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Big Bad Wolf

Chapter 11


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Walking back seemed to take longer than normal, lost in my thoughts about what I had did to him. All this time I should have protected him by staying by his side, instead I drove him away. In the hospital he said he didn't hate me, but when our eyes met all I saw was rage. I love him, I wanted to touch him, hold him and let him know that everything was going to be alright, but he asked me to leave. My greatest joy, my one true mate, I threw him away and now he resents me.


When I got back to my place I called Scott and Stiles and told them what happened. The two decided to clean the manor and pick him up in the morning. I checked on him every day, and every evening making sure he was alright. I knew he was being tormented by my actions so I decided to take a chance. I saw him sitting on his bed listening to a sad song, even his breathing sounded troubled. Making sure he heard me walk up to the window I stopped when our eyes met. I felt broken when I saw the emptiness in his gaze. He looked down before I began to speak so I spoke from the heart and took the blame for everything. It wasn't his fault, the fault was mine and mine alone. When I finished I knew he wasn't going to say anything so I walked away. I hope you can forgive me my love, though I don't deserve it.


The next night I saw him enter the studio and uncover a painting, thinking maybe he was one the mend, but before he picked up the brush he started to cry and kicked the canvas over screaming at it, crying and cursing, aiming all his anger, rage, and heartache at the piece of cloth stretched across the wood frame. "Why...why have you done this to me...wasn't I good enough..." he hollered. He picked up a jar of turpentine and hurled it against the wall before turning out the light and going to sleep. When he would sleep I could hear scream out my name in agony. "This is my punishment for hurting my mate, watching him suffer and not being able to help." I thought.




Listening to Derek walk away, each step becoming a new scar within, was crushing me, gawd how I wanted to just run after him, to hold him, to let him hold me, but my body told me, `No'. After everything I was still so upset, hurt, and mentally bruised. Two minutes is a long time to be dead, it has a way of bringing things into focus. Should I forgive him, should I let it all go, should I go back with him, will he hurt me again, will he break my heart once more?


I tired my best to pick up what was left of me, but I honestly didn't know what was left. I felt torn in ten different directions. I'm not going to lie to myself and say I don't still love Derek, but the sting of his actions is all I could feel. I missed painting but every time I picked up a brush all I wanted to do was paint his portrait. I risked sleeping even though all I saw was his eyes and his smile. When I would dream it was of him, and I would wake up screaming, calling out for him, but he was never there. I missed his touch and his smell, no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get away from his scent.


After a few days I made my way out into town to go grocery shopping. I could hear some of the whispers, it had been circulated around that I was injured and became sick. Some people pretended not to look at my still bandaged wrists, while others simply stared. It kind of got to me, but I remained strong and made it through. I figured if I could make it past these last few months I could take on the world, but then I remembered I almost didn't.


The evening had set in, the sky lit up in oranges and yellows. The scent of turpentine was in the air as I cleaned up the broken jar I'd tossed against the wall the night before. After cleaning up the glass I made my way out the back and decided against my better judgment to take a walk, to make a half assed attempt at clearing my mind, knowing that this was a risk. I left my shoes in the manor, feeling the grass and dirt under my heels. The smell of pine and fresh air filled my nose as I stepped over roots and passed along the foliage of the forest. Running my fingers over the bark trying to find some sense of what I have become as I sat down with my back against the tree's husk. I had my arms wrapped around my chest when there came a sound that caught my attention in the distance. His blue eyes were a dead giveaway, then a low moan as the ebony wolf took a few steps in my direction. Interesting turn of events, before it was I who was afraid to approach him, and now it's been flipped. Very slowly he came my way until his muzzle was a few inches from my forehead. His eyes looked sad as he lowered his head and pulled his ears down. I felt my eyes well up at this display.


"Why did you have to hurt me, why did you have to bring me back, I can't focus anymore Derek. All I see is your face and it's crushing me because a part of me loves you, but there is another side that wants you to feel my pain." A low whimper could be heard, but I couldn't will myself to be this close to him anymore. I pushed his snout away and stood up walking back to the manor, lightly sobbing. When I hit the back door a deep howl echoed though the trees, breaking me down even more. As I curled into bed there was an uncomfortable silence in the room, but in my mind all I heard was his howl, his cry to the heavens. What have I done, how is this healing me, is my goal now to be bitter and try to break him, what have I become? I thought before falling asleep.




He pushed me away, have I lost him, have I lost that jewel that brought the glimmer to my eyes? I ran though the trees, losing focus, making my way back to my small home letting my body phase into my human form. I slumped down in my chair, "my Mason what have I done...what have I done?"




 It was around 9 pm Friday night that I got a strange and incredibly odd idea, I wanted to go dancing. This was completely out of character, but I needed a change of scenery. Regardless of how much I love the manor it had in a way become my prison. I called Scott and asked if he knew of any spots that let in minors, he said yeah there was a little club down on main called The Blu Orchid. I asked if he wanted to come, which he did. About a hour later we met outside the front doors. Scott and Stiles had brought their girlfriends, it was nice to see them with their partners but I'll be honest, there was a little prick of jealously.




I sat looking out the window when my cell rang, it was Stiles

"Hello Stiles."

"Look I know you love Mace and for whatever reason he loves you, we're all going to the Blu Orchid. This is probably going to be your last chance, don't fuck it up."


"And Derek."


"Don't hurt him again."

He hung up and all I could do is think about how much I wanted to kick him in the ass for talking to me like that, and then hug him for the advice. I quickly got dressed and got into my car, driving as fast as I could to the little night spot.




We all went inside, the girls ran to the bathroom real quick, while Scott ordered a few sodas. I made my way to the dance floor which was already packed. The lights were flashing different colors, and the music was thumping, it was already a blast. I just did what came natural and moved my body, listening to the popular music. Soon enough Stiles joined me and Scott finally appeared with the girls and we all formed a circle of moving bodies. We'd been dancing for about twenty minutes before the DJ spoke up. "Yo yo yo we have a request, this might be before some of ya'lls time but here we go." It took only a few cords and I knew the song.


`There's a change in pace

Of fantasy and taste

Do you like good music?

Do you like to dance? Oh yeah.

Hangin' out for a body shop at night

Aint it strange what we do to feel alright? Oh yeah.

So when will you call?

I'm experienced. Oh Yeah.'


I couldn't believe it, but before I got too excited I spotted him making his way towards me. I went to turn, but Stiles of all people stopped me. "Don't run...just dance." I'm not sure why those words hit me the way they did, but I didn't run. I just kept dancing, listening to Billy Idol's badass voice. I moved my hips and head back and forth, causing my hair to come undone which I ignored. I could feel a body come from behind, that familiar scent, those strong hands and arms wrapped around my hips. Our bodies seemed to become one, swaying back and forth.

"I remembered you liked this song." He whispered in my ear, his voice was caring and apologetic. I turned in his arms, so that we were like Billy said, face to face. "I remember what we did during this song." I gave him a wicked smirk.

"Mace I'm so sorry."

"No not now." He looked down, pained, and was about to drop his hands and leave but I held on as tight as I could. "Hey I want to dance and have fun, we can have that serious talk later. Now lets groove before they play some horrendous bubble gum music that causes us to get diabetes."

"Sounds good to me."

I watched as he took off his jacket and asked Scott if he could keep an eye on it. I let my eyes roam, the tighter than necessary grey shirt clung to his body. I recognized it, it was the shirt I bought him for Christmas. "Your shirt it tighter than I remember."

"Yeah I dried it on accident, I could take it off if you like."

"Oh don't tempt me." This back and forth felt good, it was honest and natural, almost as if the last few months didn't happen.

"Here, let me have your hand?" I placed my hand in his as he reached into his pocket pulling the bracelet out. "This belongs to you, regardless of what happens this is yours."

I couldn't help but smile and gently nod feeling the familiar leather braid against the bandaged skin.


A new song had started, it was actually a top favorite of mine, Push It by SaltNPepa. I let my hands travel down his muscled arms and rocked into his hips as his took hold of my backside and made sure there was no space between the two of us. As we drifted and fluttered into each others bodies I glanced over to Stiles and Scott who were watching the two of us, Stiles' girlfriend had to yell for me to hear her.

"You two make the cutest couple, he can't keep his eyes off you."

Derek looked down at me with a serious expression, I knew he felt like shit and frankly I wasn't going to fight anymore. What was the point and what was the alternative? I could tell he was already suffering, was I going to throw him away, be vengeful and say you did it to me. Is that how you treat someone you love? Then I realized I do love him, love him more than all the pain, love him enough to forgive him.


I was lost in thought when I felt him gently release me bringing my attention back to him, I still held tight. He must've understood that I didn't want him to leave. I watched as he leaned down and bravely put his lips on mine. Like a shot of liquid fire his kiss went straight to my core and ignited my heart. It was as if all the pain was washed away. I moved my arms around his back and pulled him tight, our tongues shaking hands like old friends. As I pulled back I lightly bit my lip. "Well you certainly have your color back" Stiles yelled. I blushed now as more than a few people were staring. I leaned over to whisper in Derek's ear, "I do forgive you." When I looked into his eyes all I saw was an honest happiness.


About midnight we were making our way outside, me and the girls shared a hug as did Scott and Stiles. As they left I turned to see Derek waiting for me by his car. I knew what was coming and I knew it was important in order for us to move forward. He opened the door for me and proceeded to drive me home. As we got to the manor we walked together up the stairs. I unlocked the door and invited him inside. We went to my room, I laid on the bed, while he remained standing.

"So are you ready to talk." I was nervous, but determined. He nodded,

"Mason I want you to know I will never hurt you like that again. I know you said you forgive me and I am trying to understand why you would, but I am grateful that you did. What I said to you in the car after the attack was the exact opposite of how I feel about you. I love you Mason, you are my mate for life. When I saw you in the tub it felt like someone had tore my heart out and all I could do is sit and watch. Then when we were in the hospital all I wanted was to kiss you and fix what I had did wrong, but I knew you didn't want that. You have every right to be angry with me. I caused you to give up on art and college, I've hurt you so bad. I wish there was a deeper word for sorry because it just doesn't seem to cut it." He sat down next to me watching me as I processed what he said. I was quiet for a moment then I took a deep breath,

"Derek I love you as well, I have no desire to try and find another boyfriend. You hurt me, you really did but I don't have the energy to hate you. You've given me so much, more than I can ask, and more than you know. Though we do need to have an understanding. What happened will never occur again, I am with you until we breathe our last breath and no RA or witch or vampire or whatever may crawl out of the abyss will change that. I am with you side by side."

He was looking at me the entire time I spoke, his eyes reddened.

"If you asked me, I would light the world on fire for you, sit back and watch it burn. I couldn't imagine you anywhere else than by my side as my equal."


He interlaced his fingers with mine and we just laid back. I was still tired but as I looked over at him, he was staring at my bandage, a pained expression on his face, I started to feel something else. I missed his touch, our sweat mixed together, him running his fingers through my hair, smelling me, making me feel like I was the only person who mattered, setting my body aflame with his kiss. I could feel my lips begin to heat up and then my cheeks. Derek suddenly looked in my eyes, his the color of the Maldives, "Even though I don't have to ask, I'm going to. What are you thinking about that has you so flushed?" I reached over sliding open my window to let in some air as the room had begun to heat up. Without saying anything I lifted up, straddling his hips, he leaned up taking off his jacket and shirt. I ran my hands down his pecks and stomach, bending down to lightly place a kiss on each nipple, making my way up his throat and finally resting on his lips. The scratch of his stubble only filled me with more lust, I nibbled on his bottom lip, sucking on it like a pacifier. "Will you help me take my shirt off?"


"Not that I am complaining, but are you sure you want to do this?" The look I gave him must have been a mix of disbelief and hunger, a look he was familiar with. "You told me before pheromones never lie. But if you need the ego boost, yes I want to do this my king." "Your King, I like that." He said this with a sliver of conceit. "Now can you help me with my shirt please." He gently pulled my shirt up and over my head, being careful to avoid my wrists. He looked at my body,

"I miss your curves."

"Give it a few weeks they'll be back." I slightly giggled

"That's good to hear."

I unbuckled his belt and the top button of his jeans, sliding his zipper down, to see he wasn't wearing underwear. I glanced up a little surprised, "You devil." He just sat back smiling running his hands up my shorts touching my thighs. I got off the bed and he proceeded to stand up as well and pull his shoes and pants off. I went to slide my shorts and briefs down but was stopped by a pair of hands, "Here let me help you." He slid them down, playfully biting my ass as I stepped out. "Are you trying to leave your mark?" I said glancing down over my shoulder. He stood back up, "Well it's mine isn't it." "Oh...it is."


We got back into bed and he made his way on top of me, "you're so beautiful Mason." It was strong yet delicate at the same time. He ran his fingers down my cheek and over my mouth, which I opened and lightly sucked on his thumb. Releasing a moan feeling him grind his shaft into me. "I want you so bad it hurts." He pulled his thumb free as I tilted my head back, letting him suck on my neck. "Right there Derek." He nursed on my jugular, nipping at the skin, just enough to let me feel his teeth. When he lifted up I took a deep breath and came down from the clouds.


As I opened my eyes there he was looking down at me, "are you ready?" He had a determination in his voice. I nodded as he lightly spit on his hand and worked himself in between my thighs. The pressure of his shaft I'd forgot about, I bit down on my lip as he pushed inside me. He waited until I got adjusted and proceeded with caution. When he was finally all the way inside me all I could do was bury the back of my head in the pillow and pull at the sheets. "Holy shit, keep going Derek don't stop, please don't stop." "Never." He kept thrusting and grunting, soon his face began to change a small fraction, his sideburns grew as did his teeth, "my wolf-man how I missed you." "I missed you too." With every pass he swelled within me, I lifted as he leaned down and our lips met, his sharp teeth only turning me on even more.

"I love your wolf side." I moaned out between kisses.

"I can tell. I'm close Mace, I'm really close." He was panting, sweating.

"Lean closer to me." He did and as I took my tongue and licked up his peck, tasting his sweat it seemed to push him even further. "Better than chocolate."


He kept pumping and soon I could feel him begin to tense up. "I'm cumming." He hit my prostate and continued to poke and prod until I realized I was cumming as well, without being touched. I pulled him into me as he released his seed deep inside. As we came down from our connected high  he pulled out of me. As he laid down next to me we just stared at each other, the post orgasmic glow shining bright. "Can you hand me my shirt, I need to clean up my mess." "Sure" Derek reached over onto the floor and proceeded to wipe the both of us off. "That was incredible." "It still is."


At one point we fell asleep, I slipped into dream land. I saw Derek walking away like he had before. "Derek please don't leave me." He stopped and turned, coming back. I looked into his eyes, he looked down, "I am sorry that I hurt you my mate." "It's okay." "No it isn't I will find a way to make it up to you." "You already have, you stopped and came back. I love you my wolf-man." "I love you too Mason."




I woke to the sound of Mason calling out to me. The strain in his voice was all to familiar, but before I woke him he continued to talk. Saying that he loved me. The moon was partially out and as I looked at his face instead of there being tears there was a smile. I guess his nightmares were finished. I still didn't know how I got so lucky with him.




I woke up against the wall, and I wasn't alone. I looked down and saw a familiar arm wrapped around me. The sound of Derek's light snore filled my ears. I could feel down in the nether region his morning wood poking me in my backside. I figured I have waited for a while to have him all to myself I might as well make the most of it. As I wiggled and adjusted so that his prick was between my cheeks I realized he wasn't snoring anymore, but lightly growling, not a angry growl, but more of a lustful growl.

"You know this is the best way to wake me up in the morning. No coffee or food, I want this for breakfast."


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