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Big Bad Wolf

Chapter 4


It was a  somewhat gloomy Sunday and I decided to go out into town and see what so-called regular life is like. After getting dressed I locked up and walked down the street, heading towards main. Passing the people on the street, smiling, laughing, going on about their lives. Coming up to a coffee shop I went inside and ordered a hot mocha. It didn't take the burista too long. She looked like a sweet girl, close to my age. She had a pleasant smile, rosy cheeks with pale skin and dark brunette hair that was tied back into a bun.


She handed me my drink and I was off. I past by an antique shop and a deli. It was just after 11am when I spotted Derek walking into a bookstore. He glided past people as if they didn't exist. Wanting to say hello I made my way to the bookshop and went inside. There were lines of wood shelves that reached to the ceiling, stacked full of books. This was indeed my kind of place. I made my way towards the back, as I hadn't spotted Derek yet. Finally down the last isle I noticed his outline. He was looking down reading some novel, intense and serious when I approached him.



He looked up with a less than pleased expression.

"Mace. Can I help you?" The tone in his voice was irritated.

"No I just spotted you and wanted to say hello."

"Well you did that. You can go now."

"Okay, wow. That was rude."

I turned to leave when he mumbled something under his breath. It sounded like "get over it."

"What was that?"

"Don't worry about it. I thought you were leaving."

"What the hell is wrong with you?"

"You are, now leave me the hell alone Mason." He glared at me, poison dripping as he said my full name.

"I've done nothing to you....you know what your right I'm going to leave you alone. I knew you were an asshole."


I turned to leave out of the store and stormed my way back to the manor. I shut the door behind me and went to my room, to empty my pockets. I still couldn't believe what a prick he was. I didn't do anything to him. I spent a few more moments irritated at what had happened until I came to the realization that he didn't matter. I went into the studio to do some work.


It was a little after 3pm when there was a knock at the door. Probably Scott or Stiles needing some help I thought to myself while walking to the door. I turned the knob but instead of seeing the two expected guys I found myself looking into those hazel green eyes, but before they could transfix me I slammed the door shut. I was on my way back to the studio when the doorbell rang. Frustrated, I rolled my eyes, went back and reopening the door.


"This had better be good."

He looked down at the ground, but then back into my eyes.

"I stopped by to tell you Scott and Stile aren't going to be able to make it today."

"Convenient. Is that all." There was a lot a venom in my voice.


I went to shut the door but before I could he put his hand out, stopping me.

"No I wanted to say that I am sor..."

"Okay I'm going to stop you right there. You're not sorry. You are just like every other shallow piece of work twisted in a pretty wrapper. I was nothing but polite to you. And you spoke to me like that. I don't think so, you should leave."


With that he did.



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