Blind Date Chapter Ten


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Wow! Can you believe it? Ten chapters already! To celebrate this milestone I've made this an extra long chapter!!! Thanks to everyone for their emails and support. Especially Dale, Robert, Nick, Brian and most of all Paul! It's been really great hearing from new people and even making some new friends. The future chapters will have lots of good stuff in it! New characters, new highs and lows, surprising revelations! Mark and Lance will have a few surprises in their futures too!

Last time:

Lance brought me back to earth by poking me in the nose with the rose that had been laying on his plate.

"Hey, you with me?"

"Yea, sorry, I just wasn't expecting all this. Wow, no one has ever done something so romantic like this for me."

He just smiled and filled our glasses with some wine. There was a knock at the door and then a second later a waiter came in with our appetizers. He placed them on the table and left.

"Oh, I hope you don't mind but I pre-ordered our dinner."

I nodded that that was okay with me and picked up my wine glass. I lifted it up towards him.

"To the most wonderful man in the world, and here he is sitting across the table from me." He lifted his class and we toasted each other.

"To our future and may we always be together for it." He replied.

And now on to Chapter Ten!

We drank the wine, ate the dinner and enjoyed each other's company. The meal was exquisite, for appetizers we had warm goat cheese salad - it was different, but tasty. Then for our main course we had a very succulent glazed pork loin that sat on a bed of spinach. Finally our desert arrived - citrus mangoes with ginger ice cream. A melt in your mouth feast. During the dinner we just made soft romantic small talk. About how we both felt when we saw each other for the first time. How the other guys would pull Lance off to the side to tell them what they thought of me. We laughed at Joey and Chris's comments. When he told me what Justin said to him the night of the concert in the dressing room I could tell he was fighting back the tears. I leaned over the table and reach out to squeeze his hand. He smiled and got up while still holding my hand he pulled me up from my chair.

"Hey, I wasn't finished with my desert." I playfully protested.

"Come here and I'll give you an even better desert." He said with such a grin I had never seen before. He wrapped his arms around me and rested his head on my shoulder and started to sway to the soft music that was playing over the restaurants sound system. I pulled my arms around him and gave him a squeeze and danced with him. I was so happy having him in my arms as we danced together. We must have lost track of time, as there was a knock at the door. We stopped and Lance stepped a few steps away from me. I tried to hide the fact that that hurt me a little that he moved away from me.

"Come in." Lance shouted.

Lonnie poked his head in the door. "Just wanted to make sure everything was alright, it's been 45 minutes since the waiter brought your desert in."

"Yea, we're fine Lonnie. Give us 15 more minutes though and then we'll head out, ok?

"Sure thing." He closed the door.

Lance looked at me. He walked back over to me and placed his hand on my check.

"Hey, what's wrong?" He softly lifted up my face.


"Liar. Now tell me."

"It's stupid."

"So what? I want to know."

"It just that it was so nice to have you there in my arms as we danced. Then all of a sudden you walked away from me. I mean I know why you did, and I understand it. And the last thing I want to do is get you in trouble or out you or anything. It just brought me back into the real world. I told you its stupid."

"No it's not. When we where holding each other I didn't want it to ever end. I felt like a normal guy again, not having to worry about who I am and who sees me. When I'm with you I always feel that and it makes me happier than anything in the world. What say we get out of here and go back home so we can be together again?" He grabbed my arm and started to pull me towards the door.

I stopped and suddenly pulled him towards me and gave him such a bear hug that I actually lifted him off the ground. Once he got his footing back I also gave him a passionate kiss. He pulled back when we here done, gasping for air he asked, "Wow, what was that for?"

I smiled. "That's for always know the right thing to say to cheer me up! Now let's get home!" I turned him around and gave him a hard pinch on his ass as we walked to the door.

"Ouch! Oh you are so going to pay for that!" He scowled as he rubbed the spot where I pinched him.

I laughed. "Oh yea, big man, Poofu" And I ran out the door before he could retaliate.

Lance trotted out after me, stopping to pay the bill and tip our waiter. I had already made my way out to the car and I watched as Lonnie escorted Lance out, his stopping to sign a few autographs and pose for a few pictures. I smiled as I watched him; he seemed to really enjoy meeting with his fans. I could tell his smile was a genuine one, not a fake one like you hear most celebrities put on for their fans. After about 10 minutes of signing, he politely explained that he needed to leave and he walked over to the car where I was waiting.

"Sorry about that."

"It's okay, you've got to keep your fans happy." I said as we climbed into the back and drove off. When we got back on the 101 freeway he leaned back up against me. "So did you enjoy dinner?"

"Yep, and I can't wait until I can have my desert." Lance wrapped his arms around me.

"Oh? So one desert wasn't enough?"

"Nope, I want more! But first I need to take care of something first."

"Oh? What's that?"

"THIS!" He screamed as he started to tickle me. I tried to squirm out from under him but there isn't much room to move in the back of the Explorer. I kept laughing and pleading him to stop, but he just laughed and kept on going. Know I wasn't going to be able to escape, I managed to exclaim between breaths.

"Two can play this game!" And I started to grab and tickle him. We both were rolling around in the back seat trying to see who could tickle each other hardest. We kept at it for what had to have been fifteen minutes. Finally both of us were so out of breathe we called it a draw and sat back up leaning against each other trying to catch our breathes. I looked up towards Lonnie and saw him grinning in the rear view mirror and shaking his head. I guess this was something he was used. After all I've seen how the guys act around each other so I guess what Lance and I had done wasn't much of a surprise.

Lance leaned forward and pulled something up from off the floor. When I saw what he had I tried to grab it from him.

"Hey! That's my wallet." It must have fallen out of my pocket during our tickle fight.

"Hmmm, looks like it, but maybe I should check the ID to be sure." He played coy as he opened the wallet. "Hmmm, sure looks like you. Hey! Your birthday is next week?"

"Yep, I'll be a year older and a year closer to death." I tried to grab my wallet from him.

"Hrmph, you ain't dying on my watch mister!" He turned, handed me my wallet and kissed me. I playfully resisted at first, but truth be told, I love kissing him. I opened my mouth to let his tongue enter. I gladly accepted it as our two tongues met and danced together in our mouths. When we broke apart, he sat there looking at me.

"So when were you going to tell me that your birthday was coming up?"

"I don't know, is just never came up."

"Uh huh. Just for that maybe I won't get you anything." He pretended to pout.

"Well I wasn't really expecting anything, I mean we've just started dating. Besides… " I pulled him tighter against me and lifted his head so he was looking at me. "…just knowing that you love me is better than any gift you could buy me. And won't you guys be in Vegas for your concert and charity thing?"

"Yes, but I could fly down and be with you. I don’t want you to be alone on your birthday."

"First off, you need to be there, it's a good cause. And second, I won't be alone."

"You won't?"

"Nope, Dale is flying out for the weekend and he was going to take me out to celebrate."

"Oh, Dale? I see. I have competition now?"

I playfully punch his arm. "He's my friend. It'd be too weird. Like sleeping with my brother or something"

"But you'd rather spend your birthday with him instead of me!" He stuck out his lower lip to pout.

"Don't be putting words in my mouth! I want to spend the rest of my life with you. But I won't let you give up your career and your obligations for me. You know this; we’ve had this conversation before. So we don't get to be together for my birthday, you've only got a month left on your tour, after that you'll be free and we can celebrate in our own special way, just the two of us." I gave him a gentle kiss.

"Well I'm going to get you something."

"Ok, I can't stop you from doing that." I winked at him.

A little while later we arrived back at my apartment. Lonnie watched as we walked to my door and we walked in. As soon as I had closed the door Lance pushed me up against it and pressed his lips against mine. Our tongues explored each other's mouth. Lance slowly pulled away and began to kiss my neck. My arms reached around him, slowly stroking the back of his head and neck. I moaned out and Lance made his way up to my earlobe. I reached down and pulled out his shirt so I could run my hands underneath it and glide them up the bare skin of his back. His kissing made its way back to my lips. I reached around to the front of his shirt and started to unbutton his shirt. Once I had them all unbuttoned I reached up under the shirt to his shoulders and gently pushed the shirt off his shoulders and it fell down to the ground. I ran my hands along his chest, playing with his nipples, teasing them, fondling them and gently tugging at them. Each time I teased them, Lance would moan and his kissing would become more aggressive.

He started to pull my shirt out and slowly lifted up, we broke our kissing just brief enough for him to lift it off over my head. Once off we started kissing again. Lance made his way down my neck. Gently licking it on his way down to my chest. He worked each nipple with his lips, tongue and teeth. Waves of pleasure were pulsing though my body as he softly blew on my moistened nipples, causing then to harden and develop Goosebumps around them. After teasing my nipples for a couple of minutes he moved back up to kiss me on the lips. After we broke apart, I moved down to his chest, mirroring what he had done with me. After a few minutes of my teasing his nipples, my lips moved their way down his stomach, his ab muscles jumped as I traveled along them to his belly button. His moans were getting louder and his hands had made their way t o the top of my head, gently playing with my hair and slowly trying to push me down further. I knew what he wanted and I wanted it too, but I was going to make him wait a little bit for it. As I was playing with his abs and belly button, my arms made their way to his backside, with one arm in the middle of his back and the other at his thighs between his ass and his knees. In one sweeping moment, I gently pushed him back with my shoulder and I scooped him up in my arms. He gasped in surprise until he saw that I was picking him up. Once I stood upright, there he was in my arms looking at me with a smile on his face that would warm my heart. He reached his arms around my neck and shoulders to hold on to me. I leaned me head down and gave him a kiss on his forehead and carried him into the bedroom.