A Promise ch. 5

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There was a round of 'bye Julie' s and they grinned as she walked over too her parents and jumped around like crazy.

Justin smiled brightly and turned to the guys. "She was nice."

They all agreed and walked to the ticket window. Chris paid for all the tickets since he hadn't paid for stuff in awhile when they did group things. They got a map and headed for the gate. They all entered and wondered where they should go next. Joey grinned like a cheshire cat and turned to the the guys.

"Oh no." Justin said in a warning tone." You guys know I hate roller coasters."

Joey just smiled and tugged on Justin's hand. JC grabbed his other arm and they started to drag him to there destination.

"No guys. C'mon guys please no." Justin whined.

"Space Mountain here we come!" Lance exclaimed.

NOW CH. 5:

    Justin gulped, They were all in line for the roller coaster and they were next. The roller coaster was set with 4 cars per train and two people per car. Since there were 5 people in there party the lady directing what passengers to what car. Justin sighed, he watched as the young couple got in the car in front of him. The car left the station and he watched as it was swallowed up in darkness. He really didn't want to be there right now. Justin felt as if it was his death sentence to be there. He felt a nudge from behind.
"C'mon Justin just get in the car." JC said impatiently. JC nudged Justin again and realized he was shaking. "Justin it's ok nothing will happen I promise."

    Justin looked up and sighed. Reluctantly he got in the car and tried not to look scared.  JC  looked at Justin, he looked scared, really scared.  Jc smiled and grabbed Justin's hand squeezing it. Justin turned to Jc and smiled gratefully, he knew he would be ok as long as JC was with him. He heard a crank sound and they were pushed forward into the darkness of the tunnel. he heard the 'crank crank crank' of the chains below hoisting the train up the steep hill. As they got higher Jc noticed Justin squeezing a little more tightly on his hand. Justin was gritting his teeth praying not to die. He saw a light up ahead and gulped.
    The light was a bright green color, almost neon. The train started to even out as they reached the top of the hill. That's when Justin felt it, the train was ever so slightly falling forward. He gulped and in one sudden rush felt the ground almost drop beneath him. Strangely, Justin felt a since of peace wash over him right before it dropped and knew everything was all right.
    JC all the meanwhile could see Justin's face in the dim light. He watched him gulp and watched the look of fear in his eyes. JC smiled an gripped Justin's hand tighter. He felt the train drop and he looked forward and smiled, he always loved roller coasters.

    Justin smiled brightly and jumped off the ride. "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOO! That was so much fun!"
Jc grinned and stepped off behind him. He saw Lance and Joey help a very VERY pale looking Chris off the Ride. JC giggled and tried not to look like he was going to  laugh.

"Ugh I feel sick..." Chris said moaningly as he stumbled for balance. All of a sudden he looked a little green and had a scared look in his eyes. He ran out of Lance and Joey's grasp past justin about 5 meters to the rest room.
    Justin laughed and walked toward the rest room. Lance and Joey looked at each other strangely and followed Justin. With a grin JC caught up to the guys and laughed as Lance entered the rest room holding his nose. Justin and him sat on a bench with Joey waiting for the other guys.

"Chris..Chris?" Lance whispered. He winced as he heard puking coming from a stall. He knocked on it quietly and waited for an answer. Chris moaned and heard Lance open the door to the stall. He had NOT intended on that happening.

"Damn Chris, that was good acting." Lance remarked.

"It wasn't acting, I actually threw up." Chris stated as he flushed the toilet.

    Lance made a nasty face and helped Chris stand up slowly. He helped Chris to the sink and watched as he washed himself off. They walked out of the rest room and saw JC, Joey, and Justin sitting on a bench by a big Oak tree.

"Hey Chris you gonna be ok buddy you still look a little green?" JC asked as they approached.

"Yeah I think I better go home I feel kinda woosy and I don't wanna get sick anymore." Chris stated

"Awwwwww, I don't wanna go home just yet." Justin whined.

"You don't have to go home I'll just drive my-" Chris started but was cut off by Lance.

"Ohhh no you aren't, I don't want you to get into a car wreck." Lance said with a wary eye. "I'll drive you home."

"I'll come with you guys." Joey jumped in.

"Ok but we'll have to take your car." Lance said looking at Joey.

"What about us?" Questioned JC.

"Here," Chris said tossing JC his keys, "But do NOT harm her, she's my baby."

"Thanks." Jc said.

"Whelp, bye guys have a good sleep and rest Chris!" Justin said dragging JC by the arm towards Fantasy land.

JC laughed, "Bye Chris, see ya guys!"

Ride after Ride, Justin and JC rode it seemed as if it was getting more and more fun. around 6pm they decided to go to, Epcot, the Techno side of Disneyworld. After grabbing a quick snack they were off to explore more rides and cool exhibits. After visiting the Living Sea the guys sat down at a bench and just enjoyed the warm sunset.

"It's beautiful isn't it?" Justin asked looking at the sky.

"Yeah," Jc grinned looking at Justin instead of the sky.

Justin looked at JC. "What?"

JC turned away and blushed as Justin caught him staring.

"Josh, you've been acting strange lately, Is everything ok?"

"Yeah... It's just, Well... never mind."

"What? If something's up you can tell me." Justin squinted as he looked at the sun then back at JC.

"Well, I think I'm in love..." JC stated hesitantly.

"Oh." Justin paused," Do I know her?"

"Well... yeah... I guess you could say that." JC fiddled with his T-shirt and looked in his lap.

"Is it Lynsey? C'mon Josh you know your to good for her, she is a ho."

JC looked at Justin a small smile on his lips. "No, it's not Lynsey. It's... Someone else, the person I love is caring, friendly, loving, adorable, beautiful and such," JC breathed deeply and closed his eyes. JC exhaled. "A compassionate person that I want to cry every time I look at him."

"What!?!" Justin asked wide-eyed.

JC's eyes shot open as he realized what he said. He looked at Justin his mouth moving but nothing coming out. "I.. I-I...I I-I."

"HE?" Justin was shocked to beyond belief.

JC gulped and tears formed in his eyes. "Ju..Justin, I-I'm uh I'm gay..."

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