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Big Bad Wolf

Chapter 6


So winter break began, no school, no assignments, no homework for two weeks. The rain had really settled in Beacon Hills, along with grey skies and cool air. This was my favorite time of year, the sights and smells of the holidays were in full swing. It was Christmas eve and all down main wreaths and garlands hung from the street lights and most of the shops had some type of sale going on. The search for a gift for Derek started out almost pointless in its difficulty. I didn't know what exactly he would want, but as I went along the windows something caught my attention.

The clothing store was a quaint little shop with a variety of selections to choose from. What had caught my attention was a merlot button up long sleeve shirt, the material felt stone washed and incredibly soft. It was one of those shirts that felt just right. I ended up getting two for Derek, the one merlot in color and the other a slate grey. The cashier wrapped them in a white box, sealing it with a bowed red ribbon. I didn't imagine myself as one of those last minute shoppers, but nothing seemed to click as something he would enjoy. Until now.

I decided to change the traditional dinner plans, instead of cooking turkey I figured Derek to be a steak and potatoes kind of guy. I found a incredible prime rib and thought that this would be better. It was around lunch time when he arrived, wet from the unexpected downpour. He smirked while leaning onto the door frame. As I looked at his clothes I thought what better time than now to give him his gift. After having him follow me to my room I got him a towel and had him dry off. I watched in lustful awe as he peeled off his wet shirt, putting it on the back of a chair to dry off. His body, though beautiful, looked cold.

"I got you something, a Christmas gift and right now is the perfect time."

His expression couldn't hide his naughty thoughts.

"No nothing like that. Here, open it."

As I gave him the box he untied the ribbon and removed the lid, revealing the shirts. He went for the merlot one and tried it on. It was just a little loose which I told him would shirk in the washer. I helped him button up and as I got to mid chest he gently grasped my hands, his were like ice. I felt him pull me into a hug,

"Thank you Mace, these are great."

"You're welcome."

"I didn't know exactly what to get you. So I made you something."

He pulled out of his back pocket a small semi squished box and handed it to me. I removed the lid to reveal a black leather braided bracelet. It had a small metal pendant on the front with a wolf design inlaid into it. It was beautiful. He was watching me, judging my reaction.

"Do you like it?"

"Are you kidding me, it's beautiful. You made this, it's incredible."

"You're welcome, here let me put it on for you."

I held my hand out, letting him wrap the band around my wrist.

"Perfect fit. Thank you Derek this is really thoughtful."

"No problem."

 It was my turn to give him a hug. I felt his hands wrap around me as we embraced, and while I rested my head on his shoulder the feeling of his shirt against my face almost put me to sleep.

"Are you still cold?"

"I'm alright, better now that I'm here with you."

When we finally released hold of each other he followed me to the kitchen where I began making dinner. He was watching me as I started making the rub for the meat.

"Can I help?"

"Yeah. I wanted to tell you. I decided to not do turkey this year. Instead I thought you'd enjoy this."

I pulled the meat out and watched his eyes go crazy.

"Is that okay?"

"That looks great."

"Okay well let me finish the rub, can you get me the baking dish from the cabinet near the stove."

After the rub was finished he opened the package of meat and started poking at it. I playfully smacked his fingers.

"Here take this rub  and cover the meat with it."


He did as I said, covered the meat and as we were standing next to one another I helped him flip it over. He began rubbing the uncovered side as well as my hands. I turned to look at him, finding his eyes directly on me, smiling. Slowly we found ourselves kissing one another, his tongue touching mine, while I lovingly bit his bottom lip.

"Mmm bite me harder next time."

"Will do. Now we should clean up."


We washed our hands, after flipping the meat back over, and slid it into the oven. While Derek went to the bathroom I made a quick snack of sliced fruit and found myself sitting on the couch in the living room. I could hear the wind pick up along with the rain and as Derek came back he spotted me looking at my bracelet. I still couldn't believe how beautiful it was.

"Here you are. Can I sit next to you?"

"I'd like that."


So we sat together, listening to the rain. Our hips touched as he put his arm around me. The sky turned nasty and didn't seem to dissipate.

"You want to stay the night Derek?"

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah. By the way I really do love my gift."

"No problem. Thank you for my shirts, they look and feel great."


I reached over and rubbed the sleeve of his shirt, feeling his arm muscle. Heat radiated off him, his cologne making me light headed. I felt him untie my hair, letting it fall. He leaned over and breathed in deep.

"Derek are you smelling me?"

"You have no idea how good you smell to me. That scent it's not just the lavender, but your natural body oils mixed together, it's intoxicating."

"I've thought the same thing about you."

He reached over and lightly stroked my hair, running his fingers through it. As he did this my eyes closed and light moans escaped my lips. He continued, listening to my sounds.

"I'm not hurting you am I?"

"No it feels really good."


He continued to rub my head and before I knew it I fell asleep on his shoulder. When I awoke I was surprised to see Derek looking into my eyes, smiling.

"How long was I out?"

"For a few minutes."

"Not very hospitable of me. Sorry about that."

"No need to be sorry."

He was quiet for a few minutes, but when he finally spoke the mood of the room completely changed.

"I have something to tell you Mace, but I'm not sure how to."

"Okay. Just tell me."

"I don't know if you will be able to accept it."

He took a deep breath and stood up. The way he spoke began to worry me.


"You still talk to that wolf friend of yours?"

"Yeah I see him as much as I can, about every night."

"You remember how you told me that you thought he was more than a wolf, that he could be a hybrid. What if I told you, you were right."


This kind of stunned me, only because he was confirming what most would say is impossible.


"What if I told you he once had yellow eyes, but made a fatal mistake and tried to correct that error and it scared his soul. With the broken soul, his eyes changed to their electric blue."


 "You've seen him them. Do you know who he is."

"What if I told you that this wolf had a family once, but lost them in a fire."

"That's horrible."

"He has been hunted his entire life for what he is."

I was catching on, "How do you know all...this...wait didn't you loose your family..."

Just as the words left my lips I witnessed his eyes begin to glow and shine a brilliant blue, but it didn't stop there. His face began to change, mold, and transform. His sideburns grew longer, his forehead protruded forward and turned down slightly, while the top of his ears elongated to a point. I watched in wonder and slight terror as he opened his mouth to speak and saw his teeth lengthen.

"I'm your wolf-man. I've heard everything you've said every night we see each other. The things you said about how I make you feel. The way you get sad because of what you've lost. It honestly broke my heart when you told me that you wish you could get rid of your emotions. I wanted to tell you, I hope you can accept me. I know this changes things but I didn't know how else to say it, apart from just spitting it out and hoping for the best."


 I was quiet for a while, thinking about how to handle the situation. When I looked back at him, apart from his eyes, his face was back to its original state. He smiled and sat back down next to me.

"What are you thinking?"

"I can't even begin to tell you. This is a lot to take in. I figured that the wolf, you, were something else, but confirming it is something different. It's just...."

"I knew this was going to happen. I told Scott it was too soon to tell you."

His temper was rearing its head. His eyes shimmered as he looked at me.

"I'm not saying that..."

"No I get it. I'm sorry I told you."


He got up and ran toward the back door.

"Fuck" I whispered to myself. "Dammit you're not listening."

I got up to chase after him but he was already outside heading towards the forest. I ran out after him, the rain still falling hard, but by the time that I got to edge of the trees all that remained was a pile of clothes. I picked up the shirt, still warm, along with his boxers and pants. It took me a few minutes to find both of his shoes, but as I picked up the second my heart sank at the loud thunder of shots being fired in the distance. Remembering Derek telling me that there are hunting parties that would cleanse the area. I dropped Derek's stuff by one of the trees close to the trail and tried to make my way through the thick bushes. I could hear a few more gun shots. Wishing that I had put some shoes on, the rocks and dried branches were cutting my feet, but I feared the worst, I feared for Derek. As I made my way deeper into the forest I came around to a rocky enclosure and heard some of the shooters faint voices.

`Did you get him?' `Yeah I got him, he's dead.' `Another one down.' `Let's get back.' `Come on.'


My heart began to slip further into dread. I waited a few minutes before I snick around the corner of the rock. Tears were welling up in my eyes. I still saw nothing, but as I past a few more trees some of the low branches had blood on the leaves. I reached out and rubbed the blood, it was fresh. I whispered, while choking back some tears.

"Derek...Derek....it's Mace. Where are you at?"


I heard a low whimper past the brush, hidden from sight. I followed my ears, walking to where the sound came from. I pushed past the thick foliage and revealed the wounded black wolf. He was bleeding from what looked to be a few different spots. His blue eyes were on mine. I couldn't hold back the tears.

"Oh no....please Derek....why did you have to run off. Dammit. Please be okay."

There was another low whimper.

"Derek I know you're in pain but I need you to move for me. I need to get you back to the manor, where I can clean you up. Can you phase back to where you have two legs? Come on... you can do it."

I could here him take a deep raspy breath and in amazement I watched as he phased back into his human self. His bones popped back in place, the sounds very reminiscent of raw meat slapping together. A lot of his body hair still remained, but after a few labored minutes he was laying there naked looking at me.

"Okay, I need you to stand up, stand up for me."

Very weakly he spoke, "I'm....I..."

"Ssshhhh stop talking and stand up." I was getting angry because the more he procrastinated, the more he bled out.

It took him some time before he used my body and a nearby tree to get upright, but was still haunched over. We took a few steps together, but there was a sound a few yards in front of us. I gently sat him back down and made sure he was out of sight. "Keep quiet I'll be right back." I went around to where the sound was and saw one of the men, pointing a pistol at me.

"Who are you boy?"

"I am no boy. My name Is Mason Grant, why are you hunting on my land?"

"Your land?"

"Yes I own Rosemount Manor as well as the acreage in the back. Where you are standing in fact. You have the audacity to hunt on my land."

"We are keeping the land safe, there are wolves out here."

"I know that. I protect them. When was the last wolf attack? Years ago, correct?"


"They leave people alone, why can't you do the same?"

"I shot one trying to attack me."


This pissed me off, "no what you shot was a friend of mine. Now I have to bury him", I lied.

He looked slightly sympathetic, "I'm sorry...I just assumed that..."

"Well you know what they say about people who assume. Now unless you want me to involve the authorities I suggest you leave and don't let me catch you in my back yard again."

With that he nodded and turned, quickly making his way in the opposite direction I was intending. When he was out of sight I went back to where I left Derek. He was holding his side, still bleeding.


"Can you hear if he is nearby?"


Weakly he stood up, leaning a good amount of his weight upon me. We walked together, my hand around his waist. I stopped by the tree where I left his clothes and bend down to pick them up. It took us about ten minutes to get back inside the manor. I cleared off the island in the kitchen and helped him get on top.


"It's going to be cold, I need to clean the wounds. Are the bullets still inside?"



I ran to the bathroom, got the first-aid kit, and to the garage, pulling out the needle nose pliers. I got back to Derek, who was lightly stirring, and sanitized the pliers. After grabbing a kitchen towel and a bowl of warm water I began cleaning his wounds. It looked like he was shot three times. Once in the stomach, the arm, and the side. After wiping away the now dried blood I looked down at Derek with the pliers in my hand.

"Once I get the bullets out, will the wounds heal?"


He nodded his head, starting to shiver. I opened the over door, letting the heat escape and warm the kitchen.

"This is going to hurt."

I began with the bullet in his arm, it was relatively easy to remove. When I got to the one in his stomach he roared out in pain. It only took a few minutes before I got hold of it, which the now blue eyed Derek was glaring at me, teeth bared. The last bullet was the worst. In his side I dug deep before the pliers finally latched onto the piece of metal. When they were all removed I cleaned the three holes, using some antiseptic.

"Do you need anything?"

Tired and strained he mouthed a whisper `blood'.



Without a second thought I grabbed a knife from the drawer and went over to him. His head was turned, facing me, watching what I was doing. I sliced through the flesh of the palm of my hand, just below my thumb feeling the blood start to trickle down. I placed my hand over his mouth. He gained enough energy to hold and press my hand to his lips. The feeling of him sucking on my hand wasn't painful, in truth it was slightly erotic. It didn't take too long before I could see his wounds begin to heal. When he released my hand, lightly licking at the wound, I felt light headed, but managed to bandage my hand. As I closed the door to the oven and turned it off I helped Derek stand up. He felt like ice so I walked him to my bedroom and laid him under the covers. Quickly stripping down I got under the covers with him. The heat from my body warmed him and soon I could hear him snoring. Listening to his rhythmic snore, it put me to sleep as well. My last conscious thought was that this was turning out to be one hell of a Christmas eve.


I awoke to Derek shifting in his slumber. He was still asleep, but his body temperature felt back to normal so I slipped out and got dressed. I went to the living room and pulled the curtains closed and locked up. When I went to the kitchen I saw the mess of bloody rags and the bowl of bloody water. It didn't take long to clean up and sanitize the table so I could finish some sort of dinner. I opened the oven and tested the prime rib. Apart from it being cooler than I anticipated it was done. I let it warm back up as I put a pot of potatoes on the stove. I was sitting on a stool at the island going through my stained and ragged Julia Child cookbook when I heard a stirring in my room. When I went to check on him, he appeared to still be asleep. `I'm going to let him sleep. He needs it.' I thought to myself.


As I made my way back to the stool I was thinking about what I had learned. Besides the obvious, Derek was an intense man, protective, passionate, caring, yet impulsive and vain, but that's what makes him who he is and I like that. I was looking at my bracelet, the symbol being ever more relevant and meaningful. Why did he have to run off...my thoughts were interrupted by Derek walking into the room. He only had a pair of my shorts on, sitting on the stool across from me.


"I'll give these back to you after I get home. I'm sorry to have been so much trouble for you. You deserve someone better...someone normal..."

I was angered, he wasn't giving me a chance. So I reached across the table and smacked him. It was an impulse. Not hard, but enough to get his attention. It obviously worked as his eyes turned blue.

"Shut the hell up" I whispered. "You won't let me speak will you?"

"Because I know what your going to say, but go ahead."

I stood up and went over to him. Searching deep within his eyes.

"How cruel do you think I am that I would save your life just to toss you aside? If I didn't care about you I would give you back your gift. If I didn't care I wouldn't still be cooking dinner for you. If I didn't care I would have let you die in that forest. More importantly if I didn't care I would've never given you my blood. I know you don't trust people, I don't either, but I ask you to change that just for me as I have for you."

I could see he was stunned, but I still unleashed on him.


"After telling me your most protected secret, instead of hearing me out, you ran. You're going to sit there and hear me out now. Am I shocked that you're a werewolf, a little, but only because it's a confirmation. It makes me wonder if everything else is real as well, vampires, fairies, goblins, demons, etc. Does that suggest that I don't want to be with you? No it doesn't. I told you that I have nobody and I don't, apart from you. Do you think I am void of emotion, that I could just let you go. I care for you more than I do myself, I faced a man holding a pistol to protect you. I don't know how else to prove myself. As smart as you are, you are dumb when it comes to matters of the heart. Now what do you have to say?"


He didn't speak for a while. There came a bubbling sound, I noticed the potatoes boiling. After turning down the stove I turned to see Derek right in front of me, pinning me against the counter. His chest rubbing mine.

"You are right Mace."


"Everything, I didn't hear you out. It won't happen again."

"I hope not, it scared the shit out of me watching you bleed out. I trust you with everything I have."

"I trust you as well...I can't believe you hit me." This last bit he said with some sarcasm.

"It wasn't that hard and I needed to get your attention."

"No that's not what I meant." His tone turned tender "It made made me horny."

"You're a freak."

"Ya...I am."


I leaned up and kissed him. He bumped my bandaged hand making me hiss.

"You okay?"

"Yeah I just cut a little deep."



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