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~~~~~~~~~~~~~Big Mistake: The Brian and Braden Saga~~~~~~~~~~

Braden awoke with a start, his breathing labored, clutching his chest; he sputtered out loud to himself "Oh my God...what an odd dream, why on earth would I ever dream about something like that?"

He thought about it for a moment longer before lying back down and shrugging the dream off with a laugh, "Brian leaving me...please..." He let out a yawn and turned over on his side and fell into a fitful sleep.

The next morning Braden woke up still feeling slightly troubled about the dream. No matter how hard he tried he just couldn't shake it from his mind. Although there was a happy ending to the dream it bothered him that it took 5 years to get to there.

"This is silly," Braden said to himself "for starters it's only the beginning of October, and we don't even graduate until June."

Braden thought about that for a second and then went wide eyed, "That's nine months exactly...oh shut up Braden, you're getting paranoid, nothing is going to happen and Brian isn't going to break up with me...hell now that I think about it, it wasn't even technically me in that dream because my last name isn't Goldman and Brian and I aren't even engaged..."

Braden stopped himself there satisfied with his realizations and finally got himself out of bed. He grabbed his towel and padded down the hallway to the bathroom. He slowly removed his clothes and looked at himself in the mirror. He was cute with his light brown hair with golden blonde highlights; his eyes were a deep blue that Brian said anyone could get lost in. He was 5'6 in height and had a slender but toned and naturally smooth upper body, with a stomach that Britney Spears should be envious of, weighing at about 135lbs. He had little to no facial hair naturally and so didn't have to shave very much, if ever. His legs and ass were his pride and joy, many years of playing soccer and running had given him a nice tone and definition to them both, as well he like to shave his legs loving the smooth look and feel it gave him. He ran his hands over his legs realizing that he needed to shave them. He hopped into the shower turning the water on to just the right temperature.

Feeling fresh and clean and after he was done shaving his legs and arm pits, he got out of the shower and dried himself off quickly and walked back to his room to get dressed.

He threw on his favourite pair of low-rise jeans that clung to his ass just right and flared out around his calves and feet. He then put on a red tight fitting, t-shirt and his jean jacket and headed downstairs to the other bathroom to do his hair and brush his teeth. He ran a finger through his ultra hold hair wax gathering a good amount and then rubbed his hands together and ran them through his hair which was about 6 inches long and layered, not to long but long enough. He spiked it out at the back and brushed the sides and top to be going towards the back and brushed his bangs to the left side of his face hanging just above his left eye and gave them a slight curl.

Brian closed the door to his car and walked up to his lover's door, hiding a bouquet of roses for him behind his back. He knocked softly, and Braden's mother Christine opened the door, she smiled warmly at him and opened the door wide,

"Hello Brian, come on in, how are you this morning?"

Brian returned the smile "Hey Mrs. Angel, I'm doing quite well thanks, yourself?"

"I'm doing just fine, but Brian we've been over this a million times since you were little, call me Christine." She scolded Brian playfully

Brian laughed, " Yah, yah Mrs. Angel I know..."

Christine sighed and smiled, "Alright if you insist, keep it formal, but I assure you there's no need. Anyways Braden is just in the bathroom finishing up getting ready...you know how he is"

Brian laughed at that and replied, "Yah he's my little princess"

Christine chuckled lightly to herself and then noticed Brian's arm hiding behind his back, she asked him curiously, "So what you got there Mr.?"

Brian raised an eyebrow then remember about the flowers and grinned, "Oh just a little something for a Braden.."

Braden's Father, Garret, walked down the stairs and into the kitchen and smiled when he saw Brian, "Good morning Brian, here to pick up Braden?"

Brian smiled and answered back, "Good morning Sir, yes I am"

Garrett chuckled "Brian you've been calling me sir since you were four, can't you at least call me Mr. Angel now?"

Brian replied with a small laugh, "Sure thing Mr. Angel"

Braden, finally satisfied with his appearance, stepped out of the bathroom. His father laughed and jokingly said, "Well, well looks the his majesty finally decided to grace us with his presence."

Braden laughed and quipped back "Shut up Dad." He smiled brightly when he saw Brian and ran over to him, "Hey! I thought I heard you,"

Brian whistled slowly, "Hey there yourself, look at you"

Braden giggled and spun around, "Why thank you, you don't look half bad yourself"

Brian smirked, "Gee thanks baby"

Braden just smiled innocently, "You're welcome Bri Bri. You're awfully happy considering it's the morning...you doing ok, babe?"

"Doing great now," Brian grinned and brought the roses out from behind his back, "Here, these are for you baby"

Brian leaned over and kissed Braden's cheek, Braden gushed, "Aww Bri-Bear, ohh I'm gonna cry, oh I love you, may I ask what for?"

"Hey can't a guy give his gorgeous boyfriend flowers without a reason?"

Braden smiled widely at that, "I guess not, thank you so much honey" He looked at his watch and his eyes bugged out, "Oh shoot, Bri Bri it's 8:00 we should get going, school starts in 20 minutes"

"Oh shit, your right baby alright, ready to go then?"

"Yah just have to put my shoes on," He handed the flowers to his mother, "Here mom, can you put these into some water for me please?"

Christine smiled, "Of course hunnie"

"Thanks mom...hmm...I think I'm gonna wear the...black ones today..."

He bent over and began tying them up, "Jesus Baby you have more shoes than Payless Shoe Source does in their entire store"

Braden gave his best icy glare, "Shut up, or I'll beat you"

Brian laughed, "Oh yah baby, I'm so scared..."

Braden giggled "hey you better be, I'm a scary bitch"

Brian chuckled "Oh absolutely babe. Are you ready yet, we're gonna be late, and Mr. Hutchison won't take `but I couldn't decide which pair of shoes to wear' as an excuse"

Braden gasped and laughed, "Yes, yes, you made your point, I'm ready now. Bye mom, bye Dad, see you later"

Brian called out and waved "See ya later Mr. And Mrs. Angel"

Garret and Christine replied together, "Bye boys, see you later"

Braden closed the door behind him and walked over to Brian's car. Brian hit the little unlock button on the car beeper and they both climbed in. While Braden was fussing with his hair again and putting on his seat belt, Brian took the time to just look at him, completely taken in by Braden's beauty. Braden noticed Brian's stare and giggled nervously,

"What? Is there something in my hair?"

Brian smiled a big goofy smile, "No...nothing's wrong it's just..." He paused and caressed Braden's cheek, "You're so beautiful baby...it just sucks me in every time...God I love you..."

"Oh Brian..." Braden replied getting misty eyed, "I love you too.."

Brian moved his hand to the back of Braden's neck and leaned in claiming his lips in a fiery kiss. Braden gasped and wrapped his arms around Brian's neck. Brian moved his hands to Braden's cheeks, framing his face and deepened the kiss, earning a soft moan from Braden. Their tongues tangled and played merrily together Brian's quickly winning dominance exploring every inch of Braden's mouth.

"God you taste so sweet baby..." Brian said in a breathless tone, reclaiming Braden's mouth.

Braden slowly sucked on Brian's tongue, causing Brian to let out a low guttural moan. His hands slowly moved down Braden's back landing on his ass. He squeezed it firmly and slowly began massaging it, causing Braden to gasp. Brian took the opportunity to deepen the kiss further, licking Braden's back molars and sweeping his tongues across the back of Braden's throat. Brian's hand was still firmly planted on Braden's ass, his other hand in Braden's hair, and his tongue still obviously down Braden's throat when all of the sudden there was a knock on the window. Brian looked up with a slightly annoyed expression on his face from being interrupted and all at once remembered where he was as he looked into Mr. Angel's eyes. He flew off of Braden and sat back in his own seat faster than a bolt of lightning, a very deep shade of crimson creeping onto his cheeks. Braden looked up slightly confused at what was happening and sat up straight when he noticed what Brian was looking at.

Braden smiled, extremely embarrassed, and rolled down his window, "Umm... hi...Dad, uh...what's up?"

Garrett snickered and replied, "Uh, I should be asking Brian the same question..."

Braden's eyes went huge and his mouth fell open, "DAD!"

Brian blushed a deep red and laughed nervously, "Umm...yah...all under control Sir..."

Garrett laughed, "Yah I'm sure...you guys better be going or you'll be late for school..."

Braden held his hand on his forehead wanting to crawl into a hole and die, "Yah thanks Dad... see you later..."

Garrett laughed again and waved as Braden closed his window. He climbed into his own car and left for work.

"Holy shit I thought your Dad was gonna tear my dick off for sure!" Brian said still worked up at the situation.

"Oh my god I know, but I guess he kind of knows that we kiss seeing as we've been together for 2 years and 11 months..."

"Yah I know but I'm still shocked he took it so well...I remember when we first started dating he threatened to rip it off if I so much as held your hand."

Braden laughed, "I remember that, it was so funny because when he'd walk into the room when we were watching a movie you'd remove your arm from around my shoulder and would immediately cover your dick telling him nothing was going on."

"Yah, it was funny to you! I was the one who had to worry about being castrated."

Braden giggled, "Yah I know, it was cute though... Well Dad was right we better get going now, I think we're already late..."

"Hey don't give me that look, it's not my fault that I can't control myself when I'm around you..." Brian said defending himself trying to look innocent

Braden laughed and rolled his eyes, "Oh yes, it's my fault I'm so irresistible"

Brian replied with a shit-eating grin on his face, "Damn right it is"

Braden smacked Brian's arm, "Oh whatever! Just drive"

Brian laughed loudly, "Ok, ok, we're going now...but I'm warning you...I will attack you again at school"

"Good, I look forward to it..." Braden said resting his hand on Brian's inner thigh just as Brian pulled onto the road, knowing he couldn't react to it.

"Babe come on that's so not fair, you know I'm driving"

Braden grinned, evil gleam in his eyes, "Oh I know, that's what makes it completely fair"

Brian swerved suddenly as Braden's hand slowly slid further down his thigh and cupped his crotch. Brian let out a strangled moan and quickly straightened the car back on the road, knowing he was only a few minutes now from the school, "Oh god Braden..." He felt himself harden and he pushed into Braden's hand, desperately clutching at the wheel and trying his best to concentrated on the road for the last few meters before he had to turn.

"Hmm...looks like you have a little problem on your hands now Brian...or should I say, quite a big problem actually..." Braden grinned mischievously as they pulled into the parking lot at school.

Brian pulled into the nearest parking spot, put the car in park and threw the parking break on. He whimpered and grinded his crotch into Braden's hand throwing his head back and groaning loudly , "Holy shit... oh fuck I'm so hard..."

Braden grinned innocently and pulled his hand away and opened the car door just smiling at Brian who was staring at Braden in disbelief, disappointment and frustration etched onto his face, "Oh you did not just do that..."

Braden replied coyly, "Do what baby?"

Braden walked into the school leaving Brian trailing behind him sexually frustrated and hard. As they entered the school they heard a song blasting out of the speakers. When Brian caught up to Braden he started backing him up against the lockers a predatory look in his eyes and started softly singing along with the song,

"How can I begin to
Tell you what you do to
Me every time I hear ya
More willing I wanna see ya

I know that there's no use in
Tryin' to explain my confusion
But still I'm not complainin'
'Bout my situation

Let's not talk about a possible ending"

The song pulsed through the halls as Brian whispered into Braden's ear, need laced through his voice, "Baby, you make me so hot.." Brian had Braden pressed against their lockers and ground his crotch against him accentuating the point of the song, the same thoughts coursing through his veins, "Do you have any idea just what you do to me?"

Braden swallowed looking deeply into Brian's lust filled eyes biting his bottom lip to keep from moaning, "I think I'm starting to realize.."

Brian nipped at Braden's neck with a practiced set of teeth, "good.." Brian pulled back and looked into Braden's eyes once more.

Let's not talk about a possible ending
Let's not think about it every day
And I know, I'm so in love with you
I'm finding it harder and harder to breathe
Every time I'm near my beautiful baby*

"God I love you baby..." Brian said his voice low and husky

"I love you too Bri-Bear.." Braden replied biting back a moan.

Brian leant in and began sucking and nibbling on Braden's neck, sucking on the pulsating vein and murmured, "You know Braden...it's our 3 year anniversary this Friday night..."

Braden whimpered shifting his head to give Brian more access gripping to his biceps, "Yes I know baby.."

Brian continued his assault on Braden's neck, "I have such a big surprised planned for you baby...I just... mmm... know you're going to love it..."

Braden moaned, "OH God Brian... really? What is it?"

Brian pulled back, an evil smirk playing on his lips, "Come on baby...we're really late for class"

Braden gave Brian a look, "Uh-uh, you're kidding right?"

Brian chuckled, "I'm serious baby come on.."

"Oh come on, that's so not fair!" Braden whined

"Neither is being rock hard in front of your entire class and teacher" Brian grinned started getting his books ready for class, "Come on baby, we really need to go..."

Braden sighed giving up and gathered his books, "Alright you win for now..."

Brian smirked and threw his arm around Braden as they walked over to their first class of the day, English.

The school day flew by quickly and Braden and Brian were now sitting together on Braden's couch watching T.V., Brian's arm slung around Braden's shoulder. Braden just finished telling Brian all about his dream.

"Baby don't worry. I swear to you I'm never going to leave you. Now matter what happens, and before you say anything, no, not even for singing. Nothing could ever make me want to leave you." Brian said to Braden stroking his cheek.

"I know but it felt so real Bri"

"I know baby, but believe me, I won't do that, I swear to you"

Braden sighed and rested his head on Brian's shoulder, "Ok... I love you Bri-Bear...so much"

Brian kissed the top of Braden's head, "I love you too.."

Braden looked up into Brian's eyes and leaned up, kissing him softly. He turned his attention back to the T.V., the dream left him slightly uneasy feeling still. He believed and trusted Brian with all his heart, but he was still worried about what it all meant.

`This is stupid,' Braden thought to himself `It's just a dream...isn't it?'


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