A Real Man
By: Angel
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Rating: NC 17
Date: 10-30-02
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Notes: I just wrote this in 15 minutes… no lie. Inspiration hit me very hard and I am temporarily happy about that (temporarily ‘cause of my depression… sucks I know). This surprised me because inspiration hasn’t hit me like this in over a year… maybe I should take this as a sign that when I’m over my depression I should return to slash…. NAH!


The knocks on the door were frantic. If Kevin didn’t know better, he’d think Nick was trying to break his door down. He rushed to his door and opened it.

Nick stormed in without a single word. In his frantic attempt to get through he almost made Kevin fall over.

“Nick…” Kevin started but was interrupted.

“Close the door, please.”

“Huh?” Kevin questioned.

“Close the fucking door, Richardson!” Nick yelled at a quite agitated tone.

Kevin obliged and walked towards Nick with a purpose. “What the fuck is wrong with you, Nick? Look…”

“Fuck me!” Nick interrupted.


“I’m asking you to fuck me Kevin!” Nick repeated himself.

“I heard you… but…”

“No… no thinking… I don’t want to think… feel… no… I don’t want your heart… I just want your body… fuck me… please… I need this. I need you to fuck me! It’s simple… I get what I need…. Namely your cock… you get what you need… a good fuck!” Nick was blatantly honest and didn’t hold back a thing as he began removing his clothing, beginning with his shirt.

“Umm… uh..”

“Oh please Kevin… I know you need a good fuck. We all know that’s what you need… now are you going to fuck me or am I going to have to find myself a real man?” Nick had finally removed all his clothing and was lying on the couch.

That last comment made Kevin’s blood boiled. Nobody ever questioned his masculinity… not even when he wore a skirt… he was a man and he made a point everybody knew it.

“You little bitch!” Kevin muttered as he ripped his button down shirt on his way towards the hot blonde on his couch.

Kevin stood by the couch for a little bit…. Just long enough to irritate Nick as he stared down at the blonde.

"Not here…" Kevin whispered and took Nick's hand. "Get up... NOW."

Nick gladly followed Kevin to wherever he was taking him. They walked out the door and to Kevin's truck.


"Shut up and get in!" Kevin ordered.

Nick opened the passenger side door and moved to sit on the seat when Kevin stopped him.

“Not like that.” Kevin maneuvered Nick so that he was lying down on his back across the driver and passenger’s seat… his ass at the edge of the passenger’s seat. “Good boy.” Kevin adjusted Nick a bit further so he could fuck him just as he was. Kevin wanted to stand right outside the truck door and fuck him while Nick lay inside the truck.

Kevin opened the glove compartment and took what looked like a small bottle of lotion. He smirked down at his friend as he stood just outside the truck, only in his jeans.

Nick drank in the sight of the sun glistening off Kevin’s perfect skin… showing the definition of those toned muscles. He groaned in mere anticipation as he saw Kevin lower his jeans around his ankles and begin coating his huge manhood. It didn’t surprise Nick that Kevin was this huge… after all they had seen each other naked before.

“Ready?” Kevin asked but before Nick could answer he answered himself. “Who the fuck cares!” He growled and instantly plowed his thick, engorged manhood deep inside Nick’s tight and now sore ass.

“Fucking shit! You bastard!” Nick yelled in pain.

“Still not man enough for you bitch?” Kevin grabbed Nick’s hips forcefully as he never let the younger man adjust to him.

Like a madman on a desperate mission, Kevin dove in and out of Nick’s tightness with a force only seen in violent action movies. Nick did no more than squeal submissively but Kevin made it a point to enjoy himself to the max. He never let up on the strength of his thrusts, the depth of the push in… or the force with which he held on to Nick’s hips. He quite frankly didn’t care if Nick was left with bruises. Nick wanted a real man and that’s what he was getting.

Nick managed to utter a sound that resembled a word. Kevin understood it to be, “FUCK!” Kevin smirked to himself as he looked down at the younger man he was ravaging. He was enjoying this. He was enjoying watching Nick struggling to keep sane.

He saw the look of pure ecstasy on Nick’s face. His eyes were shut tight… his lips were running dry from Nick’s failure to moisten them… Kevin thought he could help with that… Nick’s nose was scrunched into a funny expression… his cheeks were flushed pink… he was covered in a sweat, which simply made him glow, Kevin thought.

Kevin momentarily leaned over and moistened Nick’s lips with his own but soon pulled away. “Yummy.” He moaned and saw Nick attempt to open his eyes but failed.

He leaned over once more… “Here we go baby…” Kevin whispered as he now changed his technique. He withdrew all the way and pushed back in completely with quite some strength. He knew what he was doing. He was punching Nick’s prostrate and soon Nick would cum.

“Ugh… Kev… fuck yes… so fucking good… you’re so fucking good!”

“I aim to please… baby.” Kevin took the compliment as he kept punch-fucking Nick. He saw Nick’s body shake and convulse as an orgasm rocked him and Nick spilled his seed all over his own body.

“Good little bitch.” Kevin continued punch-fucking Nick until he saw the blonde ride out his orgasm. Then… and only then … he returned to the frantic, animalistic, rough pace he had set for himself earlier… designed to bring him to his own orgasm.

Only a few more minutes and he was convulsing himself… letting it all go inside Nick’s exhausted body.

“FUCK!” Kevin growled from deep inside his being as he felt spurt after spurt of his semen empty into Nick.

Kevin wasted no time after his orgasm. He pulled his massive cock out of Nick’s ass, which made a popping sound.

Nick looked up at Kevin from where he lay.

“Get up…” Kevin said. “I still gotta fuck you in the shower… and the kitchen… and my bed… and the pool…and the studio…”