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Big Bad Wolf

Chapter 2


Today was the first day as a senior and as I looked in the mirror at my reflection I saw the effects the recent stress had had on me. There were light purple circles under my brown eyes. My skin was the color of a light toffee, but recently turned a shade of olive, standing at 5'9" and weighting close to 240 lbs. I was what some would call curvy, husky, fat, whatever. I called myself happy and content, too busy to deal with the current health kicks. I liked to go swimming and or go on long walks, but it isn't so I would lose weight. I did this to keep moving, to keep from getting stagnant. I kept clean shaved, with a faint jaw line, and black hair that reached between my shoulder blades. I thought of myself as an average Joe kind of guy.


I drove grandma's car to school. I had had my drivers license for a while, but rarely drove. I figured if I needed something I could go walk to get it, unless it was really far away. As I pulled up to the parking lot I chose a spot close to the art department. This was where I was to remain for the year. I locked up and headed to find my class. Studio Art for Seniors was my main class. Ms. Johnson was my teacher. She is a short, stubby woman, full of life and compassion. When I introduced myself she smiled.

"You're Marilyn's grandson, aren't you?"

"Yes." Surprised and saddened at the same time.

"We use to go to the same knitting club. She was a great lady. I will miss her. How are you doing?"

"Everyday is a little easier."

"You live in Rosemount Manor?"

"Yeah I inherited it."

"Wow you're not going to sell it are you?"

"Oh no. I love the manor, that's my home."

"Good. I like the manor, don't want to see it disappear. Now that we have gotten to know each other a little, I was informed that you are in college classes as well, but you have me all day, everyday."

I smiled at this, "Yeah, hope I won't be a bother."

"No not at all. Your assignment will be different than the other students. I want you to work. Just continue to create. This is how it will be in college as well as graduate school, if you decide to go. You can choose your materials. Do what you want, I will be here if you need help. And every few weeks we will have a review of your work thus far. How does that sound?"

"Sounds like fun. I'd better get started."


My work had taken a darker turn than I`d expected, but it was beautiful nonetheless. I chose to do large scale drawings, concealing plus size figures with masks, eyes blacked out, hidden from the world. Ms. Johnson would come by, surveying my sketches. She when to the large bookcase and pulled out a few helpful references, William Blake, Francisco Goya, and Eugene Delacroix. All three artists I was familiar with and realized that their work would help guide me. Their rich blacks and broken forms really interested me.


This was how the first few weeks in school went. I was working on multiple paintings, but my routine changed when Ms. Johnson came and found me, informing me that the assistant principle wanted to have a conversation with me. I put my brushes down, cleaned my hands as best as I could, but noticed that they were still covered in black and burnt umber. I walked out and headed into the administration office. Wearing my paint shirt and shorts, I was less than presentable. I made my way through the labyrinth of cubicles and found my way to the office of the assistance principle Mr. Harris. I noticed he had another man in his office, as well as a young man, skin color close to mine, with brown hair, and eyes to match. He looked rather athletic, probably a jock. I knocked on the door frame getting the attention of all three men.

"Aww Mr. Grant come in. I apologize for interrupting your work but we were hoping to get your help."

"Sure, what do you need?"

"Well this is Coach Finstock and this young man is Scott McCall. I asked you here to see if you would be willing to tutor Scott here in English, a subject that is required to remain a varsity athlete."

"I don't see why not. What times are best?"

This time Scott answered, "Anytime after practice."

"Alright where do you want to meet?"

The coach chimed in, slightly more cocky than I would have prepared. "Well how about your manor."

I kind of glanced at him with a soured expression.

"Sure. Scott you know where the manor is?"

"Yeah I jog past it in the morning. Thank you, but are you sure you can do this?"

"Yes it's no problem. I'll see you later today Scott."


Mr. Harris and Coach Finstock thanked me and Scott shook my hand. I turned to leave, going back to class to continue my work. The remainder of the day seemed to breeze by and as I made my way out Ms. Johnson waved farewell. When I got home, I checked the mail and made sure the house was clean. After putting a few things away I took a shower. I had just finished brushing my teeth and drying my hair when the doorbell rang. Making my way to the door I could see not one figure, but two. As I opened the door I saw two smiling faces, one was Scott's the other was unknown.

"Hey Mason this is my friend Stiles, he is in my English class and kind of needs the same kind of help if you don't mind."

Stiles spoke up, "We could pay you, you could be our knowledgeable pimp."

This made me laugh out loud as I let the two in and make my way to the dining room.

"That would mean that you two are my hoes, no don't worry about it. I don't mind tutoring. But be careful I keep my pimp hand strong."

That got both guys to laugh.

"I'm sorry for Stiles, he can be a handful."

"No it's good, I haven't laughed in a while. It makes me feel some what normal."

"Yeah I heard about your grandma, everyone did really. She was an inspiration to a lot of people. "

"Yeah she was." I said.

We made our way to the dining room, where I asked if they were thirsty. Stiles sat down, as did Scott.

"I'll take a beer if you got it."

"Okay so apple juice in a sippy cup for Stiles and how about you Scott, Iced Tea, water, Lemonade, soda?"

"What, a sippy cup."

"I'll take some Iced Tea." said Scott.

"Okay, Stiles?"

"I'll take a soda."

I got them their drinks and sat down so that I was facing the two as they pulled out their paperwork. The two produced the same assignment, but required different research. Scott sipped his tea and began to explain what they needed.

"We have to do a research paper on a classic novel of our choosing. I chose Jane Eyre and Stiles, have you decided yet?"

"I'm torn between Twilight and Sweeney Todd."

"Wow. I think you should pick Twilight. It will appeal to your sensibilities."

"Ouch, pimp why you got to be so mean?"

I started to laugh again.

"No seriously you should choose Sweeney Todd. It was good, dark, but very good."

"I will do what ever you say kemosabe."

I rolled my eyes as I smiled.

"Now what exactly do you guys need help with?"

Scott spoke up, "We need help with paper organization and structure. We have to read the novels and give a response back, whether it be positive or negative, though the teacher said we would get extra credit if we did both. I'm not sure if Stiles is going to, but I need all the credit I can get. I don't want to get dropped from the lacrosse team, it means everything to me."

"Well not to worry I will help you guys as much as I can. Your both in luck actually, I've read both books. So if you try to cheat, Stiles, I will know."

"Hey come on, you don't think I would..."

"Yes you would." Scott said before Stiles even got a chance to complete his statement.

" I was kidding. I trust you both to do the work. As long as you two read the books, this paper should be a breeze."


We shared small talk for another hour before they headed home. They gave me their opinion about the town, different spots to go to and others to avoid. Apparently the two are both going steady with very nice girls. It never even sparked my mind until they said something. They both looked a little too young for my tastes, but I would enjoy being their friend. I was in thought when Stiles asked a question.

"What about you Mace, any special girl in your life?"

This brought a deviant smile to my face.

"I don't date girls."

Stiles looked confused, while Scott smiled understanding what I meant.

"Oh so your a cougar kind of guy."

"No...I'm a guy kind of guy."

The look on his face was priceless as the light bulb finally flicked on.

"Oh okay cool with us, we know a few gay guys at school, apart from you...maybe we could."

"You forget Stiles...I'm the pimp. No in truth I'm not really looking. I have to focus on school first. I'm sure the two of you understand."

Scott spoke up, "Yeah we do. So I noticed your back yard connects to the forest. It's amazing."

"Yeah I've been taking long walks out there the last few nights. It's peaceful."

"I'll bet it is."


It was around this time that they said that they should be on their way out. It was getting late and as they thanked me for my help I told them that it was no problem. When they pulled out of the driveway I locked the front door and pulled on my chucks. Sliding the back door open I made my way out, heading towards the forest. I followed the path and weaved through the large redwoods. Some of the trees had rather large trunks, a beautiful brick red color, getting deeper as dusk was setting in.


I'd been out for thirty minutes listening to the birds, smelling the fresh scents of wild flowers and the nearby stream. As I turned to make my way back home I heard some rustling behind me deep in the maze of trees. Figuring it was a deer or a raccoon I quickened my pace, not wanting to disturb them. The sound was getting closer to me and as a branch snapped a few few away I stopped in my tracks and hesitated to turn around. As I slowly turned my body I came to face something I never thought would be lurking in my back yard. Looking into the icy blue eyes of a larger than normal black wolf. His teeth were bared and as I backed up against a nearby tree the wolf was closing the space between us. I slowly sat down, letting the wolf see that I was no threat. I sat with my legs close to my chest watching the wolf step closer, now only a few feet away. His growl was low but still frightening.

"Listen wolf I mean you no harm. I would never hurt a beautiful creature such as yourself."

As I said this he closed the distance between us and just stood there looking at me. I remained where I was and continued to glance his way until the last stare I saw something strange. It happened so quick that I almost thought it didn't happen at all. There was a shift where the wolf's head was at, it shifted revealing a slight human like face. I took another look, but just found myself staring at a large wolf. I thought I must have been seeing things, but then it happened again only this time it was slightly longer.

"You're something else, aren't you. Not completely wolf."


The wolf's eyes widened just a fraction. He started to growl once more, but as I put my hands out as an action to calm him down I noticed he abruptly stopped.

"Your secret is safe with me wolf-man. I hope to see you again, but I need to go home."


I got to my feet and walked backwards to the manor, all the while seeing those icy eyes watching me. As I got to my yard I turned around and briskly walked inside and locked the door. Before I drew the curtain  I noticed in the distance two eyes peering through the trees. I smiled and out of sheer stupidity I waved as if he was a long lost friend. That night, even though I was still scared, I got the greatest inspiration for a new piece. I spent a large amount of the night drawing in my sketchbook. It was around 3 in the morning when I got to sleep.


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