Title: Bending the Rules

Author/Email: Angel; beckhamstory@comcast.net

Genre: SLASH

Fandom: Football Slash

Pairing: David Beckham/ OC

Rating: This chapter is DEFINITELY NC-17

Category: Romance/Erotica

Summary: A friendship spawned from convenience leads to some rules being bent and other flat-out broken.

Disclaimer: None of this is true. I do not own these people (except for the original characters which I do own) and certainly do not make them do the things I write about. By reading this, you relinquish any liability I may have regarding you meeting the requirements to view such material.

WARNING: This story involves consensual homosexual relations between real people and fictional characters.

Notes: I dedicate this to one of my favorite people, David Beckham, who is one of the coolest guys around... and he's handsome to boot! Thank you David for the inspiration and the eye-candy.

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Thank you so much to everyone who has written me. I'm glad you like the story so far. I have a feeling you'll REALLY like this chapter.


A funny thing happened after that meeting with David and Victoria; Arik decided to stick around London for a while, sort of like an impromptu vacation. Of course, he'd called Larry and told him that the deal was a go and Larry obviously insisted on flying over immediately but Arik told him to hold off for a bit so he could enjoy some alone time.

Apparently, "hold off for a bit" to Larry, meant "give me seven days" so in a week, Larry was by Arik's side, essentially cutting his vacation short.

Arik had kept in touch with David and Victoria, mostly through phone calls, but he did go out a couple of times with Victoria. Turns out she was a pretty good shopping companion. It was actually during one of their shopping sprees that she mentioned something that ended up changing Arik's mind about where the music video would be shot.

Originally, the concept didn't call for a specific city but somewhere along the line, New York City was chosen. Victoria mentioned to Arik that David thought New York would be the obvious choice and that London might be a better choice if only because it wouldn't be as obvious a choice as NYC. Arik agreed. He hadn't even thought about it that way but once she mentioned it, he agreed. He told her he'd call her back about that after he spoke with Larry and that's what he did. They got in touch with the director and thankfully; he agreed to move the shoot to London.

They'd set a date for the filming, setting aside three days total to get the shots they needed outside and one full day for the scenes that had them together as a couple living in an apartment. Of course the dates had to be cleared by David's people to make sure he was available but once that was set, everything else fell into place.

The closer the video shoot got, the more nervous Arik became but he hid it well. A couple of days before they were scheduled to film, he got a call from Victoria inviting him mover for dinner, which he gladly accepted.

It turned out to be the perfect icebreaker for Arik, whom by that point had gotten about as nervous as he could get. They had a fun, casual dinner where they talked and laughed... but the best thing is they got all their feelings out about the music video. They talked about every single little aspect of it and how everything would go and that made Arik less nervous, having spoken about it and getting to hear David's input made him feel a lot better.

Despite the fact that Arik insisted that her presence wouldn't bother him, Victoria said she wasn't going to be on the set. She said it'd make them at least subconsciously uncomfortable or more nervous so it'd be easier if she stayed away. David surprisingly agreed so Arik didn't argue too much. Her mind seemed to be made up on the matter.

"Why are we starting with that though?" Arik asked into the receiver of his mobile phone as he sat on his hotel room bed. It was the night before the first day o filming and he'd gotten a last minute call from the director.

"It's complicated but suffice it to say the permits and street close downs we'll need won't come through for another couple of days." Joaquin explained. "But rather than lose all the preparation together, we'll do what we can, and what we can do is the apartment set. That has already been built and we can film on it whenever we want. So we'll start with all of those scenes tomorrow and it'll work out for the better because we get to take our time and stretch out the filming of those scenes over a couple of days until the permits come through."

"No... yeah... sounds great." Arik replied although what he was thinking was more along the lines of being even more nervous now that he had to be lying down with and rubbing up against a semi-nude David Beckham.

"Listen, I know you're nervous, naturally, but you've got nothing to worry about. I've taken steps to make sure you both are as comfortable as possible. Starting with the fact that there will only be three of us behind the cameras for those scenes."

"That's it?" Hearing that definitely made Arik feel better.

"Yeah, that's all we need." Joaquin answered. "I told you those scenes would be intimate with steady cam shots and handheld cameras... we don't need a huge crew for that. The huge crew will come in for the big shots outside. Besides, I know we couldn't get the intimate feeling I'm trying to convey if there are fifty people behind the camera. It'd be written all over your faces that you're nervous and that's not what we're going for. We want it to look like there's no one else in the room with you... that you guys are so comfortable with each other that it's like the viewer is kind of a voyeur, getting to see something that they shouldn't be privy to."

"I'm telling you, Joaquin, you know how to sell an idea better than I do and I thought I was good." Arik told him with a light chuckle. "You spoke to David already?"

"No, I thought you'd want to tell him."

"Oh yeah... I'm leaping for joy over the idea of that." Arik responded sarcastically. "All right, I'll call him. What time is our call time?"

"Be on the set by 6AM." Joaquin replied and Arik looked at the clock, noticing it was already 10PM. "I'll see you bright and early, kiddo."

"Good night, Joaquin." Arik hung up the phone and took a deep breath; one he found difficult to let go of. He knew he had to call David and he had to do it now because it was getting late but the conversation made him a little nervous. He'd be lying if he said he didn't find David attractive, which made everything more difficult for him. It made him nervous around David, it made him nervous around Victoria, and it made him nervous about what he and David would be doing in the video.

He took another deep breath and dialed the phone number, which was familiar by now. He knew he couldn't just relay the message; he had to speak to David himself... fortunately, or unfortunately, that's who answered the phone.

"Hello there." Arik said after hearing David on the other line. "Shouldn't you be asleep by now?" He joked to which David laughed.

"I could say the same thing about you, couldn't I? So why aren't you sleeping?" He asked.

"I just got a call from the director." Arik answered.

"Uh oh." David quickly replied.

"Well, no. Not really uh oh. Only kind of. Apparently there's some kind of delay with filming permits and such for the scenes we have to shoot on the street so we'll be started with the other stuff first." Arik explained, almost forgetting to breathe for a moment there because he was nervous about David's reaction.

"Oh. Is that all? I thought you were going to tell me to be on the set even earlier, mate. That wouldn't have gone over very well." David laughed a little and Arik did too.

"Nope. Still 6AM. He says we'll stretch out filming these scenes over a couple of days until the permits come through so it should be a more laid back kind of schedule if there isn't as big a time constraint as before." Arik was so relieved to hear that David hadn't been upset by the change in plans. "Oh , he also wanted me to tell you that only himself, the assistant director and ne more person will be there filming these scenes. He wants us to be comfortable and all that so no huge crew watching."

"And getting hard-ons while watching." David chimed in.

Arik laughed but he was surprised David had said that. "Exactly."

"Sounds perfect. I'll see you all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in a few hours then. Wear that little thing I like." David said in jest and smirked, even though Arik couldn't see it.

On his end, Arik was glad that David couldn't see because he had turned 20 shades of red after hearing David joke like that. "You're awful, Mr. Beckham."

"That is not what you'll be saying come 6AM." David chuckled and Arik blushed even more, which he didn't think was possible.

"Go to sleep. You've obviously had a very busy day of being dirty." Arik ordered jokingly.

"Yes, dear." David jested back and they bid each other good night.

Arik sighed as he set the phone down, still smiling but hating that he was still smiling. He knew his platonic attraction to David wasn't going to make the next few months any easier on him. He'd secretly been counting on being disenchanted when meeting the man in person, hoping that he'd turn out to be a real dick but that wasn't the case at all. If anything, David's personality had made him more attractive to Arik and that was dangerous, Arik thought.

He had one more call to make before going to bed and that was to Larry, although he knew Larry was probably fully aware of the changes by now. After he hung up with his manager, it was time for bed and he wasted no time in attempting sleep. He needed to be at his best early the next day and he typically wasn't a morning person. That wasn't a side of himself he wanted to show David.

Within minutes of laying his head down on the pillow, Arik was fast asleep and just as quickly, he was dreaming and the dream had him tossing and turning.

He saw play out, rather vividly, things he hadn't let himself even fantasize about. Had he been awake and analyzing the dream, he'd probably have figured out that the fact he repressed these fantasies was precisely why his mind was acting them out in his dream. Release had to be found somewhere and the subconscious was as good a place as any.

In the dream, his surroundings were familiar to him, very much so but he couldn't quite figure out where he was, not that he was trying to. His attention was on the man in there with him... David. There were moments where everything moved in quick flashes and then there were moments where everything moved at a normal pace. Arik could see himself from an outsider's point of view at times and sometimes he was a part of the action. He preferred the latter, especially when David and he started to kiss.

A couple of quick flashes later and everything had escalated, they were both nude, and he could practically feel the heat between them.

David groaned as he listened to Arik moan into their kiss and moan his name, and he moved his hands to Arik's back. "I'm going to give you..." He couldn't even say it; he wouldn't be able to control himself if he said it out loud. "I won't stop until you're full of my cum." He ran his hands up and down Arik's back, becoming familiar with the younger man's skin. "Tell me you want me... ask me to do it right now." He moved back a little so he could look Arik in the eyes.

Arik couldn't say no and so he wouldn't. He knew he'd have to deal with the consequences later but right then there was nothing else he could do but happily submit so that is what he did. "Baby..." He started. "David..." He added with a whimper. "Please... baby please take me... right now... please baby."

"Okay, baby." David kissed Arik soundly for over a minute, taking his time until he was sure he'd memorized all of the other man's back.  He told Arik to put his arms and legs around him and waited until his new lover had done so, then he stood up and carried Arik over to a table. He set Arik down gently, getting up on the table as Arik laid back on it. "Make room for me, baby?" He asked, giving Arik a chance to say no to where he was planning on sleeping with Arik.

Arik more than happily spread his legs for David, not just to make room for him but as a sign of submission, which he'd quickly figured out in the dream David was into. Arik was too. He ran his hands up David's arms then back down and then up again. "I want you so much..." He finally confessed to David and himself. "I need you... please take me... I can't wait anymore... please." He pleaded with whimpers.

David moved so that he was resting against Arik, but supporting himself with his arms. He reached in between them and grabbed a hold of his hard cock, bringing it to Arik's entrance. He waited though, kissing Arik softly, languidly, he didn't want to just shove it in... he did care about Arik. "I want you too... I want to shag you so hard... have you so full of my cum that you'll probably end up pregnant." He knew that wasn't possible but it turned him on beyond belief to about it and say it. He got such a thrill from having that power. After all, he'd gotten Victoria pregnant three times so far... it made him feel like a man... like THE man. He kissed Arik passionately, having turned himself on with his thoughts, and he pressed his hips forward, going slow as not hurt Arik and let him get used to his size.

"Baby!" Arik gasped and bit his bottom lip when he started whimpering in reaction to David's thickness stretching his tight entrance and forcing his hole wide open to take him. "Agh!" He groaned out in a pained sound. He grabbed David's arms again, beginning to stroke them like he'd been wishing since he first met him. He wasn't forgetting about David's sexy masculine legs either... he'd make sure David knew how he liked them so he would let him caress later.

David didn't mind Arik ending their kiss if he was going to call out like that. He didn't say anything back though; he wanted to make sure he didn't hurt Arik, so the only thing that left his mouth was little moans. He slowly pulled out of Arik, and then worked his cock back in another inch, he kept repeating the process, trying to ignore how tight Arik felt around his cock, but finally he had to speak when he had about half of his cock in Arik. "You're so... no one's ever felt like this before."

"So big..." Arik whimpered out as he caressed David's strong arms. He could barely think let alone formulate a sentence but he tried, because he heard what David had said and he wanted to use it and turn David on even more. "You gonna get me pregnant, baby?"

David moaned in reaction to Arik's words and pulled out and thrust back in. "I'll do it right now and right here." He briefly kissed Arik before he started to push harder with his hips, not letting up until he was all the way inside his new lover. "I'm going to get you pregnant right here... tonight... on this table..." He knew his advantages and moved his hands to Arik's shoulders. He pulled out somewhat fast and then took his time filling Arik again; making sure Arik felt himself stretching to accept his cock.

Arik was definitely feeling the effects of David inside him. For some reason, he believed anyone could have walked in there if they heard him so he should have kept quiet but that only excited him more... and there was no way he could keep quiet with the way David was taking him. He whimpered, his body struggling to fit David's thickness and as a result, tightening around his cock even more.

"Arik..." David couldn't think of anything else to say at the moment. He wanted to be with Arik, and this was the best way, being kind and attentive. If he was too fast, then Arik might feel cheated or used. "You feel so good... I'm going to cum in you baby..." There was that little fact; he loved that fact at the moment. He continued with the same motions, changing it up by moving his hips a certain every few strokes.

Arik knew it wouldn't take much effort on David's part for him to feel sore and not be able to walk properly because of his size. Arik was already feeling sore and they were just getting started apparently. He stilled his hands on David's arms, not able to concentrate enough at the moment to keep them moving. He never thought he could feel this way intimately with anyone he'd known for such a short period of time but David wasn't just anyone... he could see that now. "David." He whimpered.

David looked at Arik, being turned on by every little sound that came from the younger man and loving the way his body reacted to his cock. It felt natural. The tightening and releasing... the way their bodies synched up. He slowed his movements just to see how Arik would react and he was pleased to see that both Arik and Arik's body begged for him. He smirked and tried to keep his extremely deliberately slow pace as long as he could, even though it was driving him nuts. His muscles were flexing as he controlled his impulse to thrust his hips forward.

"David..." Arik whimpered and pleaded with groans and moans because David slowing down wasn't only affecting David but Arik as well and his body desperately searched for movement inside him. His body started instinctively working David's cock with his walls, either trying to spur him on or trying milk seed from him.

David started moving in and out of Arik again at the same pace as before, only this time he gave Arik little kisses on the face and lips. "You look... so... hot... taking all of my cock." He stopped kissing Arik though after a minute when the other man's action on his cock made him take his ass harder and faster even though David tried to resist.

Arik let himself react whichever way came naturally to him and for the most part that was the way his hands moved up and down David's beautiful strong arms, the way his hole desperately worked David's cock hungry for his seed, and the whimpers that escaped his mouth like breaths. He'd never even remotely felt this way outside the context of a relationship but instead of scaring him or surprising him... it felt right.

Arik's whimpers were turning him on because he knew they were good sounds. The sounds made David fuck Arik harder now that he wasn't worried about hurting Arik with his cock. Arik was his now. He started grunting; really getting into trying to cum so hard that he got Arik pregnant, like he wished he could. He totally didn't hear the table squeaking in times with his thrusts.

The only things leaving Arik's mouth were short praises for David, whimpers and moans because complete sentences and even phrases were so far beyond him at this point. He couldn't stop thinking about trying to make this work... keeping David in his life. He hoped that he could although he could only do so much... David would have to do the rest.

David could feel his grip getting tighter on Arik, so he stopped holding onto the other hand and grabbed the edge of the table instead. It actually let him move harder into Arik and once he realized that, he was fucking Arik as hard as he could, close to cumming now. He wanted to say something nice, but he couldn't get anything out other than groaning and grunts, though there was a brief exclamation of 'shit!' when the table collapsed under them. That didn't stop David though; he continued to thrust, needing to cum badly.

Arik had barely noticed anything at all because of David. What he was feeling thanks to this man being inside him consumed him to the point that everything else around them just fell away. He did notice the table breaking but it was insignificant to him... all that matter to him was David at that moment in time and all that mattered to his body was David's cock and his sperm.

David thrust into Arik's body hard, Arik's sounds driving him to last just a little bit longer, to enjoy the feeling just a few seconds more... but it became too much for him and with one last hard thrust he came. He groaned loudly, not caring about anything other than the fact that Arik's hole was still working his cock. His hands were clenched on the table's edge as he continued to cum in his lover.

Arik's body worked David through his entire orgasm until every last bit of his sperm had been deposited deep inside him. Arik could feel just how much David had cum and it was a lot.  David was no slacker... if it'd been humanly possible, Arik was sure that moment right there would have gotten him pregnant with David seed.

A quick flash later, Arik could feel himself getting pummeled by David all over again. It felt different this time. He was watching it from a third person perspective as he and David were out on the balcony, David had him slightly bent forward as he fucked him hard. Before he knew what was going on fully, Arik was seeing things through his eyes in the dream now. He could feel David's thick cock ripping into him even harder than before and even some of David's previous load of cum escaping his hole with David's mad thrusts.

In mid-whimper, Arik gasped and awoke, moaning David's name. He sat up on his bed quickly; realizing all of it had been a dream. He looked at the bedside table and saw the clock read 4:50AM and figured he might as well wake up already. He needed a cold shower and not just because he was covered in sweat.

Arik quickly pulled the covers off himself and got out of bed to head for the bathroom. "It's going to be a long day." He quietly groaned to himself, dragging his feet, now dreading more than ever than in a little over an hour, he'd have to play semi-naked loving boyfriends with the man he was now so clearly lusting after.

To be continued...