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Blood in The Water


Chapter 3


The couple came with smiles. The lady was delicate in face, wearing a white and blue stripped dress, umber hair, skin the color of fresh milk and lips the color of blush. The gentleman wore a grey suit and was somewhat handsome, but had a politician like quality about him. The lady spoke up,

                "Well Mr. Grayson. It has been a while. Where have you been hiding?"

                "Mrs. Harker, Mr. Harker it's nice to see you. I've been doing some traveling, seeing about expanding my business. How about you. I heard you got married, congratulations."

The conversation was a little awkward because I didn't know either of the two yet the way they spoke to Alexander filled me with suspicion. Maybe they were business partners, but my gut instinct told me something different. It was what Alexander said next that caught my focus.

                "Yes we did, a few months back. So how about you, are you seeing anyone or are you still the permanent bachelor?

                "Yes I'm currently seeing someone."

                "That's great. I'm really happy for you."

When he said this he looked into my eyes and lightly twitched his lips into a quick smirk. Does Alexander consider the two of us a couple or does he just want people to think that he is still living life to the fullest? The gentleman looked my way and held out his hand.

                "My name is Johnathan Harker and this is my wife Mina Harker."

I shook his hand while telling him my name. "It's nice to meet you both I'm Nicolaus Kelly."

                "So Mr. Grayson who are you seeing?" asked Mina.

                "To be respectful I will keep their identity a secret."

Again he looked in my direction. I remained silent in my seat and gently sipped my drink. There was no need to speak unless spoken to. I did occasionally look into the eyes of both Mrs. Harker and Mr. Harker and found joy in the former, but arrogance and malice in the latter. I figured that Mr. Harker was the jealous type and didn't want to see his wife laughing, much less speaking to another man. But as the couple said their goodbyes I realized it was something much worse. Mrs. Harker shook Alexander's hand and nodded at me as she said farewell. Mr. Harker on the other hand quickly dipped his head and as he turned I heard him mumble under his venomous tongue a crude phrase. This of which didn't escape my ears nor that of Alexander.

                "Bloody disgusting pooftahs, the lot of ya."

I saw Alexander tense up and curl his lips back in resentment, but before he could speak out a storm inside me erupted.

                "Excuse me Mr. Harker would you care to say that again. I'm not sure I heard you correctly the first time."

He turned and looked down at me, "I said bloo..."

I interrupted him, "I heard what you said, my question was rhetorical, but what I cannot understand is how any man who calls himself a gentleman would use such distasteful and galling language. You sir are no gentleman and shame on you for using such vocabulary in front of a stranger, an acquaintance, and your own wife."

I looked in Mrs. Harker's direction who was looking at her husband with an upsetting expression on her face.

                "I do apologize, I didn't think..."

                I stood up so that I was closer to his eye level, but in the end I still had to look up. "That you would get caught, that you would be heard. I hope that I never see you again Mr. Harker. You are a great shame to the male sex and I hope you don't treat Mrs. Harker with such severity should she do something that you consider against your precious fragile nature. You can leave now."

At this point Mrs. Harker came forward as Mr. Harker turned to leave, "I want to apologize for what has been said."

                "There is no need for you to apologize on his behalf. As I said I do hope he doesn't speak to you in such a manner."

She turned to caught up with her odious husband, who was waiting for her a few feet away, but close enough so that he could hear what was being said. After they were out of sight I sat down and glanced at a smiling Mr. Grayson. I suddenly realized all that I said could have damaging negative affects on him and his business.

                "I feel now that it is I who should apologize. It wasn't my intention to speak out in such a way, but that kind of language and prejudice should never be tolerated."

I was going to continue but he put up his hand in protest. "There is no need for an apology, Mr. Harker and I have always been on thin ice. Regardless I never expected such words to come out of his mouth, at least to where I could hear them."

                "If you don't mind me asking, what happened between the three of you. I suspect that it was something more than just bad business."

He straitened up in his seat before he spoke, "It centers around Mrs. Harker, whom at one time was known as Ms. Mina Murray. I thought I was in love with her and I actually believed that she loved me back, but in the end she chose Mr. Harker. I was saddened, but realized that it was not meant to be."

I nodded, "So that's why Mr. Harker has a less than pleasant nature."

                "I would make that conclusion as well." He paused for a moment. "I must say watching you as you spoke, there is a large amount of fury that has built up inside you."

                "Yes I suppose there is. I knew of men like Mr. Harker, and it never ends well with them. They will never change, they don't have the mental capacity for understanding and acceptance to anything that they don't fully comprehend."

                "I must agree once again. But I feel that I should have been the one that spoke up, the one who defended you, rather than the other way around."

                "Are you mad that I let him have it?"

                "Not at all. It was nice having someone to fight for me, rather than against me."


*This pleasantry back and forth went on for a few more hours before Mr. Grayson suggested that they return to the manor. Both men got into the carriage and safely returned, but before they got out it was suggested my Mr. Grayson that they take a stroll through the gardens. The moon was at fullness and the light that it let off was quite enchanting. Nicolaus being the night owl himself loved the idea. So there was Mr. Grayson walking next to Nicolaus through the gardens, passing the fragrant Magnolia trees, watching the light bounce off the white petals.


(Nicolaus POV)


I watched as Alexander walked by my side, my protector. He was the sort of man that I always desired, mysterious, charming, alluring, compassionate yet watchful. I looked into the eye of one of the low hanging Magnolia's. Its smell was sweet, almost like honey.

                "Would you like me to pick one for you?"

                "That would be lovely, but I couldn't bare to watch it die on my behalf. Thank you though for offering."

He nodded as we continued to walk past the ever growing trees. "I wish they could live forever, never die and fall to the ground, but I guess it is a part of nature. To see something pass and then come back again."

                "Then in a way they do have eternal life."

                "I guess so, but as you walk past the browned mush that was once beautiful ivory petals you are reminded of mortality."

                "That is true, but thankfully there is a resurrection."


We stopped in front of the trees, I was looking at the moon, and assumed Alexander was as well but as I tilted my head back down I saw the he was staring at me. "Is there something wrong?"

                "Not at all I was just wondering if you would let me kiss you."

I was taken aback for a moment, "I would." And that was all that was spoken as Alexander closed the distance between us and placed his velvety kiss upon me. I could feel his strong hand caressing my back, as I did the same. The taste of mint and coffee mixed with my own and before I knew it I was running my hand through his hair and down his back.  We stayed like this for what seemed a life time, but the fantasy was cut short as Alexander gently pulled away and grasped my hand.

                "I want you to know something Nicolaus. I am growing strongly attached to you."

                "I am as well."

We walked hand-in-hand back to the manor and before he left me he placed one final kiss on my lips and cheek.

                "Pleasant dreams my Nicolaus."

                "Pleasant dreams Alexander."