Affairs of the Heart
Chapter 14
Written by Jayson Colin Vascardi
Legal Disclaimer: This story is fictional and not meant to reflect upon or imply anything about any of the celebrities mentioned herein. If you are offended by material of a homosexual nature, or if such material is illegal to view in your area, you should be leaving now. Otherwise, please enjoy the story.
This story is copyright 2001 by Jayson Colin Vascardi. All rights reserved.
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Diana Smith, who has always been a light sleeper, is awoken by the midnight bells as usual, but then hears a soft tinny tune coming from across the hall. When she goes to her father's old bedroom to investigate, she finds that the room smells of lavender, all of Katherine's clothes are hanging in her old closet, and several other things that are unsettling to Diana, as well as the rest of the family.

Nick and JC discuss coming out of the closet to the fans, and telling them about their relationship. They decide that they're both ready to do it, because neither of them want to continue hiding their relationship as if it's some deep dark secret. After their decision making is finished, they, as JC puts it, fool around for awhile.

The next morning, the Smith family, and their guests sit in the dining room eating breakfast. Mrs. Lansbury refills everyone's coffee cups, and was just about to go back into the kitchen for more of her homemade blueberry muffins, when the doorbell rings. She excuses herself to answer it, and when she does, she faints from shock.

Katherine Winthrop-Smith heads into the dining room, and her children and nephew are quite surprised to say the least to see their mother standing in front of them. It probably has something to do with the fact that everyone has thought that Katherine Winthrop-Smith has been dead and buried for the last seventeen years. Katherine explains that she isn't dead, and where she has been for the last seventeen years, and shows her children proof when they are a bit skeptical of her story.

Jonas Kensington shows up at Middlebury Savings and Loan to empty out Donald's safety deposit box, which he is doing on the orders of his newest client, Katherine. She had went to the bank the day before, with undeniable proof of her identity, and re-opened all of her accounts, also informing the bank president that her attorney would be by today to access the safety deposit box.

Later that night, Jonas shows up at the Smith Mansion, on Katherine's invitation, and it is found out that Donald had a second will, dated after the one that was being used to divide his estate, drawn up. Obviously since the estate was not finalized yet, in finding the new will, they have to use the terms in the most recent will. The terms of this new will surprise the Smith children quite a bit. First off, the bulk of Donald's estate (to be exact $155 Million, 61% of Smith Industries, and 100% of the mansion) has all been bequeathed to Katherine.

Also, strangely enough, Thomas and Richard Winthrop are getting $20 Million each and are resuming control of Thomas A. Winthrop and Son Investment Services, the company which Donald had stolen from them in a hostile takeover many years ago. The amounts going to charity have been drastically reduced, and Quentin Smith, the only son of Margot Smith, Donald's sister who he hated, is also in the will now to receive $15 Million, despite the fact that Donald hasn't seen Quentin since he was 4 years old, which was twenty years ago.

To add to everyone's shock, Katherine's demeanor suddenly changes, and she tells Ashley, Zachary, and Kerr to get out of her house, because no child or nephew of hers is going to be gay. The Smith children and Kerr file the necessary papers to contest the new will, and are instantly sorry that they did it when they find out that there was a non-contest clause, which disinherits them for contesting. To make matters worse, Katherine, as the new Chairman and majority stock-holder of Smith Industries, orders Five Star Models, Inc to revoke Ashley's modeling contract, leaving him without a job. She also stops payment on the money going to pay for Diana's college tuition at Harvard, leaving her in debt.

Ashley, Zach, and Diana are now unemployed and practically broke, and can honestly say that they hate their mother.

Chapter 14

"I never realized until now that the cost of living could be so expensive," replies Ashley, "My rent for next month is due today, and I can just barely make the payment. So, I guess I have one more month until I have to move out of here."

"Well, Ash, maybe you could work something out with your landlord?"

"No, trust me, I can't, Di," replies Ashley, "Mr. Caruthers will want his money, and if you can't pay it, then you're evicted. It's as simple as that. The woman who had this apartment before me lived here for over twenty years, then hit some hard times, and wasn't able to pay her rent. Fifteen minutes after finding out that she was not able to pay her rent, Mr. Caruthers had the eviction notice nailed to the door."

There's a knock on the door, and Ashley gets up to answer it. A moment later, he returns to the kitchen with his landlord, John Caruthers, following him.

"Well, Mr. Caruthers I will only be able to stay here for one more month," replies Ashley, "And then I'm going to have to find another place. I have my rent check for this coming month ready for you."

"I'll be sad to see you go, Ashley," replies Mr. Caruthers, as he takes the rent check, "You're one of my best tenants."

"Well, it can't be helped."

Mr. Caruthers simply nods, and leaves the apartment with what he assumes will be the last check he will receive from Ashley to pay for the apartment.


What's done is done, and once something is done, it cannot be undone. The entire entertainment community is a buzz with the news now being reported on every entertainment network, entertainment magazine, and even highly respected newspapers, such as the New York Times and the Chicago Tribune. It all started when two famous pop stars appeared on the Rosie O'Donnell show, after contacting her and asking for a booking on the show, saying that they had an important announcement to make. Rosie didn't quite understand why two pop stars, from two different groups, would be calling wanting a booking on her show, just the two of them, without the rest of their bandmates. But, since another guest recently had to cancel for an upcoming show, she didn't ask questions, and in turn scheduled the two pop stars in the place of the guest who cancelled.

It wasn't until the day of the taping that Rosie found out that the two pop stars planned on coming out of the closet to their fans, and admitting that they're gay and dating each other. Rosie was flattered that the two famous guys chose her show to come out on. Rosie introduced them and asked them the usual questions, well, not all the usual questions. She avoided any questions regarding the romance department, until it was the right time to bring it up. The two stars sang a special duet version of a song off one of their groups' albums. And then after a commercial break, it was time for the big announcement. Rosie asked the big question, "So, are either of you dating anyone?"

"Yes, I'm dating someone," replies Nick.

"So am I," replies JC.

"I don't suppose you'd care to share names would you?" asks Rosie, with a grin, knowing that the two pop stars have every intention of doing so.

"Well, Rosie, before we get into names," replies Nick, "I suppose I should say that I'm gay."

Murmurs of surprise and shock can be heard among the audience, as JC speaks up and replies, "I'm gay too, and as for names, well, Nick and I are dating each other, and we're very happy together."

This said, Nick leans over and kisses JC fully on the lips, as the audience stares at them, possibly in shock. Rosie stands up from her desk and starts clapping, as Nick and JC continue to kiss, which causes most of the audience to stand up and start clapping as well. Nick and JC were confidant that coming out on Rosie's show would be the best place to do it, because they figured her audience might be more accepting of it, then the audiences of some other shows.


The next day, Ashley steps out of the shower and wraps a bath towel around his waist, as he starts to style his hair, opting to spike it for a bit of a change. Once Ashley finishes his hair, he heads into the main room of his hotel room and pulls from his suitcase a pair of ash gray boxer-briefs, an ash gray athletic shirt and a pair of ash gray socks. Ashley lets the towel drop from around his waist, and before he starts getting dressed, he can't help but look at himself in the full-length mirror next to the dresser. It's no wonder that hundreds of girls, and guys, have his picture plastered on their walls. Ashley is truly a gorgeous specimen. Every inch of his body is well toned and muscular, but just enough to look good, and not like one of those bulging and beefy bodybuilders who have way too much muscle. Bulging muscles have always been a turnoff for Ashley, and he vowed that he would never become an overly beefy piece of meat.

After looking at himself in the mirror for a few more minutes, Ashley pulls the boxer-briefs on, then the t-shirt, and then sits down on the bed to put on his socks. Once that's done, he walks over to the closet and pulls out a black garment bag, which he lays down on the bed. Ashley unzips the garment bag and takes from it a freshly ironed navy blue Armani suit. Ashley puts on a white dress shirt and buttons it up, before taking the suit pants and putting them on. He then takes a black leather belt and loops it through the belt loops of the pants, before buckling it. Sitting back down on the bed, Ashley grabs a pair of freshly polished black leather wingtips, which he puts on, before standing up and putting on the suit jacket.

Ashley walks over to the dresser and grabs a gold Rolex watch and slips it onto his wrist, followed by a small gold earring which he always wears in his left ear. He checks his hair in the mirror above the dresser again, before he grabs a long black leather dress coat which lays folded over the back of a chair near the door. He puts it on, and heads out of his hotel room and down to the parking lot, where Kevin's brother Jerald will be picking him up. Ashley is in Lexington, Kentucky for Jeremy and Jordan's baptism. Kevin and his mother had invited Ashley to stay at the Richardson home, but Ashley politely refused the offer, insisting that he didn't want to impose, and would much rather stay in a hotel. Kevin finally gave in and let Ashley stay in a hotel, provided that Ashley allow Kevin to pay the bill with no arguments. Seeing as how Ashley currently has less then five hundred dollars in his back account, he decided not to fight Kevin on it.

An hour later, Ashley is standing at Kevin's side at the front of the church. By some bizarre twist of fate, Kevin is wearing a navy blue Armani suit, identical to Ashley's. Kevin holds Jeremy in his arms, and Ashley holds Jordan. Kevin's brother Tim is the priest over seeing the baptism, and it's probably that fact alone that has allowed Kevin to name the godparents that he named. He named Ashley as Jeremy and Jordan's godfather, so normally, he would then in turn need to pick a woman to be named their godmother. Kevin considered naming his Aunt Jackie, or even his mother, the godmother of his sons, but, eventually he made up his mind to be different, and he named his cousin and fellow bandmate, Brian Littrell, to be a second godfather to his sons. Kevin gets the feeling though that had the priest been anyone other then his older brother, that they would have insisted on Kevin choosing a man and a woman as Jeremy and Jordan's godparents.

Tim dips his fingers into a small bowl of holy water, and runs his fingers over Jeremy's forehead, as he replies, "I baptize thee Jeremy Thomas Ashley Richardson and I baptize thee Jordan Scott Ashley Richardson."


Later that evening, Seth and Bruce sit in the living room of Ashley's New York apartment, with Diana and Zachary. Seth and Bruce have given Ashley's landlord enough money to pay Ashley's rent for the next year. Ashley told Seth and Bruce that they didn't have to do that, but they insisted upon helping their ex-boyfriend. Ashley, Seth, and Bruce did after all spend five years together as a threesome couple. They'd probably still be together if it wasn't for Ashley's intense crush on Kevin. At any rate, Seth and Bruce, who have done quite a bit of modeling, and then of course Bruce's fledgling acting career, have put them in the position that they can afford to help Ashley and they want to. While it's true that they're not together anymore, as Ashley said that morning in the Smith mansion's dining room, the morning this nightmare with Katherine back from the dead started, he will always consider Seth and Bruce to be members of the family.

"So Ashley is in Lexington?" asks Seth.

"Yeah, he went down for Jeremy and Jordan's baptism," replies Zachary, "Since Kevin named him as their godfather. Well, one of them anyway."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, Bruce, it's a little unconventional," replies Diana, "But Kevin decided to name two godfathers for Jeremy and Jordan, rather then a godfather and godmother. Ashley and Kevin's cousin Brian are Jeremy and Jordan's godparents."

"And the priest allowed that?"

"The priest was Kevin's older brother, Tim," replies Zachary, "So, I guess he would be a little more lenient towards family. Especially after what Kevin has been through lately."

"Yeah," replies Seth, "It must be rough to be a widower and a single parent at the age of 29."

"Not to mention falling for someone so soon after his wife died."

"What do you mean, Diana?"

"Well, Bruce, Kevin might not deny it if he was asked point blank," replies Diana, "But, I'm a hundred percent positive that Kevin is falling for Ashley. And that is not just wishful thinking either. Kevin has kissed Ashley on the lips now twice. Plus, I've picked up on something else. From what I've seen it seems that Kevin's mood is always much better when Ashley is around, compared to when he's not."

"Also, I'm sure it's just an odd coincidence," replies Zachary, "But, when Ash called me earlier, after getting back to the hotel, he told me that he wore his navy blue Armani suit, and that Kevin was wearing the exact same thing. Not to mention the fact that after the baptism was over, Jeremy and Jordan were put into matching navy blue Armani suits, identical to the ones that Ashley and Kevin were wearing, only much smaller."

"I didn't know that Armani made clothing for infants."

"I don't think they do normally," replies Zachary, "But, I suppose if a celebrity calls them up and asks them to make something special for them, they'll do it. I don't know. All I know is that Ashley helped Kevin change Jeremy and Jordan out of the christening gowns into the suits, and he says the label clearly said Armani."

"Well, it certainly sounds cute doesn't it?" replies Bruce.

"Yeah, it does," replies Diana, "Well, hopefully, Kevin and Ashley will get together. I know it would make Ashley very happy, and it would take some of the strain off of Kevin, having someone to help him raise Jeremy and Jordan. Although the other Backstreet Boys will probably help with that too."

Just then Diana's cell phone rings. She gets up and walks into the kitchen, which is where her phone is. She looks at the caller id for a moment before answering it.

"Hello Lance," replies Diana into the phone.

"Hey Diana," replies Lance, "I thought I'd call and let you know that I've talked to Justin, and it's my opinion that while he doesn't seem willing to say so one way or another, that he is indeed gay."

"That's great," replies Diana, "Then it's time to set our plan into motion, Lance. Are you clear on the details?"

"Yes," replies Lance, "I invite Justin out to dinner, telling him that I'll meet him there, and then I end up canceling at the last minute. Just as you will be inviting Seth and Bruce out to dinner, and then canceling on them at the last minute, at which point the three of them will all end up at the same table at the same restaurant, and hopefully things will go from there."

"Yes, here's hoping," replies Diana, "I think it's a perfect match. Anyway, how are things with you and Brian?"

Lance remains quiet for a moment, as if he is hesitant to answer the question, before simply replying, "Ok."

"Do I detect trouble in paradise?"

"No, why do you say that?" asks Lance, a little too quickly, which only confirms Diana's suspicions.

"Lance, I'm very good at reading people you know," replies Diana, "And I can tell that you're lying to me. So, I'll ask again, and I want the truth this time. Are you and Brian having problems?"

"Well, yes. Brian doesn't know anything is wrong," replies Lance, "But, I think I'm falling out of love with him. I mean he's a wonderful guy and I still like him a lot and all, it's just that, I don't know, my feelings for him don't seem to be as strong as they once were. I've been trying to just ignore it, figuring that it's just a phase and my feelings will return, but I'm starting to realize that that isn't working."

"Well, Lance," replies Diana, "If you want my advice, I'd say that you should break up with Brian. It will hurt him, but staying with him if you've fallen out of love with him will only hurt him more in the long run."

"Yeah, I know," replies Lance, "Well, thanks Diana, I'll give the matter a little more thought. Make sure that I'm positive about this before doing anything. I'd rather not make any rash decisions that I'll regret later, ya know what I mean?"

"Yeah," replies Diana, "And that's a good course to take. Do some soul searing and a lot of thinking. If after that you can honestly say that you think that you and Brian still stand a chance, then maybe you just need to work on the relationship a little. But, if you can honestly say that you don't think you and Brian stand a chance, then it's best for both of you to break up and move on, no matter how painful it might be. Staying in a relationship in which the love is one sided isn't good for either person, it only ends up causing much more pain in the long run. I know that from experience."

"Well, thanks for the advice, Diana," replies Lance, "I need to get going now. We have a photo shoot in half an hour."

"Ok, talk to you later Lance," replies Diana, as she presses the end button on her cell phone.


To be continued...

Well, here is Chapter 14 of Affairs of the Heart. I hope that you enjoyed it. I'm so sorry that it took so long to get out, but I've been very busy as of late, what with the Seventh BBSAs coming up soon. I am of course the Chairman and Webmaster, so I have a lot of work to do on that, plus maintaining my website, among other things. Anyway, I will try to start updating on a more regular basis from now on, but now I really must turn my attention to Nick and Brian and The Perfect Couple, before writing Chapter 15 of Affairs of the Heart. But, I will get Chapter 15 out as soon as I possibly can. Hopefully much sooner then it took for this chapter. Until next time, stay *NSYNC.

Also, please read Nick and Ashley and Josh's Heart, both written by the very talented ND. Both stories are very good, and I also wrote a sideline chapter for Nick and Ashley. I highly recommend them.

This story is copyright 2001 by Jayson Colin Vascardi. All rights reserved.
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