2Gether Truth Or Dare - Part 5


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O_O! Hello folks, Well Summer 2002 is here, and I have time to write the chapters promised (from last summer lol!) Don't know if y'all is still interested.

I had to do a little reviewing, and rewriting, because it's almost been ten months since I reviewed this story (Was working on severeal O-Town Stories, Yes, I'm the author of "Watch The Hair"). Upon reading the four chapters posted, LOL all those chapters really pieces of crap. I admit that, and criticism accepted. I said in whatever chapters that "7 is being finalized." Well part 9 was finalized (in Aug of 2001), but I don't like my original direction in the plot, but I'll keep this as a fast paced drama-soap-story (Kind of Like Spyder Games), in six longer chapters. I kind rushed the Q.T./Chad storyline to fast if you noticed, which was really stupid, because I could of explore all of these things, before actually getting to a relationship.

If you want to read my original parts and that was horribly written ten months ago, then go ahead. It will be posted on my website soon,http://www.angelfire.com/hi3/mkr/intro.html (But when I say "soon" it might mean, in 2 months, lol j/k.)

Whoops! Almost forgot the Disclaimer.


All the actors that are potrayed in this story are false. This is purely fiction, made by me. I don't know the sexual preferences of the actors. FICTION, FICTION, FICTION! If you have a problem with slash stories, why are you here?

2gether was created by Brian and Mark Gunn, and is owned by MTV.

My thoughts are with Michael Cuccione who played Q.T., when I write these stories. Mike is a great inspiration to all.


Here's a brief recap of the past 4 Chapters.

Chapter One - Mickey and Jerry play a game of Truth Or Dare, where they end up sleeping with each other. Chad and Q.T. explores each other side a bit.

Chapter Two - Jerry is freaked when he finds that he slept with Mickey. He completely cuts Mickey off, which causes Mickey to do attempted suicide, by doing a diving wrong in the pool, hitting his head.

Chapter Three - Recovery from the hospital, Armed with flowers, and lots of love, Jerry finds Q.T. clinging on to Mickey, when he is about to apologize.

Chapter Four - Chad confronts the situation with Jerry, and calls him a pathetic, lonely, bastard.


2gether Truth Or Dare - Part Five


"Um. Hey guys." Q.T. said, as he stared at Chad touching Jerry's shoulder. What the hell was he doing? Nah. It's probably nothing. A touch is just a touch.

Q.T. stared at Chad's hand, and it took a while, but tension started to fill the air. Chad finally retreated his hand, and started to move away.

"Sorry about the whole thing being lonely, Jerry." Chad said, as he stood up he began to hug Jerry. Chad's lips slowly made way through Jerry's ears. "You've always got me." as he teased Jerry by caressing his warm lips against Jerry's ears and neck.

Q.T. waited, and Chad finally pulled back, and began to act like a kid again.

"Come on, Q.T.! Let's go play some Playstation 2. I bet I can beat your butt in Dance Dance Revolution." Chad said, as he slowly walked out with Q.T.

"Oh yeah?" Q.T. said, "I bet I can beat you in..." Q.T. started to run, and yelled "...in racing to my room..."

Chad started to run to Q.T.'s room, saying "hey you cheated..."

Jerry got up from his bed and proceeded to close his door, but was stopped by Mickey, who held the door with such a grip.

"Mickey..." Jerry said with regret hitting him hard in the stomach. How could he still face Mickey after he attempted suicide? After he saw him with Q.T., But Q.T. was the least of Jerry's problems. It was just right not to see the person right after, feeling so guilty.

"...did you need something?" Jerry asked nervously, as he tried to close the door.

"No Jerry, your not doing this to me..." Mickey said as he pushed the door.

Jerry was really working at the door. He didn't want to see Mickey, why was Mickey doing this.

"We need to have a good long talk!" Mickey grunted, as he pushed hard. "Don't close the door on me!" Mickey grunted once more, and pushed his way into Jerry's room.

Jerry gave up in the middle Mickey's sentence, seeing if he did hurt Mickey again, physically, he would really never forgive himself. Jerry moved towards his blue covered sheets bed, as he sat face back to Mickey.

"Look Jerry," Mickey started, "the whole pool..."

Jerry started to have a flashback when he heard a loud splash.


Then going to the pool area, hearing Q.T. yelling for help.

"suicide incident..."

The blood, all over Q.T. and in the pool, like it was water.

Jerry started to tear up. He started to look over to the window, where he saw the pool, that haunted him, hearing the whole thing over and over again. He took a closer look at the water, where it started to turn red.

"...that was so..." Mickey trailed off.

"Enough!" Jerry yelled, as he turned around, to Mickey. He could stand it any more, he knew he caused Mickey to do that. Why would Mickey torture him for it?

"Look, Mickey. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." Jerry said, as tears started to fall from his eyes. "I know I caused you to do what you did. How many times I just want to take you by your arms, and just want to hold you forever like nothing ever happened."

Mickey started to caress Jerry's cheek. He then rested his palm on Jerry's face, wanting to just let it all end, with all of this left behind what they could of have.

Jerry started to grab Mickey's hand, where Mickey allowed Jerry to kiss it softly. It was Jerry's first time to touch Mickey ever since the hospital.

"Then what's stopping you?" Mickey softly asked.

Jerry finally looked up at Mickey with his tearing eyes.


Chad finally reached Q.T.'s room, and saw Q.T. breathing hard, as he out of breath.

"Cheater..." Chad grumbled, as he closed the door. He then moved to the edge of Q.T.'s bed. "Running ahead, that's good."

Chad stared at Q.T. who was lying on his own bed, as he started to take a breather.

"So you beat me at racing," Chad said, looking over Q.T. and started to get up. "How about you try and beating me in wrestling?" as Chad started to pin Q.T. down.

Q.T. squeamed to get loose, but it was no use. Chad used to much force on Q.T., and their was only one way Q.T. could think of to get him loose.

"Chad..." Q.T. begged, "Your hurting me..."

Chad quickly let go, thinking he was hurting Q.T., It was bad enough that Q.T. was already sick. Chad slowly released his grip on Q.T., but was caught by surprise when Q.T. grabbed his wrists, and flipped him over, pinning him on above his head

Q.T. gave Chad a grin, who was now under his paws. "I was just kidding..." Q.T. whispered, as he stared at Chad. Chad was in Q.T.'s grasp now. Q.T. just stared at this awkward situation. He straddled Chad by the hips. Chad still moving and not noticing Q.T. just staring at him.

Q.T. got a weird feeling. Chad's blond hair out of place, his button shirt revealed his slight build chest. He was getting aroused. Shit. This is wrong, He is suppose to like girls right? Still looking at Chad, He questioned himself for a second. His deep thoughts were interrupted by Chad.

"What?" Chad asked, as he held Q.T.'s wrists, when they were just wrestling.

Q.T. slowly released his gripped on Chad's wrists. He then brought his right hand on Chad's forehead, moving slowly down on his nose.

Chad quickly reacted, "What are you doing?" as he felt a tingle go down his leg, down to his crotch. Q.T. then put his index finger on Chad's warm lips, where he simply said, "Shh...."

He slowly brought it down where Chad's bottom lip pulling it down a bit, then bouncing right back up after he let his finger slid down Chad's chin and neck, where the rest of his fingers met on Chad's chest. Q.T. couldn't help to look at Chad, who been staring at his fingers like crazy.

Q.T. smiled to himself, as he slowly continued to massage Chad's chest. He then moved his hand, down, down to Chad's stomach, where he pushed up Chad's shirt a bit, and started to kiss it. Chad softly moaned, in ecstacy as he felt Q.T.'s warm lips against his flesh. Q.T. then moved back up Chad's neck, where he slowly started to suck on it.

"Q.T., No..." Chad begged, not wanting to get marked by one of his bandmates. Chad started to whimper when Q.T.'s sucking became harder. Q.T. didn't care if the gang saw it. He just wanted to mark his territory. Chad was his, and will always be his. No one else. Q.T. pulled back looking at the purple-ish mark he left on Chad's neck. He brought his eyes to Chad, where he gave Chad a smile, and moved back on his fresh bruise.

Q.T. then moved his hands to Chad's hands, where he started to play with it, just squeezing his hands and Chad's hands together. Q.T. then brought Chad's right index finger slowly to his lips, where he began to slowly suck on it. He then moved on to the middle finger, sucking it slowly, teasing Chad, as it if was his aching erection. Q.T.'s tongue swirled around Chad's middle finger, and Chad began to moan softly.

Somewhere in the midst of all of this, Chad questioned himself on what Q.T. was doing. He like the idea of Q.T. and him. He actually had feelings for Q.T., and the thing with Jerry, is that it's nothing. Just being a simple tease. Since everyone thought he was the dumb one.

Q.T. and started to move down to Chad's thighs, teasing by now, Chad's aching erection. Q.T. barely touched it, when someone knocked of the door. Chad looked at the door, wanting to answer it. "Leave it," Q.T. said, using his right hand to guide Chad's eyes back to his eyes. Q.T. started to go to Chad's inner things, he started to touch Chad's erection through his pants. Their activity was once again bothered by a knock on the door.

"Hey Q.T., Is my brother in there?" Doug asked, as the door handle started to turn.

Both of them scrambled to act casual. Q.T. quickly turned on the TV and Playstation, while Chad laid stomach flap down on Q.T.'s bed, hoping his brother wouldn't find anything fishy here.

"Come in," Q.T. stepping on the dance mat of the Playstation game.

"Hi, Doug." Chad said, as he pretended nothing sexual ever happened.

"I was just about to get some dinner, did you guys want something?" Doug asked.

Chad looked over Q.T., who looked over back. "I'm good," was Chad's reply, "How about you Q.T.?"

Q.T. chuckled, and quickly said, "I'm good" not making any eye contact at Chad's older brother.

"Okay." Doug said, as he closed Q.T.'s door.

Q.T. quickly fell on the mat, as a sign of relief. He quickly looked up at Chad, who said, "That was close."

Their was an amount of weirdness in the air. Q.T. wanted Chad to leave. Q.T. then cleared his throat, and Chad got off of Q.T.'s bed.

"I better be going. I was kind of hungry anyway." Chad said. "Maybe I can be on top later?", Chad joked as he left Q.T.'s room.

Q.T. stared at his closed door. Was Chad for real? or was Chad joking... Becaue he wanted to be on top...



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