The following story is a work of fiction. Mitchel Musso, Jimmy Bennett, and any celebrities mentioned here are real people, but they are treated as characters in this story. The text in no way implies any knowledge of the celebrities' true sexuality or actions, and it is not intended to suggest that the celebrities are straight, bisexual, or homosexual. This is from my imagination only; the events depicted here contain depictions of sexual acts with a minor and are fictional and should not be construed as fact. If you are underage in your location, please do not read.


Bennett's Backstage Bang

by hottcarter1987



I'm screamin' at you


Don't care enough to

Write you a letter

Now that I'm doin' better alone...


Jimmy Bennett grabbed his bulging crotch and licked the drool that threatened to drip from his full lips as he watched the stud on stage belt out his favorite song. In the dense crowd of the auditorium, no one noticed how hard he was, and he was able to squeeze his dick several times. The star of the TV series No Ordinary Family had been able to get tickets to this sold-out concert so that he could see the object of his masturbatory fantasies in person. Just because they were both popular teen stars and worked in and around Hollywood didn't necessarily mean they ran into each other.

On stage, a shirtless Mitchel Musso, formerly of Hanna Montana and currently starring on Disney XD's Pair of Kings, was prancing around and working the crowd. The sweat dripped from his shaggy black hair and ran down his nicely-built, tattooed chest. He wore very tight black jeans that left absolutely nothing to the imagination, and it was this was throwing Jimmy's adolescent sexual hormones into overdrive. It was amazing that he'd made it through the whole concert without losing a load of cum in his jeans. The song Mitchel was singing, "Hey," was his first release, and he was now closing the concert with it. Jimmy made up his mind he would meet his favorite stud backstage. It would make for an awesome jack-off later in the evening.

Mitchel finished the song, kissed two of his fingers of one hand, and extended his arm, flashing a peace sign. He then left the stage. Jimmy adjusted his dick so that the bulge was less noticeable and fought the crowd to get to the backstage area. He was so horny he couldn't stand it, and he knew he ran the risk off shooting off just being near Mitchel, but he was willing to take that risk. His masturbation sessions in his room late at night had become more and more intense as he watched videos of his idol on YouTube and on Disney, and when he found out that Mitchel's next concert would be near his house, he had to seize the opportunity to go. From the first song, his dick got hard, and he made up his mind to go backstage to meet Mitchel in person.

As he slipped past the security guards, Jimmy caught a glimpse of Mitchel with a towel around his neck, but he was surrounded by an entourage of people. The small crowd disappeared around a corner, so Jimmy followed. He was just in time to see Mitchel enter the small dressing room assigned him and shut the door. Jimmy swallowed hard, checked to be sure his bulge was under control, and made his way to the door. He paused, gathering the courage to knock. Jimmy had never been shy, but the idea of meeting Mitchel face-to-face was turning him into a school girl. What if he gave away the fact that he was gay? Maybe Mitchel didn't want to associate with a gay boy. Well, he thought, I guess I'll never know unless I met him.

As he reached up to knock, the door opened and the object of his fantasies stood in front of him wearing nothing but a towel. Mitchel Musso grinned and said, "I thought I heard somebody out here." Jimmy was speechless. Mitchel stood there still covered in sweat, his black hair in ringlets around his triangular face. His chest tattoos glittered under the sheen of perspiration. Jimmy caught the odor of marijuana as it drifted out of the room, and Mitchel's eyes were slightly bloodshot with red rings lining the bottom lids. "I recognize you," the music stud said to him. "You're on that show `bout the family with super powers. Fuckin'-A, man. C'mon in--Jimmy, ain't it?"

Jimmy stammered a bit in reply. "Uh, y-yes. J-Jimmy Bennett."

Mitchel stepped aside and allowed Jimmy to enter. The smell of pot was much stronger in the room. "Hope ya don't mind the weed, man," said Mitchel. "It helps me unwind after a show, ya know." Jimmy didn't know as he didn't indulge in the stuff himself. The odor was so thick, however, he thought he'd catch a contact buzz. Mitchel told him to have a seat and he grabbed what looked like a cigar off the dressing counter. Jimmy sat on the old couch and watched Mitchel light up, but the smell that came from the cigar was pot. Jimmy realized it was a blunt, a cigar leaf wrapped around an amount of marijuana. Mitchel sat beside him on the couch very closely with an arm behind him on the back of the couch. "Want some, man? It's good shit."

"Why not?" Jimmy said. He took the blunt from Mitchel and drew on it. Not having ever smoked pot, the TV actor's brain instantly tingled as he inhaled. He held the smoke, and the effect worsened.

"Must be your first time, boy," Mitchel said as he watched Jimmy cough a few times after releasing the smoke. He took the blunt back from the kid and drew on it.

The boys passed the weed between them until it was gone, and they talked about their respective careers. Jimmy was very relaxed. The pot had made him very high. Mitchel lit up a regular cigar and puffed on it while he talked. "Sounds like you're doin' good, man," Jimmy said slurring a bit. "Acting and singing. You got it made."

Exhaling a big cloud of smoke, Mitchel replied, "Yeah, but there's one thing you'd think I'd get in abundance that I don't get much of in reality."


"Pussy. Lots and lots of pussy."

Jimmy grinned, and his dick started to harden again after having gone down in the past several minutes. "I dunno, man," he said. "Sometimes you get lucky."

Mitchel grabbed his crotch, causing Jimmy's cock jump between his legs. "I've ridden some nice bitches," Mitchel said. "But nothin' regular. Mainly it was a matter of bustin' my nut up a nice cunt and leavin', y'know. Just a lay every now and then. But not nearly enough. I feel like I need pussy every night." Unexpectedly, he let go of his crotch and grabbed Jimmy between the legs. The boy froze, and Mitchel grinned. "I need some now, and you look like you want it."

"Uh...I...uh," Jimmy stammered.

Mitchel leaned close to Jimmy's ear and licked it lightly. "Don't worry. I've seen how you been lookin' at me since you walked in the door. I'll do it real good for ya. You a virgin."

"O-only to g-guys," Jimmy managed to say.

Mitchel squeezed the kid's bulge harder. "I normally like chicks, dude, but when you're horny, any hole will do. You ever had anything up that ass?"

"My finger and a dildo," Jimmy said in a voice barely above a whisper.

"Yeah? Ya want the real thing, baby?"

Jimmy's reply was nearly inaudible. "Oh, yeah..."

Mitchel grinned, the smoldering cigar jutting from his baby face. "All right, little dude. Get on your knees." Gently but firmly, he pushed Jimmy to the floor in front of him. "Take out my dick, baby. Let's party."

Jimmy gulped, not believing his fantasy was coming true. He pulled on the zipper of Mitchel's tight black jeans. The singer wasn't wearing any underwear, and his dick popped out into the open. "Wow," breathed Jimmy. "That's fuckin' big, dude." Mitchel smirked. Jimmy then turned his face to the door. "Maybe we'd better lock it, man, `fore someone catches us."

"Way ahead of ya," Mitchel replied. "I locked it after you came in."

Jimmy grinned, lust filling his body. He grabbed the monster cock in front of him. "How big is it?"

With a puff of smoke, Mitchel said, "Ten inches of pure fuck meat, baby. You ever sucked a dick?"

Stroking the big penis, the actor replied, "Couple of times. Stage hands on my show. Nothin' this damn big, though."

Mitchel bit into the cigar and grabbed the younger boy's head, a handful of silky brown hair in his hand. "Then you're overdue for a real man. Open that pretty mouth, whore. Suck it like a good bitch." He pushed hard on the kid's head, and Jimmy was instantly gagged with the nine-inch dick as it moved roughly past his tonsils and into his throat. He struggled violently, but Mitchel's grip on him was more than sufficient to keep him in place. "Don't fight it, you little fuck," said Mitchel relatively calmly. "You wanted it, and dammit, you're gonna get it." Still puffing his cigar, the Pair of Kings stud put his other hand on Jimmy's head and pushed harder. The entire length of his baby maker now slid inside, and poor Jimmy was choking helplessly as his lips met Mitchel's smooth pubes.

After a moment or two, Mitchel let his companion loose, and Jimmy gulped in air. He looked up at Mitchel with teary eyes. "Oh, fuck," he gasped out.

"You see how it is, Jimmy-boy?" Mitchel said with a lustful gleam in his eyes. "I'm the man. You're the bitch. And men always do what they want with their bitches. Now, you gonna be a good bitch and lemme do what I want to you?" He look a long drag of his cigar and blew the grey smoke directly into Jimmy's face.

The young actor breathed in the smoke, wiped his face, and nodded. "Yes, sir. I'll be your bitch."

Mitchel leaned back. "Right answer, whore." He held up his big cock. "Get to work, faggot. Daddy's dick needs s'more suckin'." Down went Jimmy's head, with Mitchel grunting in lust, as the hard penis rammed into his throat once again. The repeated up and down motions allowed Jimmy to become accustomed to having a dick in his gullet, and like the born cocksucker he was, he began to slurp as he took it. Mitchel's legs quivered in ecstasy. "Hot damn, boy!" he exclaimed as he finished his cigar. "No chick ever gave better head! Fuck!!" The pop idol started thrusting his thin hips up to meet the actor's face, pistoning into it with force. He alternated this with a slow fuck between Jimmy's succulent lips as jolts of carnal pleasure shot up and down his thick shaft. He ordered Jimmy to look at him while the boy sucked, and he stared at the wide, pleading eyes. "Y'know, I saw you lookin' at me at the concert. I knew from the way you stared at me that you were a first-class slut. And when I saw you grabbin' your junk, I knew where I was dumpin' my load tonight." Mitchel pulled the kid off his penis and barked, "Strip, motherfucker!"

Jimmy stood and quickly disrobed. His hard six-inch penis bobbed in front of him. Mitchel stood, his nine-incher standing perpendicular to his body from the open fly in his pants, and he grabbed Jimmy roughly. Spinning him around, Mitchel pushed him over the small table in front of the couch. "Bend over, bitch!" he yelled. Getting down on his knees, he parted Jimmy's ass cheeks and started licking the tight puckered muscle. Jimmy let out a loud moan, and Mitchel spanked his ass, his tongue penetrating the boy's anal ring. For the next several minutes, Jimmy's moans and whimpers mixed with the slurping sounds coming from his backside. The young actor started begging Mitchel not to stop and to go deeper, which the singer responded to readily.

When he thought enough was enough, Mitchel withdrew his tongue and said, "Get me another cigar, whore, and light it for me." Jimmy rose, went to the dressing table where there was a box of cigars, and got a thick, black one. Using a lighter next to the box, he lit it and puffed several times. Handing it to Mitchel, he bent over the table again. Mitchel spat in his hand and rubbed the saliva over the length of his horsecock and put the cigar between his teeth. "It's high time I bred your fuck hole, bitch," he grunted between puffs. "It's gonna hurt, but you're gonna take it, aren't ya?"

"Yes, sir," Jimmy replied, his voice becoming high-pitched with the erotic tension in the room.

"Fuck yeah, you'll take it," Mitchel said. "Been a long fuckin' time since I broke in a virgin--boy or girl." He placed the head of his cock against Jimmy's hole. "You want it?"

"Yes," Jimmy said in almost a whisper.

"What did ya say, pussy?" Mitchel taunted. He smacked Jimmy hard on the ass. "I didn't hear you!"

"I want it."

"One more time, faggot!" screamed Mitchell as he grabbed a handful of Jimmy's long brown hair. He pulled the boy's head back and held it. "Say it, you hot fuck!"

"FUCK ME!" yelled Jimmy.

"Oh, fuck yeah!!" Mitchel yelled back, and in one thrust, he buried his nine-inch dick deep into Jimmy's butt.

Jimmy Bennett wanted to scream badly, but the pain of penetration was so intense and so sudden that nothing came out of his mouth--despite the fact that his jaw dropped open and his eyes squeezed shut. He'd never felt such pain, even though he'd been using a dildo on his ass for the last six months. Mitchel's dong filled and stretched every inch of his boy pussy, and the head smashed into his love button. He could hear the stud grunting and cursing as his anal walls tightened around the hard penis, and he involuntarily squeezed it as it pulsed inside him. His voice came back suddenly, and a squeak emerged, followed by a weak, "Damn."

Taking the cigar out of his mouth for a moment, Mitchel leaned down to Jimmy's face, still holding it up. "How ya like that, fuck whore? Huh? How's it feel for me to rip away you're fuckin' cherry? Who owns your pussy now?"

"Y-you d-do," Jimmy managed to answer.

"Damn right, boy!" Mitchel screamed at him. "I like a slut who appreciates my big dick. I'm gonna fuck ya hard, bitch." He stood again and released his grip. Jimmy's head smacked against the table. Mitchel put his cigar back into his mouth, grabbed the younger boy's hips, and began to pummel him as hard as possible. He grunted and howled as he fucked into the boy, going harder with each thrust. "Shit! You're ass is like a fuckin' vise! I've fucked little girls that weren't this fuckin' tight! Hot damn!" He smacked Jimmy hard on the ass. "Makin' my dick feel good, Jimmy! Gotta hump you more often!!"

Jimmy laid on the table, moaning and groaning, and let Mitchel have his way with him. After the initial pain of penetration, the ache in his rectum faded and was replaced by pure pleasure. The length of Mitchel's nine-inch love muscle rocketed in and out of him, and each time it rammed into his prostate, jolts of ecstasy shot to his adolescent brain, and he moaned louder. "Fuck me, baby!" he managed to scream out. "I wanna be your bitch! I wanna be your fuck slut! Give it to me harder!!" He drooled all over the tabletop as Mitchel gave him what he wanted. The table shook and creaked as the two celebrities copulated, and the end where Mitchel stood rose several times and banged loudly on the floor as a result of the savage fuck.

"What a good bitch!" Mitchel yelled. "Hot damn, I like a whore that knows what he's good for!"

This went on for a long time. Both boys lost track of time. Eventually, Mitchel felt his balls tighten, and he thrust into Jimmy's pussy one last time. The singer lost the power of speech as his mammoth dick spurted several long ropes of his seed deep into the young actor, bathing his love tunnel in man juice. Mitchel had always been a strong cummer, and he'd knocked up several girls with his potency. In his perverted brain, he wished that this kid could be knocked up, and it turned him on even further than he already was.

Jimmy's cock was trapped between his crotch and the table, but it had remained hard throughout the fuck session. Now, as Mitchel emptied his nuts, Jimmy felt his orgasm start, and he yelled out, "Oh, fuck, I'm gonna cum!"

Mitchel quickly pulled out, his cock still shooting, and rolled Jimmy on his back. "Give me your shit, motherfucker!" The moment the kid was on his back, Mitchel engulfed the six-inch tool with his mouth, and Jimmy screamed as he ejaculated several globs of his boy cum. Mitchel slurped down every drop of Jimmy's load without any escaping his thin lips. The hot adolescent semen warmed his throat and stomach, and he sucked it until the hard tool was glistening with spit.



After dressing, Mitchel lit a fresh cigar and gave one to Jimmy, who accepted it. They lounged on the couch for awhile, smoking and rubbing up against each other. Both of their cocks were still semi-hard, but they didn't do anything more than light foreplay and talk filthy to each other for a while. Mitchel told Jimmy that whenever he was around, he'd always call the boy up for a fuck. Jimmy agreed, letting Mitchel know he would always be his bitch. With his cigar clenched in his teeth, Mitchel unzipped Jimmy's pants and said, "Then let's get naked again and seal the deal."

They ended up fucking for hours.