Title: Bending the Rules

Author/Email: Angel; beckhamstory@comcast.net

Genre: SLASH

Fandom: Football Slash

Pairing: David Beckham/ OC

Rating: NC-17

Category: Romance/Erotica

Summary: A friendship spawned from convenience leads to some rules being bent and other flat-out broken.

Disclaimer: None of this is true. I do not own these people (except for the original characters which I do own) and certainly do not make them do the things I write about. By reading this, you relinquish any liability I may have regarding you meeting the requirements to view such material.

WARNING: This story involves consensual INCEST and homosexual relations between fictional characters.

Notes: I dedicate this to one of my favorite people, David Beckham, who is one of the coolest guys around... and he's handsome to boot! Thank you David for the inspiration and the eye-candy.

Feedback: I would appreciate it more than words can express and will try my best to reply to all of it.


A lot of you have read my work before and know that I do not shy away from the adult stuff and if I did, I wouldn't be posting here. I mean, come on... in "Leo and Chris" I had those guys going at it every chapter from like the fourth chapter on... sometimes several times in a chapter, and if you need further evidence just look at Kevin's New Camera, The Blond and the Brit, The Talk With My Big Bro, A Real Man and everything else I've written. However, this is only the first chapter and in it I am just setting the foundation... the groundwork and back story for what is to come so if what you're looking for is just some quick smut, walk away. There will be plenty of that... no, make that a ton of that, but only after the story has built up to it. So without further delay, enjoy the story... it'll definitely be worth your while.


After the creative meeting, everything had gone so quickly. Arik should have been used to it, he kept telling himself over and over again, but he quite wasn't. Not yet. A part of him still cling to the maybe naive notion that he could do what he loved and hold a somewhat normal life. It seemed ludicrous to think it but he knew there had to be a way to maintain some normalcy even in the public eye.

The offer had been officially extended to the Beckham's camp and the immediate response was a generic "no comment" but soon enough, that changed. Two weeks after the offer had been made, a call was placed to Larry office from across the pond requesting a meeting. Basically, it was neither a yes nor a no... it was a "let's meet up and see if it's right."

Arik was fine with the idea. Actually he was more than fine. He loved the idea and immediately liked and respected David and Victoria more because their actions were those of normal, sensible people. A publicist would have probably jumped on or pushed away an idea like that immediately but they seemed to want to consider it based on the person and the chemistry. That was smart and Arik appreciated that.

Larry had started driving Arik mad from the moment the invitation was extended to travel to the UK and have a meet with the Beckhams. He would pick and nit at every little thing that Arik said and did, saying things like, "don't do that in front of them," and Arik would practically growl every time Larry did something like that.

The young man could understand the pressure Larry was feeling and the obvious desire to make a good first impression but Arik felt it was up to him, not Larry, and that he was more than capable of handling himself well.

"I'm a likable guy." Arik said to Larry, trying to put him at ease. "And being fake is only going to drive them away. I'm just going to be my polite, funny, quirky self and they'll love me. You'll see."

"Are you sure you want to go alone?" Larry asked yet again, knowing the answer already.

"Yes, I'm sure. This isn't a business transaction... well, it is but it's not... so let's not make it feel like one with managers and agents and lawyers. That can come later, after the meeting. Now, I really have to get out of this car or I'm going to miss the flight, Lare."

Larry sighed and nodded his head. "Break a leg, kiddo."

"I hate when you call me that." Arik chuckled, opened the door to the limo and climbed out. The driver helped him with his luggage and then headed into the airport. They'd been parked outside for about ten minutes while Larry gave all the last-minute lectures he felt needed.

With a final wave towards the car, Arik hurried into the terminal. His flight had been booked last minute so as not alert the press that he'd be at the airport that day. Still, he knew that eventually he'd run into some photographers. It was part of the game.

A few autographs, quite a few pictures, some paparazzi shots, and ten hours later, Arik was finally in London's Heathrow Airport. The change in weather was quite evident even from inside the airport but Arik didn't mind at all. He actually enjoyed the cold more than the blistering heat. He always used to say that something could be done about the cold, like covering up but short of running naked through the streets; nothing could be done about the heat.

It was a typical winter night in London and Arik was silently thankful for the late arrival. It made for an easier transition through the airport. The line at Customs was almost non-existent at almost 2AM and as he exited the airport, he found only a handful of photographers had bothered to show up that late into the foggy night. He almost felt badly for them so he gave them exactly what they came for. He stopped and smiled for them, even said hello to a few and let them take a few shots before saying good night and walking off. Some followed but most didn't as he climbed into the car he'd had waiting for him and after greeting the driver, he asked him to be taken to the hotel his reservations had been set up.

His schedule was an unforgiving one because despite the late arrival, the exhausting jet lag and time difference and the ultimately inevitable lack of proper sleep that night, he had the first meeting in the morning. He was scheduled for brunch with "Becks" and "Posh" at their recently purchased mansion on the outskirts of London. By all accounts, a beautiful place. He sighed to himself as exhaustion began to set in and he closed his eyes. The next thing he knew, the driver was telling him that they were at the hotel. He thanked and tipped the driver and headed into the lobby with his luggage.

By the time he actually got to bed, it was close to 3AM and what was worse, sleep didn't come until well past 4. Needless to say, the morning came way too soon and the loud ringing of the phone for his wake up call only made Arik want to rip his own head off just so that he could have something to throw at the damn phone.

"They're just doing their jobs... they're just doing their jobs..." He kept grumbling to himself as he blindly reached for the phone. "Hello? Yes... yes... thank you. Oh one more thing... what time is my driver going to be here? ... And what time is it now? Oh god... no, no... that's okay. Thanks again. Oh yes, breakfast would be good... NO! No... I have a brunch. Thanks anyway. Yeah. Ta to you too."

He groaned as he slumped down on the bed for a moment, trying to relax, knowing that he had to start getting ready at that moment or he'd be late. Not even sixty seconds later, Arik heard a knock on his door.

Begrudgingly, he got up from his bed, tied the comfortable robe tightly around himself and opened the door to find a perky blonde woman on the other side. "May I help you?"

"It's the other way `round, love. I'm here to help you." She smiled. "I'm Beverly."

"Good morning, Beverly and excuse my American but... who the hell are you?"

She giggled a little before she responded. "Make up and hair stylist. I was hired by Mr. Rudolph."

"Oh dear God." Arik sighed. "The man knows no boundaries. Listen, Beverly... I appreciate you coming but..." He was just about to dismiss her when he realized he was running short on time, looking more than little disheveled and needed to put his best face forward. "Actually, come on in. I've got to be out of here in an hour."

"That sounds doable." She replied and stepped in before Arik closed the door.

About an hour later, Arik was already in the car being driven to the Beckham's private estate. He was alone, just as he wanted, no security people, no agents... just a small shopping bag beside him in the car that contained three small gifts; one for each of David and Victoria's sons. They were nothing big, just small individualized charms from Cartier he'd picked up a few days before.

Once they made it to the estate and pat the security at the front gate, the driver opened the door for Arik and he stepped out of the car. Arik logically expected to be greeted by a staff member then ushered inside but to his surprise, when the front doors opened, David himself was the one behind them.

"Morning, mate." He said to Arik with a smile as he walked up to the younger man and offered his hand to shake.

Arik wasn't one to be start-struck and definitely not by a sports celebrity but he was definitely struck. It was something in David's features and mannerism... disarming and charming yet handsome and undeniably powerful. "Um... good morning." Arik finally said after his unexpected pause and shook David's hand. Then a third voice joined in.

"Impeccably punctual. And they say Americans have no concept of time," said Victoria as she walked out. "Bloody liars... they're all jealous." She smiled when she saw Arik smile at her and she, like David, greeted him with a handshake. "Welcome. We're so glad you could join us."

"It's my pleasure, really." Arik replied. "And I jump at any excuse for a shopping spree in London, which is what I plan on doing later today." He chuckled.

"Be careful who you say that to... she might just join you." David chimed in and looked at Victoria.

"She's more than welcome to. I never turn away great company." Arik was feeling a little more at ease now that some of his most basic fears about how they might act towards him were gone.

"Well, enough standing around. Let's head inside and grab something to eat, shall we?" Victoria asked and Arik nodded.

After a very brief tour of the first floor of the house, which Victoria had insisted on, they all headed to the breakfast nook where their table had been set up for them. That's when Arik handed Victoria the gifts for the boys for which she seemed genuinely grateful and then they began eating.

"Been enjoying this lovely weather we've been having?" Victoria asked Arik, clearly sarcastically.

"Actually it's not so bad for me... but either way, I haven't been here long enough to enjoy or detest it." Arik answered honestly and took a sip of his juice.

"When'd you fly in?" David followed up.

"I arrived at about 2 this morning."

"No! What are you doing here then, mate? You should be sleeping!" David exclaimed.

Arik laughed a little and shook his head. "It was not easy getting me out of bed this morning, I'll admit that much."

"I would imagine so. And nobody would have the right to blame you." Victoria told Arik.

"But a commitment was made, plus if I'd stayed in bed and slept through the entire day, it'd only have made it more difficult for me to switch gears to this time zone so I can grin and bear it for a day. I'm used to it."

"Well, you look great. Definitely not like somebody who's had a mere four or five hours of sleep. I certainly do not look that way in the mornings." Victoria offered with a chuckle. "This," she gestured to her face, "Took two hours."

"Oh I doubt that." Arik smiled. "With all due respect to your husband, you're a beautiful woman."

"Her husband agrees." David said and kissed Victoria quickly.

Their chit-chat continued throughout the meal without any uncomfortable silences. They asked away and Arik answered, and Arik asked some things too so it was an almost even trade –off. He told them about everything from why the flight had to be arranged so last minute to the concept of the proposed music video to what'd made him think of the Cartier charms for the boys. They even discussed his work ethic and how much they were impressed with the many things he'd accomplished in such a short amount of time and the huge workload on his plate.

"A work ethic like yours, at your age is a rarity indeed." David said to Arik, as they walked through the spacious grounds.

"I was brought up this way so it's just in my nature though I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to some time off. I'm just afraid I'll burn myself out if I don't stop at some point."

"Even more than that," Victoria added, "You need to take the time to sit back and enjoy your accomplishments otherwise they'll have been for nothing... and you never want to get to a point where you are not enjoying what you once used to loved to do. Yours is not a business where money can be the sole motivator."

"Yes, I've thought of that too." Arik answered her. He honestly had and plans were in place. As a matter of fact, this whole publicity stunt with David would be a big break from his routine. After the video, he'd basically just be doing promotional work, attending events and the like, which was nothing compared to the grueling scheduled of promoting an album and touring for it. "The coming months will be easier. The album is winding down so that means less work and in a few months I'll start recording again for the next one."

"That was always some of the most fun parts for me. The recording process. The creative process." Victoria recalled from her own memories.

"I agree with you there. I can take my time and write... to flesh out an idea from beginning to end, it gives me such a feeling if accomplishment. I've already written some but I'm in no hurry. The label is in no hurry either... they say a little time off wouldn't hurt the product or the celebrity... overexposure would be a bad thing... so I've been more or less missing from the public eye for about a month now."

"Sounds like the perfect time for that video." David spoke up, surprising Arik.

"Appears that way, yes." Arik nodded, getting a little nervous now that they were touching on the subject again. He hadn't been given an answer yet so he was still a little nervous.

"The song is beautiful. I loved it." Victoria hadn't actually been the first to hear it. It'd been David. He was a bit of a fan of some of the music on Arik's album so he owned and that's hw Victoria ended up hearing it. "David does too."

David nodded in agreement. "It's my favorite song on the CD."

"Thank you." Arik was blushing now, quite a bit, and smiling too.

"That's cute... he's blushing." Victoria pointed out to David while smiling. "Well, I'm sorry to do this because I don't want to be the rude hostess but I have a few calls to make so I'll leave you in my husband's capable hands, Arik. I'll join up with you again before you leave and maybe we'll do that shopping we talked about."

"Sounds great. It's been a pleasure, but that goes without saying." He told her and she hugged him before departing from them.

"She really likes you. I can tell. She wouldn't have hugged you if she didn't." David shared with Arik, feeling comfortable around the young man.

"I like her too." Arik admitted

"Should I be nice or keep you waiting longer?" David teased with a smirk.

"Oh please be nice." Arik knew David was making reference to the answer to their offer.

"All right then." David nodded but didn't stop smirking. "As long as nothing in the terms changes, especially nothing with the creative direction of the video, then you have yourself a deal."

"If I knew you better I'd hug you!" Arik chuckled. "Thank you."

"My pleasure. I love that concept for the music video. It's simple and romantic yet adult and intimate and the way you lit up while speaking of it, mate... priceless. I just want to make sure it's not going to get watered down to something common. I don't play into homophobia and I don't think art should either.

Arik took a moment to reply, being pleasantly surprised by David's words. "You have my word on this. You have nothing worry about. I wouldn't let something like that happen under my watch."

"Having met you now, I believe that." David led Arik under this very large tree and took a seat, waiting for Arik to d the same. Arik did and sat next to David. "And the promotional commitments actually sound fun. I know I'll have fun showing you around here. I know you haven't toured all of Europe yet."

"Nope, not yet. Should be fun. I hope I can be just as good a host back home. I'm not a big fan of LA and Hollywood." Arik admitted.

"So we'll do those the least. We can do the events there but everything else, we can do whatever you want... wherever you want to be and whatever you want to show me, I'm good for. I hope you'll allow me the same here." David said and watched Arik for a reaction.

"Absolutely. We don't have to go to the photographers. They can come to us wherever we are." Arik joked.

"That's the idea." David smiled and nodded. "By the way, I'd already made my decision about you before you arrived. I just wanted to meet you."

"The feeling's mutual, I assure you." Arik told David and blushed a little again, although he didn't know quite why.

That was the humble beginning of the most exciting nine months of Arik's life. What was to come next, no one would have expected.

To be continued...

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