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Big Bad Wolf

Chapter 8



"Those were the men who shot you. Pieces of..."

His finger pressed against my lips prevented me from finishing the sentence.

"Shhh. They're not worth your energy."


He appeared calm and reassured me, but deep down that was a different story. I could sense he was pissed, getting shot three times isn't exactly something one simply lets go. It took some time before I calmed down. Derek followed the guys back to their houses to make sure that they weren't going to plan anything. I opened the curtains letting the light of the now overcast sky inside, filling the room with a pale grey hue. To most it would appear depressing but I found it rather relaxing. As I walked in my room I got a good look at the tornado that hit it, clothes everywhere, the smell of sweat, cum, and musk filled the air. I picked up the clothes, both mine and Derek's and did a load of laundry. Opening a window to air out the room, even though I enjoyed the smell, it was pretty potent.


Things were quiet, that strange cold kind of quiet so I brought my ipod in the studio and played some Motown. The sound of Stevie Wonder's harmonica filled the space making me sing along. I was working on a new piece, involving the sketches of Derek in his wolf form.


I was in the middle of sketching a male form when I heard a knock of the door frame. Derek was standing there with nothing on but a smile. He walked over to the music and shut it off.

"We were interrupted this morning. I was wondering if you want to have another go around?"


He didn't have to say anything else. My eyebrow cocked as I found my way to his body. He was warm to the touch, yet as I ran my fingers through his hair there was a chill. We made our way back into the bedroom and as he pulled my shirt up over my head he froze. The look on his face was pained.

"What's wrong?"

"You're bruised."


I looked to where he pointed and removed my shorts to see if there were any more. Sure enough I could see the few deep plum marks down my sides. He looked concerned,

"I shouldn't have been so rough."

"Are you kidding me. I liked it, in fact I was hoping for some more. That is if your up to it." He could sense my sarcasm. His shameful expression was replaced by a look of animalistic craving.

"As you can see I'm up for it."

Glancing down at his prick, full mast, thick with a few visible veins. "Mmm we'll see. You know how I like babe." I lightly bit a few inches from his nose making a growl sound.


I can be honest when I say this. There are times when sensual gentle sex is necessary, but there are other times when all you need is a good spanking. The sensation of letting your partner have sexual control over your body, though it may be temporary, is a unique passion many are afraid to attempt. This carnal desire was buried deep within my mind, being around Derek brought it out of me. I spread out on the bed as Derek climbed in next to me. I instinctively latched onto his body.


"I want you Derek...I want you deep inside me...make me writhe." I didn't realize that I was moaning as I said this.

"I love how you talk dirty and say my name, say it again."

"Mmmm Derek."

"Yes Mace...I can smell your hunger for me, it is very strong...what do you want me to do to you...tell me." His voice was racy.

"Anything you want, my body is all yours."


His eyes changed, lust filled. I watched, after he told me not to move, him get up and grab two of my scarfs off the hanger. He smiled as he made his way back and secured my wrists to the headboard posts. I slightly sighed with a grin on my face.


"You like when I tie you up?"

"I do...(moan)...what's next?"


He turned my hips to the side, exposing my ass. As I watched his face he reached his hand back a fraction and came down landing on my cheek. Here I was 17 almost 18 years old and getting spanked by one hell of a hot man. Every time he struck there was a slight sting, but that soon turned to pleasure. He enjoyed listening to me moan, telling me so between spanks.


SLAP "Uh...Derek...(moan)...yes."

"You've been a very nasty boy Mace."

SLAP "Uh...(moan)...yes I have."

"You're in luck, because I happen to love nasty boys."


I knew he wasn't hitting me as hard as possible, this wasn't about sending me to the hospital. Grinning every time our eyes met, he knew I loved every minute of what he was doing to me. There were only a few more light spanks before he pulled my legs back and spread them open like a oyster shell. Climbing up my chest he was was reaching over to untie the restrains, but I didn't want him to just yet. As he reached I lifted my head and bit down on his exposed nipple.


"Aww...you sneaky little fox."


My nibble became a deep suck. It was his turn to say my name. "Mace...oh fuck."

As I continued my coy nipple play he managed to untie my wrists. "I like when you touch me", he said. I released his now wet tit while he slid back down my body, propping himself up on his knees. He got between my thighs and boldly lifted my hips up and began to enter me. There was a slight discomfort and soreness from our previous play, but it soon dissipated leaving me with nothing but unadulterated gratification. He leaned back on his hands, using only his hip to thrust in and out of me. As beautiful an image as this was it didn't last long. He soon leaned towards me with a very confident look.


"I love your face as I sink into you."

"I love it when you sink into me period."


As he planted his wet lips on mine I felt his hand wrap around my member and eagerly stroke it. We moaned into each others mouths, the sweat dripping off him and mixing with mine. So much for the room smell less like sex. The ride was intense and mind blowing, but just like any ride it came time to get off. His deep plunging was getting erratic and the sensation of floating was making my body tingle. With a few more strokes, he aimed my dick towards his stomach as I released, covering him with my sticky nectar. Before I could come down from my high he soon released inside me. He gently pulled out and slumped down next to me staring into me eyes. We just sat there for a good while before he spoke.


"Thank you Mace for coming after me, saving me, for trusting me."

I looked at him strangely, "It was no problem. Thank you for giving me the best pleasure of my life thus far."

"I knew I was good in the sack." Cocky a hell was his expression.

"Shut up, not just sex. I mean you're the greatest thing that's happened to me since I moved in with my grandma. After my mom died and my dad went insane, then my grandma passed it was like a this continued snowball effect of bad luck. But being with you, fighting with you, making love with you, it makes me want to continue to live, that not everything is bad."

"So you care about me despite my nature?"

"I care about you more than you know, all of you. Your werewolf side is just another aspect of who you are, a sexy aspect. Isn't it true that when wolves mate, they mate for life?"

"That is very true. So you say my werewolf side is sexy. You really are kinky."

"I like the teeth and facial hair."

 At that moment he showed off a little, getting his teeth to grow along with his facial hair. He came close and grinned, to which I slid my tongue across his pearly whites.

 "Derek as sexy as this is, I am really sweaty and sticky, so are you. Plus we both need to eat something, apart from each other.

 "Aww you're no fun."

 His face phased back as I got out of bed and made my way to the bathroom.


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