by Draeconin

Beta: Brenna Starr
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Chapter Fifteen


Harry woke much earlier than usual. Normally he slept in, and Draco had to prod him awake. This morning, as early as it was, he still felt completely rested and refreshed. But instead of getting out of bed, he elected to stay snuggled up to his husband, his hard cock nestled between the blonde's ass cheeks, and watch him sleep. And as he watched, he thought about their relationship. All in all, he thought, it was going well. But he rather felt he was getting the best of the deal, especially in the sex department. Draco had given every sign of liking their sexual relationship just as it was, but he was always the receptive partner, and Harry felt he was being selfish. He wasn't sure about letting his husband top him, but he wanted to at least try to reciprocate - once in a while. If he found himself liking it, maybe more often.

But first he had to wake Draco up, and elected to do it in a way he'd never tried before - after some preparations. He carefully reached for the bottle of oil on the bedside table, trying to move as little as possible. Once the bottle was in hand, he poured a little on his fingers, reached behind himself, and started rubbing it in. It felt - strange, but kind of good, as well. Slipping a finger inside of himself... Description was difficult. There were some fairly nice sensations, but he was fighting strong muscles, and it didn't feel quite right. Having to be careful to not wake his husband made it rather more difficult as well. But maybe, like masturbation, it felt better if someone else was doing it to you - although that felt good, anyway. But he persevered until he had three fingers inside himself, and the muscles had loosened enough that he wasn't really fighting it any more. Then he oiled his half-softened cock, slowly masturbating until he was hard again, made sure Draco was lubed, and slipped into him.

At the intrusion, Draco woke. "Harry..." he sleepily drawled.

"Like your wake-up call?" the Gryffindor inquired.

"Mmm... Not sure. Love having you in me, but the foreplay is half the fun," Draco replied lazily, still half-asleep. "But don't stop; it feels good."

"Does it?" Harry asked casually, with a sudden thrust.

"Oh! Oh, yes," Draco said, much more awake, now.

"Then you've been a little selfish, haven't you?" the Gryffindor asked, rhetorically.

"What?" Draco asked, confused.

"If it feels that good, and you haven't let me experience it?"

"Harry, stop," Draco ordered.

The raven-haired young man did, but did so by burying himself deep in his husband, before stopping.

"That's not what I meant. I want to look at you," the blonde instructed.

"I know," Harry said in a teasing voice, before becoming just a smidgeon more serious, "but I was rather having you on. It's me that I think has been selfish. I want to try having you in me."

"You haven't been selfish, Harry," Draco replied. "I like it, and I haven't felt in the least slighted that we haven't exchanged roles. But I am curious what it feels like to you when you're... um... in me. But aren't we in the wrong position for that?"he asked. But when he felt his husband starting to withdraw, he had a change of heart. "Wait!" he said, hastily.


"Ah... Could you - finish, first?" the blonde asked, blushing.

"What do you want me to do, pet?" Harry asked. He knew quite well what his husband wanted; but he felt the need to hear it.

"You know very well, what," Draco said, half-shy, and half-irritated.

"Yes, I do. But I want to hear you say it."


"Call it kinky, but I always fantasized that when we made love, we'd talk more to each other. It's always good anyway, but I think it would be even better if you told me what you wanted, and I told you."

"We've been doing that," Draco protested.

"During our love-making, yes. But you never tell me what you want before-hand," Harry replied. "I'm always making the decisions about what we do and how. I'm sure you've had some ideas of things you'd like to try. So tell me what you want?"

"Well right now, you're filling me, and not moving," Draco complained.

"Say it, love," Harry whispered in his ear.

"You are so evil," the blonde moaned. "Fuck me, Harry," he said, in frustrated need. The intensity with which his request was met surprised and gratified him, and eventually left him completely satiated.

After a few minutes of resting, during which Harry kissed and bit gently on his husband's neck, he withdrew. Draco turned to face him, moving into his arms. A couple of long, tender kisses later, Harry quietly said "My turn. I took your virginity. I want you to take mine."

Draco looked at his husband, concern in his eyes. "Are you sure?"

The Gryffindor nodded reassuringly, with a small smile. "I prepared myself before I woke you," he revealed.

"I don't want to rush, love. Do we have time before classes?"

"It doesn't matter. Dumbledore said we could skip classes, today."

"Why?" Draco asked, confused.

"The news?"

Draco smirked. "It's about time something Lucius did worked in my favour," the blonde growled sexily as he moved up over his lover.

Draco's lack of reaction to his father's gruesome death bothered Harry a little, although the only other thing about Lucius' death that bothered the green-eyed young man was that he hadn't had a hand in it.. He didn't approve of torture, but from what he'd learned of the things the elder Malfoy had done to Draco, he rather wished he'd at least been able to see the death. But Draco's mouth was doing sinful things to him, and distracted him from delving further into that line of thought.

When the blonde finally moved to penetrate him, after first making sure that Harry was, indeed, loosened up and lubed enough, the Gryffindor thought he knew what to expect (and it had felt better with his husband and lover doing it). What he hadn't expected, even with Draco's soft instructions, warnings, and encouragements, was the incredible feeling of fullness - almost uncomfortably so. When he mentioned it, the blonde told him it was only temporary - that he'd soon feel more comfortable. Since Draco had all the experience in this area, Harry had to believe him. And after less than a minute, he found it so; especially after his husband started moving in him, starting a slow, stroking rhythm. The intimacy, and the feeling of being filled, then emptied, over and over again, plus the friction of skin against skin was pleasant, but for the life of him, he couldn't see why his husband loved it so much. And then his prostate was hit, and he got a glimmer. "Oh!" he exclaimed, in surprise.

Draco had been playing with dildos since he was twelve years old, and had always enjoyed them, but Harry had added dimensions that couldn't be accounted for merely by it being a live cock in him. Harry had, from the very first, massaged and pounded his prostate with nearly every thrust. It was like they were born to fit together that way. But even when his green-eyed lover didn't get anywhere near his prostate, there was - something... Something indefinable that ran through him - almost like a very low-voltage electricity, but with an entirely different effect, that made the experience mind-blowingly enjoyable.

He could tell that the same energy wasn't happening with him in the raven-haired Gryffindor, so he was happy that he'd finally located Harry's prostate. At least he could give him some pleasure. He concentrated on trying to hit that spot on a more regular basis.

It was feeling quite good for him, too. The warm, almost hot wetness surrounding him, squeezing his length more tightly and evenly than any hand could, the friction on the sensitive underside of his glans... All the proper physical sensations were there, but the warm sense of belonging he had when his Harry claimed him was missing. He appreciated his husband's gesture, and the intimacy, but his curiosity was satisfied. This might be nice for a change of pace, but unless Harry wanted it more often, he'd prefer to return to their previous arrangement.

And then his orgasm was upon him, and he came, thrusting deep into his husband's warmth.

Harry had found some enjoyment from Draco's ministrations, especially after that one spot had started getting hit quite often. Even so, when Draco came, he wasn't disappointed that it was over. He'd do it again, and often, if Draco wanted it, but the experience had him wondering if maybe he should stop fucking his husband. The blonde seemed to enjoy it, but he was such a good actor...

Draco slipped out of his husband, and lay there with him as they kissed each other. Harry hadn't come again, and although the prostate ministrations had kept his husband erect during the experiment, he was already flaccid again. "Harry?" he said, tentatively.

"Yes, love?" the Gryffindor asked, stroking the blonde's hair.

"Thank you. It felt good."

Harry heard the hesitation in his husband's voice. "But?" he said, prompting the blonde.

"Did you like it?"

"It felt alright, after the initial discomfort was gone."

"But you didn't really enjoy it?"

"I love you, Draco. I love being intimate with you, in every way," Harry said, hedging a bit.

Draco wasn't a Slytherin for nothing. He was very experienced with people, and could usually tell when someone wasn't being completely truthful, so he felt better about making his own admission, first. "I might like to do this with you once in a while, but I think I like it better the other way," he said.

"Really?" Harry said, surprised. "I was just thinking I should stop bothering you."

Draco rapidly propped himself up, alarmed. "No!"

"You really like it?" the Gryffindor asked, doubtfully.

Draco blushed, but determinedly said "Yes!" It was going to be very embarrassing, but he had to convince Harry of that, so he decided to tell of the 'experience' he'd teased his husband with, once. "Do you remember when I told you that you'd have to give me your best? That just because I hadn't slept around, didn't mean I hadn't had other experiences?" His face was burning, now, but when Harry nodded, he took a deep breath, and continued. "I've been buggering myself with dildos since I was twelve, Harry. I like it. And having you in me is so much better!" He couldn't look his husband in the eye; he was looking at his chest, instead.

At this obviously embarrassing admission, Harry's heart felt as though it would burst with his love for the Slytherin. He reached up, and pulled his husband into a tight, but not crushing, hug; the kind that said "I want to meld with you," but was in no way overtly sexual.

"How did you find out you like it?" Harry asked, curious.

Draco shook his head a little. "I don't know, really. The sensations I got when cleaning myself in the bath and the shower, and after...the toilet. Then playing with it in the shower... You know - fingers and soap?"

"Who bought you the dildo?"

"Nobody!" Draco said, looking the Gryffindor in the eyes, in alarm. "Merlin, Harry; if anyone had ever found out, a Cruciatus would have been mild in comparison to what would have happened to me! I - I..." He laid his head back down, closed his eyes, gathered his courage, and quietly confessed "I used carrots, then fed them to the animals. Then when I learned how, I experimented until I could transform things into what I needed, then back again afterward." With a mercurial shift in mood, he propped himself up again, glaring at his husband. "And if you ever tell anyone...!"

Harry chuckled, then leaned up and kissed the glaring blonde on the tip of his nose. "Never, pet. I swear on all I hold most dear. That's you, you know," he murmured softly.

Draco's glare melted at that declaration - and his stomach growled, causing him to blush yet again.

Harry laughed, softly. "I think it's time for breakfast!" With that declaration, he rolled a surprised Draco over onto his back, kissed him soundly, then leapt out of bed, ignoring the soreness from his backside, and holding his hand out to his husband. "I think we should shower first, don't you?" he asked.

With a grin, Draco took his hand, allowing Harry to help him out of bed. "It'd best be a fast shower, because I'm famished!" he declared. Even with the best of intentions, it wasn't a fast shower.


It was midway between breakfast and lunch, so they had to trek down to the kitchens to get something to eat; but the house elves were happy to oblige "the great Harry Potter."

"Is Dobby around?" Harry asked one elf as she bustled by.

"Dobby be making beds today, Mister Harry Potter, sir," she replied.

"Could you tell him, please, that I'd like to speak with him, when he has time?"

The elf stared at the Gryffindor, unused to having anyone say 'please' to her, being more used to unthinking orders, but she nodded. "Yes, sir, Mr. Harry Potter, sir," she replied, eyes wide. "Is it being okay for Notsey to go, now?"

"Yes it is, Notsey; and thank you," the Gryffindor replied.

Wide-eyed, the elf curtseyed quickly, and hurried off on her task, passing the word along to another elf as she did.

"You're going to spoil those elves, Harry," Draco commented. "They'll start to think they're as good as humans."

Instead of automatically getting angry with Draco's attitude as he would have in the past, he asked a question. "Why aren't they?"

"They're house elves, Harry," the Slytherin replied.

"Yes, they are. But they are thinking, feeling beings, as well; not mindless drones. So what makes them less than humans?"

"They're just servants," Draco said, dismissively.

"There are human servants, too. Are you saying that they are less than human?"

"That's different!"


Draco was feeling as though he were under attack; but all Harry was doing was asking him quite logical questions. Questions about attitudes he'd grown up with, and never questioned.

Harry saw his husband getting very uncomfortable, and sought to ease that somewhat. "I love you, pet, and I don't want to make you uncomfortable. I know Lucius treated house elves as less than obedient furniture, and I've seen how most wizards and witches take them for granted, but if you think about it, other than being a different species, they're a lot like us. They have thoughts, feelings, and loyalties, and I'm sure in private they have loves - and somewhere there must be elf children, although I've never seen or heard of them."

These were all things that Draco had never thought of before, and the thought of elf children...! Of course house elves had to come from somewhere, but it had never occurred to him to wonder about it; nor had he ever heard anyone else ever mention anything of the sort. Occasionally a house elf would show up looking for a placement, but the only decision to be made was whether or not you needed and could afford to keep another one, and to find out if it was a hard worker, if you did.

Then breakfast arrived. Fresh fruit lightly sauteed in butter, wrapped in crepes, smothered in a blueberry brandy sauce, dusted with powdered sugar, and garnished with fresh mint leaves as the main course, with bangers and ham on the side, and coffee made with freshly-ground beans.

The young couple stared at their plates. Food like this was never served at Hogwarts - at least, not the main course. Attracting the attention of the elf that had placed the plates before them, Harry asked "What's the occasion?"

The elf screwed its face up in confusion. "What is Mister Harry Potter meaning?"

Harry waved at their plates. "This is - wonderful food, but it's not what I..." Looking at Draco, Harry amended that. "What we - were expecting. This looks like something that's served for a very special occasion!"

The elf's face contorted into a huge grin. "Mister Harry Potter likes?"

"Yes," the Gryffindor replied, "but Mister Harry Potter is very confused, as well."

"Mister Harry honours house elves by bringing bride with him! Kitchen elves wish to celebrate, and honour the occasion!" the elf replied.

Harry choked, then fought not to laugh at the use of the word 'bride'. Draco wouldn't like it, and the elves might be offended. Draco kicked him under the table. Evidently he hadn't hidden his reaction well enough. His 'bride' had turned red, and looked as though he didn't know whether to berate the elves, or sink into the floor in embarrassment. Considering their conversation of just moments ago, it appeared that he'd not do anything rash, however. Harry had turned red as well, but he said "Thank you. It is a beautiful breakfast, and I'm sure we'll quite enjoy it."

It was very delicious, and they both finished every scrap. Draco even unbent enough to thank the elves for such a nice meal, on their way out. Harry didn't draw attention to it; he just hugged the blonde's shoulder for a moment, showing his approval.

They went outside and flew their brooms for awhile. They accidentally came close to their boundaries a few times, but although it was frustrating, they soon adjusted to it, and had a grand time doing stunts and racing each other. And then, although neither was yet hungry, they went to lunch; mainly in order to grab a few things for a mid-afternoon snack, so they wouldn't be quite so hungry come supper time. Of course, being teenagers, and having just had quite a bit of exercise, they had room for a bite or two.

They hadn't counted on Hermione cornering them.

She walked rapidly over to them as soon as she entered the Great Hall and saw them at their table. "Harry! Draco! Where have you been all morning? Are you alright? There's nothing - wrong, is there?" With that last question, she lowered her voice quite drastically, darting her eyes about to see who might be in listening range; rather like a spy out of a poorly-written novel. This caused quite a bit of amusement in both boys.

"Sit down - Hermione," Draco invited, using her given name for the first time. "And do stop looking like a spy from a bad play," he added, smirking. Harry grinned at the teasing.

Hermione blushed, and sat down, but persisted. "Well? Where have you been?" she asked, looking at Harry, with whom she felt more at ease grilling.

Harry gestured, simultaneously directing her attention to his co-husband, and letting him know that it was up to him to answer.

"What do you want to know, Granger?" Draco asked, grinning mischievously. "The morning sex, the long shower together afterward, the late breakfast...?"

"Draco!" Harry admonished, as Hermione blushed to her roots. "She wants to know why we weren't in class; not our personal details."

The Slytherin's grin didn't falter. "Then she should have asked that, shouldn't she? Although, come to think of it, that would have likely garnered the same answer," he replied unrepentantly.

"Dumbledore gave us the day off," Harry told the girl, ignoring his husband.

"Why?" Hermione asked, a puzzled frown on her face.

"It seems there was a death in the family, and the old coot thought I might need some time to grieve," Draco replied. "Harry would have to be there to comfort me, of course." The fact that he and Harry couldn't be too far apart anyway, didn't need to be repeated.

"Well, you don't look all that broken up over it," she replied, somewhat acerbically. "Who was it?"

Draco remained silent. Until just before he'd run away to bond with Harry, his history with his father, although not really good, hadn't been all bad, either. Yes, he had always been just a little bit afraid when he was around the man, and hated him for what he'd been about to do to him, but Lucius had been his father - family - and the importance of family had been ingrained in him, so he wasn't quite as unaffected he was letting on. "Lucius," Harry replied for his husband. "Murdered. Likely by Death Eaters," he said, trying to forestall further questions.


"Please, 'Mione..." Harry said, interrupting. "Some other time?"

She nodded, understanding. Looking at Draco, she said "I know it's really none of my business, but..."

"You're right, Granger," the blonde said, interrupting her as well. "But you're trying to be a friend, so I'm going to be nice and just ask you to drop it. Alright?"

The girl nodded again. "Okay. See you two at supper?" she asked, looking from one to the other.

"Probably," Harry replied. "Thank you, 'Mione - for understanding, and for being a friend."

She smiled at him, got up, laid her hand on Draco's shoulder in a sympathetic gesture, and went to the Gryffindor House table to eat.

For their part, Harry and Draco gathered a few snackable items for later, and retired to their rooms. The mood was spoiled, though, so they attended afternoon classes, then went to the library to do their lessons.

Late in the afternoon, a messenger from the headmaster found them and delivered a summons to go to his office. They had a visitor.