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Blood in The Water


Chapter 6


*So it was decided that there was to be an All Hallows Eve Masquerade Ball at Grayson Manor on the 30th of October. The true intentions for the ball were to celebrate the relationship between Alexander Grayson and Nicolaus, but that was between them, Renfield and unfortunately the odious Jonathan Harker. A few weeks have gone by and all the preparations have been made. Alexander understanding that this season was his Nicolaus' favorite, decided to go all out. Every pumpkin, gourd, garland, candle, apple, everything that he could think of, he bought. Renfield sent out the invitations and expected over 80 people to attend. There would be more than enough cider, food, and champagne to go around.

It was the day before the ball and the decorations  were being set up. Alexander had strict instructions that if Nicolaus had to leave the manor, he had to exit and re-enter through the back door, wanting to keep the final look a secret. Nicolaus, though slightly unhappy, respected Alexander's wishes. That very day, accompanied by Renfield, found a well known costume shop, full of everything he could ever want. It took the two a few hours to make a final decision, Renfield surprisingly a great critic of clothing. Nicolaus decided to go with a crimson suit, lined with black embroidered pattern, cut very close to his form. The outer coat had no tails, coming to an end right at the beginning of his bum, thus making it stick out more than normal. With black boots, this finished the look of his costume. He had everything he needed, apart from a mask.

Towards the back of the store Nicolaus found a large wall covered with Venician masks of all sorts of designs. Passing masks shaped like birds and devils, angels, and mythical beasts Nicolaus thought the search would last forever. He was in the process of trying one on when Renfield came from behind him. He told the young man that he found one that he though Nicolaus would enjoy. So the young man put the mask he held back on the wall and followed Renfield. There he saw in Cornfields hands the perfect match to his outfit. A half-face mask, ebony and merlot in color, lined with lace on the bottom, which would follow the curvature of his cheeks. But it was the top that enthralled Nicolaus, covered in a ploom of feathers that curved slightly forwards. The feathers appeared to come from pheasant, cardinal and crow. Nicolaus loved that mask instantly, giving Renfield a hug, he was so excited.


Nicolaus (POV)


On our way back to the manor I could not help but wonder what the main ball room was going to look like. What did Alexander have in mind, tonight I would have to ask him. He was very adamant about keeping me away, keeping everything a secret. I couldn't even get a hint from Renfield, though I tried many times, always coming up short. We sat across from each other, he was staring out the window as I was looking down at the few packages now in my possession.

When we pulled around back I tried one last ditch effort to get a peek at the decorations.

                "You know Renfield I could just take a quick glimpse, then tomorrow act surprised when I see it."

This brought a smile and a chuckle out of him. "Nicolaus you really are too much. Though I do respect you far and wide. Mr. Grayson would be livid with me if I let you peek. So no, like always you will have to wait till tomorrow evening."

I could not help but smile at my failed attempt, while I carried my bags to my room. For the most part the manor was quiet, apart from the sound of hammering once in a while. After putting my costume away and finishing my reading I noticed that the time had flew by. I was on my way to the kitchen to prepare dinner for Renfield, Alexander and myself when I felt a presence come from behind. Before I could turn hands covered my eyes, stopping me in mid step.

                "I was just going to the kitchen to make dinner. I was not going to peek, I promise."

                "What if I wanted to give you a quick peek, just the two of us." The tone in his voice, silky like warm chocolate.

                "I would enjoy that very much, but only if you are sure."

                "I am. But I have to cover your eyes."

I turned back around, trying to hide my excitement. The feeling of his cool hands on my face leading me down the hall and through what felt to be the library. After a few more steps we came to a stop. The smell of cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger filled my nose.

                "Keep your eyes closed."

I did as I was told as he removed his hands. A few moments later and his presence was no longer there and I began to feel the anticipation grow. Just before I felt like I was going to pass out from excitement I felt his presence behind me once more. He leaned in close and whispered into my ear.

                "Are you ready?"


                "Go ahead and open your eyes."

So I did. And before me was the most incredible sight I had ever seen. Black and orange garlands, twisted branches with small candles lined the walls, which led to the tables covered in more candles, along with a large cauldron. Pumpkins, along with other squash, followed the perimeter. I could not keep my eyes still. The beautiful chandelier covered in garlands and roses. I walked to the middle of the incredible room and felt the awe of immense space. There were empty tables where the food and drink were to go, I assumed. Before I could get use to everything the sound of music came from behind, making me turn in surprise.

                "The band will arrive tomorrow, but this will do for now. May I have this dance?"

He held my hand in his as he placed his other on my side, just above my hip, while I put mine on his back. "You may Mr. Grayson"

                "Now Mr. Kelly have I told you how ravishing you look tonight?"

                "Why no you have not. But I thank you for the compliment. Just wait till tomorrow evening. I think you will like my selection."

                "I imagine you to look amazing in anything. So I am sure I will love it."

                "What about you my handsome prince, what will you be wearing?"

                "It is a secret, but I will give you a hint. It is what you wear in the bath tub."

                "Well you do not wear anything in the bath tub, so tomorrow evening should indeed be shocking. But really you are not going to tell me?"

                "I cannot. You will just have to wait and find out."

                "Alright, you gave me a peek at this beautiful room, so I can wait. I must say Alexander you have done an amazing job. This room is beautiful, it surpasses anything I could have imagined."

                "Well it is all for you."

With that I leaned my head on his shoulder an we continued to turn around the room. "Thank you Alexander. Thank you for everything."

                "You are most welcome."

Alexander being the perfect dancer helped me in all my steps. It was only after a few that I accidentally stepped on his foot.

                "Oh I am sorry. This is a little more difficult than I expected."

                "It is not a problem."

So there we were, him trying to teach me how to do a proper waltz. After a few more failed attempts I got it. We dipped and turned, he spun me and even picked me up. I found myself laughing all the while. But soon the music came to an end, as did our dance.

I was informed that Renfield decided to dine out, and Alexander did not have much of an appetite so I made myself a quick plate of fruit. We walked into the greenhouse and sat across from the roses. Occasionally I would take a bite of fruit, but for the most part being next to him was all I really wanted. There was no way to explain what was happening to me, but Alexander made me forget about everything bad that had ever happened. There was this calming unseen blanket that washed over me when I was in his presence. This was beginning to alarm me, was I becoming to enamored with him, was this too good to be genuine? It is true I care for him more than anything I have ever held, but there was still so much that was unknown. My thoughts pulled me well away, because it was only after Alexander placed his hand on top of mine that I woke from my reflection.

                "What are you thinking of that has you so far away from me?"

I was silent for a moment.

                "I just...I could not say without sounding selfish or paranoid."

This made him furrow his brows together, "I could never look at you in either light. Tell me."

                "Time seems to halt when I am with you. I care for you Alexander more than I do anything on this plain. Yet I have nothing to offer you, no status, no coin, nothing of societal value and I cannot help but wonder when this dream is going to crack open and you are going to realize what you have gotten yourself into and that you can do better. And that scares me. I have never been happy like this...and."

                "I am going to stop you right there Nicolaus. First of all there is no force on this Earth that could sway my emotions. There is no amount of coin, or status, or societal value that could shift the feelings I have for you. You have no idea how long I have waited to find this type of happiness. You speak out of fear, fear of the unknown. But let me set your mind at ease and tell you that you are my only concern. Day and night I only think of you and your well being."

                "I understand and I hear you, but I cannot help but fear losing you. It is not much, but I would give everything up that I call my own just to have a sort of guarantee that we will last together. But the world we live in does not work in promises like that. Society will never accept us, we will forever remain in the shadows as London's dirty secret."

                "Nicolaus...please believe me when I tell you, you are everything to me. We do not need societies acceptance as long as we hold onto one another. I want you to trust in me, as I trust you. We belong together and I will be there for you always. I will never leave your side, unless you tell me to."

I was silent for a while, looking down at the ground, finally getting my brain to catch up with my ears. Digesting everything he said, wanting to believe him. When I turned back to face him, his expression was unreadable, there could have been slight sadness or worry, but I could not tell.

                "Thank you for your trust. It appears to be the affects of a difficult life have gotten the best of me and for that I apologize."

                "There is no need to apologize for your feelings. They are yours and you own them, never withdraw from what inside your heart. That being said I hope you are still my Nicolaus."

                "I am, and you...my prince."

He gently grasped my hand and brought it to his lips, kissing the knuckles. So the two of us sat together in silence. It was not until Renfield came in and found us that we realized it was early in the morning. With one last kiss we parted.

                "I will find you this evening my Nicolaus."

                "I look forward to it my prince."


*The two parted ways. Nicolaus went to take a bath and get rested for the party. Alexander on the other hand was beginning to lose his composure. He knew what Nicolaus wanted, they were at the critical point in their relationship where the truth was going to have to come out. Deep down he knows Nicolaus can handle the idea that Alexander is a vampire, but he is worried that there was still the possibility of rejection. Renfield set his lords mind at ease telling him that Nicolaus is more that understanding, that he has nothing to worry about. Alexander nods, but inside is still concerned.

Nicolaus woke later than he had anticipated, it was noon, how could he have slept so long he did not know. There was a gentle knock at the door which forced him out of bed.


(Nicolaus POV)


                "Who is it?"

                "It is Renfield."

I opened the door to see a smiling face.

                "Good day Mr. Nicolaus, I was wondering when you were going to wake. The party will start in six hours so I wanted to make sure you had enough time to get ready. Also I have something for you."

He handed me a small bag with a bottle inside. The glass was tinted purple with a label tied around the neck. It was a bottle of lavender and magnolia skin oil. When I brought it to my nose the smell was intoxicating.

                "My favorite, thank you Renfield. Thank you very much."

                "I remember when you first came here, you were wearing the scent. So I took it upon myself to get you a bottle."

I reached up and gave him a hug,

                "Thank you again."

                "It was my pleasure. I will see you tonight."

I closed the door after he turned to leave. I could not help but smile at the beautiful gift. After making my bed and pulling out my costume and mask I decided to take long bath and read a little. The day was going by rather quickly and as the sun was beginning to set I started to get ready.

I asked Ms. Glenford for a small piece of charred wood, to which she gave me a peculiar look but returned a few minutes later with a piece of brittle blacken wood that fit in the palm of my hand. After thanking her I collected a small glass and began grinding the charred piece to a fine powder. When there was a good amount I poured in a few drops of oil and combined the mixture until it had the consistency of creamy porridge. Using the tip of my pointer finger I outlined my eyes with the black slurry. Making sure it came close to the rim, but not enough to cause irritation. The effect was almost instant, looking like a depiction of an Ancient Egyptian God. I ran my hands through my hair with a small amount of the oil Renfield got for me, which gave off a beautiful scent and added a nice sheen to my locks.

The party was just starting as I got my costume on. The mask fit perfectly, even though the pants were still a little more snug, but after everything was in place I looked at my reflection in the mirror and felt seductive. After applying another drop of oil on my neck, there came a knock at the door.

                "Mr. Nicolaus it is Renfield. Are you ready?"

I opened the door and saw the proud Renfield concealed by a lions mask. He wore a brown cloak, with a dark tan suit and black boots.

                "Renfield you look amazing."

                "No sir it is you that look amazing, are you ready?"

                "Yes, I think I am."

I could hear the voices of the guests and as we rounded the corner the once empty ball room was now filled with life and laughter. Everywhere there were masked strangers drinking and eating. The room was active and as I made my way past some of the guests I could feel their eyes on me. Both men and women looking at me, it made me feel irresistible. Renfield had disappeared somewhere in the mass, and as the guests continued in their merriment suddenly the lights dimmed and at the top of the staircase came the voice of our host. He was dressed in a white fitted suit with black borders, but his half-mask was that of a black and gold jester.

                "Good evening ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming to my All Hallows Eve ball. I hope you enjoy all of tonights entertainment and all my booze. It has been a while since I hosted a party like this, and I hope to continue to do so in the future. Have a pleasant evening."

Everyone cheered as he made his way down the stairs and shook hands with some of London's finest. I made my way past the large grouping when I felt an light tap on my shoulder. Thinking he had found me I turned, but was not looking into the face of Alexander, but that of a masked Mrs. Harker. She was wearing a white flowered dress with a full face mask that appeared to be made of porcelain. It was painted to look like a china doll, with rosy cheeks and red lips. It suited her sweet and delicate nature.

                "Nicolaus, I thought that was you. You look handsome."

                "Mrs. Harker it is pleasure to see you. You look beautiful yourself. I was not sure if you would make it."

                "Yes I told Jonathan that he had to be on his best behavior."

Just then like a leech walked Jonathan wearing a royal blue silk cloth over his eyes, the holes cut for him to see revealed too much for my taste. It matched his suit in color, looking like a thief, this suited his nature as well.

                "Good evening Mr. Harker. I like the color of the suit."

                "Evening Mr. Kelly, thank you. I like yours as well."

We shared small talk until I felt that I had better find my way around the room. I said goodbye, but could not help but notice the way Mr. Harker looked at me, as if he was hiding something. I spotted Renfield talking to Alexander while I made my way to the cider bowl and poured myself a glass. After a few sips  the room felt hot so I went to catch some air.

I stepped out on the side porch and took a deep breath. The moon was out, but occasionally would hide behind some of the nights clouds, bringing with it some refreshing wind. The sky was a deep gray mixed with plum and once in a while I would see a few stars peek out.

                "You know if you wanted to have me find you, it would have been better to not wear such a brilliant color."

                The smirk on my face matched his as I turned and looked into the eyes of a smiling jester.

                "I guess next time I will have to try harder."

                "I will always find you my Nicolaus. That being said, you look incredible."

                "Thank you. You do as well."

                "By the way I could not help but noticed just how tight your pants are. You fill them out quite nicely."

I felt his hand travel down and grasp onto my backside. I took a deep breath. "I did that for you."

                "Mmmmm and I most definitely appreciate it."

                "Maybe we should get back inside before people wonder where you have gone."

                "It is okay Renfield has it under control, besides there is enough alcohol in that room to keep everyone happy. So where was I, oh yes here."

With that he pinned me between him and the wall and began kissing me, all the while massaging my ass through my pants. I could not help by let out a moan and as my hand traveled to his groin I could feel his hardness. There was an intense heat growing between us, but before things got too out of control the sound of a champagne cork popped and a pair of voices were getting close, altering the both of us. We quickly backed away from each other and straightened our costumes. The voices turned and disappeared, most likely forgetting where the main hall was at.

                "That was close my prince."

                "It felt invigorating, did it not?"

                "That it did, but we should save that for later."

                "Agreed. Would you care to be at my side and go back in?"

                "That would be great."

So we returned back to the party, listening to the sounds of gossip. I walked next to Alexander with a smile on my face. When we passed the food tables I grabbed a caramel dipped apple.

                "I have not had one of these in years. One of the last events I attended in the states was a carnival. This is incredible."

                "I aim to please."


*So the party went off without a hitch. It was deemed a success and as the remaining guests left and the clean up team came in Nicolaus  found himself exhausted and ready for bed. Alexander found him in the library, sitting in a chair, mask removed, looking like all he wanted was rest. The gentleman that he was, leaned down and carried a tired Nicolaus to his bed. He could hear Nicolaus moaning for him to hold him tighter, to which he did.


(Nicolaus POV)


I felt weightless in his arms and when we reached my bed I came to.

                "Thank you Alexander, I think it is time for me to get undressed and go to sleep."

                "I agree. I will see you tomorrow. I hope you enjoyed yourself.

                "I did, thank you."

With that I leaned up, untied his mask, and planted my lips on his. He wrapped his arms around me and held me tight as our tongues heavily petted one another. His one hand traveled down and rested on my butt, kneading it, making me weak in the knees. This time he pulled away gently.

                "You should get some rest. We both should."

                "Mmmmm okay. Goodnight."

                "Pleasant dreams."

As he turned and closed my door I got undressed and put my costume and mask away. After pulling on my night shirt I went to climb in bed, but felt something hard underneath my pillow. I pulled what revealed itself to be a book with a piece of paper sticking out of it. I flipped to where the paper was hanging out and it revealed itself to be a section on Romanian royalty. The piece of paper read in red lettering `Your Alexander Grayson is not who he claims to be. He is a deceiver, he is the leader of the Order of the Dragon. His real name is Vlad Tepes, though he is known as Count Dracula. He is not of this world. He is a vampire.'

This information was too impossible to be possible. Stunned, I looked though the pages and found the section marked was about the warlord Vlad Tepes who was more commonly known as Vlad the Impaler also titled `Dracula'. I remembered reading about him briefly, known as one of histories worst, most considered his actions criminal. The term vampire I had heard of as well, but could not remember what it meant. I closed the book and carried it with me, as if this bound collection of pages would protect, as I snuck to the library.

After closing the main door and turning on the light I rummaged my way through the novels, landing upon World myth. This was the novel I had read where it mentioned such a being. Flipping through the pages I found what I was looking for. `Vampire or Vampyre known throughout the lands of China and Romania as an immortal creature of the night. Damned to walk the Earth surviving upon the consumption of living blood, as punishment can never step into the light of day. What little is known is that they are cold to the touch, swift like the wolf, and have dominion over the vermin of the world. They have been known to change their form into that of a bat or wolf, cast no reflection, and have the strength of many men.'

As I finished reading a variety of emotions bombarded their way into my mind. Fear, terror, confusion, skepticism, but finally anger. Who ever wrote this knows that Alexander and I are together and knows that he is not who he says he is. The anger inside me suddenly remembers what I had previously thought, "this was to good to be genuine." I picked up both books and stormed out of the library and up the staircase to his bedroom. There was light underneath the door so like a madman I loudly struck the wood repetitively. I could hear movement and finally the handle turned and the door opened.

                "Nicolaus...what is the matter?"

All I saw was fury as I pushed my way into the room. I slammed the books down on his desk, hard enough to make his the bottle of ink rattle. He stared at me for a moment than down at the evidence.

                "Tell me it is not true, that this is not possible. Look me in the eyes and tell me your name is not Vlad Tepes. Tell me you are not Dracula."

The words rolled off my tongue like poison from a serpent. He seemed unmoved, but after reading the mysterious note, he looked into my eyes. I watched in horror as his once shimmering blue orbs, melted into a deep rouge. I suddenly realized my fatal error, I was now prey who happened to stumble into the lions den. All I could do was whisper, as the strength of my voice had left my body.

                "Oh gawd."


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