Blind Child

by Everybodycrys

The following story is completely fictional, Nothing is meant to imply anything about the sexuality of any of the characters real or imagined. If this type of story is not allowed where you are or you are too young to be reading smut like this then go away...please.....go

“Meteorologist are astounded at the never before seen weather patterns. Thirty days of straight rain storms and there is no end in sight. We’ll keep you updated as this story develops.”

“Hundreds pour into the major cities as scores of small towns are submerged in floods resulting from the astounding rainfall. No relief in the forecast.”

“Coming up next, a complete list of those areas currently in danger of flooding and instructions on where to go if your living in one of these areas.”

“All sporting and entertainment events have been put on hold until this state of emergency is over. The NFL has announced the cancellation of the rest of their season.”

“More to come, please stay tuned”

As Eryk walked down the street, he glanced up at the thick dark gray cloud cover overhead. About a month ago these clouds had rolled and were yet to go away. On top of that this wasn’t a local problem, the entire country was covered with this unusual weather. There was no explanation, thousands of theories were floating around. The religious activist saw it as a sign of the end of the world. The environmentalist blamed the constant raping of the land and the outrageous levels of chemicals in the atmosphere. Eryk tried to not get to worked up over it. The constant rainfall was starting to get unsettling but he was taking it in stride as he so often did with events in his life.

When Eryk was 14 he had come to terms with being gay. Unlike so many kids who had such a terrible time with it he was blessed with caring friends and a community that supported him. Now at 21 he lived in Palm Brook, a decent sized coastal town in northern California. He had moved here about two months ago at the request of his parents and his aunt. He had been working as a counselor at the youth center in his home town and his mother and her sister thought he could be of some help. Long story short, His aunt Mary was having difficulties which her child, Michael. He was a unruly teenager of 18, having just squeaked through high school he apparently was heading nowhere except the streets. Eryk had arrived just before the rains had started under the guise of checking out the local college to pursue his graduate degree in psychology. It hadn’t taken him long to see what his aunt was up against.

Mike was almost always high and Eryk was certain he was dealing. Even with Eryk around Mike continued to be defiant to his mother and even yelled at her in Eryk’s presence. There were also times when he would disappear for days at a time, coming back only to crash in his room, blocking out the world around him. Eryk was reaching the end of his rope, and was quickly coming to the conclusion that there was nothing that could be done for Mike. It would be better for everyone involved if his aunt just gave up and cut all ties from her delinquent son. Not once during his time here had he seen any signs at all that there was anything good left in Michael.

Even now in this horrible weather, Eryk found himself walking the streets looking for Michael at the request of his aunt. He promised himself that this was it, if he couldn’t talk any sense into him tonight he would go back and convince his aunt that it was time to give up.

The rain was starting to come down harder, not that it made a difference to anyone anymore. Rain was rain to everyone now, it had become a part of their everyday lives and unless they were in danger of flooding they tended to ignore it. Eryk walked until he reached the Marina, he would have driven but he wanted time to think out a plan of action. He didn’t think he would be in any danger, but when it came to Mike he wasn’t completely sure about anything anymore.

With all their concerts canceled until further notice, the five members of Nsync were currently holding up in a hotel in Los Angeles awaiting word on a game plan for the immediate future. Management as well as the group wanted to figure out some way to make good on the thousands of tickets that had been sold, but with the weather being so unpredictable they were unsure how to accomplish that. One idea floating around was to return to the studio for a while and see how things turned out a month or two down the line. Until a decision was made Justin, JC, Lance, Chris, and Joey were stuck in LA awaiting word.

At the moment, all five guys were hanging in one of the suites they had trying to figure how to spend the time that night. Justin and Joey were all for heading out to a club or quietly bar hopping.

“I think I’m just gonna crash.” JC said, not relishing the idea of spending the night out. Justin gave him a disappointed look, He loved going out with JC and they hadn’t gone anywhere in a while. JC was always coming up with excuses or alternative ideas that kept them in.

“I’m waiting for a call from home, So I’m out. sorry” Chris told them. Justin sighed, this was looking like a sorry night. Lance agreed to go out with them, so at least there was that. Justin was still a bit upset that JC was gonna just go to bed again. He wanted to have a talk with his friend about this, but confrontation was something he avoided. Afraid to push things he left to get ready for his night out, his friend still heavy on his mind.

Josh returned to his room. He got out his computer and was soon checking his email. He didn’t intend to go to bed, but the last thing he wanted to do was go out with guys, especially Justin. During his entire time that he had known Justin, Josh had known that he was attracted to him. Until recently he hadn’t had any problems with it, they had always been friends and the attraction was only a physical thing that Josh didn’t mind and never let on to. But recently he felt him self reacting differently when he was around him. it felt like he was falling in love with him and that couldn’t be allowed to happen. Something like this could tear the group apart. No one knew that Josh was gay and for the time being he intended to keep it that way.

After checking his email and sending off a few of his own. Josh started surfing the net trying to find something interesting. Suddenly he got a idea, he tried to remember the website but couldn’t so he had to do a quick check on yahoo to find it. There it was.....Nifty. This was a website he had discovered a while ago while looking around. There was a section of it that was devoted to gay fiction based off of boy band characters. There he found that Nsync had received more then its fair share of being used in these stories. When he started getting down about Justin he would go to the website and live for a while in those fantasy worlds where anything was possible and hundreds of different combinations existed. Some he was straight, and in some he was gay like in real life. He read about himself in love with everyone under the sun, but the ones that really caught his attention were the ones where he was in love with Justin and in these stories Justin had returned his love. He got lost in these stories, reading as if these were accounts taken from his own life and not from a fan fiction site.

He got to the site and took a look at the new stories and updates. He quickly browsed through a couple to see if they were interesting. What he was looking for was a good story that had him and Justin involved. He glanced down the page and spotted the story “blind child”, the name intrigued him so he moved the mouse and clicked the name. Interesting, he thought, the author was using the current weather problems as a opening for the story. He read along as the apparent main character Eryk went looking for his cousin. The story didn’t sound like it was what he was looking for, but he felt a need to continue. His mind told him that this Eryk guy would be the one that got to fall in love. Josh envied him, hated him, and wished him the best as he read on. The story jumped over to reveal which boy group was involved. It was them, and surprisenly it was pretty accurate about being trapped in LA. Josh smiled at the irony that only he would ever know about. He continued to read and that was when things got freaky. He froze, backed up, and the read it again. Everything that had happened back in the other room was on the page in front of him. Including the inside privates thoughts that had apparently come from Justin.

Josh was stunned, he immediately got to go find Chris and show him what he had found. This was incredible, he was about to leave when a thought crossed his mind. He couldn’t show this to Chris, he couldn’t show this to anyone. The mere fact that it was posted on the Nifty website and that Josh was reading it would lead to questions that he just wasn’t ready to answer. He glanced over at the computer, across the room. Was he really reading what was happening or was he reading to much into something that was just slightly similar? Had someone's story struck too close to home? He walked back over and sat in front of the computer. He reread the story from the beginning, minus the section at the start about Eryk and his bad cousin Michael the story rang true and accurate. To make matters worse as he read on he saw the entire scene he had just lived through in his own room play through before his eyes in words. His heart raced and he could feel the sweat forming on his brow. This was amazing, the words before him were a exact history of his thoughts and actions. He read right up until he sat back in front of the computer and then as he read the words that were currently forming in his mind. As he thought it he read it on the screen a few seconds later. would he be able to move past his own thoughts and into the future? Would he be able to read the future and would he be able to change things? or would he be trapped by the words in front of him? On top of that he thought about how he had read Justin's thoughts. Thoughts he would had never known about otherwise. The implications were mindboggling. He scrolled and read on.

Eryk spotted his cousin on a small ski boat that was tied to the dock. It looked like him and his friends were taking advantage of the relatively abandoned marina to smoke some substance under the small covering that the ski boat had. As he walked down the dock he saw that one of the kids had spotted him and said something to Michael while pointing at Eryk. Mike jumped out of the boat, slightly unsteady on his feet and walked up to meet Eryk before he could reach the boat.

“Hey Eryk. What's up?’ Mike said. His voice was questioning while trying to retain that could care less attitude.

“Mike, What the hell are you doing?’ Eryk said. Mike threw a smile, he was obviously glad that he had pushed some button. Eryk sighed, he knew this wouldn’t be easy.

“I’m just hanging with my friends. You sound upset.” Mike responded. The smile on his face didn’t waver. Eryk felt a overwhelming sense of defeat. Mike was too far gone for Eryk to help now.

“You need to come home tonight....with me, right now.” He felt this was useless but he had promised to give it one last try. He kept his voice hard not letting on to the disappointment that was swelling inside him.

The smile disappeared immediately from Mikes face. “ I....don’t think,” he paused gathering his thoughts. If there was one good thing Eryk could say about Mike was the way he always thought things out in his head before acting or talking. It showed a degree of intelligence and self control. Unfortunately he often put this to use to find the most painful away to tear people apart. He continued, “I am not going anywhere except out with my friends. You have balls to come all the way out here and try this shit.” His face was stone, hard and set not a degree of warmth radiated from the angry young man.

Eryk decided to lay it on the line, “Mike”, he tried to sound calm and warm, “you need to come with me. If you don’t come home tonight I don’t think there’s gonna be a home for you to come back to later when you need it”

Eryk could almost feel the temperature drop and he could see the anger build quickly in Mike’s face. “You friggin faggot!” Mike voice raised, his friends froze when he shout, and Eryk could see them getting off the boat. “Who the hell do you think you are? That ain’t your house, you don’t belong there.”

“Hey Mikey, everything cool?” One of his friends called out as they started walking towards Eryk and Mike. Mike didn’t answer but his arm shot up signaling for them to stop which they did.

Mike leaned in so he wouldn’t be overheard, “You get the hell out of town. This ain’t none of your business. If I see you around here again, I’ll kill your faggoty ass.” He hissed this through clenched teeth. Eryk tried not to show his fear, but the anger boiling out of Michael was intense. He shuddered once and then pulled himself together. He back off Mike and headed for the ramp out of the docks. At the bottom of the ramp he turned back to where Mike was still standing where he had left him. He thought for a second and then called out.

“Mike......the deadline is midnight, be there by midnight.” and then he turned, walked up the ramp and disappeared into the rainy night. The second Eryk disappeared, Mike swore under his breath and kicked at the dock box that was located nearest to him.

Eryk walked back through the rain, up the same street that he had traveled down before trying to locate Michael. A small smile played on the edge of his mouth. any normal person would have been petrified by what had just happened but Eryk saw it as a positive. After so many times, seeing Mike going around home, his eyes lifeless and cold. even when he argued with his mother there was no emotion there, but tonight Eryk had pushed some button and for the first time there was something there. The fire and anger that had erupted from him showed that he was still alive inside somewhere. Dead was useless but this as angry as it was, was workable. Eryk could build off this, he just hoped Mike showed up.

Josh was entranced by the story unfolding before him. He wondered if this was indeed happening just as the scene with the group had earlier. Was Eryk a real person? Did this horrible kid Michael exist? Josh realized for the first time that during this entire time he had been reading the story, he hadn’t thought about Justin once. Eryk’s story was amazing and he wanted to read the entire thing. He clicked the back icon and saw that there were only three parts of the story thus far. He clicked back to the story and spent the better part of the evening reading. It was well past 3:00am before he finished and headed for bed, his mind screaming in amazement from the things he had read.

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