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© 2001 by W. Foster


Just when he thought she couldn't do any worse, she did. Eric Forrester Jr. found that he didn't hate Amber, but he'd just had his fill of all of her lies. Learning that the little boy he had loved wasn't theirs, but her cousin's, was the straw that had broken the proverbial camel's back. Though he had defended Amber in the past against his mother's repeated attempts to get her out of his life, he couldn't do it anymore. The tart was beginning to border on the pathological and desperate with her fabrications, and there was no way that their marriage could survive on such a foundation. The fact that theirs was a teen marriage only stacked the odds higher against its success.

Looking at the Forrester family history when it came to love and marriage, Rick wondered if it was just in the cards. He had to admit that he too had been drawn by the aura of the forbidden when he secretly saw Kimberly Fairchild after Amber told him she was pregnant. In retrospect, though, what he thought was love was merely a shotgun marriage to an enterprising young trollop whose credibility left something to be desired, and Kimberly would remain ever unattainable as long her father was fiercely guarding her virtue.

Although he had inherited all the confusing family relationships (which would be enough to send anyone into therapy), nineteen-year-old Rick had been blessed with an "all-American guy" package--- his mother Brooke's blond hair, his father Eric Sr.'s good looks and a 5'10" body that spelled "young jock" in any language. He had also inherited Mom's raging Logan hormones, which had been partly responsible for creating the predicament he was in.

Loving his mother was one thing; living down her reputation was quite another. What does one say when one overhears Stephanie Forrester say, "That bitch has all the delicate sensibilities of a common street whore"? If a guy had said it he would have flattened him. Even though it was true, Mom was still Mom. Hearing it from Stephanie's mouth, though, only meant hoping that none of his friends were around to hear her and spare him death from embarrassment. However, Mom wasn't the only one who had given him a jolt.

A few days earlier, the junior Forrester had been standing outside the guest house, pondering seeing a divorce lawyer. He hadn't had much to say to Amber since the revelation of Little Eric's maternity; he just knew that living with her was something he couldn't continue doing. As he looked out at the main house, nothing could have prepared him for what he saw.

Rick couldn't believe it. Dad, the man he knew as one of the classiest men in town, was walking down the sidewalk from the main house, looking like he just stepped out of a biker bar. Had Dad taken leave of his senses? Maybe he was just going to some costume party. It couldn't be anything else. The image was so jarring that all Rick could do was stare. His father did have a terrific build, one a man twenty years younger would be proud of, and the tight white T-shirt beneath the black leather jacket did show it off. He appraised the jeans that were tucked into his polished black knee-high boots. Never in his life had Dad worn pants that accentuated his crotch bulge, and his was noteworthy. But what was going on? Rick couldn't imagine him going anywhere with Stephanie dressed like that. He couldn't even remember him doing that for Mom. And when did he start driving a Range Rover? As the sport utility vehicle went down the drive to the street, Rick headed for the pool, his Amber problem forgotten in the face of this startling discovery.

The next day, as he was sitting in his econ class taking notes on the day's lecture, another thought in particular came back to haunt him. Though it had been on the back burner of his mind periodically, for months Rick had thought about the night Raymond and Amber had sex while they were under the influence of champagne. The fact that Raymond didn't turn out to be the father of Little Eric or the stillborn son Amber gave birth to was a moot point, but the man had a way of sneaking into his thoughts at the oddest times, day or night. There was no reason for it to bother him, but it did. Just what was it Raymond had that he didn't? How could Raymond have seduced Amber so easily when she had supposedly been so into him? That meant admitting that Amber was little more than a cheap, lying, predatory tramp, the kind Mom warned him about but he paid no heed to; then again, Mom did have problems when it came to looking in a mirror. He did acknowledge that Raymond was quite attractive, and his singing voice was a definite hit with all those fans. But there was something else, something about the man that Rick didn't fully understand. He found himself blushing at the thought of Raymond being attractive. It didn't make sense, any more than the times he blushed watching Captain Kirk on the original "Star Trek" television series. Guys weren't supposed to do things like that. Still, even as Rick brought himself back to the economics lecture, the feeling persisted.

Given how weird his parents' behavior seemed to be at the moment, this certainly wasn't something he felt he could discuss with them. The same went for C.J. His best friend had been far too involved with the current situation for him, and he'd only recently forgiven him for all the secrets he'd carried around regarding Amber's web of deception. Also, C.J. was such a skirt hound. The Forrester studmuffin was having enough of a time himself dealing with these thoughts, let alone tell his Spectra cohort. Amber didn't exist for him at this point. Kimberly no longer held the appeal she used to. But Raymond just did things to his mind, and the thought of him sent a strange heat through his body. Pursuing this to its resolution was something, for the moment, that left him with the feeling of navigating uncharted waters.

By all accounts he had every reason to avoid the entertainer, but on nervous legs he went backstage an hour before Raymond's sellout concert at the Hollywood Bowl a week later. By then he had moved back to his mother's house against Amber's protestations, and though Brooke wanted to do back flips of joy all over the front lawn she wisely gave Rick some space. To his astonishment, he was allowed into Raymond's dressing room, and the young Forrester sex puppy gathered up his courage and walked in.

Raymond was seated at his dressing table brushing his close-cut dark brown hair, dressed in a long white satin robe that was open down to his waist. The twenty-one-year-old African-American certainly had every reason to have the entertainment world by the tail at this place in time, not to mention all those teenyboppers. His tobacco brown complexion, wide-set eyes, slightly broad nose and full lips offset by a well-trimmed mustache made a very captivating picture. His 170-pound body, what he could see of it, was so well-defined that he could have been a model for an anatomy class, and it glowed with perfect health. Rick knew he was no slouch in the build department either, but one look at Raymond's eraser-sized nipples had the Forrester jock salivating without knowing why.

"Whazzup, Rick," Raymond said, getting up from the table and extending a hand.

"Hi, Raymond," Rick said, feeling out of his element in his preppie attire as he accepted Raymond's firm handshake.

"I was surprised when they said you were here," Raymond said, his eyes level with Rick's.

"Yeah. I was hoping.....we could talk."

"Well......sure. I can't do it now, but how about tomorrow?"

Rick felt his legs turning to water and his head start to spin, but he held on. At least Raymond didn't brush him off. "OK. Where are you staying?"

"I'm at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Bungalow 5. Come by around two."

"I'll be there."

"Tell you what, Rick. Why don't you hang out backstage and check out the show. I'll get you cleared."

"Wow.....thanks, Raymond."

"My pleasure."

Promptly at two p.m., Rick found himself approaching Raymond's bungalow, remembering the previous night's meeting with the singer. How could he have merely thought Raymond "quite attractive"? The man was drop-dead gorgeous! If he hadn't felt almost ready to faint he would have thrown himself at the stud. Even now, his hormones were at full tilt. What was he going to say when he actually had to sit down and talk---if he could?

It had only been a few hours ago when he'd had the revelation, the truth that had destroyed all the weeds of confusion like a professional gardener. He had been sitting by the pool at home, wanting nothing to do with the guest house a few short miles away and the manipulative sex vixen inside it, when his mind bitch-slapped him: "It's time to face the truth, Rick, the one you've been running from all this time. Yeah, you can't stop thinking about Raymond and Amber. Why? Because you're jealous. You ran to Kimberly because you couldn't face the fact that you're jealous. The thing about it is, it's not Raymond you're jealous of---it's Amber. She had something that you wanted, that you still want. Face it, Eric Forrester Jr. YOU WANT RAYMOND FOR YOURSELF."

The Forrester jock knocked on the door as calmly as he could under the circumstances, even though his heart was fluttering like a hundred butterflies, so uncharacteristic for a mere visit with another dude. Then again, this wasn't "just another dude." When Raymond answered the door, he had forced himself to relax a little by concentrating on his supposed topic of discussion.

"Hi, Raymond."

"Whazzup, Rick. Come on in," Raymond said in a friendly voice, stepping aside to allow Rick to enter.

The African-American heartthrob looked so relaxed and comfortable in his powder blue terrycloth robe, as though he had just come from a dip in the pool. Rick's mind played prurient guessing games as he looked from Raymond's bare feet up to the middle of his sexy thighs, where the material began. I wonder what kind of underwear he's got on, he thought. Maybe he's not wearing underwear. Maybe....

For the next twenty minutes the young men sat back and talked, sometimes about Amber and the state of Rick's marriage, other times on general topics, Raymond's career and the success of the previous night's concert. All the while, Rick's eyes alternated between looking at Raymond's face and his crotch, his pupils dilating whenever the Nubian dreamboat would shift to a position that would reveal more of his lovely bare skin. Unconsciously, Rick rubbed his hands back and forth along his khaki-clad thighs, wondering why they were feeling so tight. At one point his conversation had started to ramble, and Raymond interrupted him with, "Rick."


"Why don't you just come clean and tell me the real reason you're here?"

Rick was tongue-tied. "I......uh......well, you know. I wanted to talk to you about Amber and..."

"No, you didn't. Man, I've been watching you since you got here. You didn't come here to talk about Amber. You don't want her any more than you want Kimberly."

Rick opened his mouth to protest, but Raymond cut him off. "Rick, don't even open your mouth to go there. You came here 'cause you want this." With that, Raymond casually opened his terrycloth robe to reveal all of his well-toned, smooth tobacco brown splendor, highlighted by what had to be the biggest rod Rick had ever seen in his life. Rick had always thought he was well hung at ten inches---Amber kept saying so---but Raymond had him beat hands down. As it rose to its majestic length and thickness, Rick swallowed in excitement. He took note of the family jewels reposing in their sac, as if they were specifically designed to fuel the eleven-and-a-half inch masterpiece that pulsed hypnotically before his eyes. Not only that, unlike most dicks, Raymond's had a fascinating downward curve to it. He finally tore himself away from the sight to find Raymond looking at him with eyes clouded by desire.

"You want this, don't you?" Raymond said, more as a statement of fact than a question.

Rick couldn't tell if he was shaking from nervousness or passion. "Uh.......uh....."

"Might as well admit it, Rick, 'cause your dick's saying it for you."

Rick swallowed hard and hesitantly looked down as his khakis, seeing the bulge in his crotch loudly proclaiming the effect Raymond was having on him. He slowly looked up again, seeing the steaming passion in Raymond's look and hearing the siren call of that huge, tantalizing cockmeat. It was more than he could handle, and his overpowering Logan hormones propelled his mouth into saying something he never thought he'd say.

"All right, Raymond. It's..........like you say."

"And what's that, Rick?"

"I.....I......I want you."

Raymond turned up the heat in his eyes as he wielded his dick the way a magician would a magic wand. "I thought so. Come here."

The next thing Rick was aware of was lying on a very comfortable king-sized bed, being kissed like he'd never been kissed before. It was intoxicating, the way Raymond touched him, caressed him. He couldn't even remember when the amorous entertainer had undressed him, but he was so turned on that it didn't matter. The truth had set him free as far as his feelings for Raymond were concerned, but there was a nagging question on Rick's mind that needed an answer.

"Raymond, this is all so......but...."

"But what, Rick?" Raymond asked softly, giving him another kiss that sent his senses reeling.

Struggling for coherent thoughts, Rick managed to get out, "Aren't you.... aren't you engaged?"

Raymond chuckled and stroked Rick's chest. "No, Rick. That's a publicity thing my agent came up with so people wouldn't know my business. After a while we're supposed to call the whole thing off."

"But Amber thinks...."

"So do the other girls I've been with. But after that time, I admitted to myself that the only one who can do it for me is another dude."

Rick breathed a sigh of relief. "I needed to hear that. I just don't want to jump from one complicated situation to another."

"I'll let you in on a little secret."

"What's that?" Rick asked, shivering with delight as Raymond gently rubbed a finger against his quivering hole.

"With the right dude, I'd shout it from the rooftops," was Raymond's answer just before he put Rick's pulsing erection into his mouth.

The feeling of Raymond's very talented mouth on his sensitized rod and nuts was so good that Rick had a hard time keeping still. He felt flushed again, although the only place on his body that made it obvious were the lines of demarcation his swimming trunks made. He closed his eyes and lost himself in the garden of sensual delight, pushing Raymond's head away after a few minutes because the man was too good, and he feared that he'd blow his wad too soon.

When he opened his eyes, Raymond was sitting against the headboard of the bed, his robe wide open, inviting him to partake of some serious sexual sausage. The Forrester cutie wasted no time in getting that manmeat into his mouth, tentatively at first, then gathering more confidence as he took more of the hot dick into his throat, slowly relaxing his throat muscles until he could take three-quarters of it comfortably, encouraged by Raymond's moans of approval. As Rick was enjoying his all-day treat, Raymond reached over Rick's steadily bobbing head to put a wet finger into his virgin chute, smiling at Rick's muffled yet passionate squeal.

He didn't know how he would do it. He was sure it would really hurt. But he was determined to take all of Raymond or die trying. Taking the incredible sex popsicle out of his mouth, he looked at Raymond with eyes glazed over from a new hunger. "Do you wanna fuck me?" Rick asked boldly and huskily, flashing that seductive smile that was his mother's trademark.

"You must have been reading my mind," Raymond said with an earthy grin. "Let's get you ready."

Rick jumped in sensual surprise at the feel of Raymond's enchanting tongue on his pucker, and the way Raymond worked his lubed fingers into his cherry hole while squeezing his ass with his other hand had Rick squirming in delight. Anticipation was fast winning out over dread as Rick took Raymond's hot dickmeat into his hand and stroked it. "You just keep that up, Rick, and all that's gonna be inside you before you know it," Raymond said teasingly.

"I can hardly wait," was Rick's wanton reply, certain at this point that the paint would be peeling off the walls by the time Raymond checked out.

Certain that Rick was primed and ready, Raymond turned him onto his side, his knee pressing against his chest. Spooning himself behind the Forrester jock, Raymond lined himself up against the hot, wet, virginal entrance, and worked his magnificent manhood inside.

When Rick felt the fullness at his back door, his lips and tongue were merrily occupied by Raymond's. Wasn't there supposed to be pain at some point? He delighted in the way Raymond massaged his sensitive nipples. The sheets against his stiff ten-inch cock were great. But where was the...

"Oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh," Rick moaned as he felt his joy button being pushed, followed shortly by Raymond's crotch nestled firmly against his ass. He was inside. It didn't hurt. It didn't even hurt! What had ever made him think he couldn't handle Raymond? Here he was, taking all of Raymond's humongous manmeat inside of his tunnel of love like he was made for it. And it felt so good, so.....right. Whatever Raymond was hitting inside of him served to emphasize the rightness of it to the Forrester heir. "Oh Raymond," Rick moaned again as Raymond began rotating his hips to further explore his newly deflowered manhole.

Amber was a pre-schooler compared to this dude, Raymond thought as Rick's tight manpussy caressed his dick like the world's greatest lover. There was no need for alcohol to get Rick going. All his cute little bubble butt needed was the right equipment, and Raymond was more than happy to teach him the finer points of how to work his ass for maximum enjoyment around all of his sexy inches. "Yeah, baby. Work that ass. Work it. It's so good, Rick. It's so good I may not let you go home."

"I hope you don't, Raymond," Rick said amorously, chills of passion coursing through his body. "Not with the way you pump that cock in my hole."

Rick wiggled his ass in pleasure, gasping happily as that velvet girder made journey after titillating journey up his sweet love canal. Enveloped in the warm embrace of the sexy entertainer, Rick relaxed even more, feeling the easy give-and-take of his hole around Raymond's earthmover. Frequently Raymond would rock his hips at a certain angle and hit the Forrester stud's G-spot like a bull's eye, causing his dick to leak and his mouth to utter a gasp of pleasurable surprise. The Captain Kirk of his fantasies may have been hot, but Raymond was scorchingly so. With the ever-deepening thrusts of Raymond's eleven-and-a-half inches of exhilarating cock, the added stimulation of its downward curve, Rick felt flushed with heat---or rather, he felt like he was in heat.

No, Rick, you won't be going home anytime soon, Raymond thought as his nose caught the scent of herbal shampoo in the blond cutie's hair. You'll be too dick-whipped to do that, and this asspussy of yours is just too hot for one shot at it. You may have never been fucked before, but you won't be able to even think about anyone else after I make love to you. Forrester, you are, without a doubt, someone very special.

"Raymond. Raymond," Rick moaned urgently. All he wanted at that indeterminate moment were the tender touches of this wonderful man, the scintillating penetrations of his love rocket, the way he said, "Yeah, Rick. You've got one sweet booty." Withholding nothing, Rick's raging hormones threw him into total abandon as the coupling got hotter and hotter, each kiss, each squeeze, each stroke bringing him closer to that awesome peak. From the way his balls were churning and the consummate lovemaking he was getting, the junior Forrester knew it wouldn't be long.

When Rick came, it was like tension released by a winning field goal for a Super Bowl victory. Flowing champagne was replaced by the flowing dick juice that fired so rapidly from his overheated cannon. In his mind he heard deafening cheers as Raymond's torpedo began to fire its own arsenal of love cream deep into his thirsty chute---or were they his own?

Lying there with his newfound lover, basking in the intense afterglow, Rick knew beyond a doubt that Raymond was a gift---he had merely been a gift wrapped in a problem. He didn't have to say how special the experience was; the looks they exchanged spoke volumes. His subconscious wish had been answered. He had Raymond, and he was intent upon satisfying him any way he could.

He was reluctant to get out of the bed some time later when Raymond suggested a shower, but he had to admit that they were getting a bit sticky. He liked having Raymond walk him into the bathroom from behind while kissing his neck, and he eagerly anticipated the continuation of their lovemaking after this pause to refresh themselves. Standing at the entrance to the shower, the Nubian prince of passion held the Forrester hunk in his arms for a tender lip lock, just before he went inside to turn on the shower jets. It was then that Rick got his first real look at an unexpected fringe benefit.

Only the baggiest of pants could hope to hide Raymond's two giant melons. A man could happily drown in them, whether he had the privilege of the Black hottie sitting on his face or parking his cock between all that tobacco brown gluteal muscle. At that point, Rick wasn't sure which he hoped to do, but the feel of them in his hands as the pleasantly warm water began to flow was a treat. Also, from the way he was allowing the Forrester jock to play with them, Raymond liked it as well.

"I've seen of lot of dudes checking me out at my gigs, wanting to get in my booty," Raymond said as he backed further against Rick, his succulent buns stirring the Forrester jock into another erection. "I just couldn't see myself doing it. Yeah, I love to get the booty, but I have a thing about giving it up." He turned his head sideways, enough for his bedroom eyes to connect with Rick's as the water poured down over them. "Until you, that is."

Rick's face was a mixture of shock and delight. "Me?"

"Yeah, man. I've thought about you a lot more than you know. There's something special about you, something that says it's cool." Raymond reached behind him and firmly gripped Rick's celebrating cockmeat. "I want to feel this hot dick of yours all the way up my ass. I want you to write your name inside my ass with it."

The thought that Raymond, this awesome singer and living dreamboat, someone that caused countless pussies to drip and manholes to twitch (including his own), was offering him his virgin hole sent Rick soaring like a rocket. His fuckpole was already poking inside Raymond's asscheeks, teasing the cherry pucker. "Yeah, Raymond. Oh yeah, Raymond. You want my cock? You got it."

"Then how about washing up so we can pick up where we left off?" Raymond said sexily after a long, passionate kiss.

If anything, Rick was a very apt pupil. When Raymond fell back onto the bed and spread his luscious cheeks, Rick was right there with his tongue to lick his fuckhole into a grabbing spasm of desire. The Forrester stud was most generous with the applications of lube to the lusty singer's manpussy, and Raymond's words of appreciation for the hot cock that was about to enter him had Rick close to popping his load.

Stretched out on the bed with his tentpole of a cock reaching to the sky, Rick's heated anticipation matched his own deflowering as he watched the Nubian superstar straddle him, bringing his pristine hole into position. Slowly and surely, Raymond lowered himself on Rick's considerable length of love muscle, inch by erotic inch. The Forrester studmuffin didn't see even a wince of pain on his lover's sexy countenance, only a look of longing for more. Raymond had said that his ass belonged to Rick. And what an ass it was---the heat, the tightness, the moistness, the total willingness. As he was when the hot singer filled his portal with all that dick, Rick was back in paradise. He could feel it not just in his joystick, but in every muscle of his body. When Raymond's buns were snugly against his short hairs, Rick knew their fate was sealed.

"Oh, man," Raymond groaned as Rick slowly worked his love column. "I didn't know it would feel this good. Do me, Rick. Do me any way you fuckin' want to."

"You're so tight, Raymond. So fuckin' hot....and tight! I don't want to come out. I just want you to gimme....that ass....so I can make you feel....as good.....as you made me feel."

Singing evidently wasn't the only area in which the African-American dream stud was a quick study. Rick was more than gratified at the tricks Raymond did with his fuckhole, and the Forrester cutie did some hip-rocking of his own that made Raymond love his cock all the more. Caught up in their passions like a runaway locomotive, Rick and Raymond fucked with renewed intensity. The lust Raymond's booty box had for his lover's highly potent studmeat knew no bounds, and he started milking it with a frenzy. In the midst of their trip back to sexual nirvana, Rick recalled what his Nubian paramour

had said about the guys at his concerts, and his fertile imagination transported them to a huge auditorium filled to capacity with hot, horny, naked men drooling as they watched the junior Forrester plowing Raymond on stage to sizzling instrumentals. Oh, how those men in the audience wanted the copulating couple, but they could not reach them. And there was Raymond, so hot for him and only him, working his ass with everything he had, practically dancing on his studflesh. Rocking himself with equal fervor into the hottest place he had ever planted his cock sent Rick to a new level of passion. And those other cocks. All those thousands and thousands of libido-crazed cocks that were ready to blow any second, all because of the horizontal tango Rick and Raymond were engaged in....

Reality abruptly intruded upon fantasy with their cries of ecstasy, followed by splashes of thick cream upon Rick's face and chin. As he was drenched with one shot of cum after another, Rick thoroughly bathed Raymond's love hole with his seed. Even when it seemed that neither of them had any strength left after two very intense orgasms, Raymond leaned forward and licked the cum off Rick's face and neck, slowly grinding his warm, luscious melons as Rick squeezed them. As blindingly torrid and steamy as their lovemaking had been, the kiss they now shared was equally as tender and affectionate, a promise of things yet to come for the two of them.

As far as Rick was concerned, Raymond's meaty pillar had a permanent home in his manpussy from now on. His ass had a voracious appetite, one that could only be satisfied by regular visits from Raymond's ecstasy-inspiring dick---or as Raymond would say, "booty calls." Scarlett O'Hara may have vowed that she would never be hungry again, but Rick's hot hole knew it for a fact, especially with Raymond around. Amber and Kimberly simply weren't---and could never hope to be---equipped to give Rick what he really needed and wanted the most, and Raymond's thick, potent monument never failed to ring all of his chimes. The same went for Raymond. Rick had no problem with the macho posturing Raymond did for his public image, but when his boyfriend switched his booty a certain way in private the Forrester stud knew that Raymond was itching to be mounted by his power drill of a cock, and he was more than happy to accommodate him.

Between Rick's Logan hormones and Raymond's awesome prowess, many were the times when gallons of fuck juice flowed, heightened by the incredible recuperative powers of the young men. Often Rick would get plowed three or four times, and then turn around and plow Raymond two or three times himself. Drilling Raymond in his dressing room before a concert became a very pleasant ritual; he was just that much hotter on stage, and the crowds went wild. As for afterwards, Rick lived for the way he could suck all the love juice out of Raymond's dick with his ass.

In the midst of extricating himself from his mess with Amber (which still had his mother turning somersaults of joy), Rick had made an even greater discovery---he was in love with Raymond. He loved his business savvy, his confidence, his laughter, his keen mind, his tenderness. He loved the way he felt around Raymond---not as a Forrester, but as just Rick.

Rick had been honored when Raymond took him to Moreno Valley meet his mother, knowing that it had been the first time he had brought a man home to meet her. He learned much from her and from observation about how unpretentious Raymond was, despite the great wealth he had amassed from his singing career. Other than the new house he had purchased for his mother, his life style was a moderate one---his assets were in solid investments, since, as he so often said, "Mama didn't raise a fool." In the times they were able to spend together at Raymond's house in Riverside, the handsome young singer's beautiful spirit had captured the heart of Eric Forrester Jr.

One evening Raymond took him to a party given by one of his friends on Mulholland Drive. "He's cool. Besides, if we went down to one of the clubs we'd get mobbed and I just want to relax with you," Raymond said in that voice that gave Rick tingles all through his body. "He told me he has a new boyfriend, so you'll get to meet them. With any luck, his brother'll probably be there, too."

They had barely gotten inside the estate when they were greeted by a gorgeous giant of an African-American man in his mid-thirties. "Hey Raymond, what's up?" he said in a register that made Barry White sound like a first tenor as he shook Raymond's hand and gave him a hug.

"It's all good, man, especially for me and my honey here." While Rick found himself blushing at the endearment, Raymond went on to say, "Tarik, this is Rick. Rick, Tarik."

"Nice to meet you," Rick said, looking up as he felt his hand swallowed up in the strength of Tarik Singletary's light cinnamon hand. Not even his father had such a commanding presence. Tarik must have been at least 6'9", sporting shoulder-length dreadlocks, a goatee and a body by Peterbilt, something that even his loose-fitting African robes couldn't hide.

"So, where's this dude that's keeping you out of circulation?" Raymond said with a knowing grin.

"Over there with Tevin and Laron. Hold on a sec. Hey baby," Tarik called to a spot near the fireplace. "Got some friends I want you to meet. Tevin, Laron, come on over here."

The man in question couldn't be seen behind the other two men of color that nearly rivaled Tarik in height. Tevin Singletary was forty-one, possessing a slighter (but not by much) build than his brother and the same beautiful light cinnamon complexion. Forty-three-year-old Laron Davis was long, lanky and blessed with a butterscotch skin tone. When they reached the group, Tevin and Laron moved apart enough to allow Tarik's boyfriend through. The moment they did, Rick's jaw dropped.


Thorne's initial shock gave way to an amazed grin. "Rick?"

"Well, doesn't this beat all," Tarik mused. "So this is your little brother. Well, you know what they say, it does run in families."

"I guess so," Rick managed to say.

"You oughta know, Tarik," Raymond countered. "Remember how you found out about Tevin?"

Tevin laughed heartily, his collar-length dreadlocks shaking with his merriment. "Heck of a way to find out. You should have seen your face."

"You never mentioned that," Thorne said with a curious grin as Tarik drew him closer. "So what exactly happened?"

"He came up on Laron and me---while Laron was buried up inside me."

"And you were screaming how good it was at the time," Laron threw in. "And you're still doing it after twenty-one years."

"What can I say? When you've got a good thing, you stick with it," was Tevin's satisfied reply as he affectionately ran his hand over his spouse's modified Afro.

"True," Tarik concurred. "As for that night I saw you in all your glory, it serves you right for forgetting to lock the door. Were you two in that much of a hurry?"

Laron gave Tarik a playful leer. "What do you think?"

"Touche'. Anyway, it did make it easier for me to tell you I was gay. And Thorne here's the kind of guy that makes you want continuances," Tarik said with twinkling eyes as he looked at Thorne.

"You know, that could be us someday," Raymond beamed at Rick.

Rick's heart fluttered with hope. Could this mean what he thought it meant? "Raymond, what about..."

"We're gonna talk about that a little later. In the meantime, let's kick back and enjoy the party."

"Great. Glad to have you two here. You don't have any pressing engagements tomorrow, do you?" Tarik asked. The young men shook their heads. "Cool. I have more than enough space here, so you just pick one of the guest rooms and stay here tonight."

Raymond and Rick looked at each other and smiled. "That's a plan," said Raymond.

During the course of the party, the Forrester brothers found time to sit down and share their experiences and their growing feelings for their boyfriends. When Thorne related the events of his Genoa City trip, Rick was amazed. By the time he finished regaling Rick with the birthday festivities, the younger Forrester was squirming in his seat.

"Victor Newman.....and all those guys?" Rick said in awe.

"Yeah," Thorne said with an amorous sigh. "That was something I'll never forget. Victor has a way of leaving his stamp on everyone he's involved with. Only thing is, forever is a concept he's not very good at, and some time after I got back I realized I wanted one guy I could spend my life with."

"So how did you and Tarik meet?"

"Well, when it came to men I was like that kid in the candy store when I got back; I mean, I was a total slut. But about three weeks after the trip, I went to see Lea de Laria do her standup routine."

"Who's Lea de Laria?"

"She's a lesbian comic. Let me tell you, her stuff is hilarious. I remembered her from that movie 'First Wives Club,' and I got to talk to her after the show. She's good people, and I told her about being new to the scene and everything. So I wound up going to an after-party with her and some of her friends.

It was a blast, being around all those gay men and lesbians. Anyway, she sees someone she hasn't seen in ages, and it turns out to be Tarik. Our family attorney knows him, because Tarik heads his own law firm of ten attorneys. The man's like Johnny Cochran---he's so good, he can name his fee anywhere and get it. Anyway, when she introduced us and he said, 'Hey Thorne,' I knew he was the one. I can't explain just how I knew, Rick, but I did."

"So.....did you two make it that night?" Rick asked with a knowing look.

"Actually, little brother, when we did get to be alone with each other the main thing we did was kiss and cuddle a lot---that man can kiss me all he wants. We went on dates and hung out together, talked a lot, that sort of thing, but we didn't make love until almost a month after we met. When we did, it was like a major planetary shift," Thorne said with a chuckle. "He also has a condo in West Hollywood; that's where it happened. In fact, many's the time we've gotten together there for lunch since then---if you catch my drift."

"So that's why everyone is wondering where you keep disappearing to," Rick said thoughtfully. "Tarik must be keeping you quite happy."

"About as happy as you are with Raymond," was Thorne's saucy reply. "From the way you've been looking at him, I guess this means that Amber is history."

"Yeah. I already filed for divorce. She's been served with the papers."

"It shouldn't be too drawn out. I mean, you've got her eight ways from Sunday. Unless, of course, there's going to be a problem with community property."

"I don't think so, Thorne. There is the joint checking account and the cars, but there really wasn't a whole lot of stuff that we got during our marriage, Besides, Mom and Dad refused to sign the consent for me to marry Amber unless she agreed to sign a prenuptial agreement. She can't touch my trust fund."

"I know you didn't think so at the time, but Dad and Brooke were very smart," Thorne said as comfortingly as possible. "Besides, you seem to be moving on with your life---not the way everyone thought, but you are."

"Well, so are you," Rick countered. "Are you going to tell the rest of the family?"

"Yeah. No more secrets, no more craziness, no more chasing after the impossible the way I did in the past. I've found my life partner. He's everything I ever wanted in a mate," Thorne beamed. "Isn't it something? The 'right woman' turned out to be a man. But what about you?"

Rick paused. "Yeah, but not right away. The divorce won't be final for six months, but after that I'd hire a skywriter to do 'Rick loves Raymond' over West Hollywood." His voice lowered to a conspiratorial level. "As a matter of fact, I think that's what Raymond wants to talk about later."

"Sounds like my little brother's in love."

"Just like my big brother," was Rick's reply as they hugged. "Speaking of family, how do you think Ridge is going to handle the news?"

"Well, he never accepted my relationship with your mother, but this may take him by surprise. Then again, maybe not."

"Why do you say that?"

Thorne's tone also became conspiratorial. "Well Rick, lately my gaydar's been telling me that Ridge likes men far more than he admits to."

Rick was incredulous. "Ridge?"

"That's right."

"But what about him and Taylor?"

"I've learned a lot in the past few months, little brother. Some men realize they're gay or bi very early on. Others, like me, don't recognize it until later. For some, it happens during marriage---straight marriage, that is. Methinks our big brother fits those last two categories."

"But he hasn't said a word...."

"And he probably won't until he's ready to. But when you're around him, just watch him when there are other men around, especially his eyes. If there's a man around that he finds attractive, you'll see it. I wouldn't be surprised if there isn't already a man in his life, " Thorne said with a knowing look. "Still, he might open up privately once he knows about me....and you."

"Isn't this something," Rick said. "All the Forrester men dig other men."

"Well, I can't say for sure about Dad, but his sons are all present and accounted for."

In the wee hours of the morning, with hunger gnawing at their stomachs, Rick and Raymond quietly padded out of one of the guest bedrooms and headed down the lushly carpeted hall to the stairs, feeling the call of a well-stocked refrigerator. The sounds that came from behind the partially opened doors of two other bedrooms sounded suspiciously like the ones they had been making for the past hour, and Raymond put his empty stomach on hold in the name of naughty curiosity. He went to the nearest bedroom to get a good look, beckoning Rick to join him. Rick had hesitated at first, not wanting to intrude on anyone's privacy. As he watched Raymond in the dimmed lights in the hallway and heard the passionate cries of lovemaking, he noticed Raymond's magnificent equipment start to swell again. Turning away from the scene before him, Raymond beckoned to Rick again with a naughty grin and a little more insistence. Rick, curiosity now getting the better of him, slowly walked over to join Raymond at the door.

Laron was laid out on the bed in the throes of ecstasy as his love tunnel was expertly drilled by Tevin. Without taking his eyes off the hot couple before him, Rick wrapped one hand around Raymond's steadily rising shaft, even as he felt Raymond squeezing his buns. His dick started thickening, and it began its ascent as he saw Tevin bend over and capture Laron's amazing manhood in his mouth without missing a stroke. His other hand found its way to the valley between Raymond's melons, his finger slipping into the warm chute as he backed up onto the two fingers his lover was working inside of him. As the physical and visual sensations stirred his passion, his mind spoke to him. It is possible, it said softly. Look at them, and after all those years. It's possible when you find the right one. He looked over at Raymond, and the two shared an intimate smile. Without even disengaging, they worked their way back up the hall, erections throbbing like heat-seeking missiles.

Passionate, lustful groans from the master bedroom drew them to the door, and Raymond nudged it open to get an eyeful. They weren't disappointed, for Thorne was on the huge custom-made bed on his hands and knees, his pulsating dick leaking juices while Tarik took him doggie style. After several long, deep, highly stimulating strokes, the Nubian giant pulled what seemed like a mile of manmeat from Thorne's greedy love tunnel. How could he handle all that, Rick thought, quickly reminded--by a nudge of Raymond's dick against his hole---of how well he had done the same thing with Raymond. The young man watched in fascination as the older couple traded places, and soon Thorne was lovingly pumping his steel girder in and out of Tarik's large, delicious, muscular buns while Tarik urged him on with, "That's it, Thorne. That's the spot. Prick me. Prick me."

"Ahhhhh," Rick uttered softly, taking a wider stance to allow Raymond's incredible cock to fill his welcoming depths. He found himself flushing from the heat running through his body as he felt Raymond's chest against his back, his hips undulating so as to hit Rick's joy button from new angles. Being a Peeping Tom while his brother made love was something Rick had never done before, but the coupling was such an unexpected turn-on, heightened by the feeling of Raymond doing what he did best to send him into a frenzy. He was so close, so dangerously close. How would they be able to keep from crying out when they climaxed, which would alert Tarik and Thorne to their presence?

"See how they're lovin' each other, honey? That's how I'm lovin' you, and you know I'm gonna love you real good," Raymond whispered in his ear. Rick was desperate to avoid

crying out from the pleasure, but gentle gasps still fell from his mouth with each stroke, each kiss, each caress Raymond gave him. The man just knew how to push every erogenous button he had, and he became caught up in the heated lovemaking, using every trick his ass knew to delight his boyfriend.

Inside the bedroom, things were building to a crescendo. As they called out endearments to one another, Tarik was stroking his monolithic light cinnamon dick, while Thorne increased the speed of his thrusts into Tarik's love chute. A few seconds later, Tarik let out a thundering yell as his cream blasted from him like jets of water from a fire hose That was all it took to send Thorne over the cliff with him into the abyss of ecstasy, matching his lover's cries with his own. Down the hall, Tevin and Laron added their own lusty cries of orgasmic joy. So intense were the vibes of passion that they triggered Rick's release. Streams of cum hit the door and fell across the carpet as Rick managed to pull Raymond's lips to his to muffle their screams, even as he felt his cavern filling to the brim with Raymond's nectar.

Some time later, after fortifying themselves with an icebox raid, Raymond and Rick were ensconced in bed, illuminated by afterglow as Rick rested his sensitized tubesteak in the juices Raymond's tight pleasure cavern had milked out of him. A silly grin crossed Rick's face as he felt Raymond gently squeeze his muscles around his marinating cock. Perhaps having Mom's hormones wasn't so bad after all, when one has someone like Raymond who really appreciates them.

"This night has been......wow," Rick purred.

"You can say that again," was Raymond's satisfied reply.

"Was this what you meant earlier when we got here?" Rick asked softly, hoping Raymond would walk through the opening.

"In a way," Raymond said, "but it's more than that."

"Like what?"

"Like....you and me making a home for ourselves, once your divorce is final."

Rick's heart melted as he looked into Raymond's eyes, so caring and so serious. "You have no idea what that means to me, Raymond. I love you so much."

"I have a pretty good idea......'cause I love you, too, Rick. I know we can make it."

Rick felt like soaring, but a question remained that needed an answer. "What about your career? You put a lot of time and effort into it. How will this affect it?"

Raymond paused, gratified at the genuine concern his boyfriend had for him. "Well, you never know with the entertainment business. It may continue the way it has been, or it may take a different road. But I'm not going to hide anymore. There are going to be those who'll think I'm crazy, but from now on people will know that you're my honey. Are you with me?"

"How can you even ask me that? If that's what you want to do, I'm behind you all the way. If you're willing to take that on, I can face Amber and the rest of the family. Besides, I already have one member in my corner," Rick beamed as his lips met Raymond's in a gentle, loving kiss. "Raymond, I was thinking...."

"What, honey?"

"How about going up to my family's cabin at Big Bear in a few days, and make this official?"

"Sounds like a plan."

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