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Chapter Two <Friday Night>

    There were no fans around the back of the hotel when I went to my car.  I figured they'd seen one of the Dreamstreet guys look down out of one of the windows that faced the front and took it that it was their room.  That was perfectly fine with me.  Hopefully they'd keep going with that mentality and not decide to come sneaking around the corner just as I was picking my passengers up.

     The service area was also in the back of the hotel and was where the smaller trucks dropped off their shipments to us.  I wasn't sure if I should back up, or pull forward, so I just went ahead and backed up toward the metal slider and put the car in park.

    A couple of minutes later, the slider started rising up.  It rose up to a little beneath half way and six forms emerged quickly.  The tallest of the six forms I noticed was Drake.  He came up to the car and beckoned for me to roll down the window.
"Unlock your passenger side and they'll get in while we talk." he instructed me in that deep bassed voice of his that used to scare me half to death when I was a little kid.

     I did as I was told and the five other forms moved around to the passenger side, opened the door and began getting in.  While they did this, Drake leaned in the window and gave me a quick hug.
"How are you young man?" he asked, like he'd always done whenever we spoke.
"Pretty good.  How about you?"
"Can't complain at all.  Listen, we really appreciate you doing this."
"It's no thing at all."

     The five guys, who were dressed in dark hooded sweatshirts had filed into the car and had shut the door by the time I finished my response.
"Okay, everything is clear.  You guys get outta here and have fun." Drake said to them.
"We will." the five of them said in their different maturing voices.

     Drake stepped away from the car and I went ahead and pulled off.  Instinctively the five guys ducked down as I neared the front of the hotel and the driveway that would put us on the street.  There was still a crowd, but it had simmered down to just random patches here and there.  Fortunately for us all of them were still focusing their attention on the room window.  We made it by and out onto the street without so much as a sideways glance from the fans.
"Okay, we're clear." I announced once we'd gotten a block away.

     All of them lifted up from their hunched positions, looked around to see that I was telling the truth, and started cheering.
"Great.  Now we can take these hot sweatshirts off." the one in the back seat on the passenger side said.  With the hoods on and the darkness of the car, I had to go by voice.  I assumed it was Jesse McCartney.

     All five of them came out of the dark colored sweatshirts to reveal the short-sleeved shirts they were wearing underneath.
"Hey man, it's really cool of you to let us come and hang at your place." the one in the seat next to me said as we approached a red stop light.  "I'm Frankie."

     He extended his hand out to me and I shook it.
"Brenden.  Glad to have the company."

     I assumed Frankie thought I didn't know who each of them were, because he turned to face the backseat and introduced the others to me.  The one on the passenger side was indeed Jesse.  The one riding middle next to Jesse was Greg Raposo.  On the other side of him was Matt Ballinger and right behind me was Chris Trousdale, last but definitely not least.

    All of them told me "hi", or "what's up" and thanked me for letting them come back to the house with me.  Just like I'd told Frankie, I was glad to have the company.

     I called my dad like he'd asked me to once we got another block away.  My cell phone was in the glove compartment, which was where it spent most of its time unless I was expecting a call.  He told me the crowds had lessened, but were still under the impression that the guys were still at the hotel.  I was to call again once we made it to the house.

     The trip toward home was a quiet one between the six of us.  I was petrified, afraid that if I opened my mouth to speak some stupid dribble would come pouring out and make me look like a complete idiot to them.  I don't know why they didn't say anything, but I didn't complain.  It kept me from having to respond.

     Our house was a pretty regular looking one.  My mother and father were very down to earth, and the fact that they both had good incomes didn't go to their heads.  Our place was a nice modern two story home that could be added on to if need be.  It was in a regular neighborhood with regular good neighbors.

    Not much was said as we got out and walked up to the house.  I unlocked the front door and stepped inside.  The warning buzzer of the alarm welcomed me as always.  I went to the panel and put in the code to shut it up.
"House lights on." I spoke out.

     In the front room, where all of us were standing, and the den, the lights came on.  Now that all of us were actually standing and there was sufficient light, I could see who was who for myself.

    Frankie, the one who'd done all the introducing had the same short kept brown hair and hazel eyes that I'd seen in pictures of him.  He was the same size as me, 5 foot 8 inches tall, and was wearing the same sparkling necklace that always seemed to be around his neck in almost all pictures and appearances I'd seen him in.

     I expected Jesse to be the shortest out of the group since he was the youngest, but he was as tall as Frankie and me.  What was deceiving about him was that he still looked younger than 15 giving him that certain look of innocence.  And that put together with his nicely kept blond hair and green eyes; I could see why girls went straight into heat when they saw him.

    If I hadn't been that close to Matt I never would've known that he had freckles.  They were light, which was why they probably didn't show up in the pictures of him.  I'd thought his hair was blond like Jesse's, but it looked more reddish than blond.  And like I already knew his eyes were blue.  His body was not as solid looking as Jesse or Frankie's, which gave that illusion that he was taller than both of them. He was actually shorter at what I guessed was between 5 foot 5 and 5 foot 7.  To me, he was the guilty pleasure of the group, the one who didn't have the looks that just knocked you out when you first looked at him, but ones that would wear away at you until you fell victim.

    Greg was the one I'd always imagined to be closest to an A.J from the Backstreet Boys.  He just looked like the type that would be the crazy one who'd do things to keep the others on their toes.  Like Frankie, his skin color was more darker looking than Matt and Jesse's, and he looked to be the most built one of the crew.  He shared the same hazel eyes and short brown hair of Frankie, only he kept it styled differently.

    Then there was Chris.  My god.  Television and pictures didn't do him any justice.  He was even more awesome live.  Now that I was getting a good, longer look at him, I saw he was somewhere between Greg and Frankie as far as body development took place, which put him right at my level.  He was a little bit shorter than me, which I could give a damn about, and I was sure that if I stared into his light brown looking eyes for too long, I'd melt on the spot.
"Whoa!" Greg reacted to the lights coming on like they had, looking around the room like he was searching for whatever had turned them on.
"That was cool!" Jesse added, revealing to me for the first time that he had braces.
"How'd you do that?" Frankie asked.
"My uncle is a computer geek.  He wouldn't leave my dad alone until he let him turn our house into a smart house." I answered, feeling a little good that I'd been able to complete a full non-dribble sentence.
"So that was a computer that did that?" Matt asked.  He also had braces that I didn't know about.
"Yep.  Voice recognition software, or some junk like that.  It responds to my mother, my father, and me."
"What else can it do?" Chris asked.
"For right now just basic things like turning on the lights outside when night comes, turning them off when morning comes, watering the grass, security.  Stuff like that."

     He looked around the room and nodded a few times.
"That is pretty cool."

     I agreed.
"Yeah.  Pretty high tech."

     A look of puzzlement came over Chris's face, and then recognition.
"Hey, aren't you the guy who was at the store earlier?  The one I gave the poster back too?"

     Whoa!  He actually remembered that?
"Uh, yeah.  That was me." I responded.
"Whoa.  Small world, huh?" he remarked.

     I couldn't think of anything educated to say, so I just smiled a little and nodded.

     I gave them all a quick tour of the house, minus my parent's bedroom, and even showed them the desktop computer that ran the house.  I showed them how it made things work and even let them input their names and voices so that they could use it to make the lights come on and off by voice command whenever they had to use the bathroom.
"Are you any good at pool?" Greg asked me after everything with the computer had been done.
"Just enough so that I know which ball you use to hit the other ones with." I answered.

     I was surprised when I got a few giggles from them with that comment.
"Sounds like that puts us all in about the same ball park." Matt said.
"Is it okay if we go downstairs and play?" Greg asked.

     I didn't see why not.
"Sure.  I guess so."

      We all headed back downstairs and into the game room, which was the first of what I assumed would be many add-ons to the house.  It was next to the kitchen and behind the den.
"Can I turn the lights on?" Jesse asked me right when we stepped into the dark room and I was just about to give the command.
"Yeah.  Come here and I'll tell you what to say."

     He did and I whispered into his ear the phrase he needed to say.
"Okay." he nodded, once I'd told him.  "Game lights on."

     Just like they'd done for my voice, the game room came to life with light at the command of Jesse's.  A bright smile came across his face, which did nothing but make him look even cuter.
"That is so awesome!"

     The pool table was the first thing that had been put in the Game Room.  It was followed by a wet bar, a dart set, and a regular fold out table and some chairs where cards or dominoes were played at.  We were even thinking about putting some old arcade games in there eventually.

    Since there was six of us it meant we would play each other three on three.  We flipped coins to see who would be on whose team.  Greg went first and got heads, Frankie went second and got tails.  Matt and me went next, with him getting tails and me getting heads.  When it came down to Jesse and Chris I stuck my hands in my pockets and crossed my fingers, hoping that Chris would get heads.

    Jesse flipped first and Chris flipped second.  Both got tails.  They flipped again and both got tails for a second time.  On the third time, Chris flipped first and Jesse went second.  He got tails and Jesse got heads.
"Damn it!" I swore in my head, a little disappointed that we wouldn't be on the same team.

     I gathered up the pool balls, while the others went to get their pool sticks.  What little disappointment I'd had about Chris not being on Greg's and mine team faded away when he brought back a pool stick for me.

    We started playing at 10:00 and kept going until 10:50.  Since all of us pretty much sucked equally, there were plenty of missed, accidental, and wild shots between us all.  Matt managed to knock the 8 ball in a total of five times unintentionally and Greg must've scratched 98% of the time that he knocked a ball in.  I managed to knock in more of the other teams balls than my own, Chris and Frankie kept having wild shots where the cue ball either bounced off or came close to bouncing off the table.  Jesse was a combination of all of us, only he hit the 8 ball in twice by accident and scratched about 50% of the time he knocked a ball in.

    The way all of us were for that fifty minutes, anybody would've thought that all six of us had been best friends for life.  We were kidding around, bagging on each other, and just plain having a kick ass time.  In the end we realized nobody had been keeping score and decided to leave it at a tie.
"You guys use your swimming pool much?" Frankie asked, while we were putting up the pool table stuff.
"My mom and dad use it when we have family over or friends.  I really don't use it much by myself." I replied.

     The pool was the only thing (along with the garage and my parent's bedroom) that I hadn't included in the tour.  You could see it through the front room window, though, and that's how I figured Frankie had seen it.
"It looked like it was inside a room.  Was it?" Chris asked me next.
"Yep.  It was a gift to my mother from one of the contractors she helped out of some legal trouble.  It's heated and everything."

     We finished putting away everything and started to leave the Game Room.
"Can I do the light again?" Jesse stopped me once again as I was about to say it.
"No, man.  You got to turn `em on.  I want to turn `em off." Greg objected.
"So. I asked first."
"Game lights off." Chris stated, shutting the lights in the room off, and shutting his two arguing friends up.  "There.  I turned them off.  Now what."

     Both Jesse and Greg shot Chris nasty glares, but I could tell they were just kidding.
"You better be lucky we're in somebody else's house." Greg told him.
"Or what?  It's not like either of you can kick my ass..."

     He clapped his hand over his mouth suddenly and looked straight at me.
"Sorry, man.  I don't know if you allow language like that in the house." he apologized.

     I smiled and shrugged.
"If I said I didn't I'd be a hypocrite."

     A relieved expression came over his face and he took his hand away from his mouth.
 "Oh, okay.  Cool."

     Frankie tapped me on the shoulder, getting my attention.
"I don't mean to put you on the spot, but is it all right if we went swimming?  I mean if we can't, then we can't, and it's okay to say that we can't if we can't." the tone in his voice told me he was slightly uncomfortable asking.

     I didn't see why we couldn't.  It wasn't like we were going to disturb the neighbors or anything with the pool being enclosed and all.
"If you all want to go, yeah.  Let's do it." I said.
"Yeah.  That sound cool." Matt agreed with the idea.
"I definitely want to go." Chris added.
"Sure, let's do it." Jesse continued.
"Yeah." Greg finished.
"Okay then." I said.  "Follow me."

     There were two ways to get to the pool: through the door in the front room, or through the door in the kitchen.  We were closest to the one in the kitchen so I took us on that route.  I asked everybody if they were hungry while we passed through, but nobody was, so we kept going until we were at the pool.

    The contractor who'd built the room and everything for my mother had made it soundproof.  The top of the structure was made out of a strong type of glass and was able to be rolled back to allow fresh air to come in to the room and give it that outside feel.  There were regular windows that could also be opened instead of the roof.  If the room stayed closed up too long and then somebody walked in there, they'd pass out from the concentrated smell of chlorine.

     I got a few more comments on how cool the pool area was from the guys once we got in there and I was going toward the cabinet to get towels when I realized,
"Oh, man!  You guys don't have any swimming trunks."

    Greg, Chris, and the others seemed to realize that fact too at that very moment.
"I knew something was missing." Chris remarked.
"I was really ready to go swimming too." Matt added.
"Well, who said we can't?" Greg said.
"The fact that we don't have swim trunks." Jesse reminded him.
"So, we'll go in our boxers..."

     He looked over at me.
"That's if it's okay with Brenden."

     Okay, let's see: four hot guys, plus the one straight out of my fantasies stripped down to nothing but their boxers in my house, in my pool.  HELL YEAH IT WAS OKAY!!
"I don't care.  If everybody is comfortable with it." I shrugged, acting all nonchalant about it.
"You're sure?  You're not just saying "yeah" because you're afraid you'll piss us off or something?" Chris wanted to be positive.
"It's totally cool.  If the answer would've been no, I would've said it."

     I didn't need to add anything else to that.  The five of them immediately took seats and started taking off their shoes.  I went ahead and grabbed towels for us all and sat them down on the lounge chair I was going to use to sit on and get out of my clothes.  It was just my luck that my chair was right next to Chris.

    He had already gotten down to getting his socks off and was standing to take his shirt off.  I was trying so hard to keep my focus on my own shoes that I was taking off, but my eyes weren't having it.  They looked up and watched as Chris slid off his black sleeveless shirt and revealed the chest I'd only imagined I'd ever see in person.

    It was tanned the color of light brown sugar, just like the rest of him, and had a natural masculine build to it.  One that came from natural development and regular exercise instead of weight lifting.  His nickel sized nipples were just a few degrees darker than the rest of him, and except for a thin gathering in his armpits there wasn't a visible hair on him.

    Somehow I managed to continue with taking off my shoes and socks while my eyes took in the sight that was doing all kinds of shit to my brain.  But it wasn't prepared for him to undo the drawstring of his gray and baggy set of cargo pants and move them down his waist to his legs (which had a minor but visible amount of black hair on them) and finally off, leaving him in nothing except his black pair of boxer shorts.

    My entire body went into hormonal overload.  My mind started to swim, filling up with thoughts that only a sixteen year olds horny mind can conceive.  I had to stop looking, or I was gonna be very sorry in a few seconds!
"Think of something nasty.  Think of something nasty." I chanted in my head.

     I was able to come up with a few mental pictures and detour my brain.  It took a couple of seconds, but once I was sure I was back in control I continued with getting undressed.

    Frankie and Jesse must've been lagging because I was down to my boxers before they were.
"Guys, towels are over here." I informed them, pointing to the stack on my chair.
"All right." they all responded, as I walked over to the pool and tested the water by putting my foot in.

     It was just right.  Enough of a chill to make it cold but not so much that you got instant frostbite one you jumped in.  Chris came on over to where I was, along with Greg, and looked down at the water.
"How is it?" he asked.

     Greg was far enough behind him to where he couldn't clearly see him.  A mischievous smile came over his face and he pointed to Chris and held his palm out in front of him and moved it forward and backward quickly a few times, indicating he wanted to push him in.

    At first I didn't want to.  Even though Chris and me hadn't really done much in the way of talking or getting to know one another, I didn't want to screw up the fact that so far we were pretty cool with each other.  Still, I wasn't the kind of person who passed up a chance to play a harmless prank on a person.  So I nodded to Greg and answered,
"Dunno, why don't you tell us."

     Before he knew it was coming I took a step back, lining myself up with where Greg was standing, and both of us pushed him into the pool.  A shocked high-pitched yelp came out of him and his arms started flailing, like he was trying to keep his balance.  His back hunched outward as he tried every maneuver to not fall in the water, but he failed and went in with a mild splash.

    I didn't want to laugh, but I had to.  The way he looked trying to keep himself from going in was like a cat reacting to the fact that it had been pushed unwillingly into a pool of water.  And then that little yelp of his didn't help either.

    I looked over at Greg and saw that he was laughing too.  He held up his hand and both of us high-fived each other.  Chris came back up from underwater, spitting out what he'd accidentally taken into his mouth and put his gaze on us.
"So, how does it feel?" Greg asked him, still giggling.

    Chris just smiled a little and nodded his head.
"All right, you two.  I see how you wanna play." he said.
"Oooooh!  Is that a threat?" Greg continued to tease him.
"I don't make threats.  I make promises."
"Well we'll just see about that."

     Greg took a few steps forward and dove into the pool.  The look on Chris's face showed that he hadn't expected Greg to do that and he immediately began searching for him to see if he could spot him underwater.

    Suddenly, Greg exploded out of the water next to Chris and wrapped his arms around his waste.  His momentum carried both of them upward a little bit and was enough for Greg to lift Chris up and toss him back into the water.
"Water Wrestling Federation!" Jesse yelled out, diving in to the pool to join in with his friends.  Me and Frankie followed behind him.

     We all went at each other for a good ten minutes.  Sometimes it was all for oneself, and sometimes there was ganging up on a certain person.  I was so busy having fun that all the touching and grabbing I was doing and receiving didn't affect me one bit.

    The wrestling and tossing eventually evolved into a game of tag, which we played exactly like marco-polo only the person kept their eyes open the whole time.  Luckily the flooring around the pool was slip-proof.  We were all pretty fast runners, but some of us weren't the great swimmers.  So after awhile the same people kept being it.  That was when we decided to play marco-polo.

    Greg and Frankie were the worst when it came to being it.  They could swim a little too well and once they had an auditory lock on you there was little to nothing you could do to escape, except get out of the water.  That normally led to them calling "fish out of water" and then you were it.  Matt was the only one who stood a chance, being able to hold his breath a lot longer than the rest of us, so he stayed under longer and was sometimes absent when the person who was it called marco.

    The last person to be it was Jesse.  Frankie had had it in for him every since I had been it two turns ago.  He'd gotten Frankie caught by being too close to him when I called marco, and then by going the correct way when it came time to escape.

    Jesse had lured all of us back to the shallow end.  Frankie put his finger to his lips, telling us to be quiet, and dove under.
"Fish out of water!" Jesse called.
"Nope." Chris denied.
"We're all here." Matt said.

     That clued Jesse in to where we all were, so he took off toward mine and Matt's direction, so we went under and swam toward where Greg and Chris were.  When we came back up, he was right where the two of us would've been.
"Marco?" he called out to see if he was any nearer to us.
"Polo!" we called back, letting him know he wasn't.

     All of us, including him, were about to dive under and break when Jesse cried out suddenly and his eyes came open.
"What?" Matt asked him.
"Which one of you is missing?" he sounded a little upset.

     Frankie chose that moment to surface just in front of us.
"Uh, Frank.  Why?" Matt answered.
"Because he's probably looking for these." Frankie answered, holding up Jesse's pair of plaid colored boxers.
"Give `em back you perv!" Jesse sounded more annoyed and less upset.
"What's wrong?  Afraid were all gonna see how little your pee-pee really is?"

     Yeah it was twelve-year-old humor, but we all still laughed anyway.
"That's not what you said last night when you wanted to suck it!" Jesse shot back.
"Oooooh!" Matt teased.
"Come back!" Chris added.
"Psych!  You wish I would suck on that little nipple you're packing!" Frankie countered the counter, making us laugh again.
"Seriously.  Give `em back.  I'm sure Brenden doesn't want me ass naked in his pool."

     Frankie looked as if he'd forgotten the fact that they were at my house and that they were in my pool.
"Sorry, Brenden." he looked over at me and said.  "I forgot..."
"It's cool, man.  That's why they invented chlorine." I cut off his apology.  Didn't really see a need in him giving one.

     Just like Chris, he was relieved at my telling him everything was cool.  He turned back to Jesse.
"Next time you get me caught, you'll have to get out of the pool to get your stuff back." he warned him and tossed the boxer shorts off to the left instead of right at him.
"Maybe if you knew how to get away better, you wouldn't have gotten caught." Jesse remarked, before diving underwater to go after his shorts, giving all of us a quick glimpse of his butt.
"Oh, crap!  What time is it?" Matt said suddenly, reminding us all that we were supposed to be keeping an eye on the time.

     All of us broke to the edge of the pool and climbed out, while Jesse was grabbing his shorts.  By the time he came up we'd already gotten out and were checking our watches.
"Eleven twenty." Frankie called out.
"Whoa.  That was close.  It's a good thing one of us remembered." Chris said.
"I heard that." I remarked, more than glad to know we still had ten minutes left, instead of ten minutes over, before we had to be getting back.

     We all started drying off as Jesse joined us, popping Frankie in the back of the head on his way over to grab a towel.  Ignoring Jessie, Frankie took a few steps away from the group and sat down on one of the chairs.  I thought he was taking a rest until he reached up into the towel between his legs and removed his boxers.
"Frank, what're you doing?" Matt had seen him do the same thing.
"I'm pretty sure Brenden doesn't want us getting his car seats wet, and I really don't feel like sitting on my wet boxers in dry clothes.  So I'm taking them off." Frankie answered him simply.

     Matt thought for a moment and nodded.
"Sounds like a good idea to me."
"But how do we do that without dropping our towels?" Jesse asked, sounding like he wasn't to keen on the idea.
"Look around, Jess.  We're all guys in here in case you didn't notice." Greg said.
"I know, but..."
"So stop acting like you're five and act like your fifteen, man.  Jeez, maturity check." Frankie told him.

     Jesse was about done with Frankie for the night.  The look on his face told all of us that.  Frankie didn't seem to care at all as he walked over to his chair and grabbed his black short-sleeved shirt.  He put it on and tossed his boxers in a heap beside his pants.  Then, without any hesitation, he unwrapped his towel, took it off and sat it on the chair and reached for his jeans.  The shirt was just a little past the waist line, so that left us with a pretty good view of Frankie's backside.

    All I can say is that there was no reason for Frankie to be embarrassed.  He had a nice ass on him.  It didn't look as if it were any paler than the rest of his body and had pretty good definition to it.

    I didn't even give myself a chance to wonder why he didn't seem any paler down below.  I just stood up and turned myself so that if I did look it would be obvious that I was looking, and started to remove my own boxers.

    Chris, Greg, Matt, and Jesse all went back to their chairs and took of their boxers too.  Me, Matt, and Chris all stood at the same time and reached for our shirts.  Matt pulled on his black short-sleeved shirt and dropped his towel in order to put on his pants.  Like Frankie's, his shirt only came down just below the waistline, so bare buttocks was completely visible for everyone but Frankie.

    He was more narrow and less defined than Frankie, but he wasn't assless either. He was closer than Frankie and I could see that he did have hair, but not so much that he looked like a werewolf.

    I decided to hurry up and finish before Chris.  It wasn't that I didn't trust myself.  It was that I didn't trust my dick.  I didn't know how it was going to react when Chris removed his towel, and I didn't want to be standing there sporting a big bright hard on in front of everybody.

    I put on my T-shirt and hotel shirt, since I hadn't bothered to get changed when I'd come home, dropped my own towel and proceeded to put my pants on.  Since there was nobody behind me, nobody got a look and what my shirt wasn't covering.
"Yeah, like they'd actually be looking at another guy's ass." I told myself, stepping into the legs of my pants and pulling them up.

     As I was pulling them up, Chris had finished with putting his shirt on and dropped his towel, revealing what his shirt wasn't covering.  And I immediately wished that it had been long enough to cover him up.  Because what his naked behind did to me was the worst thing that could ever happen to a homosexual guy while he's in a room with any other guys.

    It was just a couple of shades lighter than the rest of him, and like with his chest didn't appear to have a stray hair on it.  He was not as narrow as Matt, but not as wide as Frankie and he seemed to have a tad more cushion than his two friends.

    There was this beautiful ass not more than five feet in front of me and it belonged to the one and only Chris Trousdale.  It was live right there and in the flesh.  This was not a dream.
"Think of something nasty!  Think of something nasty!" I tried to will myself, but it was too late.  My dick was at half mast already and charging for full glory.

     Quickly I turned around and readjusted myself, putting my dick up against the rim of my pants so that it would be straight up instead of straight out.  With my work shirt untucked, instead of tucked like it was supposed to be, I could barely tell that there was major boneage going on in my pants.

    By the time I turned back around, Chris thankfully had pulled on his pants and was tightening the drawstring.  Greg was just pulling his pants up, so I only got a glimpse of what was probably another well-sculpted butt, and Jesse was just stepping into the legs of his pants, his gray colored shirt coming down almost halfway over his backside.  He was somewhere between Frankie and Chris as far as looks and size.  He also appeared to be hairless and was three shades paler down there than the rest of his body.

    Chris sat down to put on his shoes at the same time I did and looked over at me while he did so.
"Thanks a lot for letting us come here and kick it with you.  I don't know too many teenage guys who would've done that." he said.
"If you want me to be honest I would rather have had the five of you here instead of five girls." I spoke truthfully, not just because of the obvious.  "Can you imagine how awkward that'd be?"
"Heck yeah.  You wouldn't know what to say, how to act."
"Plus the fact that they'll be waiting for any sign of you trying to pick up on them so they can dismiss you."

     Chris flashed me that perfect smile of his and finished tying his shoes.
"Its too bad we can't take you with us.  I think it'd be cool to have you around."

     I smiled too and finished tying my shoes as his words sank in to my head.  They would all probably be moving on to wherever it was they were going after their Great America concert tomorrow.  It hadn't occurred to me until that moment that I was probably not ever going to see them again.
"Yeah." I said.  "Too bad."

     We all cleared out of the pool room, with me taking the towels we'd used to the laundry room, and headed out to the car.  I was very surprised when all of the guys thanked me for letting them hang with me.  Chris, Frankie, and Greg did the handshake into a hug with me.  Matt and Jessie felt more comfortable just shaking my hand.  I called my dad before we took off and let him know we were on the way before I started the drive back to the Hotel.

    I'm pretty sure if the fans could've been out there, they still would've been.  But the police had already cleared them out so the front of the Hotel was completely vacant.  Chris, Frankie, Greg, Matt, and Jesse all thanked me again and said goodbye before they went in the same way they'd come out.  Drake also thanked me one more time and told me he wouldn't soon forget what I'd done.  With that done I let my dad know I was taking back off for home and he said he'd be spending the night there.  Richard was a single father and didn't have much family so he needed to be there to keep an eye on his son, which meant he wouldn't be back for a couple of days so somebody had to cover for the night.  More thanks came from my father before I hung up the phone and started the drive toward home.

    It was crazy.  The further away I got from the Hotel the sadder I expected to get.  I mean I was sad to the degree that I was never going to see Chris or any of the guys again, but I was also happy.  It was already a miracle in my book that the five of them had stopped in at my father's hotel out of all the places they could've stopped, and then come to my house and hung out with me when they could've just stayed in their rooms for the rest of the night.  In my opinion my biggest dream had been answered.  And even if it didn't involve me and Chris getting it on like two cats in heat, it was more than I ever could've hoped for.

    I stopped at Taco Bell and got something to eat on the way home, so that put me in at about 1:15 or so.  I had taken my food upstairs and had just gotten situated and was about to turn on the television when the phone rang.
"Yes, dad?" I figured he was the only person who had any business calling the house that late.  I would've guessed my mother, but she was more than likely already in bed.
"Hello." I said.
"Hi.  Um, Brenden?" asked a familiar voice.
"Hey, it's Chris."
"Oh, hi.  Sorry about that.  I didn't quite make the connection there."
"It's cool.  Hey, me and the guys wanted to know if you were doing anything tomorrow...I mean later on today."
"Not that I know of."
"Good.  `Cause we wanna invite you to come hang out with us at Great America."

     Okay now this was getting completely insane.  Lady Luck must've been focusing every last bit of her attention on me because this could not be happening under regular circumstances.
"Sure.  I'd love to...I mean, I'd like to."

     I heard Chris tell everyone that I'd said yes to wanting to hang out with them, before he got back to me.
"All right, cool.  Drake said he'll come by and pick you up at 1:00."
"Okay.  I'll be ready."
"Okay, so I guess I'll see...I mean, we'll see you later."
"For sure."
"All right.  Later, man."

    I hung up the phone and leaned my head back against my bed and closed my eyes, letting the extreme feeling of happiness and excitement run wild inside me.  It looked like I was going to get one more chance to see Chris after all.  Hell yeah!

*  *  *  *  *  *