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Big Bad Wolf

Chapter 7


Christmas eve dinner, apart from the craziness of the day, turned out to be a success. Derek sat across from me as I served him a plate of food. I was still working on my first helping when he ask if he could get more. After we finished he helped me clean up. I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth, giving him an unopened toothbrush so he did the same. While we stood next to one another I looked at our reflections. Staring at him then at myself I shook my head and grinned at how interesting life works.

"Whats up?" He said with the toothbrush hanging out of his mouth.

"Well not to get all emotional on you, but I don't know how I got so lucky, that all."

"We both are lucky."

"Ya. Well my dear wolf I am going to take a shower."

He smirked, "Would you care if I joined?"

"I was hoping."

"Well you've seen me naked, it's only right that I get to see you in all your curvaceous glory."

I laughed, "well you got the curvaceous part right. I'll leave the being ripped part to you."

"I'm not that ripped and truthfully it's because of the werewolf blood that I am in the shape that I am. I would rather look like you, beautiful in all that you are."


I would never tell him just how much sexy that made me feel. He pulled his shorts down and I'm not going to lie my eyes went directly to his junk. It was a nice size flaccid so I could only imagine what he was like at full strength. He had a good amount of pubic hair which made me start to get hot. Body hair is a personal preference, I don't like my men to look like mannequins. I stared for a few moments then back up at his smiling face. Promptly looking away, cheeks hot, and began to undress, first my shirt than my shorts. He was to my back, wrapping his hands around my body, kissing over my neck.

"You are perfect."


I turned the shower onto medium heat and waited for it to warm up. The one negative to living in an old house, the water takes a while to get hot. I looked over as Derek untwisted my hair tie. I shook my hair as he freed it and felt him run his fingers through it.

"You really like my hair?"

"I do. It fits you."


By this time the water was hot enough and we both climbed in. The stream cascaded down my curves as the rush of water hit into Derek's chest. He scrubbed down his body as I washed my hair. I wrapped it up into a soapy bun and was about to turn around when I felt two strong hands massaging my back. He slid them down my spine and rested on top of my ass.

"Mmmm keep going."


As he penetrated my crack with his fingers I reached back and let my hands latch onto his hips. He continued to thrust until I turned to face him. As his fingers slid out of me I noticed that he was at half mast. His prick pointing out at me.

"Mmmm well hello."

"You like what you see."

"I really do. Let's finish cleaning up and get into bed."


We finished cleaning in a hurry and found ourselves trying to safely, but quickly dry off. As Derek walked in front of me I slapped his ass, watching flesh jiggle.

"Oohhh Mace, naughty."

I smirked as I went to my ipod and turned on some music. The sound of Flesh for Fantasy by Billy Idol echoed off the walls. He brushed behind me grinding into ass. The feeling of his member rubbing into me.


`There's a change in pace

Of fantasy and taste

Do you like good music?

Do you like to dance? Oh yeah.

Hangin' out for a body shop at night

Aint it strange what we do to feel alright? Oh yeah.

So when will you call?

I'm experienced. Oh Yeah.


`Face to face

And back to back

You see and feel

My sex attack

Sing it.

Flesh for Fantasy

We want

Flesh for fantasy.

"Didn't know you were a Billy Idol fan."

"I am. Especially this song. Do you mind that I play music"

"Not at all. It feels good."


I turned getting into bed and motioned with my hands for Derek to do the same.  He climbed in  draping his leg over me as he thrust his hips foreword. He ran his hands down my side as I wrapped my arms around the back of his neck and stuck my tongue in his mouth. The feel of his facial hair scratched against my chin while he reached between my cheeks and penetrated my bud. Pulling my mouth from his I let out a loud moan,

"Aww Derek..."

"Yes. You want me to keep going?"

"Give me all you got. We got some time to make up.

At this point the song came to an end. Harder You Get by the Scissor Sisters came next. It couldn't of been a better song. I aggressively pulled him into me, my nails digging into his arms. His eyes started to glow.

"Be rough with me Derek. I have been like you said naughty and I need to be punished."

"That you do."


He leaped over me with unnatural speed grabbing my arms, preventing me from moving. I smirked with the filthiest of looks. I felt amazing, powerful, desired, hungered for. I felt like a was going to be fucked by a god. There is no better feeling then the anticipation of being entered. There was so much heat coming off his body. He used his legs to spread mine,

"Don't move." His voice was deep and demanding, full of aggression and fervor.


He grabbed my legs and threw them onto his shoulders aiming his now pulsating dick at my hole. Pushing in slightly, making sure that he wouldn't slip out. As he began to invade he leaned down and clasped back onto my wrists.

"I'm gonna go slow at first. Then that ass is mine."


A deep grunt came out of me as he pushed in. I won't lie there was a searing amount of pain. Derek was a little longer than average, but he was thick. He took his time, making sure I didn't seriously get injured. He could tell when I began to get comfortable and soon enough he was all the way inside me. He released one of my wrists  so he could get better leverage. With my now free hand I reached up and twisted his hardened nipple. His sigh urged me on so I reached over and twisted the other while he looked down at me. His teeth were out, ears elongated, and light hair growing from his jaw down to his chest. As I let go of his nipple I lightly stroked myself, but soon picked up speed to match his.


As much as I want to write how our sex lasted hours, we all know better than that. In truth Derek lasted a few more songs. We were in the middle of Cory Lee's The Naughty Song when his thrusts became erratic as did my stroking. I believe it was me who came first, but he was certainly close behind. As I sprayed his and my chest with cum he thrust one final time, hard enough to bend my steel headboard. If the look on his face wasn't hot enough, he wiped up some of my mess off his chest and began sucking on his fingers.

"You taste good."


He leaned down and let me taste myself on his tongue. The slight bitterness of my cum mixed with his saliva made me wet all over again. My legs were wrapped in a vice grip around his back. He was still hard and deep inside me, but sadly I could feel him began to shrink. I held onto him with not only my legs, but my arms as well. We were in the middle of a deep kiss when I felt him stir. Out of nowhere he let out a soft moan and lifted me upright so I was sitting in his lap. As I settled down his now flaccid member slipped out of me. My hole was raw and a little sore, I'd never felt better, and as we continued our tongue assault with one hand Derek reached down and began to finger me, easily slipping in two. My moaning continued in his ear and the deeper he went the tighter I held on.

I whispered, "yes...yes...fuck me....Derek."


He continued this invasion until, without any hand held assistance, I came again. This had never happen to me. Our breathing was jagged but he was the first to speak.

"Was that rough enough, because I could always try again."

I chuckled, "Practice makes perfect, but that was incredible."

"I aim to please."


I went to move, but he held on tight.

"I want to hold onto you a little while longer."



So we stayed there in that spot, me upright on his lap. My breathing calmed and soon our temperatures cooled down. His face was embedded in my hair as I broke the silence in the room.

"I didn't know you were that strong."

"What do you mean?"

"Being able to lift me up like this, it's was unexpected and fun."

"You weigh to me as much as a brick. The difficult thing is keep my erection from slipping out."

"You achieved that....100 points for my mighty wolf. But you have to let me down."

"Why is that."

"Because I have to pee and don't feel like peeing on you."

"Come on, water sports are fun." His devious smile made me laugh.

"You are too much."


He released his hold of me and as I went to stand I had to shake my legs a little so I didn't fall down. When the feeling came back I made my way to the bathroom and releaved myself. I could faint red marks down my sides, he really was rough. I dried off my hands and grabbed a towel from the closet and got it wet with warm water to wipe our bodies down. I went toward the bedroom when I noticed the kitchen light on. There he was standing in front of the refrigerator drinking some milk from the carton naked as a j bird. I walked over to him and slid the towel down his body, cleaning my dried cum. A line of milk escaped his lips making its way towards his chest. He watched as I leaned up and licked the milk clean.

"Here I thought you were going to tell me to get a glass."

"I figured I'd let you get away with it this time."


I made my way back to the bedroom, shut the music off, and got under the covers which now smelt of lavender and Derek's musk. The kitchen light was shut off and when I looked in my doorway there were two glimmering orbs staring back at me. He made his way between the covers and held onto my hand as I buried my head in his chest. It was the perfect end to a insane day.


I awoke to the sound of the doorbell. I opened my eyes, the clock read 11am. I slid out of bed, leaving Derek to rest and threw on a shirt and shorts. The bell continued to ring even though I was say `okay okay I'm coming'. I unlocked the deadbolt and opened the door to see the smiling face of two men. One I didn't recognize, while the other I had the pleasure of meeting in the forest.

"Yes." My tone was less than cordial.

The one I knew of spoke, "My name is Dave and this is Laurence we were the ones who...

"I know who you are."

"We just wanted to come by and apologize for yesterday. We understand that what we did was wrong."

I interrupted. "It was not only wrong, but it was illegal. Hunting wolves is against the law, so is hunting on someone else's land."


As I spoke Laurence murmured, "come on, it was a filthy mangy beast."

I cocked my head at him and glared, "The only filthy mangy beast I see is looking right at me. As I told Dave here, what you shot was not a wolf, but my friend, and I had to bury him. Now I would suggest you leave my home. Rosemount manor is off limits to hunters, do you understand?"


Dave spoke, "We really are sorry."

Sarcastically I responded, "I'm sure you are, as your buddy here sounds very apologetic."

"You don't understand, we are good men. We just want to keep people safe."

"You are the worst kind of men. The beasts that lay at our door, you bring them with your savagery and you lust for a trophy."

Laurence again snickered, but managed to find his voice. "You are a stupid boy."

This made my temper leap a few feet. "Insult me again...I dare you..."

I was staring into the cold eyes of Laurence, waiting for him to open his mouth. He wanted to say something else, but I saw him glance over my shoulder and his expression changed.

"Hey babe is there a problem." Derek said, walking up behind me.

"No these men were just leaving. You two have a nice day."


I shut the door as they turned and walked down the porch. As I turned to Derek he could feel the rage inside me.


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