Blind Date Chapter Fourteen

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Happy new year everyone! I got a few emails asking why my last few chapters were so short so I wrote this one to be a little longer. Hope you like.

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Last time:

I hugged him from behind and whispered in his ear. "Shower time." Lance just nodded and continued putting away the food. I walked towards the bathroom, stopped, turned around.

"Um Lance, I meant that for the both of us."

Lance looked up at me. "Huh, what… Oohhh!" He pushed the remaining food towards the back of the counter and ran over to join me.

I just grinned and lead him into the bathroom.

And now on to Chapter Fourteen!

Lance coyly followed me into the bathroom and when we entered I looked up in the mirror to notice that Lance had lost his robe on the short journey from the kitchen to the bathroom and now he stood behind me stark naked. I started the water in the shower waiting for it to warm up. Lance reached around my waist and pulled me close to him. He placed a kiss on the back of my earlobe and finished the kiss with a gentle nibble. I think he was starting to learn just what buttons he needed to push to get me going. An electric shiver when down through my body as he his teeth left my lobe. I moaned slightly and Lance grabbed the bottom of my t-shirt and with one single motion he lifted it over my head and tossed it behind him. I turned around to face him. He smiled and reached down and started to unbutton my jeans. I noticed he was starting to get hard so I reached down and cupped his slightly furry ball sac in my hand. He let out a small gasp as my cool hand made contact. I started to play with his balls, gently rolling them in the palm of my hand as he continued to push my jeans lower down my pants; his hard-on ever growing. When the jeans reached my knees they dropped the rest of the way to the floor and I stepped out of them. I hadn’t put on any underwear after I had changed from falling into the canal and I stood there with him. Both of us stark naked and both of us holding each other in the palm of our hands. Without saying a word he took off my glasses and placed them on the sink counter. He then gently pushed me back into the shower stall and followed me in. I started to say something, but he stopped me by leaning in and gently licking my lips. His eyes directly in front of mine I lost my train of thought as I gazed into the pools of bright emerald green. He backed me into the stream of the water and then turned me around after my back had gotten wet enough. Slowly he turned me until my entire body was covered in droplets of water. He then reached over to the body sponge that was on the shelf below the shower I stood there, gazing at his face, his blonde bangs jutting out in every direction with a few strands soaked by droplets of water that had bounced off me sticking to his forehead. He continued to wash every inch of my body, I relaxed into his hands, enjoying every touch and caress. Never before had I received such a sensual bathing from someone. Never saying a word he had his hands guide the body sponge along my body, working from my feet up to my face. Spending a little extra time at what had become a throbbing hardening pointing up from between my thighs. But just as I started to moan to the pleasurable friction of his soap coated hands as they stroked my cock, he pulls off and continues up my chest with the sponge. Once he reached my face he rinsed off one of his hands in the shower spray and gently placed two fingers over both my eyes and softly closed my eyelids. Lance seemed to spend ten minutes just washing my face. His hands gently following the contours of my cheeks, nose, forehead and jaw, exploring every millimeter of my face. When he was done, he slowly leaned my head back to rinse off my face and to wet down my hair. Once my eyes were clear of soap I opened them in time to see Lance pour some of my shampoo into one of his palms and watched as he reached up to knead it through my hair. His strong hands gave me such a scalp massage that the whole top of my head was tingling. I chuckled at the thought of how his shampooing reminded me of those Herbal Essence shampoo commercials with all those guys sexually washing the one lady’s hair. Lance stopped for a brief moment place a finger on my lips and softly went "shhhhh." I smiled and winked at him and let him continue his massaging of my hair.

Once all rinsed off, we just stared into each others eyes for a minute or two, then with a grin I grabbed his shoulders and slowly traded places with him, guiding him under the stream of the water. Turning him around to water down his body. Then grabbing the sponge I proceeded to bath him just like he had just bathed me. I think I took more time though as I allowed my hands to guide the body sponge over his body. My face stayed level with my hands as both my eyes and hands explored every part of his body, noticing every bump, every crack and freckle going up his legs. Once I reach his crotch, I added more body wash, bringing his crotch to a deep, soapy foam. My fingers wrapped around his cock as slowly stroked him with one hand and cleaned the underside of his ball sac with the other. Lance let out a deep sigh and I worked my way around his ass. After giving them a light squeeze which resulted in my getting a big grin from Lance I proceeded up his back. Working my way up to his face. I gave him the same attention to detail when I worked on his face and hair as he did to me.

Once he was all clean and rinsed off I found him with his back to me. I smirked and reached my arms around him. Pulling him softly to me. I started to kiss the back of his neck and worked my way to his left ear. I reached up and pumped a little of the body wash into the palm of my right hand and then reached down to Lance’s ass and applied the soap. My fingers dancing around the rim of his hole, with my left arm still wrapped around him I could feel his breathing getting quicker. I slowly pushed one of my fingers into him, feeling the moist heat of him wrapping around my finger. Lance shuddered for a moment and I pulled him tighter towards me and kissed the side of his face as I inserted another finger. Gently I explored his insides, finding his prostate I gave it a slight tap and he let out a deep moan that grew in its loudness as it reverberated of the shower walls. Sensing he was ready I guided my cock towards his hole. Slowly I pushed it in, stopping when I felt him tense up in the slightest. Eventually I was all the way in and I stood there for a second to just enjoy the sensation of him engulfing me. Lance reached around and squeezed my ass as I started to pull out. Just as I was about to pull all the way out I thrusted back into him, causing an even louder moan to escape his lips. Wrapping both arms around his upper chest I softly played with his nipples as my pistoning grew with more intensity. With every thrust into him there was a soft slap as our bodies forced the water trapped between us to escape. Continuing to move in and out of him, going deeper with every thrust I was nibbling on his left ear. Soon my vision was turning a bright white as waves of pleasure surged through my body and with a loud moan and one final thrust I shot deep inside him. I stayed in side him for a few moments longer hugging him tightly. Slowly I pulled out of him, the coldness of the shower air embracing me as I left the warm confines of him.

He turned around, his cock throbbing and dripping with precum. I knew he was close and he started to guide my hands down towards his awaiting shaft. I kissed him on the lips and pushed him up against the shower wall. Grabbing the body soap dispenser I squirted some soap on him and worked it all around him. I looked up at him, grinned and then turned to have my back facing him. I could hear Lance let out a whimper, as if he thought I was going to leave the shower. I looked back over my shoulder and winked at him. Then I backed up against him, reaching down to guide him into my. Pushing back I took him in one quick thrust. I gasped loudly as shocks of pain and pleasure went through me. I stood there for a minute to get used to him. My anal muscles constricting around him he reached up and placed his hands on my shoulders, gently bending me over and he began to pump in and out of me. In no time soon he was going at it full steam, everytime he thrusted into me waves of pleasure surfed through my body as he would hit my prostate. My dick started to harden again with a little precum forming. Deeper and harder he thrusted, the pleasure building up inside me; until I could feel him shiver slightly and with a final thrust that was deeper than he had ever been inside me we both shot loads, moaning with such an intensity to cause Kiwi to start clawing at the shower stall door. Lance collapsed on top of me, with both our hearts pounding and our chests heaving as we gasped for air. Finally we pulled apart and I turned around to face him.

"Wow, that has got to be the best shower I’ve ever taken!" I said as I wrapped my arms around him.

He smiled at me and leaned us over so he could turn off the water. "Well it was your idea."

"Mmmmmph." Was all I could manage as I place my lips up against his and poked my tongue into his mouth.

We stood there kissing each other until we realized that the water had started to run cold. I broke apart from him and leaned over to turn the water off. We toweled off and went into the bedroom to get dressed.

Lance was done before I was and he started to pack up his clothes.

"You leaving me?" I asked.

"Never! I’m just packing my stuff up now so I won’t have to do it tomorrow morning. That way I can sleep in a little longer with you in my arms."

"Awww, you even make packing sound romantic." Just then there was a knock at the front door. "I’ll go get it, it’s probably Lonnie. You just finish your packing." I gave him a pat on the butt and walked out to answer the door.

I opened it up and it wasn’t Lonnie standing there, but my good friend Kris was.

"Hey you!"

"Kris, what are you doing here?" I hadn’t told Kris about Lance yet.

"You didn’t forget we were going hiking today did you?"

"Oh shit! I’m so sorry, it completely slipped my mind. This week has been kinda unusual."

"Ah Hmmm. So what have you been up to? I could tell from the look on his face that he suspected something was up. Just then Lance came out of the bedroom.

"Honey, have you seen my shoes?" As he walked out into the living room.

Kris looked over my shoulder to see who was there, screamed and shouted, "OH MY GOD! YOU’RE LA…" He then fainted right there in front of me. I grabbed him before he hit the floor.

"Oh brother." I exclaimed as I picked Kris up and carried him into the living room, placing him on the couch and sitting on the floor next to Kris

"Who’s this?" Lance asked as he walked over and closed the front door.

"This is my good friend Kris. I forgot we had made plans to do some hiking today. Looks like I also didn’t know he was a fan of yours, at least I think he is, I mean you’re not that frightening to look at." I smirked at him.

"Oh you did not just go there." He said as he grabbed a few pillows from the other couch to throw at me. "If I’m so frightening then why aren’t you afraid of me?"

"Hmmm, think it as something to do with just how much I love you! You nub-nut!" As I threw the pillows back at him.

"So you love me do ya?" He walked over, sat next to me and kissed me.

Kris started to wake back up and he sat up to see the two of us kissing.

"Holy shit!"

We broke apart and looked at him. He had such a look of disbelief on his face we couldn’t help but to burst into laughter.

"Um, Kris, I’d like you to meet my new boyfriend, Lance."

"No way! Lance and I just busted out into even more laughter.

Lance moved over to Kris. "It’s true, nice to meet you Kris, any friend of Mark’s is a friend of mine." And he held out his hand to Kris.

"This is so unbelievable!"

"So Kris, how come you never told me you were such a big fan on N’Sync?"

"Well, I just thought you might think I was weird."

I chuckled, "I’ve always thought that."

"No, you know what I mean, I mean I’m 28 years old and I like a boyband. I thought you would just tease me or something."

"Nah, besides, I seem to be fast becoming a fan of N’Sync too. Or at least one of them." I leaned in and gave Lance another kiss.

"Wow, that is so cool. So how’d you meet, how long have you been together?"

I looked at Lance. He stood up. "You two catch up, I’ll finish packing." He gave me a wink and walked back into the bedroom.

Turning back to Kris, "Kris, you’ve got to swear to me to me that you won’t tell a soul about me and Lance."

"Do you love him?"

"More than anything, yes."

"Ok, I swear. Now tell me everything!"

I told Kris all about how Lance and I met and all. He was riveted to the story like when you talk to a 3-year-old about Santa. I could tell he was happy for me. As I was telling him about what happened this morning with Lonnie, Lance walked back out from the bedroom, sat down behind me and just cuddled up next to me and listened.

After I got done telling Kris everything, Kris stood up. "Dude, I am so happy for ya! So I guess our hiking plans are off?"

I turned to look at Lance who nodded at me. "Well if you don’t mind Lance and Lonnie joining us, then we can still go."

Kris grinned, "Are you kidding? That would be great!" With that Lance and I stood up. Lance went into the bedroom and grabbed his cell phone to let Lonnie know about the change. Kris sat back down and waited for us to get ready. Walking into the bedroom, I saw Lance just finish telling Lonnie about what we were doing.

"Lonnie will be over in a few minutes."

"You’re ok with this, right? I mean I know we were planning on just spending today together, but I completely forgot I had made these plans with Kris."

"Hey, its not a problem, he seems like a nice enough guy and you seem to trust him knowing about us, so that’s good enough for me. Besides, I’ll still be with you today." He smirked, "And as long as I get you to myself tonight."

Smirking back at him, "Oh I think I can guarantee that!"

"Um hello, lovebirds, I can hear you out here!" Kris shouted from the living room. Lance’s face immediately turned a bright crimson red and I burst out laughing.

"Come on Tweety," grabbing Lance’s hand, "Let’s not keep our guest waiting."

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