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Big Bad Wolf

Chapter 1


It seems to be that all good things begin with something awful. My name is Mason `Mace' Grant and life has continued to throw me curve balls. When I was 15 years old my mother passed away from complications with cancer and my father found himself mentally unstable to take care of me. While he ended up in a mental institution I found myself left alone. I was informed by the officials reviewing my case that my grandmother was now my legal guardian until I reached the age of 17. So I was adopted by the mother's mother, my grandma Marilyn. She was sweet and gentle, as well as strong and tough. I finished off the remainder of my junior year in Windsor, but had to move with Grandma Marilyn back to her home in Beacon Hills over the summer break.


Now I always had thought myself a good student, but it wasn't until I had moved that I realized just how good I was. When my grandma and I took my transcripts to the high school we were informed that apart from the elective classes that were required for my major I was to begin college classes. This was mind blowing. 16 years old and going to high school and college at the same time. To save on money it was agreed that I would do online classes. My major was art, fine art to be exact.


Living with a grandma like mine, she indulged me in every way possible, but I never let it grow to disrespect. I knew the rules of her house, which was technically titled a manor. We always treated each other with dignity and she made sure that I knew I was loved, wanted, and perfect the way I was. She knew I was gay and never thought twice about it, she just reminded me that she loved me and that there was nothing wrong with who I was.


Like I said grandma's house is a manor, Rosemount Manor and it lies on the outskirts of Beacon Hills. It is a beautiful two story Victorian, a large front porch with a sizable back yard that goes off into the trees and local forest. There are four rooms, two on the bottom and two on the top. Grandma's room is upstairs, while she gave me full run of the lower half. We even converted the one room into a studio space for my work. Things were finally getting back to normal, it was a few weeks before my senior year was to begin, but as I said life continued to throw curve balls. Despite all the good my grandma did, the one thing she kept to herself was her health.


It happened sometime in the middle of the night. The autopsy report revealed a fatal heart attack. I was told that she died in her sleep, a peaceful death. It was after this that a wave of paperwork and representatives came. A few days after her quiet funeral a man in his late forties came to the manor. He was dressed in a clean navy blue suit, with salt and pepper hair and a mustache that looked to big for his face.

"Good day are you Mason Grant?"

"I am, who are you?"

"My name is Len Moore and I represent the estate of your grandmother Marilyn Bradley. If I could have a few moments of your time."

"Sure, come in. Would you care for some iced tea or lemonade?"

"Oh thank you. Some lemonade would be great."


So I poured him and myself a glass and we sat in the dining room. I rarely came in here anymore. It just seemed to vacant to sit in by myself. He thanked me as I set his glass down in front of him.


"So before I begin I want to express my sincere apologies for your loss. Marilyn was a good friend of mine, she always raved about you. You would spend summers with her here, correct?"

"Yeah that's right. Thank you. I miss her very much."

"Me too. Now I have been informed by the courts that in light of the situation and how close you are to being 17, they have closed the legal guardian case. You are considered a responsible adult in their eyes, willing and able to take care of yourself."

"Well that's good, I guess."

"Yes. So I have with me Marilyn's Last will and testament. I was appointed her representative to explain to you what happens to her assets in the event of her death. Shall we begin?"

"Sure." I was less than thrilled. This made things feel all to final.

"I Marilyn Ann Bradley of sound mind do entrust all my assets to my grandson Mason Grant. This includes Rosemount Manor, my 1973 Caprice, and all the funds in my bank account. Your grandmother told me to give this to you."


He handed me an envelop and as I gently took the letter and opened it, there was a map of the house with a red X marked in the closet upstairs. I wondered what I was suppose to find. As I folded up the paper to let Mr. Moore finish he informed me that with the remaining bills and funeral costs, the remaining assets came close to $23,000 that was entrusted to me. This was a lot to take in at the moment and Mr. Moore understood. He finished reading the will, telling me that the manor was mine, as my grandpa had paid it off a few years before he died. On his way out Mr. Moore shook my hand and told me that he hopes everything goes well. There really wasn't anything else he could say and I understood. After closing the door I sat back down in the dining room, looking over the paperwork, when I remembered the map grandma had left. I opened the letter back up and followed it upstairs into the spare room. This was a storage room, filled with totes of Halloween and Christmas decorations, among other things. I turned and went to the closet where the map instructed. After removing a few boxes I noticed a small red X on the back wall. The wall had a small cut out in it and as I removed the small door like cover it revealed a large hat box. I pulled the box out and noticed a small piece of paper taped to  the lid. I knew instantly that it was grandma's handwriting.


`Dearest Mace. I'm sorry we didn't get to spend more time together. Regardless of all the pain you have experienced, you have turned out to be an amazing man. I am proud to have been your grandma. Now I'm sure you met with Mr. Moore, the money left in my account is from your grandfather. He liked banks, while I on the other hand do not trust them. In this box is more than enough to keep you happy. I trust you will keep the manor looking its best and remember that no matter how hard things get or how alone you may feel, that I will always be by your side. Love Grandma Marilyn.'


I picked up the box, feeling its weight in my arms and carried it downstairs to the dining room. I was a little nervous as I removed the lid, feeling like I was trying to defuse a bomb. When the light hit the contents I was shocked to see neat stacks of Franklins looking back at me. There was indeed more than enough money, but a flood of pain hit me as I realized that this was an exchange. I had more money than I could want and no one to share it with. I quickly put the lid back on the box and filed the paperwork away. The hat box went into my room, in my closet, and as I slid the door closed all I wanted to do was hide away from the world.


The remaining weeks went by grey haze. Despite from the pain I kept up on my school work. I knew that grandma would want me to continue and not fool around. It was my first day at Beacon Hills high as a senior and little did I know just how crazy things were going to get.


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