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Blood in The Water


Chapter 4


The next morning I woke a little more tired than expected, but when I remembered what I was doing instead of sleeping I realized that it was well worth the deprivation. After getting cleaned and dressed I headed down to begin breakfast. I was informed by Ms. Glenford that Mr. Renfield was out for a few days and that I was to look after Mr. Grayson. I understood and made breakfast for Alexander and made my way upstairs to his bedroom. I gently rapped on the door and heard nothing so I entered and placed the tray on the night stand. Mr. Greyson was in bed mildly snoring so I placed my hand on his exposed arm, whispering.

                "Alexander it is time to wake up, your breakfast is on the stand."

                "Hmmm alright. Thank you Nicolaus, if you don't mind I'm not feeling well today so I think I will stay in bed."

                "Alright, if you need anything I will be around."

I turned and left the room, softly closing the door behind me. It was around 10am that an unexpected guest had arrived for me. Ms. Glenford found me reading in the greenhouse in front of the roses.

                "Mr. Kelly there is a Mr. Harker here to see you. He says that it is important."

I sighed, closing my book. "Alright send him in, thank you Ms. Glenford. "

                "You're welcome sir."

It wasn't more that a few seconds after she left that Mr. Harker came in, smiling as if we were best friends. He impulsively sat down next to me.

                "This had better be important Mr. Harker. I believe I told that I never wanted to see you again."

                "Yes you did and yes it is." He paused. "I wanted to formally apologize for what I said last night it was cruel and hate filled and for that I am sorry."

I saw what looked to be sympathy in his eyes and against my better judgment told him that I accepted his apology. He smiled but remained seated.

                "Is there something else that you needed?"

                "No...well yes I was wanting to...." and before he spoke another word he quickly leaned forward and kissed me, all the while angrily grabbing at my genitals. His kiss was rough and tasted of brandy and stale cheese. I tried to push him away but he just kept pushing back, until finally I got the leverage I needed and pushed with all my might. He toppled onto the ground while I stood up.

                "Mr. Harker how dare you put your filthy lips upon mine. How dare you grope me. You are a married man and I am seeing Mr. Grayson. If either of them found out what you just did, it would crush them. I have half a mind to message your Mrs. Harker and tell her what transpired here."

                "How can you be with such a loathsome monster like Greyson?"

I narrowed my eyes as he stood up and wiped the dirt from his pants. "A monster you say. Hmm that is an interesting choice of words coming from a man who just tried to molest me. You are a vile, disgusting creature of a man. You have the arrogance and audacity to call Mr. Grayson a monster. He could be red as blood with horns and a tale and still be more of a man than you could ever hope to be. I suggest for your sake we never see each other again. You don't come back here, and if any of this gets out around London...I will destroy you." As I said this I looked straight into his eyes, feeling nothing but nauseated animosity.

                "Are you threatening me with violence you fruity lard?"

I glared just slightly, "Not with violence. There are other means to destroying someone and I am fluent in such ways. If you so much as breath a word of what is happening between Mr. Grayson and myself, I will go straight to Mrs. Harker. I will tell her what you did and believe me I can be quite convincing. After your distasteful performance last night, do you have any hesitation that she would believe anything different."

                "You wouldn't dare."

                "Why not, spare her the damaging heartache when she finds out that her husband is a hidden pooftah. A true con artist and a snake in the grass. You can see yourself out."

When he turned I saw Alexander standing in the greenhouse doorway. He was livid and pushed Mr. Harker down and out of the manor. I could hear his voice, `keep your sleazy shabby self away from my house and away from Nicolaus'. When he returned I was sitting on the bench trying to digest what had just happened. While resting my head on one hand and wiping off my lips with the other, I could hear Grayson come and sit down next to me.

                "How much did you see?" Not looking at him.

                "From when he walked into the greenhouse and apologized. Basically the entire situation."

                "That man is filth, I can still taste his kiss. What did he think was going to happen, that I would just jump into his arms. Ridiculous and witless man. I can't help but feel for Mrs. Harker."

I looked over to Alexander. There was a small sadness in his eyes. Mrs. Harker seemed pleasant and Alexander himself said that she was a very intelligent and kind hearted being. Such a lady who has no idea what kind of man her husband really is. It was a upsetting.

                "I've never liked that man and now I dislike him even more. Are you alight?"

                "Yes I'm fine. He is a person who should remain in the shadows, a real brute."

                "Agreed. So I could not help but overhear something to the effect of me being red with horns and a tail."

As he said this I could see his demon-like smirk. I just shook my head, smiling to myself. "So are you feeling better?"

                "I am, thank you."

I leaned forward and placed my lips upon his. I could taste the familiar mint, the love, the heat, the animalistic desire. He pulled me closer with such strength it frightened me. It frightened me and I liked it.


(Alexander's POV)


Here I am kissing my tender Nicolaus, the young man that I never thought could have woke me out of my hibernation. He leans into me, he gently moans into my body. I pull him harder than I should have, but he likes it. I can smell his pheromones. They talk to me. They say take me, love me, make me yours. I can smell his scent mixed with his signature lavender, but there is another scent that I smell that fills me with rage. It is, as Nicolaus so elegantly put it, the scent of that brute of a man. The insignificant Jonathan Harker, the journalist who like a slug climbed his way up the aristocracy latter. I would have to pay him a visit tonight. He needs to be taught a lesson, Nicolaus is mine. He may have gotten Mina, but Nicolaus is much more interesting and loving. He unconsciously has brought to life my inner sexual beast, my protective, loving, and lustful self.

His tongue is swirling with mine, all the while I can hear his heartbeat. The magnificent hum of blood coursing through his veins. It makes me wonder what is going to happen when he discovers that I'm no longer of this world. Will he be willing to look past my nature and see the truth. What he said about having horns and a tail, though crude, gives me hope. I understand how he thinks, he is assertive and willing to speak his thoughts without any fear of rejection or consequence, this is what attracts me to him. I very well could be the moth and he the flame.

When our lips parted and we sat back staring into each others eyes. I found myself more hopeful than when I was with Mina. Could she have understood and accepted my nature, no, but I believed Nicolaus could.

We spend the remainder of the day together. Nicolaus was getting more interested in my past and it was beginning to hurt me more to lie and hide certain aspects of my life from him. When we parted it was in the evening and Nicolaus desired a bath. I told him that I would be away from the remainder of the night and most of tomorrow morning, but would gladly have dinner with him later in the day. He smiled and gently kissed my cheek.