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Big Bad Wolf

Chapter 3


I woke in the morning feeling energized and excited to get to work, but couldn't help but think about what lies within the woods. At school I remained in my studio space and continued to paint. The day went well enough, got a late lunch, even grabbing some for Ms. Johnson to which she thanked. At the end of the day I cleaned my brushes and made sure my paint was covered out of the sunlight. The drive home was quiet and as I pulled up in the driveway I spotted another car. Scott's car to be exact. They were waiting on the porch as I made my way towards them.


"Hey Mace, practice was canceled so we showed up early if that's alright."

"Yeah no problem, just let me clean up and we can begin. Are you guys hungry by the way?"

Stiled chimed in, "Always."

"How does pizza sound?"

"Sounds great." Scott smirked

"Okay well order what you guys want and have them send it here while I take and shower and clean this paint off. My treat."

"Are you sure?" Scott said, not noticing Stiles was already on the phone ordering.

I smiled and looked over to Stiles, "You eat what you order."


I made my way to my bathroom, wrapped in a robe when Scott rounded the corner. Hey before you shower is there anything you want?

"A small cheese pizza with white sauce. Thanks."


I went in and took a quick shower, scrubbing my hair and body with a lavender treatment. When I dried off and changed into a black v-neck and grey shorts I found Stiles and Scott arguing about something. I had just finished brushing my hair, leaving it down when I stepped into the dining room.


"What is the problem guys?"

Scott spoke, "I was just telling Stiles that he needs to remember that he is a guest in your house, not to take advantage of your hospitality, and to not act like a pig."

Stiles replied, "I was not being a pig I was just getting comfortable. No worries Scott."

"Don't worry guys. If I felt you were being rude I would have asked you to leave. Now Stiles what's the damage, how much did the bill come to?"



The pizza came after a few minutes and when it arrived I noticed that Stiles had ordered a large for both him and Scott along with hot winds and cheese sticks. I smiled to myself as he began opening the box before I even paid the delivery guy. After I handed the cash over to the guy, along with a good tip I made my way to the kitchen. To my surprise Scott was pulling out plates for the three of us. After getting our share of food we sat down and ate.

"So guys did you do any reading?"

Both chimed in with a mouth full of food. "Yes."

They told me what they had read and were kind of excited to write, but still in the dark for the most part. I knew deep down they didn't want to read, but were appealing to my better side. I couldn't help but have some fun.

"You both are the worst liars I have ever been around, and I've seen my share. I can look into your eyes and I know you don't want to do the assignment."


They both looked down with guilty expressions.

"It's alright you guys, trust me there are many times where the last thing I want to do is write another research paper. But you can do it. Alright."

"Damn he's better than Oprah", Stiles said.

"You better recognize", as I said this I couldn't help but laugh as Scott chuckled.


So we finished up eating and began discussing what was read. Scott had a good chunk of Jane Eyre down, but was still on the fence about whether he is enjoying it or not. Stiles on the other hand repeated that his book was slightly boring.

"It is in the beginning, just wait till you get to the meat pies and the hidden meat shaft. That's the best."

This peeked his interest. We continued to talk until it got around the same time as yesterday, and Scott suggested that they get going. I made sure they took their pizza with them as they made their way out. Just as before I pulled on my shoes and ran out to the forest, seeing if I could spot the wolf again. I must have been out there for an hour before it got cold and I decided to head in. I was making my way down the path when I heard a noise from behind. I turned and spotted those same blue eyes staring at me. He didn't growl, thankfully, and this time he walked closer so that I could smell his earthy scent. I sat down like before and just started talking.

"Hello again wolf-man. I'm glad you came back. It's kind of sad, but I find more solace in talking to you than anyone else. That's kind of messed up."


He dipped his head to the side, almost as if he was disagreeing with me. I smiled.


"The truth is, I don't have anyone. Not a friend in the world, I mean there is Scott and Stiles, but I hardly know them and in the end I'm tutoring them. That's not much of a friendship. I feel eternally alone. Everyone I loved disappeared."


I was sad as I spoke, a lot of pain was coming to the surface. A few tears dropped in my hands which made me a little angry.

"I wish I didn't get so sad, if only I could shut my emotions off. Well I should let you go, I'm sure you have other stuff to do, rather than listen to me whine and cry."


I stood and waved goodbye to the wolf-man. He just remained sitting, watching me as I made my way back to the manor. Tears still leaked down my face as I got inside and locked up. When I got into my room I quickly undressed and went to sleep. Sadness hit me hard that night.


The rest of the week went alright, Scott and Stiles would come over, we'd discuss the novels and begin brainstorming ideas for their papers. Nothing out of the ordinary happened apart from me continuing to visit my wolf companion. The weekend rolled around and on Saturday I got a call from Scott that he was on his way over, Stiles couldn't make it, but if it was alright that he bring over another friend. I said no problem and made sure to clean the living and dining room. A half hour later the doorbell rang. I opened it to see Scott standing along side a larger guy, larger from muscle and bone structure. He had a less than happy expression, but introduced himself and shook my hand.

"Hello my name is Derek Hale."

"Hello Derek, I'm Mace. It's nice to meet you."


The two came in and shut the door as I made my way to the dining room. Scott sat down, as did Derek, but he seemed a little uneasy for some reason. As he sat closer to the light I got a chance to see him better, his five-o-clock shadow was striking, but it was his eyes that made me take a second glance. They were beautiful, for the lack of a better word. Scott gently poked me, waking me from my obvious staring.

"Mace, hey is it cool if I get something to drink?"

"Oh yeah sorry, Derek if you want something as well, your more than welcome. I'm sorry if this seems strange, but have we met before. I have craziest deja vu."

"No I don't think so. Oh and thank you for the drink I will have what ever Scott is having."


Derek had a very direct gaze, looking like he was on edge, like he was ready to fight. There was something about this bravado, this intensity that appealed to me. I made sure to keep my eyes to myself, assuming that it was because of this that he looked so uncomfortable. The two drank their tea as Scott picked up his now tattered copy of Jane Eyre.

"So far this novel is a little depressing. I hope that Jane finds someone to love her."

"Yes that is a main point of the novel, testing the will of a person, seeing how much they can take before they crack. Jane's desire for love is a very simple one. Everything on this earth desires and deserves love, from the people we know to the animals in the forest."

"I take it you enjoyed the Bronte novel?" Derek said.

"I did, it is one of my favorites, apart form Austen's Pride and Prejudice. Misjudging a person who you end up falling madly in love with. But I will agree there are times where these novels can be painfully misleading. The picture they paint is a selective one."

"You don't believe in that kind of love?"

"I do most days, but there are some that..." I trailed off.

Derek nodded his head, "So Scott tells me your a painter, do you have any work you would be willing to show?"

"Ummm yeah their not all finished, but come with me. Scott you want to come or are you going to read some more?"

"I think I'll read some."

"Okay, if you need anything just yell."


So Derek followed me down the hall past my room into the adjacent room. I flicked on the lights, filling the room with a brilliant metallic white from the fluorescent lamps. We flipped past some of my older work, Derek picking a few pieces he liked, but then we ended with the newest one I'd been working on. It was about 7 feet wide by 4 feet tall, a forest scene with a fallen nude male figure curled into a ball. On the opposite side of the canvas there was a large mouth with knarled hands reaching out for the figure. Trying to pull at his flesh. Derek stopped,

"This is powerful. Do you want to talk about it, or is it still too soon?"

"No it's fine. I just have been dealing with a lot of loss and I've painted it as a demon-like manifestation, trying to latch itself onto the figure."

"And the figure represents you or someone else?"

"A little bit of both actually, it is me, but it could be you or Scott or anyone who is dealing with a deep seeded pain."

"It's incredible, sad, and upsetting, but beautiful at the same time. This is my favorite."

"Thank you very much, that means a lot."


He made his way towards my desk, spotting some drawings I'd made of the wolf I was seeing. These seemed to really get his attention.

"What's this?", he said attentively looking at me, waiting for an answer.

"I don't know if I should tell you."

"What do you mean?"

"You'll probably think I'm crazy."

"Try me."

"Okay, promise you won't laugh."

"Scouts honor." He held up two fingers.

I smirked, "I keep seeing this wolf in my back yard, in the forest. He is really fascinating and I think he can sort of understand me."

"Interesting. There have been wolf sightings around Beacon Hills forest for years. Be careful, they are wild. I know every few weeks hunters go out to cleanse the area."

This startled me, "They wouldn't find their way to the manor would they? I hope not. I really like this wolf and don't want anything bad to happen to him."

Derek cocked an eyebrow. "So you said you think he can understand you. Isn't that a little strange?"

"Hey we live in a strange world where there are new discoveries being made every day. A wolf that understands a human is not that shocking to me. There are apes that converse back and forth with humans, even elephants understand human interaction. What is curious is I don't think the wolf is completely wolf. I think he is something else as well."

"What do you mean?"

"Occasionally when the wolf looks into my eyes I see a glimpse of a human like face. It happens so fast that I barely even notice it. But I do."

"Hhhmmmm so a wolf-man...a hybrid?"

"Yeah not to shocking I guess. Maybe it's because I'm an artist. I'm already acute to the strange and unusual."


We shared a laugh and I even noticed that Derek was standing closer to me, close enough so that I could smell his cologne.

"What is that smell?" He said.

"I don't know, of it's probably the thinner. Turpentine, it does wonders to the sinus's."

"No not that, it's floral. Like lavender."

"Oh sorry that's me, probably my hair."

I went to put some space between us, but he quickly stopped me.


"No it's fine. I rather enjoy the scent, don't smell it too often."

"Okay thanks."


I turned the lights off as we headed back to the dining room, to see Scott looking a little confused and stressed out.

"Is everything alright?"

"I just am getting a little stressed out because of this paper."

"Hey I told you everything was going to be fine. Let's just discuss what you read, alright."

"Okay. I just am trying to understand some of the words Bronte is using and I am getting lost."

"Not a problem. I'll tell you what from now on when you don't understand a word underline and we'll figure it out. Are there any you can think of?"

"Yes, it is said about a person's situation....does that mean their current area in life?"

"Aww, no it means their job. Their place of work is referred to as their situation. Any others?"

"Yeah Holland...'those little Holland pockets'...what does that mean?"

"Okay Holland refers to a fabric or cloth."

"Cool thanks Mace, you're ridiculously smart."

"Not a problem, and I'm not smart I just am curious. Is that all you needed?"

"Yeah that works. Well I had better take Derek home."

"Drive careful."


They turned to leave, Scott in front. I walked them out and as Scott got down the steps Derek turned and shook my hand. There was a deep warmth in the shake that made me softly melt.

"Thank you Mace for your hospitality and the tour of your studio."

"Not a problem. I enjoyed the company."


I watched as he turned to leave, feeling a prick of melancholy. A man like Derek would be great to be with. He is strong, confident, understanding, and everything that I could ever want. But I am no fool, he is the kind of guy that I could never have. I waved goodbye and turned to go back into the manor. I cleaned up their glasses and decided to get a few hours of work in before dinner. 


The flow of paint moved over the wet canvas, thick like gravy. The rich violets mixed into the background, into the burnt sienna and forest green, reminding me of Derek's eyes. The thought of him made my face heat up. I continued with my work for a few more hours before I called it a night.


I made a quick bowl of soup for dinner and turned on the television to some mindless reality show. I didn't last too long, in fact as soon as my dinner was finished I went to rinse the bowl, forgetting about the pointlessness of what I had watched. Still thinking of Derek as I made my way into the shower. Washing my body, while trying my best to not get an erection. The foamy bubbles cascaded down my skin, falling to my feet. It didn't take long before I found myself clean enough. I switched off the water, dried off, and put on a pair of gym shorts and a tee.


The walk was nice, the moon was out, not full, but pretty close, probably tomorrow it would be. The woods were swaying in the wind, making the leaves sizzle against each other. I found myself sitting down, with my back resting against one of the trees, waiting for my friend. Looking up into the night sky peeking through the foliage, spotting a few familiar stars. The sound of a few branches cracking in the distance alerted me that I was no longer alone. Up he walked calmly and sat down just out of arms reach.


"Hello my friend. How are you? I see the moon is almost full, she is quiet brilliant."

The wolf dipped his head, as if in agreement. This made me smile. I couldn't help but tell him about Derek. He just sat there and listened, I mean what more could he do. I went on about his eyes and the way he made me feel.


"I'm sorry this has to be boring for you. Derek just makes me think that I have a shot at some kind of existence. But most likely he'll turn out to be not interested. Anyway I'd better go.  Thanks for listening."


Like before I made my way home, waving goodbye to the icy eyes that peered through the trees.


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