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Blood in The Water


Chapter 5


*Nicolaus and Alexander parted ways, one to rest, while the other went onto correct a wrong that occurred earlier that very day. Alexander crawled out his bedroom window, scaling the wall like a reptile, getting to the roof with little effort. He could feel his eyes make their instinctive change to ruby red, while his canines elongated. He ran with the winds and traveled over rooftops landing a top of what is now called the Harker residence. He peered into the window, sensing Mina asleep, but Jonathan was still awake. He was in his study downstairs. As Alexander slithered down the wall, he gently tapped onto the window, while crawling back up onto the roof out of sight. He heard Jonathan stand up and open the glass, peering out into the cold of the night. Before he shut the window, thinking that it must have been the wind, Alexander swung down and kicked Jonathan into the study, on his backside, while climbing into the room himself. After sliding the window closed he quickly blurred to the lights on the walls and dimming them low. Jonathan was getting to his feet, turning to witness the horror of Alexander's vampiric appearance. Jonathan went to scream, but before he could utter a sound Alexander was in front of him with his fangs plunged deep into Harker's throat. The blood was running down both men. It was the taste that Alexander could never tire of, especially when it was lined with fear. Alexander tossed Harker across the room into his chair. He was holding onto the wound while looking at Grayson with terror in his eyes. I use the word terror with most seriousness. Harker could not believe what he was seeing but as Alexander straitened his jacket, now stained with blood, and sat down in the chair opposite of the bleeding man Harker was sensing just how serious the situation was.


(Alexander POV)


Listening to Jonathan's heavy breathing filled my ears with joy. He was not going to die from the bite, but he would be weakened for weeks to come. As I sat down and watched the man wheezing, he had true dread in his eyes. It had been a while since I last fed and even longer since I had fed like that. His blood flooded into my body, filling me with ravishment.

                "What ... are ... you?"

                "Come now you are smarter than that. I am what the Order of the Dragon said I was. I am the vampire lord. I am Count Dracula and I am pleased to finally make your acquaintance."

                "How...is is that possible? We've seen you...you in the light."

                "Let's just say I am well gifted."

Jonathan continued to breath heavily. He was trying his hardest to stay awake, afraid that I was going to finish what I started.

                "I came here tonight to pay you a final visit. I come with a warning as well as a gift. You get to keep your life and Mina, only on the contingency that you never seek out Nicolaus. And never speak of what happened here tonight of course."

                "Why...why should I..."

Before he could finished I blurred to his side, eyes and teeth bared and ready to strike.                "Because if you don't I will rip your throat out just as I did the Order. I will watch you bleed and as the last glimmer of light escapes your eyes, you will get to witness the death of your beloved Mina."

                "You care...for...for her. You wouldn't hurt her."

                "No. Not any more. I would destroy the entire populous of London to protect Nicolous. Now have I got your attention."

He did not take too long to give an answer. "Alright I will remain quiet and I won't pursue Nicolaus."

                "Good boy." I said with a twinge of a masterly tone. "Now go and clean your wound."

He did as he was told, went to the bathroom to clean to bite. I turned and leapt from of the window. By the time he came back I had returned to the manor. I removed my clothes, throwing them into the fire and watching them burn.  After cleaning my face, removing any trace of Jonathan's blood I could hear singing out in the gardens. It was the voice of Nicolaus, getting some fresh air no doubt. The song of a siren and I gladly followed the sound.


(Nicolaus POV)


I woke in the middle of the night to the sound of the wind blowing outside. My head felt a little hot so I decided to go out and enjoy in the night breeze. Wearing only my night shirt and robe I went down and out into the gardens. The moon was close to being full and as I walked around the maze of knee high hedges I began to sing, letting the wind carry my voice.


`The night is full of wonder.

Darkness everywhere.

With a lad for longing.

Loneliness I cannot bare. `


Humming to the tune while listening to the crisp leaves crunch into one another as the fabric of my robe flew like wings of a falling bird.


`He caresses my body softly.

A strength that keeps me firm.

I gladly sacrifice my soul.

For a love which would confirm.'


Thinking of Alexander as I sang, desiring the touch of his hands upon my body. It was something that I missed. It had only happened on one other occasion, if you don't count what Mr. Harker did to me earlier. Everything that Alexander was made me quiver, his touch, his smell, his taste. I closed my eyes wishing he was with me. I whispered into the winds as if they could hear me, "Let me have Alexander, let him feel for me the way I feel for him."

                "But I do feel for you Nicolaus."

This shocked me as I turned around and was staring in the eyes of a bare chested Alexander. He came to me and I couldn't help but rub my hands over his chest and back. This was the first time that I'd seen him without a shirt, I noticed he was marked with a few tattoos. I ran my fingers up and down his strong flesh as he did the same to me.

                "Alexander, this is forward of me, but I hunger for you my lord."

                "We can skip past that. I desire for you as well my Nicolaus."

As he leaned down to kiss me. I could taste a different flavor mixed with the normal mint. It was foreign to me, but not unpleasant, just unexpected.

                "You taste different."

He started to pull away, but I latched onto him like an infant to his mother. "No, I like it." The sneer-like smile that was painted was that of a Cheshire grin. As he pulled me closer, lips firmly fixed on mine I felt my body begin to sizzle. The heat that had built up was finally being released. I felt him slide his hand down my hip and under my night shirt. I deeply inhaled as he wrapped his hand around my member. He began fondling my organ back and forth. There were moments where I felt weightless, flying over the clouds and past the stars. His tongue continued its assault while I placed my hand inside his loose fitting pants. I could feel his harness react to the sudden touch. The touch of his skin against mine felt like fire.


So there we were masturbating each other in the middle of the gardens. The moaning that escaped both our bodies mixed with the whistle of the wind made the night come alive. We were both close to shooting when suddenly Alexander stopped.

                "Maybe we should take this inside."


We quickly walked hand-in-hand back inside the manor. We locked up, shortly after he pulled me towards his bedroom. While he closed the door I stripped off my robe and climbed into his bed. As he got in next to me I sensed that he could smell my fear. I wasn't afraid in the traditional sense, but rather that I wouldn't be any good in bed and that my lack of knowledge would be noticed.

                "You are shaking, do you want to wait?"

                "No...no...I'm just scared, it has been a long time since I've done anything like this and I'm afraid that I won't be any good."

He gave me a sly smile, then came close to my face and smelt along my cheek and down my throat. "If you perform as well as you smell, then everything will be fantastic. Besides, I have learned a few tricks myself and will gladly teach you along the way. We will explore together."


This helped me relax and as the situation, like before, began to heat up I took the feelings that were coursing through me and decided to run with them. The heat, the fire, the sweet smells of sweat and sexual tension. It was transforming me, molding me into a new and superior form. Alexander slid his fingertips up my thigh, letting me feel the electricity from each connection. As he rested both hands at the collar of my night shirt I realized what he was going to do. The sound of the fabric tearing under the power of the man only heightened the desire. He was shredding my shirt to pieces and as he finally removed the cloth I noticed that some where along the way he removed his pants. I could see him in all his glory, length close to a candlestick, but girth of an average scotch glass, surrounded by a haze of pubic perfection. He was larger than perceived but didn't gloat or brag about his endowment. I laid back, resting my head atop my folded hands. He straddled my leg while leaning down to gaze into my eyes.  Gently rubbing his hands over my stomach and chest, pulling at the skin, and slightly tweaking my nipple as he went along.

                "What do you wish of me my Nicolaus? What do you desire for me to do to you?"

With a deep breath and closed eyes I whispered, "make love to me, make me yours."

There wasn't a need to say anything else. He knew what to do. While he repositioned himself, placing both of my legs upon his shoulders I grabbed another one of his many pillows and put it under my head. This propped me up further so I could better see his face. In his eyes was something that I'd never noticed before, there was a glimmer, a sheen-like luster on the surface of those pale blue crystals. It slightly resembled that of a cat or dog as they look around at night. I could see him mechanically touching himself, getting his prick to leak pre-ejaculate. There was a good amount that he had greased his member with.

                "Are you ready?"

                "I am...but be gentle."

                "I would never hurt you."

At that moment he started to enter me. The sounds of slick wetness and the feeling of tearing flesh filled my ears and mind. He waited for a moment, then pushed, then waited, then pushed, this went on for a few minutes before I felt his pubic hairs touching the ring of my anus. Again he waited until I nodded my head and like a locomotive, slow to begin, he began pumping in and out of me. This didn't take as long as I'd expected, to get use to the feeling of his member deep inside me. Soon enough he was pumping in and out of me. When our eyes met he smiled and placed his hand underneath my neck, pulling me with such strength so that our lips could meet. I would moan, as he hit my pleasure spot, into his mouth. He soon was moaning as well, at this point we broke our kiss and let the world hear our sounds.

                "Uuuuggghh." was all I could spit out, Alexander's sounded similar, but more aggressive. We were going at this for what felt like hours, but in all reality it was closer to a half an hour, before he spoke.

                "I am close. I want to bury my seed deep inside you"

                "Please don't stop, give it to me, give it to me hard."

                With that he did. His thrusting became more threatening and hostile. He was growling as he tore into me and it would be untruthful if I said that I didn't revel in every second of it. He was a man, a strong, forceful, and vigorous kind of man that was also tender, loving, and passionate. He forced one final thrust into me and like two wild beasts we howled in the air. I could feel his seed, that beautiful slick, mother of pearl juice that seeped into my very soul. As Alexander pulled out of me some of the liquid oozed out. I couldn't help but grab onto his shoulders and spin slightly, so that I was on top of him and he was resting on the pillows like a king. I placed both hands on his chest and lightly dug my nails into his flesh, pulling down to his belly. As I got closer to his semi-stiff member I couldn't help but swallow his meat, or at least try to. I wanted a taste, a sample of his greatness.

                "Ahhh Nicolaus you are insatiable. Not that I...I...mmmm...aaahhh......yes."

                I could taste his sweetness on my lips. There were a few quiet moments of me bobbing like a marine buoy. He just sat there letting me have what I wanted. His body seemed to react just when things were beginning to get fun. I could feel his body gently spasm.

                "Nicolaus I...I'm almost...there."

I kept sucking him in and out. With a last pass he erupted once again, only this time I got to taste it. This didn't feel as large as the last, but it was still difficult to contain it all in my mouth. As it slid down over my tongue and down my throat I could taste a slight bitter, but sweet flavor. I lifted off of him and rolled to his side. He leaned over me, pinning me underneath his upper body and planting a powerful kiss, licking the inside of my mouth, tasting his own nectar. As he pulled back I reached up and held onto the back of his neck. After running my tongue over his lips I let go and rested against the bed. He was the first to speak as the room fell silent.

                "Thank you for this. Thank you for being with me.

                "The pleasure is mine Alexander."

The time we spent laying there next to each other, silent, just listening to the sounds of nothingness made it seem like it was only me and him in the world, that everything else no longer mattered. Finally as the moment came to a close I felt him lift out of bed and go into the bathroom. I could hear water begin to run and as the minutes passed I was wondering if I should go back to my own bedroom and wash by myself. As I got out of bed and began looking for my shirt and robe I suddenly felt hands caress my hips. I inhaled deeply as he startled me.

                "Where are you off to?"

                "I was going to go back to my bedroom. I assume that you are going to wash up by yourself."

I could see he was slightly offended by what I said.

                "I was hoping that you would wash with me...unless you would rather be by yourself."

                I smiled, "No I would enjoy bathing with you."

                "Come then."

We walked next to each other into his bathroom. A large marbled space, covered in tall candles. The water was warmed and as we climbed in the tension melted away. I leaned over the side and rested my folded arms and head against the cool stone. I remained were I was for a while. It wasn't until I felt the water stir and his hands upon my back that I was pulled from my stillness. I glanced over, seeing him sit next to me, watching me as I watched him. There was something in his eyes, something that I couldn't quite identify.

                "I have been thinking about opening the doors to the manor and hosting a ball."

I smirked as my eyes narrowed in questioning.

                "What are you celebrating?"

                "Well I truthfully would like to celebrate the two of us, but..." He trailed off.

                "I understand, if only we were in a different time, a different era, we could be more public about our relationship. May I make a suggestion?"

                "Of course, this is your ball as well."

                "Can it be a masquerade ball, celebrating All Hallows Eve. It's only a few weeks away and that would be a great time to celebrate. After all that is my favorite time of the year. Celebration of the forgotten, time to be anyone or anything you desire. Time for Pumpkins, apples, spices, and hidden passion."

                "All Hallows Eve, I had almost forgot. That is perfect. I shall have Renfield send out the invitations."

                "Great, oh I have one more request. If it is not too much to ask."


                "We cannot see each other until after the party begins. That way you will have to find me through the pool of glittering masked faces."

His face looked a little hesitant and slightly devious,

                "You have my word. But I must tell you, I am an excellent spotter. I will find you."

                "I certainly hope so."



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