Benjamin and Friends 1

This story is purely fictional. It in no way suggests the true sexuality of Benjamin McKenzie, Adam Brody or any other celebrity mentioned nor reveals any personal knowledge about their private lives.

Benjamin and Adam

Benjamin Mackenzie was on a break from the filming of his hit show The OC at his fabulous house in California. He went outside the house in his swim trunks and white t-shirt and approached the pool looking at the clear, perfect and sunny sky above his huge residence. He thought it was the perfect day to take a swim now that he had time to be as lazy as he wanted. He moved his hands to the bottom of hi shirt and raised it taking it off his hot body and throwing it in the floor. He moved to the edge of the pool and bend just enough to reach one of the floating beds in the water. He got on it and lay with his arms on his sides and his eyes closed letting his mind wander. He had almost fallen asleep when he heard the door to the pool open. He look to the house just to see his co-star from The OC, Adam Brody coming from the house, he just forgotten he invited Adam to his house to spend some time together during their break now that him and Adam were more than friends.

Benjamin smiled at him from the floating bed, which was just in the middle of the pool.

"Care to join me" - said Benjamin.

"I could stay here standing all day staring at you man cuz' you look hot on those swim trunks" -- said Adam smiling back at Benjamin.

"If you join me you could have some of this" -- said Benjamin running a hand thru his chest.

Adam didn't have to give it a thought he immediately took his shoes off and quickly his shirt and dive into the pool splash. He swam and approached Benjamin's floating bed and pulling himself from the water he climbed the floating thing on top of his friend. "I missed you" -- said Adam, kissing Benjamin on the lips.

"I missed you too babe" -- said Benjamin looking straight into his eyes.

They started kissing again this time passionately Benjamin just laying back and letting Adam take the lead. Their tongues penetrated each other's mouths as the kiss grew deeply for a few minutes. The kiss stopped just to stare at each their eyes and smile then resume. Adam kiss Benjamin once more on the lips and moved slowly to his cheek planting another kiss, and another, and another, till he got to his ear where he entered his tongue making Benjamin squirm. He moved one hand thru his soft blond hair and started kissing him again planting kisses all he way thru his neck descending to his chest where he planted one last kiss between Benjamin pecs. He knew Benjamin's chest was he's hot spot and Benjamin loved when Adam play with it so he had to be perfect with whatever he was going to do to drive Benjamin crazy. He smiled at Ben one more time and with that grin on his face Benjamin knew what was on Adam's mind so he lay there ready to enjoy.

He started by moving his mouth to Benjamin's left pectoral and planting kisses all around his pink nipple. He let his tongue out and lick all around the soft areola making it hard and provoking a moan from Ben's mouth. With the tip of his tongue he started licking only and only the tip of Ben's hard nipple making Ben moan softly and get hard. He opened his mouth and wrapped his lips around the quarter-size circle and closed them sucking it then started licking it softly from side to side driving Benjamin crazy. As he continued softly licking Ben's left tit he started teasing the other one with one hand slowly rubbing it and gently pinching it making Ben moan a bit harder. Both of the boys' cock had grown full level and where pressing each other thru the boys' swim trunks making them hornier.

Adam kissed Ben's nub and planted kisses around the pectoral thru his left armpit where he entered his mouth and started kissing all around it pulling Ben's hairs on it. He moved to his shoulder and planted kisses all the way thru his arm and took his left hand on his looking deeply at Benjamin. He kissed the palm and then each finger, and then he entered each finger on his mouth giving each special attention. He put the hand down and resumed his kisses through his arm back to his armpit, chest and one last kiss to his left tit just to move and give the same attention to his right nipple. He once again planted kisses around the pectoral, lick around the areola, which was already hard from the teasing and started licking it softly once again provoking moans from Benjamin who was squirming on the floating bed. Adam moved his kisses to Ben's right armpit and through his arms and took his right hand on his. He planted kisses and suck each finger, then putted down and kissed the boy of his dreams on his lips once again.

"That was great" -- moaned Benjamin softly on Adam's ear. Adam sat on Ben's torso looking at the blond boy and rubbing his nipples.

"I love playing with your nipples and teasing them" -- said Adam.

"And I love when you do it".

Sitting on Ben's torso Adam could feel something pressing on his ass, "it seems like someone is excited" -- Adam said pinching Ben's nipples. He kisses Ben on the lips and planted kisses through the boy's body to his abs where he entered his tongue on his belly button. Then he kissed Ben's groin thru his pants and moved to his left leg stepping down from the floating bed and into the pool. He took Ben's left foot on his hands and started kissing the sole then licking and entering each finger on his mouth gently sucking it and making him some tickles. He planted kisses through his leg and back to his feet and pushed the bed around to get to Ben's side. He pulled himself up to get near his boy's ear and whispered to him "why don't we go back to your room and have some fun" then planted on kiss on his cheek.

"In a minute" whispered Benjamin back at Adam on his ear and kissed him.

Benjamin laid back on the floating bed and closed his eyes but Adam desperate to go up to the room pulled the bed and made it flip making Benjamin sink in the water.

"Oh yeah" -- came Ben from behind of Adam and pulled him under the water jokingly fighting in the pool but finally kissing each other hard on the lips.

The joined hands together and stepped out from the pool their wet bodies dripping water through their way inside the house. Ben got some towels and each boy dried himself before heading up to Ben's room. Shirtless and barefooted with only their swim trunks on the boys went upstairs to Benjamin's huge room, Adam took a look around and inside Ben's bathroom, there was a big shower with glass doors and a Jacuzzi.

"Seems like we are going to have loads of..." But Benjamin cut him by wrapping his arms around hi waist.

"Yes we are having loads of whatever you want" -- said Benjamin on his boy's ear followed by a kiss on his cheek.

Adam untied himself from Ben's arms and turned around to kiss him on the lips passionately stepping out from the bathroom. Adam pushed Benjamin to the wall and raised his arms holding them on top of his head and moving his mouth to his nipples driving Ben crazy once again. He took his left tit on his mouth and sucked on it making his cock grow to his full length. Ben got his hands out and turnover pushing Adam to the wall and holding his arms on top of his head.

"Let's find your hot spot" -- said Benjamin with a devilish look to Adam's eyes.

He started kissing his neck moving to his chest where he took his left nipple on his mouth and started sucking on it gently biting it provoking a yelp from Adam. "You like that" Benjamin moved to the other nipple and lick it and suck it then bite it getting another yelp. He moved though Adam's hot body planting kisses to his sexy abs where he licked inside his bellybutton and followed the trail of hairs that lead to his manhood. He took a hold of Adam's tights and rubbed them up and down entering the opening of his swim trunks and getting a hold of his nice ass cheeks, he kissed around his groin thru the swim trunks while rubbing Adam's ass cheeks, he brought his hands to the front inside the pants and started playing with the boy's pubic hairs and balls without making contact with his cock but making it erect to full size making Adam moan harder and harder every time his fingers rubbed his midsection.

Ben got his hands out of Adam's pants and opened the top button then the Velcro just to be surprised by the huge thing that popped out covered in some wet white briefs. He lowered the trunks and started kissing around the growing organ thru the soft material that was soon yanked down by Benjamin. Adam stepped out of the swim trunks and the briefs and was greeted by Ben's awaiting mouth that soon find his way around the long cock that was pointing at him. Adam pressed his hands on his sides on the wall watching his friend tease him by kissing around his cock and rubbing his balls but not making any contact yet with his cock. He putted the boy's balls on his mouth and gently sucked on them while moving his fingers to Adam's mid section making him squirm and moan in excitement. He got the balls out of his mouth and started licking underneath the boy between his legs driving him crazy making him bend. Adam moved his hands to Ben's head made him stop by pulling him up and kissing him again on the lips.

They kissed desperately making their way to the bed. Adam pushed Benjamin on it and moved his hands to the boy's trunk he opened the Velcro and slid the pants off him by raising his legs in the air and was greeted by Ben's huge organ. Benjamin sat on the edge of the bed and Adam got on his knees in front. He slowly moved his mouth to the awaiting organ and gently kissed the tip of it. He grabbed it with one hand and firmly and licked the pee hole making Ben moan. He licked it for a few seconds the slowly put it on his mouth gently taking it all and withdrew. Once again he did and started maintaining a rhythm sucking Ben's 6-inch rod. Benjamin layback resting on his elbows moaning excited while his pal sucked his cock nicely. He let his head wander around excited as if he was in other place. Adam was giving him a totally new feeling to his body that was sending shivers all through him.

Benjamin moved his hands to Adam's head and started playing with his hair pushing his mouth forward to his cock. Finally he pulled out and laid on top of Ben kissing and running their hands through their naked bodies Ben rubbing Adam's ass cheeks pressing their cocks together. They rolled around so Ben was now on top he lowered his kisses thought his body to his cock where he finally planted kisses all over it and put on his mouth for the first time. Adam bit his lips enjoying the sensation of being sucked and toyed with his nipples keeping himself excited while Ben sucked his cock like a pro his hands playing with Adam's balls and gently rubbing his finger through Adam's mid section which surely was he hot spot. Adam sat on the bed and Benjamin pulled out from his cock. They kissed and embraced on a tight hug.

"I love you babe" -- said Benjamin staring at Adam on the eyes.

"I love you too Ben, now make love to me".

He kissed Adam on the forehead, "I thought you'd never ask". Benjamin looked for a condom on his drawer and Adam helped him put it on. Adam then lay on the bed and Benjamin kneeled between his legs. Adam raised his legs and wrapped them around Benjamin who gently pushed his cock inside his lover's hole. Adam closed his eyes in ecstasy waiting for his lover to push all the way in; finally he did and it felt great. Ben established a tempo of entering him and withdrawing while he looked at Adam who bit his lips and closed his eyes moaning in pleasure. Ben kissed him on the lips and moaned with him till he was close to the edge. Adam took hold of his own cock and started jacking off till both boys came at the same time closing their eyes a letting out a big moan. Ben withdrew from Adam's ass and took the condom off. Both boys finished by jacking off till their last drops of cum were out of their cocks, then embrace on a hug and a kiss and lay on each other's side, Adam resting his head on Ben's chest gently rubbing his nipples.

"I think we should take a shower now" -- said Benjamin, and they did.

They entered the bathroom and headed to the shower, they kissed and soaped each other's body while the water cascaded through their hot bodies.

By: David Cross

I appreciate any comments or suggestions for chapter 2. Hope you like it.