrust into me, Mako's spunk flew into my mouth, hitting the back of my throat. Shot after shot followed shot after another shot as the big man sighed contently. I managed to pull off slightly so I could capture some of the creamy spunk to see if I liked the taste and finding that it wasn't bad, I happily continued sucking and licking until the head got too sensitive for me to continue and the hands eased my head away from him.

He picked me up, holding my twelve year old body to his large frame and kissed me deeply. Releasing me, Toby quickly span me round and gave me his own kiss as a knock on the door alerted us to the fact that someone else knew we were in there. The door opened and Billy Twelvetrees poked his head in. See the three of us naked, he turned his nose up in disgust.

"Coach wants to talk to us so you better get dressed and get the boy out of there as well before anyone other than me finds out," he snapped, before shutting the door behind him.
"Is he going to tell anyone?" I asked, scared not for me, but for the reputations, and also the freedom, of the two players.
"Nah, Billy will be cool, he won't say anything," Toby said confidently.
"How do you know?" Mako asked, nerves at being caught literally with his pants down evident in his voice.
"Cos he caught Ben and Manu last season spit roasting a fourteen year old academy player and didn't say anything to anyone," Toby replied. "He doesn't agree with what we do, and doesn't find boys sexy like what we do, but he is loyal to his team."
"That's cool," I breathed in relief.

We quickly got dressed and with Toby checking the coast was clear, made our way back to the changing room where Stuart Lancaster was ready to give the team talk. I re-took my seat next to Billy the other mascot, who's questioning look gave me problems but I quickly pointed out Manu coming back into the changing room from his warm up and that was enough to distract him.

Minutes later we were in place, Billy holding captain Chris Robshaw's hand after I had gave him a look that showed he better not ask me. I ran out alongside Tom Croft, his hand on my shoulder and I'd never felt as proud, or intimidated as we stepped onto pitch, surrounded by fervent Welsh singing.

The photos were taken, the coin tossed and the match was underway. Without going into boring detail, we played awful. The ref was a Kiwi called Steve Harris whose hatred of the English was well known, and he took steps to prove it even further with a string a biased decisions but even without that, Wales stepped up to the plate and we were still in the hallway queue. A sound 30-3 beating and our Grand Slam dreams were in tatters and Wales were crowned Six Nations Champions once again.

It was a morose changing room afterwards. Even Stuart Lancaster's assertion that over the course of the five games, we had played well and finished second, which was an improvement again from the previous year and that we are heading in the right direction, the players were still down. I tried to get some time with any of my heroes but Toby's assertion the night before about them leaving almost immediately proved true. I did manage to get a sneaky kiss from Manu, and asked him to at least pat Billy on the back. The ten year old, crying at the loss, perked up as the young centre talked to him for a few moments, rubbing his back and I gawked as he even managed to cop a feel of the boy's young bottom.

Mr Gregory collected me from the changing room and with a sad shrug, put his arm around me and led me away through the corridors, carrying the bag of souvenirs that I had acquired.

"Well there's always next year," he commiserated. "Besides, with Italy beating Ireland earlier, if France don't win by enough, they're gonna finish bottom."

That at least bought a smile out of me. Due to listening in to the end of match interviews and the team talk, most of the crowd had already left the stadium so it was an easy stroll back to the hotel. We went back up to the room and at the suggestion of Mr Gregory, I had a quick shower as he said that I smelled slightly which was to be expected after my exertions. I sniggered to myself as I wondered what he would say if he knew what my main exercise had been.

I stripped in front of the man, taking time to fold my new England kit up and place it on a chair before dropping my briefs and heading in to shower. I quickly scrubbed up, my stomach rumbling to remind me that other than Mako's spunk, I hadn't eaten in nearly four hours and remembering that we were due a free meal in the restaurant, I jumped out of the shower and dried off. I'd kept my head out of the water so I didn't have to dry it. I looked around for my briefs but realised I'd left them in the bedroom, and knowing that he'd probably just say `well my nephew doesn't cover up!' I hung the towel back onto the heated rail and smiling to myself, walked back into the bedroom.

"Well, this is a change of attitude," the older man chuckled at my reappearance.
"I thought that maybe you are used to seeing your nephew like this so I thought why not?" I answered slyly.
"Well that is true I guess," he grinned and reached over to ruffle my hair. I dodged backwards, smiling.

I noticed he had changed as well. His shirt anyway! Gone was the Club shirt with our badge on it and in its place was a pastel green shirt. I noticed it looked well good with his eyes, which I hadn't noticed were a bright green. His face, now relaxed after the four pints of bitter that he enjoyed during the game, seemed soft and kind. I gave myself a mental shake as I realised where my thoughts were heading.

"Here you go Andy," he said to me, handing me some folded material. "I thought you might like these."
"What is it?" I asked, taking the package.
"Oh, just something that," he paused, and as he winked at me, we both finished the statement, "that my nephew would like."

Giggling I unfolded the material, but found that there really wasn't a lot to it. Holding it up, there was a small pouch of material at the front and just some string for the rest.

"It's called a g-string," Mr Gregory said. "It keeps everything down there in place, while leaving the rest of your body available for a tan."
"You mean your nephew wears this in public?" I gasped.
"Well he doesn't wander around town, but he has no problem wearing it at family events," he replied.
"How old is your nephew?" I asked, finally getting the question that had been bugging me out of the way.
"He's seventeen now, but has been sharing all the things I've told you about ever since my brother adopted him at the age of eleven," Mr Gregory replied.
"Oh, cool, I guess," I replied. I started to put on the g-string but needed a little help (yeah right!) and felt Mr Gregory run a finger down my crack as he positioned the string into the correct place.

I posed for him in a couple of suggestive stances but as I felt my cock start to harden, I turned away and grabbed my smart jeans once again. Pulling them on and turning to pick up a t-shirt, I was handed a proper shirt. I turned my nose up at it as I never wore a shirt. Our school had a uniform, but still allowed us to wear polo shirts, albeit in their colours so the only time I had worn a shirt was when my cousin Mary had gotten married last year. I had hated every minute of it. The shirt that is, not the wedding.

"Do me this one favour and please wear this," he asked. "I like to be in smart and polite company when I have a nice sit down meal in a restaurant."
"Sure Mr Gregory," I agreed, knowing how much he had done for me this weekend, I could do him this small mercy.

I put the shirt on, buttoned it up and looked at myself in the full length mirror. The shirt was a very pale yellow shirt that with my tan somehow still remaining from last summer's holiday to Barbados, I had to say that I looked good!

We headed down to the restaurant and had a wonderful meal. I got the feeling that even if the meal wasn't free, Mr Gregory would still have pushed me into ordering whatever I wanted. Well, I say whatever I wanted, as he guided me towards the food at the top end of the menu. My parents were well off, not rich like Mr Gregory but we had never had to scrimp for anything, but we hadn't been in the top end restaurants like he had.

So after a starter of chicken roulades, we both had a 12oz fillet steak, jacket and new potatoes and a load of veg which took some prodding from Mr Gregory to get me to eat. I was stuffed and barely had room for the black forest gateau with double cream desert! We moved into the lounge area of the hotel bar and I sipped my orange juice while Mr Gregory finished his brandy. We talked about nothing and everything, surprising me at how easy I was now finding to talk to the man who was old enough to be my grandfather, given the relative ages.

Finally we headed back upstairs, Mr Gregory ordering a bottle of red wine to take up with him. He flicked on the television, quickly changing channels as the highlights of the rugby came on.

"So is there anything you normally watch?" he asked me.

I looked over at the clock and seeing that it was only about half an hour before I was normally in bed, I tried to think of a programme, any programme, so that I could fool him into letting me stay up. However, I must have taken too long as after he had poured himself a large glass of wine, he looked over at me.

"Fancy a small glass?" he asked, shocking me.
"Um, yes please Mr Gregory," I answered quickly.
"Okay, but two conditions," the man told me. "One, don't tell your parents!"

I giggled.

"Two, sip it, don't neck it like you were the OJ," he chuckled. He poured me about a third of a glass and set it down on the bedside table on the side of the bed that I slept on last night. "Well, why don't we get in bed, and then decide on what we're going to watch. That way if you fall asleep, you're already in bed."

Seeing the logic, I agreed and we were both soon in a state of undress. I looked around for my bedtime shorts before remembering my wet dream had made a mess of them. Mr Gregory must have seen my distressed look.

"Why don't you sleep in the g-string," he suggested.
"Let me guess," I giggled. "Your nephew does!"
"Actually no, cheeky monkey," Mr Gregory ruffled my hair, grabbing me into a hug. "He actually sleeps in the nude."
"REALLY?" I exclaimed. "With you?"

I saw him grow uncomfortable at my question. I hugged him again to try to show that I didn't think there was anything wrong with it.

"I think it's cool that you love your nephew and he loves you enough that you do that!" I told him, the little thought growing in the back of my mind whether the relationship between Uncle and Nephew went beyond the norm. In a way, I hoped it did as Mr Gregory's wife had died years ago, and Mr Gregory had thrown himself into his work and the running of our rugby club to fill the hole. If he also had filled the sexual gap with a willing boy, great as well!
"Thank you Andy, that means a lot," he replied, wiping a tear from his eye. He bent over slightly and kissed the top of my head.

We stayed in the hug for a few moments before breaking and each of us getting into the bed. I took a sip of the red liquid in the glass and although it certainly wasn't orange juice, it did come from grapes so did it still count as one of my five a day? I found that I did like the taste and took another sip before putting it back down.

"Well, let's see what we can watch then eh?" Mr Gregory said, picking up the remote and flicking through the various channels. Disappointingly there was nothing on that really grabbed our attention and just as I thought he might suggest an early night, he surprised me by hitting a menu button on the remote. A list of films came up and he explained that you could buy a movie for the night. Again as we browsed through the selection, I'd either already seen them or they didn't appeal to either of us.

"Well, there is another list we can look at," the man started. "But again, you need to swear to me you won't tell your folks."
"I promise!" I swore, crossing my heart.

He hit the button and I was shocked to see a list of titles that had to be pornos come up. There were the usual titles, I guess, announcing blow jobs galore, pussy all over the place and I started to perk up when I saw a title called Dani's Anal Adventures but as Mr Gregory scrolled through, the preview photo showed a dark haired woman, who must be Danielle.

"I get the feeling I might be looking in the wrong place here," Mr Gregory said softly, pausing to stroke my cheek with the back of his hand.
"Wha wha what do you mean?" I stuttered.
"I have a feeling that we might find something more enjoyable from this menu," he told me, pressing the menu button once more. This time the film titles were so obviously gay themed that my mouth dropped open in shock. Yes, I'd seen some gay porn on my computer when I bypassed the net nanny software Dad had put on after catching me looking at pictures of men and women, fortunately!, but this was a list of films dedicated to gay sex.
"No way Mr Gregory," I started to argue. "Love the girls me, they all want me. Yeah! I'd love to bang some pussy!"
"So the Dakota you were moaning about last night?" he chuckled.
"Um, Dakota, um, Fanning, yeah, that's her, she's in the Twilight films you know!" I countered.
"Well, she must be very interesting," he told me. Seeing my confused expression he leaned over. "You kept asking her to fuck your ass hard with her large cock."

With a stifled gasp, I turned away from him, rolling over and grabbing a pillow to bury my face into. He was going to out me for sure. He would tell my parents all about how their son was a little gay pervert!

Tears began to leak from my eyes as I pondered a life on the street. Sure my parents loved me, but the me that they loved was their heterosexual, rugby playing, B+ average son. As my thoughts were going ten to the dozen, a hand gently stroked my arm.

"What's wrong sweetie?" I heard Mr Gregory's voice in my ear.
"You're gonna hate me, you're gonna tell my folks, they'll disown me and I'll die on the streets," I blubbed.

Strong arms pulled me and turned me, hugging me into his chest. Hands stroked my hair and my back.

"Firstly, I don't hate you, okay. I don't hate my nephew do I?" he asked.
"You love your nephew," I replied through huffed breaths.
"And he is gay," Mr Gregory said, outing his unknown nephew to me. "I'm sure your parents won't hate you either, but in any case, I'm not saying a word."
"Why?" I asked, light appearing at the end of the dark tunnel.
"For a start it's not my place to tell," he told me. "Your sexuality is your own business and it's up to you who you tell."
"And?" I pushed.
"Well, I'm hoping I'm right here but I think it's not just young Dakota Goya that you would like to get banged by?" he guessed.
"Um, yeah, I mean no, I mean," I stammered.
"You are more interested in men than boys?" he asked.
"Yeah," I replied, breathing a sigh of relief that he was smiling, not frowning.
"And I think that maybe you have already had some fun this weekend?" he half asked, half stated.
"I'm not gonna answer cos I don't wanna get anyone in trouble," I told him.
"That is a very good reply," Mr Gregory told me. "I would hope that you are a boy who knows what he likes and appreciates the risks that others take to give him what he likes."

As he said that, the hand rubbing my back slid further down and onto my bum cheeks, naked other than the piece of string in between them. I looked up into his face and knew there and then that he wanted me. I could feel the affection flowing from him, and it was different to the way I felt when I had been this close to the rugby players. Theirs was lust, pure unadulterated lust. Yeah, they wanted me to enjoy it as well, but there was nothing else between us. It was just sex with them.

The man holding me close now had a different feel to him. I looked at him, knowing that I would give myself to him anyway, but wondering if there was more to this love thing than just sex.

"Andy, you must have realised by now that I find you extremely attractive," he started softly, hands still caressing my body. "Not just your looks but the mature way you have acted in the last two days, as well as how you are at the club."
"What about your nephew?" I asked.
"Callum is a wonderful young man, and he and I have spent some memorable times together," Mr Gregory started. "However, all we had was fondness for each other. You on the other hand, I have watched closely for some time and this weekend, I have got to know you a little more. I would like us to take some more time to get to know each other further and see where things progress."
"WOW!" I replied. "That's like huge. But is it just cos I'm young that you fancy me?"
"I will admit that your youth was an initial attraction to me," he answered. "However, your kindness and the way you spend time with the younger boys, or even those of your own team, working with them to improve, standing up to others who are picking on the younger ones, all of that I've noticed and it's that person I've fallen for."
"So what do we do?" I asked.
"Well, firstly you need to decide at some point if it's what you want," he told me. "Then and only then can we look at going further."
"It is!" I stopped him going any further. "Look, I know I'm young and maybe not know what I want proper, but I know it's an older guy, and well, you've been really nice to me all the time, and if you do like me that way, then I'd love to try something and maybe spend more time with you."

I looked up at him and kissed him on the lips, allowing my mouth to open and accept his tongue. His arms were a constant movement on my back and as I rolled onto the top of him, my hard prick got caught in the material of the damned g-string.

Sensing my discomfort, hands worked their way underneath the flimsy string holding it in place and with a hard tug, the underwear was ripped from my body.

"Tell me what you want me to do, Andy," Mr Gregory whispered into my ear, following the words with his tongue as he licked and kissed it.
"Would you make love to me?" I asked.
"Are you sure?" he replied. "I'm not saying these things just to have my way with you."
"I know," I giggled. "I've never been made love to before."
"But I thought," he started until I put a finger to his lips.
"That was just sex, lust, whatever," I told him.

He leaned in and kissed me once again as my hands ran over his chest that was surprising devoid of hair. They found their target, the shorts that my vice chairman was wearing. Raising his buttocks off the bed, he helped me pulled them down and I took hold of his cock for the first time. It felt good, it felt just the right size that it would let me know it was in there, but it certainly wasn't the monster that Vunipola tried to impale me on earlier.

I twisted my body so that I was positioned above the dick that I now wanted so badly. Licking my lips, I took him into my mouth, causing him to groan in delight. I felt movement underneath me and wetness soon lapped at my bum hole. I shivered in pleasure as I felt him force his tongue inside my little pucker. I tried to concentrate on the blow job at hand, but each time he licked me was getting too much for my mind. I pulled off his dick and turned back to him.

"Do me please," I begged him. "I need to feel you inside me."
"My pleasure sweetie," he replied. "How is it best for you?"

Responding without words, I rolled onto my front, grabbing a pillow and putting it underneath my crotch, raising my bum for a perfect angle of attack. Mr Gregory moved behind me, teasing my hole with his cock head. He gently stroked my back as well as he eased himself inside me. The emotions that I had experienced with the rugby players paled into comparison as I felt the love almost oozing from the older man's pores as he lowered himself on to my back, inching his hardness further inside me as he did.

Finally I felt his balls touch my smaller ones and warmth covered my body as he gripped me under my arms, pulling me tight into him. How I loved this position and to now be in it with a man that I was rapidly falling for was heaven for me. I felt his cock drag itself along my inner channel as he raised his hips off my body before the push back into me. Gentle thrusts, changing angles until I squeaked in happiness as he grazed over my young walnut.

Now that he knew where to rub, he began to pump a little harder, a little quicker as he made love to me, to my body. I was too small for him to kiss me at the same time, something that we would perfect another time I was sure, but this time, this first time was about sharing our bodies. Over and over he continued, bringing me to the point of cumming but resting, calming me down with soothing words, promising me that it would be worth the wait.

My body was crying at me for release, my cock as stiff as it had ever been, friction from the pillow driving me almost as insane as the feelings inside my bum that were threatening to put me in the nut house. Sweat poured from the pair of us as near climax after near climax raised the tempo of our lovemaking.

"Are you ready sweetie?" Mr Gregory asked.
"Damn yeah," I gasped out, wanting the release that was being denied.

With that, the older man didn't hold back this time as our bodies reacted in unison. For each thrust forward of his was met by a push back from me as I rode his cock inside my bum. His humping got more insistent before finally, he gripped me tightly, gently, softly, but firmly and I cried into the pillow as I felt his cock begin to throb and shake inside me.

Knowing that my bum was the cause of my lover's ecstasy was enough for my mind and my body rippled and shook as my own climax hit me. Wetness spread underneath me as my cock seeded the pillow, stars blinding my eyes as I mumbled obscure words to let Mr Gregory know how much I loved him.

A quietness hit the room, a stillness, after the exertions of the last, seventy three minutes as I saw on the clock! Mr Gregory simply held me, his body still resting on mine as our breathing relaxed and we attempted to get back to normality, although that was now a different reality.

To my displeasure, Mr Gregory pulled himself out of me, leaving a feeling of emptiness behind, but the emptiness was only a physical feeling. Emotionally, I was fulfilled. He kissed me gently, turning my body towards his.

"How was that sweetie?" he asked me.
"Paradise," I replied. "Does this mean we are lovers now?"
"I certainly hope you will think we are," he replied. "Of course we can't tell anyone, except maybe Callum," Mr Gregory advised.
"I know," I said. "We'll need to think up ways to spend time together back home. I don't think I'm gonna get picked as mascot again."
"Well, I'll always need jobs doing around the house and garden," Mr Gregory answered. "Maybe we can come to an arrangement with your parents."
"I always wanted to be a pool boy," I giggled before yawning as the day's experiences finally caught up with me.
"Just till you're old enough, and then we can sort something out," he said.
"Sure Mr Gregory," I yawned again.
"Martin," he replied.
"Huh?" I asked, my eyelids drooping.
"My name is Martin," he smiled, pulling me into him, resting my head on his upper chest, his arms around me, protecting me, loving me.

I wished I could stay in his arms forever. Maybe I could. Just maybe.

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