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When Thorne reported for work that April morning at Forrester Creations, he felt on top of the world. So much had happened in his life and it was "all good," as Raymond would say. Spotting the huge floral arrangement on his desk, he happily opened the card: "Love you, baby. Remember tonight. Tarik." Placing the card next to the photograph of his boyfriend, Thorne found himself looking forward to their celebration dinner at the Cafe Russe that night, in honor of Tarik's victory in a very important case, and he felt a familiar tingling in his body as he thought of the celebration they'd have after dinner.

Life had been full of surprises lately, Mother being one of them. Once she'd gotten over the shock of the day he came out, she had rallied to his support and welcomed Tarik with open arms. Of course, one of the main reasons she became such a staunch ally was because, as she saw it, Brooke could no longer get her poisonous claws into him. Not only that, Tarik was the ultimate weapon that neutralized everything in the Valley tramp's formidable arsenal of seduction. Safely beyond her powers, any hopes Brooke might have had of getting Thorne back were dead. He was certain that Mother took extreme pleasure in rubbing those facts in like salt to an open wound whenever the two women were in the same room together.

Dad was another surprise. When Rick relayed all the juicy details of catching Dad with his cock in the cookie jar---Clarke Garrison's, no less---Thorne was stunned. Granted, he hadn't been sure about Dad, even when Rick had told him previously about the time he saw Dad in biker drag. Perhaps it was just his own lapse into the child mindset when it came to parents having sex that prevented him from taking a closer look at that information. He had to admit that Dad was still a hot man. Apparently Clarke thought so as well; why else would they be fucking like rabbits? But why Clarke? After taking some time to process this information, he and his brothers had approached the senior Forrester. Without naming names, the Forrester patriarch told his sons about his college days and the years he denied his sexuality. When asked about his intentions regarding Clarke, Eric said, "Clarke is a good fuck buddy, one I've been needing for a long time. Let's just say we understand each other."

"But what about Mother?" Ridge asked.

"I'm not ready to cross that bridge yet. I haven't figured out the when or how. So, I 'm trusting you to keep this under your hats where Stephanie's concerned until I do."

"So where were you going that night I saw you? And why were you in that biker getup?" Rick wanted to know.

"I was going to see Clarke that night. Sometimes I wear it to get him hot and bothered, like the day you and C.J. walked in on us."

Though Ridge's situation came as no surprise, the identity of his boyfriend was. Taylor, predictably, had thrown him out and served him with divorce papers after his disclosure, after which Ridge finally told him during an unexpected visit after work.

"Adam?" Thorne said, falling into a chair.

"Yeah. I really love him, Thorne," Ridge said with tears in his eyes. "If I had continued to stay with Taylor it would have been a lie, and she doesn't deserve that. I couldn't even make love to her anymore unless I thought of Adam. It's like I found that missing piece of the puzzle in me."

"What about Adam?"

"He feels the same way about me. The same day I told Taylor, he told his family"

Thorne marveled at the twist of fate that had been dealt. He was now the fair-haired son in the family, and Ridge had fallen from grace, not because he was gay, but because he fell in love with Adam Alexander. The tables had turned. Ridge and Dad had given him a hard time because of Macy in the past, and it would be easy to give tit-for-tat now. Oh, how effortless it would be to dish out some payback. After all, Ridge had never known what it was like to be rejected, to always be in the shadows when it came to Mother, always getting castoff women who didn't want him, enduring condescension whenever his ex-wife's family did something that didn't meet with the Forrester sense of standards. And yet, seeing how his brother was hurting, he couldn't do it. What he had endured had actually helped to make him the stronger person. Kicking a man when he was down wasn't his style.

"Well, Ridge, welcome to the world of star-crossed lovers," Thorne said, giving Ridge a comforting hug as his brother broke down and sobbed.

After he was able to collect himself, Ridge asked, "Thorne, do you think Tarik could represent me?"

"I don't know, Ridge. You'd have to ask him about that."

"Ask me what?" Tarik said as he came out to the patio. His eyes sparkled as he went over to Thorne and gave him a kiss. "Hey, baby. Hey, Ridge. Now, what is it you want to ask me?"

"Well.....I wanted to ask if you could represent me in my divorce," Ridge said as he wiped tears from his reddened eyes.

Tarik took a seat beside his boyfriend, taking in Ridge's general state of distress. "Ridge, I could represent you, but it would not be in your best interests," he said calmly and compassionately.

"But why? You're one of the best attorneys around."

"The main reason is because I'm involved with your brother. Trust me, my being your attorney in a divorce case will only make things worse." As Ridge's face turned crestfallen, Tarik took his hand in a gesture of comfort. "However, there is another way. A couple of my attorneys really know their stuff when it comes to divorce, one in particular. I know he can help you, because he's been right where you are now. That's right, Ridge, he realized he was gay during his previous marriage. His wife did what Taylor's doing. The only difference in his case was that there were no children involved. As a matter of fact, he and his husband have been together for fifteen years now. I'm not going to tell you it'll be easy---divorce never is---but the world won't come to an end. Just come down to the office tomorrow. I'll let him know to expect you."

"I don't know how to thank you, Tarik."

"All I can say is, I hope the dude's worth it."

A moment later the doorbell rang, and Tarik excused himself to answer it. He returned to the patio with a chastened Adam, who was quite visibly uncertain about the kind of welcome he would receive. Upon sight, Ridge got up and practically flew into his arms, causing Thorne and Tarik to exchange looks. Amidst the shared pain they witnessed in that embrace, the love between the two was undeniable. It still felt somewhat odd to Thorne, having the upper hand, being the one providing a safe haven for his brother and, of all people, his former father-in-law.

From their stories, Ridge and Adam's relationship caused more than a few fireworks in the Forrester and Spectra camps. Stephanie went ballistic. Sally did so to a lesser degree, because of Adam's consorting with the enemy. Macy blamed Ridge for shattering her dreams of getting her parents back together again. Kimberly felt like a shock absorber, having already been dealt the truth about her father's previous marriage to Sally. Brooke had been all set to spread her legs for Ridge again, until she learned the reason for the divorce. Her hormones then threw her into a tailspin, angry one minute and in the next bemoaning the hand of fate that had again snatched a Forrester man from her clutches. Eric and Clarke, having their own glass house, had wisely stayed out of the histrionic whirlpool, as did Rick. Even C.J., who had initially blasted his father for concealing the truth about himself, steered clear of the land mines.

Later that evening, Tarik and Thorne were dressed in formal attire, enjoying a sumptuous meal at the Cafe Russe. They had been surprised that half the couples in the Cafe Russe that evening were gay and lesbian, and they wondered what event had brought about this kind of a turnout, considering that Pride Month was a couple of months away. The maitre'd on duty gave them an appreciative look and a thumbs-up, while their servers went out of their way to give the couple the red carpet treatment. Thorne was curious about the extra special attention they were receiving, but he chalked it up to his boyfriend's prominence as he soaked up the celebratory vibes in the restaurant and lovingly regarded Tarik between courses.

"Congratulations again, babe, on a well-earned victory," Thorne beamed.

"Thanks, baby. However, that isn't the only reason we're here tonight."

Thorne was intrigued. "Oh?"

"Thorne, there's something very important I want to talk to you about," Tarik said in his professional lawyer voice.

With concern coloring his face and his voice, Thorne braced himself. "All right. What is it?"

"Well, it concerns this." Tarik reached into his pocket and pulled out a small black velvet box, revealing two matching diamond rings. "I didn't think I'd find love again after Rasheed died, but you showed me what wonderful blessings were in store for me if I took the chance. Your love and friendship have been as solid as a redwood, beautiful as a sunrise. We share something very precious. We love each other and we also like each other. If I were in court right now, I'd call us an airtight case. I want us to grow old together. I love you, Thorne Forrester. Will you marry me?"

The astonished look on Thorne's face was priceless. "Could you....say that again?"

Tarik's eyes softened with the glow of love. "I said, will you marry me?"

Eyes bright with unshed tears of joy, Thorne looked in the eyes of his beloved and said, "With all my heart, Tarik. With all my heart."

"That's what I wanted to hear," Tarik beamed as they put the diamond engagement rings on each other's fingers, followed by a kiss that drew cheers and applause.

Out on the dance floor, as "One in a Million" serenaded them, Thorne's heart was full as he looked up at the beautiful man that embraced him. Maybe there was such a thing as dancing on air; it certainly felt that way. Tarik Singletary, the man he loved so much, had proposed to him. He wanted to shout it from the top of the "Hollywood" sign, he was so happy. This was a night Thorne wanted to savor, moment by moment by moment. Even as the next song played, their dance continued in the magic of the indefinite time, that feeling one gets when everyone else seems to fade into the background but the one you love.

It had been such a long time since he sang; he and Macy had made quite a team during their marriage. "Always and Forever," however, touched something in him at that moment in Tarik's arms and he found himself softly singing the lyrics to his beloved. Though Tarik's speaking voice could make his toes curl, he wasn't a singer. Still, his Nubian prince knew what he liked, and undoubtedly he had chosen this song as a tribute to the Forrester prince tonight. Tarik's eyes registered surprise at hearing him sing for the first time in their relationship, which soon segued into sparkles coupled with a heartwarming smile as they flowed with a oneness on the dance floor. A tear escaped Thorne's eye as he sang from his heart, all the love he had for Tarik coming through in his voice on that magical space, surrounded by all those people, amply rewarded by the special look on the face of the man he would spend his life with. Did it get any better than this?

Only when they heard the applause around them at the end of the song did the two remember where they were. Thorne acknowledged the crowd graciously with a smile, welcoming Tarik's arm around him as they returned to their table. They sat there for untold moments, just looking at one another, professing their love with their eyes. Afterwards, Tarik said mysteriously, "How do you feel about Vermont?"

"I don't know. I hadn't thought about it that much."

"Not even about getting married there?"

"You mean..."

"That's right. It's a done deal that gay couples can have a civil ceremony in Vermont, with all the benefits straight couples get. From what I hear, it'll become law in a couple of months. We can have a justice of the peace do the ceremony there, and then have a wedding ceremony here."

"That sounds great," Thorne beamed. "Let's have just the immediate family there when we get married in Vermont, and everyone else when we do it here."

"Sounds like a plan, baby."

"You know, we could buy a house there, too; a place we can get away to when L.A. gets to be a bit too much."

"A man after my own heart," Tarik said. "Now, about the date. I've been doing some figuring on our schedules, and July looks like the best time---after the holiday, of course. Think you're up for a trip to Vermont on the 5th?"

Thorne's grin spread from ear to ear. "In a heartbeat. That way we can do the wedding here on the 15th." He raised his champagne glass in a toast. "To us, babe."

"To us."

Upon their arrival at home, Thorne was greeted with the scent of sandalwood as Tarik proceeded to light assorted candles around the living room and the foyer. Thrilled by the exotic fragrance, he went to the stereo system and put in some of their favorite David Sanborn compact discs, sneaking loving looks at his man as he busied himself about the rooms.

Thorne could see, in many respects, how Tarik and Victor were alike. They had minds like steel traps. They were no strangers to hard work. They cared about their loved ones. They were powerful men in their respective domains as well as in their dealings with others. They took the art of romance to new levels. And yet, there were some important differences as well, the biggest one being the strength of Tarik's commitment, as evidenced by the engagement ring that graced his finger. He had only had one other boyfriend---Rasheed---and their ten-year relationship had ended with his death at the hands of a drunk driver. Tarik's parents were another example, having recently celebrated forty-six years of a solid marriage, not to mention his brother's and sister's marriages. The Forrester hunk's eyes grew misty as he gazed at the sparkling ring in the candlelight, knowing just how much love backed up the words his fiancé had spoken a few short hours earlier.

Piece by piece, their dressy attire was discarded, until the couple drank in each other's nudity in the warm aura of the candles. Their gentle kisses were a potent aphrodisiac as they spread out on the plush carpet near the fireplace. After several unhurried minutes of the delightful tongue duel Tarik got up, taking a bottle from a nearby tray. The Forrester stud smiled and turned over onto his stomach, anticipating another of Tarik's marvelous massages.

Thorne purred in contentment at the feel of his fiancé's commanding hands working the soothing oil into his body, hands so familiar with all of his intimate places, hands that left him relaxed and receptive to the coming pleasures of the night. As hot and experienced as Tarik was at giving body massages, he could also be a bit of a tease. After giving Thorne's ass extra squeezes and fondling, Tarik had put the head of his well-oiled dick into Thorne's now relaxed and ready love chute. He worked it for only a minute before he pulled out, leaving Thorne with a hard cock rubbing into the carpet and a desire for more.

He started to say something, but he was stopped by the special way Tarik looked at him and said, "Your turn."

When they switched places on the carpet, Thorne sighed in appreciation at Tarik's incredible 6'9" body. His physique was the kind that even Tom of Finland couldn't have done justice to, and the fact that it was hereditary made it that much more appealing as Thorne lovingly massaged it. He could only imagine the numbers of men that probably threw themselves at his man, only to be disappointed because he wanted someone real, and Thorne found himself thankful that he was that someone.

The Forrester hunk's thoughts drifted to the erotic as he found himself massaging a pair of Tarik's hot spots. One usually didn't see a very tall man with a big butt, but Tarik had been blessed with basketballs for buns, and Thorne could appreciate the fact that he was nine inches shorter for the enjoyment of having them in convenient grabbing range when they were standing or walking together. With the deep, passionate moans Tarik was making, Thorne couldn't resist a little teasing of his own. Spreading the hot, muscular cheeks apart to reveal the twitching fuckhole between them, he applied some oil to the entrance and sunk his achingly hot studmeat halfway into Tarik's steamy tunnel, stroking it two or three times and then pulling out before his Rastafarian prince's pucker could grab the passion pole. Smiling naughtily at the way Tarik was grinding on the carpet to entice him back, Thorne put his mouth to Tarik's ear and whispered, "Roll over, babe. I haven't finished yet."

Slowly, his fiancé rolled over onto his back, and Thorne set himself to the delightful task of oiling his impressive torso and legs, spurred on by the amorous smile and tender touches as he threw himself into his work. It was almost as if he could see the fires he lit everywhere he touched Tarik---the fully erect eraser nipples, the deeper breaths, the arousing increase in his body temperature, and of course that most obvious of indicators. Tarik's manhood was truly something to behold. It also belonged in the Big Dick Hall of Fame, its fourteen-inch length making it a light cinnamon version of Chicago's Sears Tower. When Thorne had first laid eyes on it in all its glory---the night they first made love---he was outdone. At present, he was only able to get half of it down his throat. His greedy hole, however, had gladly taken the whole thing time and time again, giving him such indescribable pleasure. However, as he looked down at his fiancé lying there with his dreadlocks fanned out upon the carpet, his monument of a dick reaching for the sky, there was a familiar look in his eyes, and Thorne's randy cock pulsed as he heard Tarik softly say, "I need you, Thorne. I need you to make love to me tonight. Prick me, Thorne."

The sex between them had always been most satisfying in the many months they had been together, but this night took them to a higher level. With Tarik's very long, powerful legs over his strong shoulders, Thorne's every thrust into his portal was driven by the awesome power of love. His leisurely pace was hitting his Nubian prince's pleasure button with expert aim. Satisfying his man was a task the Forrester stud would gladly do any time, and this was one of those times he wanted it to last as long as possible.

Between the sounds of David Sanborn's saxophone and the expert way Thorne was working his love muscle, Tarik's body was rocked by rippling waves of pleasure. Never one to be a lie-there-and-take-it man, the Singletary giant used his ass walls to make love to the Forrester hunk's cockmeat in every conceivable way possible. His moans became deeper as the ecstasy increased. If Thorne made love to him all night like this it would be well worth it. With the man he loved, nothing would be denied. The sensations he was experiencing only confirmed that he had made the right decision in proposing to Thorne. He reached up and extended his index finger, gratified when Thorne leaned over and sucked it passionately. It felt so hot, being taken like this. He may have been a top three-quarters of the time, but when he wanted dick he wanted it, something he had discovered about himself with Rasheed. "Yeah, Thorne. You know how to prick me," Tarik said huskily as he saw the candlelights of desire in his fiancé's eyes brighten.

Thorne smiled as he continued to suck Tarik's finger with relish. Ever since the first time the humpy lawyer had spread his cheeks for him, that special phrase stuck. Knowing that it was a direct play on his name only made Thorne hotter. Tarik had never said "fuck me," "dick me," "drill me," or any of those terms when he wanted Thorne to fuck him; it was always, "Prick me." As long as he could hold out, Thorne planned to give his beloved as much pricking as he could---although the action of Tarik's manpussy around his ivory column would make that quite a challenge.

For well beyond an hour, the couple submerged themselves in the sublime sensations of lovemaking, stopping when climaxes became imminent and then starting all over again, mixing in all the tender, loving kisses and special touches that seemed to suspend time and space. Tarik's monument was leaking fluid like a faucet, threatening to erupt, and soon Thorne knew he just had to have it or he would burst. With his cock on the verge of spewing like a volcano, Thorne pulled out of Tarik's slick manhole, quickly straddling his man's groin to get into position, his fuck tunnel begging---no, screaming---to be filled.

The moment Thorne felt Tarik's groin pressing against his ass, his body was wracked with overpowering waves of orgasm, and he screamed in ecstasy as bolt after bolt of love juice was fired from his torpedo. Tarik, pushed past the limits of endurance, bellowed at the top of his lungs as his mighty shaft let loose with semen like an oil well deep inside Thorne's vortex of a fuckhole. Completely lost in each other, they rode the crest of the wave, their cries of "I love you" gradually turning soft and endearing as their climaxes began to subside. Holding one another in warmth and affection, they spoke with their eyes once more to the sounds of the romantic instrumentals, knowing that this very special night was far from over.....and what wonderful possibilities laid ahead.

Victor insisted on hosting the stag party when the couple called the next morning to invite him to the wedding. Their mothers were already putting their heads together with ideas and suggestions for a formal ceremony; Stephanie had seized upon the good news like a welcome port in a storm. Brooke, still bemoaning two Forrester men who had escaped her grasp, protested that Thorne was making a big mistake, until Rick came out to her later and kept her energies otherwise occupied. After asking his forgiveness, Ridge had gratefully accepted the honor of being Thorne's best man as Tevin had with Tarik, and Bridget was pleased when Thorne had asked her to be one of their maids of honor. Upon hearing Tarik's request to be their matron of honor, his sister Tamara had said, "If you hadn't asked me you know you wouldn't have heard the end of it, little brother." Planning two ceremonies was a major task by any standards, but the Forrester and Singletary families threw themselves into it with a passion.

Four weeks before the wedding in Vermont, a UPS deliveryman arrived at Thorne's apartment with a package. While he signed for it, Thorne smiled to himself as he caught the furtive glances the attractive man made at his crotch; in his candy-store days, he probably would have had this guy's legs in the air faster than one could say, "Dick me."

Today, Thorne merely gave him a friendly smile and sent him on his way. He opened the brown wrapping paper as he walked over to the comfortable sofa, revealing a beautifully wrapped box with a card attached to it.

"Hey baby," Tarik called from the bathroom. "Who was that at the door?"

"UPS. We got a little present from Victor."

"Victor, eh?" Tarik walked into the living room, using a towel to pat his dreadlocks dry after the shower he had taken. "What's the present?"

Thorne returned his fiancé's grin while feasting his eyes on his naked splendor. "Don't know yet. I was waiting for you."

"So open it, already," Tarik said as he took a seat beside Thorne.

The wrapping paper came off in a flash, as did the box cover and packing. "Hmmmm," Thorne said, holding the unidentified videotape in his hand. "According to the card, Victor said it was for our 'mutual enjoyment.'"

"What are we waiting for? Let's check it out," was Tarik's flirtatious reply, taking the video and heading for the bedroom with Thorne hot on his heels.

While Tarik dropped the tape into the VCR, Thorne shucked his cutoffs and found a comfortable spot on the huge bed. Shortly joined by his sizzling man, he grabbed the remote and started the mysterious tape.

The moment he heard the word, "Surprise!" Thorne turned beet red and started squirming next to Tarik. It had been one thing to tell his fiancé about the birthday party, but quite another to see all the scantily dressed, horny men that would ravish him that night on the big screen before them. How would Tarik handle seeing this? Swallowing hard, he chanced a sidewise glance at the brawny giant, thinking of the old saying, "Be careful what you wish for---you may get it." To his amazement and relief, Tarik hadn't sprouted horns. He wasn't frowning at all. He was smiling!

"So THIS was your famous coming-out party," Tarik said lustfully. "I have to say, Victor Newman really turned you out, getting that fuckhole of yours ready for me."

"He sure did," was Thorne's husky reply, moving in closer to Tarik as his cock began to harden. "You know, at the time I wished that he had gotten this party on tape, but I never thought he actually did it."

As image after titillating image came across the screen, with each dick that found a home in a mouth or an ass on that fateful night now immortalized on tape, the couple got hornier. Tarik's fourteen-inch monolith only got harder as he watched Thorne and Brad take all of those cocks up their insatiable holes, and two of his fingers found their way into the Forrester sex puppy's now moist manpussy. While they watched Victor and Malcolm eagerly doing the horizontal tango, Thorne and Tarik squeezed each other's turgid poles with a fervor.

"You know I've got to have that cinnamon stick of yours up my ass," Thorne said.

"A man after my own heart. Come on over and sit on it."

After a quick swipe of lube on Tarik's giant redwood, Thorne straddled the man and lowered himself with the same ease he had seen Malcolm do with Victor's living sex toy on screen moments before. With his back warmed by his lover's massive chest, Thorne ground his hot bubble butt into Tarik's groin, his libido quickly going into a frenzy as they watched the scorchingly hot, graphic fuck scene before them.

"Hot, isn't it?" Tarik purred deeply into Thorne's ear.

"Yeah, babe."

"Look at him. That Malcolm's got a booty box that won't quit. I bet his dick won't come down until Victor fucks him silly, and I means fucks all the cum out of him."

"Oh yeah," Thorne breathed, nearly spellbound by the way that only Tarik could fill him up.

"If I were single, I'd spread my cheeks for all that dick Victor's got."


"Yeah, man. I've give his asspussy something to remember, too. But I've got you. You have everything I need and everything I want," Tarik said in that voice that had gotten deeper as he got hornier.

"Good answer, babe. Good answer," Thorne sighed happily as Tarik's Clydesdale of a cock did a serious caress on his love button.

The flight to Burlington was uneventful for the wedding party, despite the tension Adam's inclusion in the wedding plans created between Ridge and his mother. As a result, Ridge and Adam had taken a different flight to minimize it. Stephanie didn't like the idea of his being there for either ceremony, but for Thorne's sake she agreed to a truce for the duration. The only saving grace, as far as she was concerned, was that Adam wasn't Brooke---with Ridge's divorce being a done deal, anything was better than seeing him caught in her tentacles again.

As the stretch limos made their way down U.S. Highway 7 to Rutland, Rick and Raymond looked at the soon-to-be newlyweds like children that were about to bust from holding in a very exciting secret.

"All right, you two. We know you're dying to tell us something. Give," Thorne said.

Rick gave him an impish, excited grin. "Well-l-l-l...."

"Don't leave us hanging here, Rick. What's up?" Tarik said.

"Go ahead, honey," Raymond said, nudging his boyfriend. "If you don't tell him I will."

"OK. I'm moving in with Raymond when we get back."

Thorne's face broke into a huge grin. "Does that mean..."

"Yeah, it does. My divorce from Amber is final."

"Man, we're really going to celebrate tonight," Tarik beamed as hugs were exchanged. "Is that the reason Bridget was able to be here?"

"A big part of it. You know how Mom was, Thorne, when you came out and then Ridge. She was so happy with the news that she let Budge come. I won't repeat the things she said about Amber in her moment of triumph, but I'm sure Mom can't wait for the chance to rub Amber's nose in it."

The wedding party murmured their approval as the limos pulled up in front of the inn Tarik had selected for their stay, just outside of the town. It had that special charm that only New England could bestow, and the natural beauty of a Vermont summer embraced them with the anticipation of the festivities. With the exception of Brooke, Taylor and Kristin, all the Forresters would be in attendance, as would Tarik's parents, Tevin, his sister Tamara, their spouses and his teenage nephews. It would have been unrealistic to expect the entire Forrester family, but Thorne and Tarik accepted the fact and gave thanks for the show of support they had.

The day was spent in general sightseeing of downtown Rutland and the Green Mountains, followed by relaxation at one of the nearby lakes. Victor called Tevin and Laron the following afternoon announcing his arrival from the Newman jet, confirming the plans for the stag party that evening. Ridge and Adam arrived later that same afternoon, staying long enough to check in and exchange greetings before taking off with Tevin and Laron for the final touches to their plans.

That evening, Thorne and Tarik took a moment to exchange admiring glances when they got out of their car in front of the lodge Victor had rented for the party. Their matching, sleeveless, red bell-bottomed jumpsuits with the butterfly collars hugged every cut and curve of their bodies, and the gold chains around their necks sparkled in the parking lot lighting.

"Babe, I think I'm burning up already," Thorne flirted.

"Baby, keep that up and I'll have you out of that jumpsuit," Tarik playfully warned.

"That'll probably happen sooner than you think. Victor's hosting this party, remember?"

A naughty grin spread across Tarik's face. "Ahh, yes. Anyway, why didn't your dad come with us? I'm sure all the guests are there by now."

"He's probably with Mother and your folks, trying to find a way to graciously get away." Thorne paused for a moment. "Still, how is that going to look if he goes but your father doesn't?"

"How soon we forget, baby. Pop may be straight, but he knows the score. I'm sure he's already clocked your dad, and knowing my pop he'll find some way to cover for him. That way he and Vaughan can head for the nearest sports bar."

"So, there's a method to his madness. By the way, what was it Vaughan said to you before we left?"

A wry smile came across Tarik's face at the mention of his brother-in-law's name. "Oh, that. He said, 'Just make sure you two have enough energy to stand up in front of that justice of the peace tomorrow. You know you're not spring chickens anymore.' But to hear him tell it, you'd swear him and Tamara are still kickin' it twice a night."

"Not spring chickens, huh? We'll see about that," Thorne said, squeezing Tarik's bulge with a wicked smile. "I hope your nephews won't be bored with small town life."

"You know me. I checked all that out before we got here. Rutland has a roller rink, and it's guaranteed that they will be on it until closing time."

"Tremain, too?"

"I don't think so. Tremain's pretty tight with Bridget," Tarik said with a knowing grin.

"Yeah, they're thick as thieves. In any case, let's go. You know things can't start until we get in there."

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