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Chapter 1- A stumble, a rumble, a cause

'I've held the hand of the devil.
Felt his breath of my skin.
Dip me into the water, wash me again.
Can I still be forgiven for all of these things.
Or have I gone too far now.
Have I lost my wings.'

"Ay yo Chris, we don't have all day you know!" Justin screamed at the bottom steps of their four star hotel apartment.

When their was no reply he walked upstairs and gave an askance look at Chris, who was still deep in sleep. Chris was always the one to jump on their responsibilities and what they should be doing, but that was all after he got a cup of coffee. Before that it took twenty minutes of reiterating the same thing over for it to actually sink in his head. Justin was the complete opposite, as soon as his eyes were open, he couldn't go back to sleep. Hence why they roomed together, complete opposites. Every one figured they'd balance each other out in the mornings. The only other person who could successfully get Chris up was Joey and he did it a more blunt way. Normally his wake up call had a bucket of ice water involved.

Justin shook his closely cropped curly head at Chris, who he's been trying unsuccessfully to wake up for thirty minutes.

"Chris you leave me no choice, I'm getting Joey!" Justin said as he headed for the door, but Chris immediately popped out of bed and grabbed onto Justin.

"Alright Curly, I'm up alright. See, watch I'm going to the bathroom." Chris mumbled, eyes barely open as he headed to the bathroom.

"The boys'll be here in five minutes so put some pep in your step and some sugar in your shake." Just said as he hauled his bags along with Chris's bags downstairs.

When the boys finally arrived ten minutes later. Chris was now getting out of the shower and they just gave Justin a knowing look.

"That's it Chris, you got us late again. Were bunking permanently together now," Joey said as he looked at his watch.

"Hey Supa what's on the agenda today?" JC asked Joey, who took on Chris's 'papa bear' role in the mornings. Supa being short for Superman.

"First were driving out to New York, we should reach in two hours. Were going to see our open act choices, A hard rock California band named Atrocity, a female R&B trio named Sinfully Deep and a pop/rock/R&B singer named Angelboy. Its going to be us and the tour director Wade and were going to see a mini concert from each. So that we can get decide whose going on tour with us. Then after we make the decision were returning back here for a little promotion and then heading back to Orlando. Our open act choice should be on the red eye and be touching down in Orlando around the same time." Joey summed up as Chris entered and we all headed out to the tour bus.

The tour had two parts to it. The first half was kicking off shortly and the second half of the tour was kicking off in 8 months. Giving the boys an in between break to work on a new album and vacate a little bit.

The boys eventually made it inside the large SUV. Chris had already had his two mugs of black coffee and was alive again. They were still running late, but they decided not to get too much on Chris's case. Management did that enough already.

"You think we should enlighten the masses?" Chris whispered loudly over to Joey, who just gave him a confused look.

"You want to tell all the fans?"

"No idiot the masses as in the rest of Nsync. Damn Joey, you ever heard of just playing along."

"Sorry" Joey smiled as he pulled on Chris's newly cut hair.

"HEY!" Chris protested.

"Your no fun" Chris fake pouted as he smacked Joey's hand away.

"And to think, your supposedly the gay one" JC whispered in Justin's ear as they all watched Chris and Joey. Those two acted like a newly married couple, excluding the intercourse. They were sickeningly close to each other, even finishing off each others sentence, you couldn't see Ying without Yang and they had that whole play fight revoltingly cute act down pat. The other members of Nsync often wondered exactly the extent of that relationship.

"So we tell the masses or what?" Chris asked breathing hard and still clutching his sides, after Joey's infamous Ticklefest.


"Okay" Chris said as he settled back in his seat and started humming ' It's A Small World After All.' The other men rolled their eyes at Joey and shook their heads at Chris. Joey and Chris liked to tease. They had a secret, they would let every one know they had a secret, even offer to tell the secret, but never did. It would take months to drag it out of them, which to say the least, drove the boys insane.

"So Justin when we getting you a boyfriend." Chris asked out of the blue. Justin blushed a soft pink and JC smiled at him and shook his head.

"I don't want a boyfriend, too much work." Was Justin's cryptic reply.

"You have too much work to have a boyfriends or a boyfriend is too much work?" Lance asked, his eyebrow risen.

"Both" Justin said as they pulled up to the hall, that would be holding the auditions.

Angel's POV

I listened to Sinfully Deep do their four songs and it took a lot of resolve just to stay put instead of fleeing, Sinfully Deep was amazing, voices harmonizing perfectly, dance moves executed without a hitch. How could I compete with that! I watched as the beautiful trio bowed and headed off the stage.

The three left, but one of them stopped by me with a warm smile and an unexpected embrace . She was cinnamon brown, her hair short and spiky. She was petite and was wearing some sort of trendy red leather outfit.

"Darlin you look like you needed one of those." She said in a southern accent.

"Thanks, I'm Angelique." I said as she grabbed my hand.

"I'm Nicola, good luck, you'll do fine now." She said as she gave my hand one more tight squeeze. Maybe what they say about southern hospitality was true. Being born and bred in New York, I would have never even gave her a second look.

"Next, Angelboy" Wade voice boomed thru a loud speaker. I gave her a smile and headed out.

I walked out into the large auditorium and reached into the middle of the large stage. I looked out into the middle of the seats and found the Nsync boys along with Wade. I nodded my head to them and turned back to the band and gave them the cue to begin. My first song was a sad slow rock song, that I had written on a particular stormy day in my life. Though I've sang it so many times its always hard not to let my eyes get a little moist. The next two were pop songs, with a rock edge, and a hip hop dance break spicing it up a tad. My final song was this Latin persuaded song inspired by Mr. Santana and his electric guitar. Out of all the songs it was my favorite, at times I'd speed it up to a fast grinding salsa or to a slow tempting groove. When I finished I gave my bow and headed into the wings with the other contestants waiting patiently for the results.

"Ay boi, you sure as hell did your thing out there. I think you got it in the bag." Nicola said as I sat down next to her, much to her fellow members displeasure. The band Atrocity just gave me a disgusted look and kept quiet. I didn't have enough time to sit smugly and fuck with the rock band and the mistakes they made during their performance. I was too busy working myself up into a ball.

The tension was rising too fast and after only fifteen minutes they came to their decision. Calling us out on the stage. We all stepped out on the stage and for once the spotlight wasn't welcomed, it made me feel even more under pressure and scrutiny, here was this group help deciding my fate as an artist. This very well could be the difference between a one hit wonder and a lasting career and all my competition knew that. To even be able to be considered you had to have a current hit slaying down the charts, and then after that you had to compete with all the other new comers to get into the semi finals and then you got interviewed meticulously and out of that three acts were picked and that's what brought us here. Me, being the only solo act to make it thus far.

"Hey, I'm going to get straight to the point, because I hate when people drag things out. After a unanimous decision we decided that the opening act would be Sinfully Deep." Lance deep voice said shattering me. I hugged Nicola and was surprised when she slipped a piece of paper in my pocket

"I'm not coming on to you, suga. Just wanna keep in touch alright?" She whispered in my ear as I hugged her. I just shook my head as a reply and wished her luck as I made a fast exit from the building.

I threw my bag over my shoulder and jumped into my managers Benz jeep. I shot her an anguished look. .

"Aww Angel this is not the end of the world. Theirs other heavy hitters looking for an open act." Eliza said as she pulled me into a hug. A knocking on the window interrupted us, I looked out the window and was shocked to see Justin Timberlake and JC, standing without coats in the frosty New York air. I rolled down the window to see what the hell they wanted.

" we just wanted to tell you it wasn't a unanimous vote. JC and I thought you should of got the spot. We just wanted to say good luck in the future and if the spots open again you'll be the first to be called." Justin said as he shook my hand, followed by JC and turned on their heels and headed back into the building.

"Interesting" Eliza mumbled to herself.

"Sis get me out of here, will you." I stated as I closed my eyes and laid back in the chair. Letting the cold winter weather blow on me from my open window.

Justin's POV

I sat down in deep thought, trying to decide exactly what shade his eyes were. They looked to be grey or the palest blue.

"Curly, your not getting anything?" Chris looked at me with his eyebrow up. We had already finished up the small promotion and were already on the road to get to Orlando. We had stopped at a road stop and every one but Chris and myself were already stretching out and getting food or something. I just gave him a sheepish smile and headed out to the convenient store. I grabbed a coffee muffin and some chocolate milk and headed back.

My mind immediately went back to the opening act auditions. The group Atrocity was first and every one struck the rock band off their list as soon as they performed. They were too sloppy, they even looked like they had hangovers. You cant live like a rock star before you are one.

Then came a smooth trio full of shades of brown who had soul to them. They sure as hell got your attention and kept it thru their songs. Each song as smooth as freshly whipped butter. Coming out as if they didn't have to practice at all, like the lyrics and moves came out naturally. Like they knew each tempo and turn since they were born.

The final act was a solo act. A man who went by the name of Angelboy. Who stood about 6 ft, long dark brown curly hair that reached his elbow. His eyes a color I was having difficulty to decide, a swimmers build lean and slim. His songs weren't at all polished but that was his appeal. The lyrics were deadly true, his acoustic guitar wailing out the first somber tune, that made you actually feel his pain. The second and third songs screamed 'Lets Party'. The rock influence prominent in the dance songs. His moves more flowed then they were precise, but it worked, oh so damn well for him. The little hip hop breaks had all of us tapping a tune with our feet. The last song was by far my favorite. It screamed flushed skin, fast grind, nails sliding on a bare back. It was beating the tune to hot and heavy animalistic sex, conveying absolute passion. His songs undoubtedly were striking and filled with so much conviction. I would bet half of everything I owned that he wrote those lyrics, no way could he sing them like that. He in my opinion would give Diane Warren a run for her money in the song writing career.

So it doesn't surprise you that it came down to Sinfully Deep and Angelboy. They both were equally as good in different ways. Both immaculate with their dance moves, never going off key. So it was hard to pick which one. Joey and Chris were adamant on Sinfully Deep, while Jc and I were adamant on Angelboy. The tie breaker being left to Lance.

"Well, they both are really good. So, not that we need it, but who will bring out more fans. Its better if 75% of our fans actually like them, then only 25%. So I have to go with Sinfully Deep because they have more exposure then Angelboy" Was Lance's decision and that's how it went down. He made the normal speech and we watched the different faces jump in pure joy or drop in sadness. I watched as the Angelboy gave one of the trio a hug and a kiss and made a speedy exit to the door. His coat on and his bag over his shoulder before he even reached the door.

"That sucks" JC said to me and pulled me by my arm and headed to the door. We saw Angelboy jump into a jeep and when we reached he was embracing a very pretty woman. I knocked on the door and had a little chat with him. Staring in his eyes the whole time, trying to decipher what color they were. When JC and I reached back into the building we passed Atrocity on the way out and I was right, they all had hangovers.

We sat and chatted with Sinfully Deep for an hour and then headed back out to....

"Curly were here." Chris said as he pulled me out of my thoughts,

"Alright" I said as I grabbed my bags and headed out to the group house we would be using for the week.

Angel's POV

Its been an exact 8 months since my audition with Nsync and I spent most of it, ok all of it trying to make up for all the publicity I missed when I didn't get the part for their opening act. Eliza had been running me ragged. She pushed so that my second and third single dropped a month or two before the record company wanted to. She's had me performing all three songs on every late show, morning show, day show, radio show that could possibly exist. She's been booking me in clubs and one thing, she's not biased, because she books me at the trendy jump offs and the gutter clubs as well. She had me make the video for the second and third single. Throwing me from one photo shoot to the next. I swear I don't have time to even take a piss because I've been so busy. Sleep and Hunger have been fighting over whose my first priority.

I'm not mad at all at Eliza. I know she's doing it for my good and the fact that Atrocity had already seemed to fall off the map, makes me grateful. I auditioned for other tours, and got on tour with the British sensation Craig David. The tour lasted 8 weeks. I was picked up for the American part of the tour. Then I linked up with BBMak in Europe for 6 weeks. Then I finished up with Enrique Igleasis.

Me finally being on tour didn't stop Eliza's over working ass. She remarked that they weren't nearly as big as Nsync, so I still needed to hustle. On that note, Sinfully Deep's song jumped up on the charts when it was released that they would be the opening act and their second single is still flying high. The tour finished five months ago and Sinfully Deep and myself are back at competing against each other for tours and events. Though at the risk of sounding conceded, they aren't much competition at all anymore. Nicola has been keeping me posted on her life and I have been doing the same as well. Sweet girl Nicola turned out to be, and I did end up calling her and we ended up friends via the telly.

It was 5 am and I was doing my morning Tai chi stretches and meditation with Eliza. We finished in an hour and quickly bathed and met in the living room of the relatively small hotel room where Eliza ran off the day for me.

"Well today your on break. You only have to do a radio interview via phone, add the finishing ad libs to the last song for your album. Then your going to be performing on TRL. Oh, and heads up, the Nstink boys are there. Then you got a small meet and greet." Eliza said while sipping a cup of strong coffee.

"Alright I got business to work on. So here's the papers with everything you need to know and have for today. Theirs other things in your wardrobe besides t-shirts you know, so it wont hurt to wear an actual shirt when your on TRL. You'll be performing 'What's left' the same way you did for Leno last night. So you should have no problems. I'm sorry I cant be with you today, but I guess that's just the way the wind blows today. " She said while she bustled around the kitchen, clearing things up. She gave me a kiss on the forehead and headed out the door.

One thing I love about interviews via phone is you can lay in bed and wear whatever the hell you want and just chill. The radio interview was short, but that wasn't the end of the day. I dressed in a pair of light jeans and totally ignored Eliza's remark and threw on an army green Nucking Futs (Fucking Nuts, with the first words switched) T-shirt. I jumped in my old 1986 Benz that I refused to let go of and headed out. I made light work at the studio. I was doing a duet with the ever bitching Christina Aguilera for her highly expected next album. I reached TRL with time to spare. I got to my dressing room and started on the lemon/honey tea. My voice was already warmed up from the studio, so I just laid there and sang parts of old songs.

Justin's POV

The tour didn't go quite as well as one would like. We kept up our half but the Sinfully Deep turned out to be Sinfully Shallow. Two of the trio had already copped the diva attitude and we're seriously working our nerves thin at a point.

"See prolly wouldn't been having those problems if we picked Angelboy like Justin and myself told you all. One thing I'm sure of is there not coming on the second half of the tour." JC said irritably as we all hung out in our TRL dressing room..

"Who says, he could have been just as bad." Joey said not too convincingly.

"Well Lance's whole theory with who has more influence went down the drain because now he's three times as more popular as the Shallow. He's a break away hit now, they think his album is going to go gold in its first week. His album is dropping in two days and their already talks about multiple Grammy nominations." Chris said, as he annoyingly kept tapping his foot on the wall, with no beat all.

"Yeah, that's true. He's fighting us for the number one spot now on TRL. Maybe we can get him to go on tour now, or you think he's already signed to a tour." Lance thought out loud.

" Well it's the second half of the tour and management already gave us the okay to have him. So its either we ask him or we go back to Simply Deep, because management is not going to have unnecessary auditions." Joey said as he frowned at their name.

"Well we could go see if he's here now and talk to him. He's suppose to be performing." JC said as he got up and stopped an intern and whispered something in her ear and slipped her a crisp green bill.

"Leave it to Josh to slide the green over when he doesn't even have to. He's such a sucker." Joey said as he threw a paper ball at Josh.

"Yeah whatever, come on and follow along children. Stay close and hold hands, don't want anyone to get lost." Josh said in his best old lady voice. I just gave him a kick in the ass to respond to him.

We reached AngelBoy's room and heard him singing some old song that I couldn't quite put my name too. We knocked but he didn't hear us, so we let ourselves in. He was laying on the couch on his back. His arms behind his head, his eyes closed and his voice soaring. I don't know what stunned me; his voice, or the way he looked lying there.

Angel's POV

I zoned out for a hot minute singing and old tune from The Five Heartbeats Soundtrack, called 'I Got Nothing But Love For You', I was really into it, though I was singing it a capella I could hear the music in my heart. I would go in and out of the song. Singing some parts and just listening to the other parts in my heart.

Ohhhhhhhhh ain't got no money.
Ain't got no fancy car
Don't live a life of a millionaire,
Or a movie star.
Their's nothing in this world I posses
to equal your loving and your tenderness

I got nothing but love for you baby.
I got nothing but love for you baby.
I got nothing but love for you baby.
Got nothing but love for you baby.

Ain't got no penthouse
I don't eat no caviar.
Got no obsession,
With FOOLISH possession.
You're my lucky star
Look here baby
Don't need no diamonds.
Don't need no pearls.
As long as I got you, I'm the king of the world.

I got nothing but love for you baby.
I got nothing but love for you baby.
I got nothing but love for you baby.
Got nothing but love for you baby.

As soon as I hit the high note I was startled by clapping. I jumped so damn high and the first thing out of my mouth was foul and the totally New York; You know cram in as much 'fuck's' as you can, and you cant go wrong.

"What the fuck is fucking going on here!" I jumped up, but felt my cheeks get redden when I saw who it was.

"Never heard that song before, sounds good." Justin said smiling at me.

"Um, sorry bout that. Scared the hell out of me." I smiled sheepishly.

"Yeah we figured as much, your girlfriend kiss you with that mouth." Joey said as he slid past every one and came and took a seat beside me.

"So what brings you guys here." I said completely ignoring Joey's comment.

"An opportunity" JC said as he sat next to me.

"Elaborate" I said curiously.

"Joey you think we should tell the masses?" Chris asked, his face scrunched up in fake thought.

"Well the masses already know, so you cant really say masses Chris."

Justin's POV

I watched amused as Chris and Joey started their whole dialog from this morning again. I knew JC was itching to say "And you're the supposed gay one."

"Well the masses already know, so you cant really say masses Chris."

"God dang it Joey! You don't seem to fathom the idea of going along." Chris pouted as Joey punched his shoulder.


"Your no fun AT ALL" Chris said in full out pout, when he was ignored by Joey; He decided to just jump on him and try to pin him down and try to start his own Ticklefest, but Joey having the upper advantage when it comes to weight and height easily turned the tables around. We all looked at them slightly irritated and very much amused.

"So you think we should divulge our opportunity to him?" Chris asked as Joey pulled him and helped dust him off. Joey stopped mid brush and put on a pensive look.

"No, I don't think so." He said, help finished brushing off Chris.

"Okay" Chris said as he stared at the TV for a second and amused face played on his lips.

"So Justin when we gonna find you a..."

"If you finish that sentence I will get all Lorraina Bobbett on you and throw 'it' in a pickle jar and sell 'it' on Ebay." I interrupted Chris. Every one visually cringed at the thought.

"Now boys, I know you love the little games you play, but if he doesn't agree to it then we'll be back with the Shallow. " Which made Joey groan and sent AngelBoy into a bit of a laughing fit. We all looked at him oddly.

"Strange boy he is" Chris said as he grabbed a straw and started poking AngelBoy as if he were some kind of science project. Mumbling the words 'interesting' and 'uh oh' every now and then.

"I didn't believe Nicola when she said you guys started calling them Simply Shallow behind their backs." AngelBoy said as he shook his head and smirked.

"Nicola" Joey crooned dreamily.

"Homemade chocolate chip cookies" Chris drooled.

"So I guess our secret opportunity isn't secret anymore." I said as I smiled over at AngelBoy who was chuckling at the antics of Joey and Chris. It amazed me that those were the oldest and were actually responsible, astonished me even more that every one else in the band looked at the two goofs as second and third fathers.

"No I guess not, you guys mind if I call my sister. She gets all bitchy if I exclude her."

"Um sure, she in your band." I asked as I was walking slowly up and down the width of the room, looking at his eyes from different areas.

"Nope I'm his manager" a sweet voice came from in back of Chris and Joey. It was the very pretty woman from the jeep all those months ago. She smiled and I glanced back and forth at her and her brother. They defiantly were siblings.

"The answer is yes" She said as she took a seat on her brothers lap, more so on the knee and thigh then on his crotch. The couch already full, hence why I'm standing up.

"Ooooooooooooohh prettttttttttttty laaaaaaaaaaady" Chris said as he stared at AngelBoy's sister with his mouth open and his eyelids batting so animatedly that you couldn't help but laugh.

"Why Christopher you sure do know how to get to a girls heart" she said in a southern accent. She looked at her brother.

"I gotta surprise for you"

Angel's POV

"How much begging, graveling and cries of how great you are do I have to do for you to divulge your little surprise." I smiled at Eliza.

"Oh the maximum, since I see you wore a T-shirt anyways and you forget lifelong promises of boot kissing and babysitting."

"I draw a line at diapers!" I said in mock horror.

"Alright, well you coming or what?" Eliza said as she stood up. In walked Nicola looking just as sweet as she did the last and only time I saw her in person. I jumped up and pulled her into a big hug, spinning her around.

"Hey Sugar!" She smiled at me.

"Well what brings you out here little lady." I smiled as the Nsync boys quickly wrapped her in hugs, one in particular hugging a little longer then necessary. I looked at Justin who was staring at the long embrace and winked at him.

"Damn JC you got her all hemmed up, how she suppose to breathe when you all over her like that." I gibed and he blushed.

"Oh shut up, you scallywag."

"You and your southern talk" I said rolling my eyes as I go do exactly what I was kidding on JC about. Giving her another bear hug.

"Well if I didn't know better I would think you were glad to see me Angel." Nicola said as she messed up my hair. I just shook my head hard and it was back to how it was.

"Well I'm glad you know better Cola" I said as I moved over by Justin and JC, letting the girls sit on the small couch.

"So for the second time, what brings you out here?" I asked curious.

"Well some stuffs been going on that I haven't been quite telling you." Nicola said as one of her crossed legs started to jiggle back and forth.

"Like?" I asked, wondering if it was personal or something and didn't want to say it around Nsync.

"Well ever since the end of the Nsync tour I've been in the studio secretly working on a solo cd. I figured it would be only a matter of time before those two heads would get so big that they'd want to kick me out of the group because the record company doesn't exactly like me and rather I be out and replaced by this Jlo looking chick. So a friend of mine hooked me up with a home studio place, so no one would know about it and sure enough I got the papers that I was kicked out two weeks ago. The friend already has me signed to a record label, actually yours." Nicola summed up.

"Interesting seeing as I'm not with a big time record label. Actually my mother, father, sister and myself run that little record label that I'm assigned to so the only way you could be signed to it is if that friend of yours was a relative and seeing that you have not met my mom and dad then it could be no other then Ms. Busy Body." I said smiling appreciably at my sister. Now it made sense, she seemed so much busier now then she did before.

"You have your own label?" Justin asked shocked.

"Yeah, dad was stock broker. Moms in love with the whole music industry. I wanted to be a singer and my sister wanted to manage me. You got dads money, moms business savvy, a singer, and a hard working manager who already had connections and you make a record label." I said, making it sound way more easier then it actually was. We all had to stay up late and work our asses off to get the label going and as an act I had to work three time harder then other performers with big time record labels backing them because they got better connections and more money backing them. Even though I was considered a hit, we were still working our asses off.

"Impressed" JC said "Well, I think a celebration dinner is in order, we've got so much to celebrate. Nicola getting a recording deal, Angel joining the tour with us and us not having to worry about Simply Shallow."

We all agreed and sat in the room and chatted. The Nsync boys were soon taken, since TRL started and they were needed. I sat in the couch squeezed up by Nicola who I in all rights regarded as my best friend and my sister.

"So how did she get signed without my signature" I said, all acts signed to Diverse Records, our label had to be signed by all four CEO's. A sort of balance check.

"Actually here" Eliza said as she reached in her bag and held out a crisp folder, which held the contract already signed by every one but me.

"Not to be mean or anything, but I need to hear her CD before signing this." I said feeling a little guiltily for questioning her talents and I couldn't help but wonder how this friend/boss situation was going to go down.

"Oh don't be silly, ain't nothing mean about that. If you would of signed me without hearing it then I would of been worried." She said as she stood up and put the CD in the CD player. I listened intently to the 12 songs and was very impressed. It flowed like Simply Deep's song but had better lyrics, had more of an edge and held more conviction.

I looked pensively at Nicola, my face for the whole time not giving any indication on my feelings. Just as I was about to speak and intern called me and told me it was time I performed. I nodded and headed out to do my thing.

"Be right back!"

To Be Continued....

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