A Fresh Start

By WildHeart


This story is being written in journal form. There may be chapters with journal entries from one or more people and those will be noted as such. If you are looking for quick sex, look elsewhere. At some point sex will take place but only in the context of the story. This is a journey of learning to be your self, meeting new friends, finding love and building new families.

If you like the story, hate it, or want to give ideas, thoughts or whatever you can contact me at: wildheart

You will find that dates in this story do not coincide with real events, this is all made up, and you will find other examples of that as well in this story.

Note: We have all agreed to share journal entries if, in fact, we were keeping them.

 Drew's Journal

May 10, 1998

Hey there journal, what is up? Well I just turned 17 today and decided that I would go ahead and actually start writing in this thing. I know that my shrink told me to a long time ago, but hey I did not really need to do that. Oh I guess I should tell you why I needed a shrink huh?

Well there are two reasons why I needed a shrink; the first was the death of my Mom and the second was the death of my Dad. They both died two years ago when the house exploded shortly after I left for school. It turned out that the natural gas line was defective and it caused the explosion. Naturally the estate sued, but the suit was settled for $9 million.

I have been living with my aunt since then. Last year I graduated high school early, which was one of the things that I wanted to do. I also got emancipated, at the same time as my little bro, which allowed me access to the money that had been left to me as well as gave me the chance to decide what I wanted to do. One thing I quickly did was stop visiting the shrink. I never had all the feelings that I was supposed to go through, I mean to me, my parents had been dead long before they actually died.

Let me see if I can explain this so that you will understand. I knew when I was 8 that I was different from other boys, even though I could not have told you how then. I liked to play football, baseball and all the other things boys played, but somehow I was different. By the time I hit puberty at 11 I knew how I was different. I liked other boys and not girls! I had always talked to my folks about everything and this was no different. When I told them that I liked boys and not girls they had a fit. They took me to church and tried to tell me it was a sin and all. I calmly asked the pastor if it was a sin to love, then why did God make me this way. I asked if love was a sin. Is God sinning because he loves us? Well needless to say, the pastor had no answers and told my parents that he could not help.

That started the death of my folks to me. Over the next year they tried to convince me that I did not know what I wanted, that it was just a phase, that I would never find love, and everything else you can think of. By the time I hit 13, there was no conversation between my parents and I, other than what was absolutely needed. My little brother is just like me, he is very smart and he too figured out he was gay when he hit puberty at 11, however he only told me. I protected Stevie from them as much as I could, but he really did not need it since he is only a year younger than me. By the time they actually died, they had already been dead to me and Stevie as well, for quite a while.

Stevie and I have been talking for a while about moving somewhere when he graduates in two weeks. Today we decided to move to Orlando and buy us a house there. I mean we have enough money to buy us each a house, but we had decided to share one large home.

Drew’s Journal

May 25, 1998

Well tomorrow we head to Orlando! I have been so busy that I just have not had time to write in this thing, but I will try to do better now. Stevie is really excited about the move, but then so am I. Aunt Doris is not really happy about us moving, but she seems to understand that we need to move and get a fresh start.

We decided not to take a lot of stuff with us, cause we can buy all new stuff when we get there. We certainly do not need winter clothes there and I am sure that we will find more appropriate clothing there. I sold my car since we intend to buy us both new ones there. Stevie will be getting his license soon so we just decided to get new ones. J I have closed out all of our local investments and have everything ready to transfer as soon as we get a bank and find and investment company that will do things the way I want.

Since Stevie and I got control of our money, our investment decisions had almost doubled our money and I wanted to keep it that way. Heck Stevie and I have even talked about starting a charitable trust, but have not decided anything yet. At the moment all we know for certain is that we want to start a small chain of record stores. The model we would like to use is that of Ear-Xstacy in Louisville. They have collector’s items, videos, records, CD’s and all kinds of other neat stuff.

Well I need to go since Stevie is looking at me wanting to do something. I guess I will try to write after we get to Orlando.

Drew’s Journal

May 26, 1998

Wow we are here!! I love this place. I was not really happy with the hotel, because of the whole age issue. I had to pull out my emancipation papers and prove to them that I was legally an adult. The car rental agency was even worse, until I spoke with the manager and had him call out bank. When he found out how much money we had, he was more than willing to rent us a car. I naturally thanked him and informed him we would take out business elsewhere.

We went to the next counter for a competing agency and I asked to speak to the manager first this time, showed him the paperwork and gave him the bank number and waited for him to call. He came back and asked what kind of car I wanted. We rented a Mustang and headed out.

We did stop and pick up a paper and some housing ads before we checked into the hotel. One thing I have noticed is that none of these houses seem to have basements and I like them. I hope we can find one that has one.

Gotta go unpack and look over these ads with Stevie. I will try to write more later.

Back, and let me tell you there are some nice looking houses listed in these ads. We have made a list of all the things we want in a home, and even picked 15 we like from the ads, but we are going to be talking to a realtor tomorrow.

I guess that I should tell you journal, that Stevie and I have both decided that we will not hide being gay anymore. I mean we are not going to go tell everyone we meet that we are gay, but we decided that if asked we would not deny it.

I have decided that I like this whole computerized journal thing a whole lot better than if I had to actually write it out. I most likely would never write in it, if I had to actually write instead of type. I love laptops, and so does Stevie, but we can’t wait to get a house so we can set up a couple of computers at home.

Oh man did I tell you how much I love palm trees? They are awesome! I hope to get some fresh OJ too. I have a feeling that I am going to be very happy here. I really do feel like we are both getting a fresh start at life.

Drew’s Journal

May 27, 1998

Well today we went to look for a bank first, and decided on Sun Bank. We called out banker and he transferred all our funds into new accounts we set up at Sun. We both had checking accounts, and each had savings accounts. We asked for credit cards to be issued right away and the gentleman called to get them sent today. We only put $1 million in each account, and had the balance put into what is essentially a holding savings account, since most of it will go into investments and some will go towards a home, and cars. I spoke to the guy and let him know that we would also want to set up business accounts soon, as we intend to start a business. He assured us that would be no trouble and he would personally see that we got any business loans we needed.

Next we went to find a realtor and getting hassled at three of them until they found out how much cash we had, we finally found a small place run by a young guy and he was thrilled to work with us. He introduced himself as Vince and we talked a lot about what we wanted and how quickly we wanted it. After making a lot of notes, he started going through listings.

He asked us if we would mind a large home, since the only ones he could really find that matched most, if not all of the things we wanted, were really larger homes. The truth was we really wanted a really large home, not only to get all the stuff we wanted, but also to give us each our own space, and we told him that.

We looked at 15 properties today, and we only found two that interested us and those two were not really all that either. Vince told us that he would have several more to show us the next day, but they would be much more expensive. Bless his heart the ones he was showing today were all a half million or under. We told him that money was not something to worry about and to show us the best stuff from now on, and he agreed.

I am really hoping that we will be able to find something soon. I would like to get the purchase underway so that we will not have to stay in this suite any longer than needed. I mean don’t get my wrong the Grand Cypress is a nice resort, but after the trouble getting our suite and all, I am not thrilled to be here.

Hey journal, I wanted to note to myself that when I recount conversations, they will be from memory so they may not be completely accurate. I told Stevie he should note the same thing to himself in his so that if we look back we will both know that this is not exact.

Well another day is about to end. I guess I will try and write again tomorrow and let you know about the house search. It looks like it will be the weekend before we get to go car shopping.

Drew’s Journal

May 28, 1998

Well we found the perfect home today. Vince asked if we would mind a gated community after we had visited six houses we had hated, and we told him that would be fine. The seventh house was the one. It was in a gated community outside of city, on really oversized plots. Well that is a bit of an understatement really; each home in the development sits on at least five acres, and this one has 8. The house we want has an Olympic sized pool, huge 14 person Jacuzzi off of a gazebo by the pool house. It has six bedrooms, two of which are master bedroom sized, seven bathrooms since each bedroom had one, and there was one off the great room downstairs. Very large kitchen with breakfast nook, sunroom, great room, family room, two offices, and dining room and in the pool house there was a gym, game room, and bar area. There is a 6-car garage that has a small 2-bedroom apartment above it.

We fell in love almost as soon as we walked in the door. Vince told us they were asking for $2.5 million for it, but we could probably get it for two. I asked him what the quickest we could get it would be if we paid cash right away. He said it would take two weeks to get the deed cleared and all that stuff. I told him to call the owner with a cash offer of $1.75 million with immediate close.

Vince called and the owner said he would give an answer tomorrow, so now we just wait and see what happens I guess. I am hoping that we will not have to increase the offer, but I would be willing to increase it to what they are asking for it.

We did have time to go looking at cars today, and we bought a Ford Explorer for practical reasons, and I got a lease on a BMW for my everyday car. When Stevie gets his license he wants to lease a Mercedes which is cool with me.

I think we are going to start hitting the theme parks over the weekend and then head to the beach next week if we get the house. Stevie wants to wait to start ordering stuff for the house until we know we have it and so that the time til delivery is not too long.

Stevie and I have decided that we will wait until we get settled in to find a location for our first record store. One thing that we have done luckily is to get the business plan done and we have already set up a private corporation, so none of that has to be done! Our hope is to be able to buy a small chain or several small independent stores in the next year or two, aside from the initial store, but that will depend on how things go.

Vince told us that there were several celebrities and musicians that lived in the community that we wanted to buy the house in. He would not tell us who, for the sake of privacy which was cool with me. I did wonder who it would be though. It would be wild to meet someone you are a fan of.

I was telling you about a music store journal, but forgot to tell you my own tastes in music at the present time. I am a fan of just about any kind of music made, but really like rock, pop and jazz. I mean I like everything from Nina Simone to Ozzy to *NSYNC and BSB to Dizzy Gillespie. I guess I can say that my musical tastes are eclectic, hehe.

I am sitting here looking at my bro and I decided to describe him so I can look back and see how much he changes over the years. He is tall, 6’1” exactly like me, with a good build since we both work out and enjoy sports. I think he weighs 210 or so, but I am not certain. He had really light blond hair and the same bright emerald green eyes I have. His chest is smooth and defined like mine, though I am a bit more defined than him. I hope that he will be able to tan with his light skin. Mine is a bit darker, not much though, and I seem to be tanning a bit, so hopefully he will as well.

Guess I will call it a night for now. I wanna check e-mail and maybe chat with some buds with my IM. I hope I have good news tomorrow.

Drew’s Journal

May 29, 1998

Today has been one great day and has been since I woke this morning. First thing this morning, Vince called to tell us that the offer had been accepted and we needed to come and in fill out the paperwork and arrange to have the money transferred. After doing that, I told Vince to start looking for a large retail store for us, but also told him it was not urgent.

After getting everything done with Vince, we headed to the mall to start buying new clothes. We spent the rest of the day at the mall, only stopping once for lunch. We spent time driving around to get to know the area better and then came back and ordered room service.

Guess that is all for now. I still can’t believe we got the house!!

Drew’s Journal

June 13, 1998

WOW, we own a home and live here. We moved in yesterday after a wild week of shopping for everything under the sun. Stevie and I have hired a decorator and her crew to do most of the work. We turned the sixth bedroom into an office for me and turned one of the offices downstairs for a library for our books. Both of us love to read and it will be really nice to have a library.

We decided on King sized bed in all the bedrooms, but one, and we put two full sized ones there. The sofas in the family room and great room all pull out into queen-sized beds too. I have no idea why we would need them, but Stevie is always prepared.

They are supposed to be installing new kitchen appliances and painting and finishing the move of furniture into the house while we are at the beach this coming week. I am glad that Stevie and I do not have to do all that crap. Our decorator is even getting dishes and stuff for us so I am saved from having to pick out that shit.

I am so happy and Stevie is thrilled as well, about this house. Stevie called a landscaper to come out today and they spent three hours planning the landscaping. I guess they are to do that next week too, so I can’t wait to see what Stevie came up with.

I guess I need to point out to myself here, that Stevie is not only my brother, he is my best friend, and confidant. He is a really great guy and we get along amazingly well. Hell we even fit well in together in general. He likes stuff like the landscaping, and all that stuff, and I am more business oriented. When we get ready to open out first store, you can bet that he will be the one to decide the layout, the landscaping, if any is needed and that kind of thing, while I will order merchandise and set up all that stuff. Anyway I want to write down how close we are right now, so I never forget that.

Well gotta go get online and see who is there.

Drew’s Journal

June 22, 1998

Hi journal been awhile. I had a really strange conversation with this guy I met online a while ago. I think that he never believed me about my age or my wealth, but suddenly he seems to believe me. This evening was the first time I had talked to him since we moved into the house. I am going to cut and paste the conversation and put it in here, and maybe someday I will look at it and laugh.

dmd: hey Bassboy, what is going on?

Bassboy: not a lot here, just relaxing this evening.

dmd: kewl beans, I am kicking back too, I think we finally got done moving everything and buying everything we needed for the new house.

Bassboy: Oh really? So you really did move to Orlando?

dmd: Yeah we bought a house here, and it is even in a gated community.

Bassboy: Yeah? I know some of those communities, so which did you decide on?

dmd: We decided on Foxchase and they have been working on the house and ground since then.

Bassboy: I know that community. You really bought a house there? That is cool. I bet I could even find out which house you bought, since I have friends in the area.

dmd: You may be able to find it, since we are not celebs, but there are some that live here, although our realtor would not tell us who. I guess that since we are not celebs, our names are probably not privileged like that.

Bassboy: I still cannot believe you are only 17, but I guess you must be since you told the truth about the house. Are you really planning to open a record store?

dmd: Yeah Vince, our realtor, has some retail stores for us to look at next week, so we hope to find a place soon and be in business by next the middle to the end of August.

Bassboy: you guys are amazing, you know that right?

dmd: Not really, we both love music and it makes sense to get involved in music in some way and since we can’t sing to save our souls, this is best.

Bassboy: Are you planning on doing a big grand opening or just open?

dmd: I think we are just going to open for a while and see how things go and then have a large grand opening.

Bassboy: You should think about contacting some bands or something to open the store or do record signings. I am sure that some will come to the store, even if it is a small one.

dmd: Well it will not be a small one, but I know what you meant. I think that I will probably send letters to local record companies first. I mean we want this to be a chain of stores, but it will always be based here in Orlando.

dmd: I just thought of something, you talk as though you are from around this area, are you from around here? I will not be mad if you don’t wanna tell me exactly where you are if you are near.

Bassboy: Yeah I live in the area and maybe sometime we can meet at a mall or something. Before I forget, you told me you were getting some new CD’s and I was curious what you got.

dmd: I got the new BSB, Fleetwood Mac, Ella Fitzgerald, *NSYNC, Ozzy, and Styx. I told you l like a lot of different stuff. Course I have all of them on record except the *NSYNC and BSB, so I was just getting a more portable form of the music. Hehe

Bassboy: So who is your favorite BSB? I know you told me that you liked Joey and Lance in *NSYNC, but I don’t remember you anything about BSB.

dmd: I like Brian and Alex. Just like I told you that I hate to call JC by that name, I like Josh, I feel the same about AJ, and would rather call him Alex. I mean I feel sure that he is not as wild as the public image.

Bassboy: Cool. I bet he is somewhat wild since they have to have some basis to put out the reports of him being in all those bars.

dmd: Maybe he needs to quit drinking so much, or maybe he needs help to quit drinking. All I know is that I will not judge him for it. Oh did I tell you that I met this really hot guy the other day?

Bassboy: Maybe you are right, maybe he does need help. No you did not tell me about him. So spill.

dmd: LOL I met him at the cellular phone store and we talked a lot while I was trying to figure out if I wanted a phone or not. Once I decided to get one and had to pull out my emancipation papers, he got rude. I guess he thought I was older or something. I guess I will never meet anyone. I almost wish sometimes that I was one of those guys that just hop into bed with anyone, but I’m just not like that.

Bassboy: But that is a good thing and you will meet someone sometime, you just can’t expect to find love just because you want it, sometimes it takes time.

dmd: Yeah I know, I guess that me and Stevie will find love sometime. I know that he feels the same way that I do about just jumping in the sack with someone. His ex boyfriend is going to come down later this summer and stay with us. I know that he wants to come down anyway.

Bassboy: I can’t imagine having an ex live with me. Why did they break up, I mean usually people do not stay friends like that.

dmd: They both realized that they did not really love each other and were better as friends. I think too Eric was not certain where he would be going for college and all. I always thought that it was funny that my lil bro was dating someone older than me.

Bassboy: How old is he?

dmd: He’s 18. Well bud I gotta run.

Bassboy: I do too, talk to you again soon, I hope.

Now isn’t that an odd conversation, or is just me? I thought that he told me he was in Chicago the first time we talked, but maybe I was wrong. The only thing I wish I knew the answer to is if he is gay. He obviously knows about me, but he has never said about himself. Oh well, it is not like I am interested in dating him. I do know that he is a Lance Bass fan, hence the name.

Well enough for now.

Drew’s Journal

August 6, 1998

Well tomorrow is the opening of the very first WallEyez Records store. I know it has been a long while since I wrote here, but there has been a lot going on. Eric moved down near the end of June and he lives with us, and we have given him a job. We picked out our first store, and old Sears store in the Altamonte Springs Mall, and have had it redesigned. Had to order all the merchandise from vendors as well as from collectors. I did write to the record companies in the area as Bassboy suggested. However, I told them that the grand opening would not be until next month.

I am really excited to get this store open and see how it is going to be received. We have been advertised heavily on radio and even ran a couple of TV spots. I hope it will be enough, but only time will tell. Usually a small company could not compete with the likes of Wal-mart , but given the fact that we have lots of storage space to order higher quintiles and that we will carry collectors items and stuff, I am confident that we are competitive.

Well it is late and I have to run, I have to get up early and put on the last minute finishing touches.

Stevie’s Journal

April 17, 1998

Well I am not sure how to do this whole journal thing. Drew told me that I could use it to jot down thoughts, describe events I wanted to remember or whatever. Drew doesn’t know I have started mine yet though.

Today was a horrible day, Eric broke up with me. I mean I knew it was coming, we just were not meant to be lovers. We are much better friends than we are lovers, so I guess that is what we will be. I guess I had just hoped that we would wait to break up til after my birthday in two weeks.

I know that I would be in much worse shape if it was not for Drew. Hell I don’t know what I would have done so far in my life if it wasn’t for him. Drew is not only my big brother, but he is my best friend and hero. I know I would have had a lot of trouble dealing with being gay if not for him. He protected my from my parents, so they did not know about me. They gave him enough trouble about it. It is rude to say, but he has been a much better parent/brother than my parents ever were.

I guess most people would have been sad about losing their parents, but the truth is I was never sad about it. We were not close, and probably never would have been. I saw first hand how the treated Drew being gay, so I know they would treat me the same or worse.

I guess even though I lost my boyfriend, I should still consider myself to be extremely lucky. I mean how many guys can say that they have the best brother in the world, have plenty of money, been declared an adult, and almost ready to graduate high school at almost 16? It is great and I would not change a thing. Yeah it is harder being gay, but I would rather be gay than straight. I have no complaints about it at all. I know that there will be people who hate me, but the truth is that is their problem and not mine. I don’t have to worry about being beat up, unless they come at me in a group, cause I can take care of myself.

Drew is in even better shape than me, but I am no slouch either. We workout together one or two times a week, and that seems to be enough for us. I know guys on the football team that workout everyday and shit. It does not really do all that much for them to be honest.

Drew and I are moving to Orlando after I graduate from school and I can’t wait. I really want to meet Nick Carter. I know that even after we start the record store we wanna start; the chances of meeting him are almost nonexistent, but one can dream. I know that Drew thinks we are still talking about moving, but we are and we both know it.

Oh well I guess this is a good start on this thing, I will write again sometime.

Stevie’s Journal

May 23, 1998

Hey I graduated today! No more school, yea. Hehe We will be leaving for Orlando Tuesday and I can’t wait. It is going to be great. Not only will we be in Florida, but we will finally be on our own and not have to deal with any other family. I am cool with my aunt, but she is too much of a trip to me. Once we get moved, my family will be Drew and that is all I need.

I have to make this one quick cause I have some parties to get to tonight. I guess I am lucky that I was invited to them, since I am so much younger than other seniors. I am not sure who I am going to hangout with tonight though. Drew said he would go if I wanted him to, which is just like him, but I think I need to go by myself. I know I will have fun regardless.

Thank god we do not have a lot of stuff to pack up. We both agreed to keep it to a minimum, I mean it is not like we can’t afford to get new stuff. The only thing that we are taking, aside from some clothes, is our music and book collections. That is being shipped to us at the hotel we have reservations at, since there are several boxes of stuff.

Well time to get ready to party. Later.

Stevie’s Journal

May 24, 1998

Well I was wrong. I did not have any fun at all. Why is it, that teens seem to think they have to get drunk to have fun? I had 3 drinks all night long and would have had a blast if anyone had been sober. Guess they just lost out, but the were all so drunk that they will think they had a great time.

Just two more days til we move, and I am so excited. I talked to Eric for over an hour earlier and he is having some problems at home. I wish I could help him, but I guess he has to figure this out on his own. He could come to Florida if he wanted to, and I know Drew would be cool with it. I have not said anything to him about coming down there though.

Eric’s parents are a lot like ours, in that they are really against gay people. Thank goodness they do not know about him or it would be really bad for him. They have been setting him up with girls, bugging him all the time about dating and shit. I would never be able to put up with that. How he turned out to be well adjusted is another testament to Drew, though Drew would say it was both of us, and maybe it was. Having two gay friends who are not neurotic has got to help.

Well I am going to close this and go read.

Stevie’s Journal

May 26, 1998

We are here and Orlando is one amazing place. We had some problems, but Drew quickly took care of them. I am looking forward to living here, even with the heat. It certainly is a very warm day and I expect it will just get hotter.

Drew and I got some stuff to look at houses in and we found some, but none really struck me as what I want. One thing that we did agree on is that we would have to both be completely satisfied with a house before we bought it. I am pretty sure that Drew and I will be living in the same house for the rest of our lives. We are just too close to not live together, so we both want a house with lots of room. We both want a large pool, and at least an acre or so of land.

I think we are talking to a realtor tomorrow, if I heard Drew correctly, so maybe we will find something soon.

Stevie’s Journal

May 27, 1998

Got all the accounts set up today, so we have money here now and that is good. We also finally found a realtor, even though what he showed us today was not really what we were looking for. He is showing us more tomorrow and these should be more in line with what we are looking for. The guys name is Vince and he is pretty young, but nice.

I am not going to bore myself with the details of the house hunt today since it led to nothing of interest.

Stevie’s Journal

May 28, 1998

We found the perfect house. It is huge, and has tons of land with it. I can play with the landscaping a lot if we can get it. The house has 2 master bedrooms and baths, which is cool as hell. It also has four other bedrooms, each with a bath, and another bath is down stairs. There are lots of other things too, but I figure I will remember them.

Drew made an offer for the house and Vince told us that he would have an answer the next day. We then went car shopping. We got an Explorer and Drew got a Beemer. I am going to get a Mercedes when I get my license. I wish now that I had not agreed with Drew to wait til we got a home and got settled in. I know that he only done that to give me time to learn the area, but I want to drive now!

Enough for now.

Stevie’s Journal

May 29, 1998

We got the house, the offer was accepted. We get to move in pretty soon, and I can’t wait. Going to the beach for a week sometime soon and I am looking forward to that. Busy day, going to bed now.

Stevie’s Journal

June 4, 1998

I am really bummed this evening. I talked to Eric today and things are getting much worse for him there at home. I don’t think he is telling me everything, but he is very unhappy and I am worried about him.

I am going to talk to Drew about it and if he is cool with it, I am going to offer Eric a place to live here with us. I am sure he will not mind, but it is best to talk it over. I know that I would be thrilled to have a friend here.

I have talked to some landscapers and I want to meet with a couple so that we can design the grounds at the new house. I can’t wait til we move in. I have lots of ideas for the grounds and I am looking forward to seeing if they will work.

Stevie’s Journal

June 14, 1998

Well we moved in a couple of days ago and I love this home.

I found that most of my ideas for the grounds are workable and they got most of them started. We are finally going to the beach while the do all the work we want done inside and out. I am really looking forward to the beach. We were going to go to Daytona, but found that the west coast beaches are better and so we are going west!

I should be getting my license not too long after we get back home. I am really looking forward to that. Drew told me that anytime after we get back he will take me to get them, and I plan to take him up on that pretty quickly, but I will wait at least a couple of days just to let him think that it is not a big deal.

Talked to Drew about Eric moving in with us and he is all for it, since he knows how Eric’s parents are. I talked to Eric and he is going to do it. He is moving down near the end of the month. I told him I would buy him a car and pay his moving expenses. Drew was a little upset about the car, but he knows that Eric has a very special place in my heart, and besides Eric’s Escort is about ready to fall apart.

I guess I will go for now journal, but I will write again soon and let you know about the beach.

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