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Blind Date Chapter One

Ah, another Wednesday night almost over. Work was a bit busy tonight; I've never seen traffic run that badly before. Thank god its over. I pull my Jeep into the carport and trek up the stairs to my apartment. Opening the door and going in, up jumps Kiwi, my Red Speckled Queensland Heeler. "Hey boy! Did you miss me? Awwww, I missed you too!" I reach down to pet him. Always nice to come home to someone who loves you, even if it is just your dog.

My name's Mark, Mark Quigley. I've lived in Tempe, Arizona for almost 11 yeas now. Tempe's a suburb of Phoenix and home to the 5th largest university - Arizona State University. That’s where I work. For the University Police and Parking Division as their Special Event Parking Operations Night Manager. Basically I run all special event parking in the evenings. And tonight's Gammage performance was a nightmare; traffic never went so badly.

But that’s all over with, I'm home now, relaxing with a nice frosty Guinness in my mug and have the computer powering up. It always launches iTunes when it starts up and I had it log on to Kerbango and start streaming one of my favorites, European Trance, Techno and Hi-NRG music. Always enjoy listening to that, especially after a long night's work - the upbeat tempo seems to cheer me up.

I was just sitting there in my living room, enjoying the beer, relaxing to the music when my computer chimed. I forgot that it also launches AOL Instant Messenger when it starts up. So I wander over to the screen and there's an IM from Dale - he's a fraternity brother of mine.

"Hey Mark!"

"Wassup bro?"

"Nuthin much, what are you doing Tuesday night the 17th?"

"Not much, just working, why?"

"Can you take the day off?"

"Probably, nothing going on that night, and have over a month of vacation time. Dale, what do you have squirreled up in that mind of yours?"

"Well… there's a friend of Jake's that's going to be in Phoenix around then and Jake and I talked about it an he thought maybe you and this guy might hit it off."

Oh, did I mention that I'm also gay? Well guess it doesn't matter, but Dale's known for a while, in fact he's gay too. And he's made it his mission to get me hitched. I love him, but sometimes…

"Ugh, Dale, you know I've only done one blind date before and you know the Red Cross is still cleaning up after that storm!"

"Well we think you'll be perfect for each other. Just say yes, you only have to met him and I know you'll love him."

"Oh all right, but Dale if he's anything like that last one you hooked me up with when I was in DC, I'll kill you!"

"I swear! You'll love him."


"GOOD! I'll call you Monday with the details."

Dale logged off before I could reply. Ugh, I've only been on one other blind date and that was when I went to DC for a conference and Dale thought he would fix me up with this guy that worked at the Smithsonian. Talk about boring! All he talked about was the archeology work he was doing for the Institute. I like history and all, but he didn't seem to have any interests other than some mummy that was a few thousand years old. And seeing how I was just 29, I was a bit too young for his interests.

I never let Dale heard the end of the horror tale of 'date with mummy man' and it seemed to work, cause since then he hadn't try to hook me up with another guy until now.

Well at least its still a week away.

I spent the rest of the week working, thankfully it wasn't as bad as Wednesday. The weekend came and went always goes by too fast. I ended up going up to Sedona with my friend Brian and did some off roading and some really good hiking.

I was in my office Monday afternoon working on the payroll for my employees when my cell phone rang.


"Markus! Wassup, excited about tomorrow?"

Ah, it was Dale, I almost had forgotten he had fixed me up, but I had taken Tuesday off like he asked.

"Yea, I guess so."

"Cool, his name is James, and I know you'll like him. He'll be expecting you at his hotel room at 6pm tomorrow. He's staying at the Biltmore."

"The Biltmore? Just what does he do?"

"He's an artist. And that’s I all I can say, I promised him. Just go up to the front desk and say you're here to see buttercup and they'll take you to his room."

"BUTTERCUP??? What the fuck is that about?"

"Its just a code, he's not out and he likes his privacy. Trust me Mark."

"Alright, but if this goes bad, I'll never let you hear the end of it Dale, you're batting 0-1 so far."

"Hey, how was I supposed to know he was some sort of necrophiliac? James is different. He's your type and I know you'll really enjoy spending time with him."

"We'll see. So 6pm at the Biltmore, ask the front desk that I wanna see buttercup. Hmmm, you're starting line up doesn't look so good there Dale."

Dale Laughed. "You sure you're gay? You hike and offroad and you love sports, hmmm. Sounds like you got everything down. Just relax and be yourself. You're a great guy and he'll like you."

"Uh huh"

"Say you still thinking of coming back out here in a few months?"

"Yea, after all, I have to hook you up with Mummy man to get back at you for this!" I started laughing. Try as I might to hate him for this, he's too good of a friend."

"I'll talk to you later Dale, I've got to get this payroll done."

"Alright, call me Wednesday and let me know how it went."

"Oh I will, and make sure you sleep with a light on, wouldn't want the mummy to come get you!" I said with an evil tone.

I folded up the cell phone and went back to working on the payroll. I kept making mistakes as I sat there wondering what the date was going to be like. The Biltmore, damn that place goes for like 200 a night just for a basic room. What kind of artist can afford that?

Well its Tuesday, and I've never been so nervous, I changed outfits six times. Damn that Dale he sure knows how to work me. I finally agreed upon some basic khakis and a light emerald shirt from Abercrombie. Now it s just brush the teeth and spritz on the cologne.

On the drive over, I popped in a CD into the jeep's deck; a little techno will keep me from sweating up a nervous storm. As I pulled into the resort's driveway I see a sign pointing left for valet parking and to the right for guest parking. Oh well, might as well go valet, if he can afford to stay here I should at least make a better impression. I pull up to the overhang in front of the lobby doors to the valet stand. Oddly there was easily over a hundred teenage girls gathered behind a rope line with several big security guards trying to keep them from getting into the lobby.

I handed the keys over to the valet and accepted the claim ticket and wandered into the lobby past the giddy girls. Looking over at the front desk I see there 's older gentleman there. Ugh, I'm going to have to tell him I'm looking for buttercup? Jeez, Dale, you better be right.

"Hello, welcome to the Biltmore Resort, how may I help you sir?

"Umm, I'm here to umm, see buttercup?" Did I say that or ask that? Talk about feeling sheepish, now I know.

"Oh you must be Mr. Quigley, yes sir, we're expecting you. One moment please." He walked over to the phone and said something.

"Sir, if you would just follow me." A voice said from behind me.


"No Joey, will you stop fussing over me! I can do this myself. Jeez, I hate when you do this to me."

"C'mon Lance, you agreed to go out with this guy. What's the problem?"

"A blind date, ugh, you know I hate those."

"You trust Jake right?"

"Yes, he's always helps us out, but he's never tried to fix any of us up, why now? And Why me?"

"Maybe cause Jake is just tired of hearing you whining about always being single. I sure know I am." With a sly grin Joey ducked just in time to avoid getting hit by the sofa pillow that went flying through the air towards him. "Now Jake said this Mark guy was cool, that’s good enough for me for now. So just enjoy it, you haven't been out on a real date with a guy since we started this tour and I know you're unhappy."

"I'm not that bad!"

"Yes you are! Look Scoop, the guys and me love ya, but we need to get you out, you're depressing us. Jake and his friend Dale know this guy, and Jake says he's nice enough. Take a chance and go for some happiness."

Lance sits down and sighs. "But what if I don't like him? What if he freaks when he finds out who I really am? All Jake told him was that I was James and that I'm some sort of artist."

"Well all that’s true right?"

"Yea, but…"

"But nothing, just be yourself and try to get to know the guy, I'm sure Jake wouldn't risk this if he really didn't think you two would like each other."

Lance just looked at Joey and sighed as the phone rang. Joey walked over and answered, said something and then hung it up. He turned around and looked at Lance with a sheepish grin, "He's here."

I turned around and saw a rather large guy standing behind me.

"I'll take you back to his room sir, If you'll please follow me."

This guy was intimidating just from his voice, let alone by his sheer size. I've seen big muscle guys before when I went and worked out at the Q, but never like this. So I followed him back through the hotel. It looked like we were going back to the private casitas that the resort had for their VIPs, and I could feel my stomach churning. The guide or was he a guard? He stopped and pointed to a path to lead to casita number 15. I checked myself out, made sure I looked ok and walked up to the door and knocked on it.

I stood there for what seemed like an eternity, waiting for the door to open. Then I heard the handle click and it opened.

There, in the door was he. Wearing blue jeans and dark red shirt, his spiky blonde hair crowned what had to be the most beautiful face I had ever seen. All of a sudden time stood still for me. 'Dale,' I thought, 'if this works I'm going to name my first born after you!' I found myself staring into his emerald green eyes that seem to pierce into my soul. It was then the smiled.

"Hi" He said as he ushered me into his casita.

Well I hope you liked the first chapter. This is the first time I've ever written anything non-fiction.