Blind Date Chapter 19

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Last time:

Lance pulled himself out of the sink and grabbed his shorts and pulling them back up. "Oh yea, I think we'll be fine. Be out in a minute!" He was extremely flustered; he looked down at Mark who was climbing back up from the floor. Lance smiled and winked at him.

"Ok, we'll be out in the living room waiting for you." Dale grinned as he walked back out.

Lance helped Mark up, pulling him into a hug. "Do you think he saw us?"

"Well not sure, but if I know Dale, if he did I'm sure he'll find sometime to use it to embarrass me."

"Hmm, well we'll just have to finish this later.

"Oh you can count on that. Come on, let's not keep the guys waiting." Mark grabbed Lance's hand and led him out to the living room.

They both walked into the living room as all eyes fell on them.

And now on to Chapter 19!

Walking into the living room Mark and Lance heard everyone grow quiet and were looking at them. Chris looked down to see them holding hands and then smiled and looked at Lance.

"So are we to assume that the battle is over?"

Lance turned to Chris and smiled. "Yea, we both agreed that we blew things out of proportion and were sorry about the things we said to each other and then we kissed and made up."

Everyone but Justin started to snicker and Lance and Mark looked at each other and started to blush.

Justin stood up and started walking to the door. "Come on guys, we're gonna be late for the interviews." As he opened the door, Lonnie was standing there as if he was about to knock on the door. Justin turned around. "Guys, we're really late, Lonnie is here." With that he walked out past Lonnie. Britney followed Justin out.

"Shit!" JC jumped up and started heading out as well. Chris and Danni followed, Joey got up and went over to Dale and whispered something in his ear before joining Chris.

"You coming Scoop?" Chris asked as he reached the door.

"Yea, be there in a second." Lance turned to Mark. "I'm so sorry about last night, I promise I'll make it up to you tonight." With that he leaned in and gave Mark a quick kiss before jogging out into the hallway to join the others. Mark just stared at the door that his boyfriend just exited from for a moment until Kris spoke.

"I'm heading out too, I promised some friends that I would hang out with them today since I'm in town. I'll meet up with you guys later tonight for dinner." With that he headed out and left

"So, what shall we do?" Dale asked, "Joey said that we can meet back up with them for lunch at about 1pm down in the main ballroom for the charity luncheon."

Mark turned towards Dale, "Well, why don't we head down to the pool? We need to work on your tan, you're as white as an Irish Banshee!"

"Fuck you! I have a great tan!" Dale knew Mark was right, he was somewhat pale, but that's what you get from living in Baltimore.

"Yea, you're as tan as the Pillsbury Dough Boy!" Mark joked as he started heading out to his room.

Dale followed him out into the hall and went the other way down to his room. "Yea, just try to poke me to make me giggle, I dare ya!" He yelled down the hall as Mark went into his room. Dale noticed the guard at the end of the hall chuckle at the remark as he waited for the elevator to arrive.

Mark walked into the suite and passed into the bedroom to the dresser and started to pull out his swim trunks when he noticed a folded paper with his name on it lying on top. He pulled it open and sat down on the edge of the bed to read it.


I can't say how saddened and sorry I am for driving you away last night. Our fight was something that isn't worth losing you for. But after all these years, I fear that I've lost the love of my life before I really even got you. Outside of my family, nothing has mean more to me than music, that is until I opened the door that one night to see you standing there. Music has always been a part of me; it's made me who I am. But last night as I stared at the door that slammed behind you I felt as if an even bigger part of me had left with you. I guess what I'm trying to say is that you mean more to me than any royalty check, than any bootleg CD, than any mp3 that you could download and I hope that I can convince you to give me a second chance. Give me a chance to show just how much you mean to me. I really do love you more than money, more than music. Please find it in your heart to forgive me.


Mark felt his eyes swelling up with tears. Obviously Lance left this on the dresser with the idea that he wasn't going to see him for a while. Mark glanced down and saw a $20 bill on the floor and he realized it must have been the one he had thrown at Lance the night before. Lance had put it in the note but it had fallen out when Mark had opened it.

Mark leaned over and picked the bill up, carefully folded the bill up and placed it in a small pocket inside his wallet, vowing never to spend the bill, instead using it to remind him of greater things. With that he got up, showered and cleaned up and put on his swim trunks. Grabbing his Discman and his key card he walked out the sweet and met up with Dale who was waiting for him out in the mini sitting area out in the hall next to the elevators. Mark nodded to the guard has he walked by.

"Hey Doughboy, ya ready?" Mark grinned.

"Hey like I said, I ain't no doughboy and you can't poke me." Dale walked into the elevator once the door opened and Mark followed him in.

"Speaking of which, you going to tell me what's going on between you and Joey?" Mark waited for the doors to close before he had asked.

"I wish I knew." Dale sighed. "He seems to really like me and I know I really want to get to know him more and I like him. But something just doesn't seem right."

"What do you mean?"

"Well when we chat, he always points out that he's bi and that he doesn't want anyone to know, especially the rest of the guys."

"But why?" Mark stepped out as the elevator opened and the two made their way towards the back of the lobby. "I mean the none of them seems to have a problem with Lance, except I'm wondering if Justin does. He's always so distant and barely acknowledges me." Mark stopped as soon as he saw Dale waking away to the right. "Um Dale? Where are you going?"

"Well duh, to the pool."

"No, it's this way."

"No its not, see the sign?" Dale pointed to a sign on the wall.

"Yea, but the VIP pool is this way." He pointed to the opposite direction.

"VIP? Oh! OH!" Dale walked back towards Mark.

"So, why do you think he's acting like that?" Mark picked back up as the two walked towards the pool.

"What? Oh, I'm not sure. I mean I know he has no problems with Lance and he thinks you're the best thing to happen for Lance since the group formed. It's almost as if he's ashamed to admit the he's like Lance."

The two arrived at the pool gate where a pool attendant stopped them. Mark swiped his key card through the reader and unlocked the gate. The attendant read the name and room number on his screen. "You must be Mr. Quigley." Mark nodded and the attendant showed the two to their cabana.

Mark thanked the attendant gave him their drink order of a couple of bottled waters, grabbed a towel and laid it on the lounge chair. Taking off his shirt he climbed into the chair and Dale did the same to the adjacent chair. "So what do you think about all this?"

"Well I really like him, but I don't know if I could go back into the closet again, I mean its one thing to be like you and Lance, not being out to the public. But to not even be out to your close friends, I just don't think I could do that. Shit, I can't even keep it from you."

"Well you didn't really have a choice. Had I not found you two like that would you have told me?"

"I'm not sure." The attendant arrived with their bottled water. Mark asked him to let them know when it was 12:30, the attendant assured him that he would and went off.

"I know it's none of my business, but what happened between you two?"

"Well after you two left, the other guys went their own ways and Joey and I went down to play some pool and just started chatting, eventually we went up to his bedroom to watch a move and you know how it its, one thing lead to another. We didn't do anything serious, just a little heavy petting and making out and then we fell asleep in each other's arms.

"Ugh, I don't need to know all the details."

Dale laughed, "Oh come on, it can't be any worse than when Lance was moaning this morning while you went down on that snake of his." Dale grinned.

"Shit, you heard us?" Mark started to blush, then it hit him and he sat up. "Hey, what do you mean 'that snake of his'???"

Dale broke out into laughter.

"You saw us!?!" Mark was red as a tomato.

Dale tried explaining as he laughed. "Well I knocked, but you didn't hear me, so I had to get your attention somehow and I didn't think you'd hear me through the door over all the noise."

"Oh man, Lance would just die if he ever found out you saw us."

"Don't worry, I won't tell him. After all, looks like you have your hands full." Dale started snickering again.


"Sorry, I couldn't resist it. Seriously, If Lance makes you happy... more power to you. He's not my type though. Too girly looking. I like my men a bit rougher around the edges." With that, Dale grinned at Mark as he put his sunglasses on. Mark grabbed suntan lotion and threw it at Dale who rolled out of the way but ended up rolling into the pool by accident.

Mark laughed and dove in after Dale. The two friends spend a few minutes splashing each other... but stop when a little kid goes by on a small inner tube. The kid stops for a brief second, then gets a big grin on his face.

"Mark... get out of the pool now!"


"I recognize the look... that kid just peed."

The two quickly exit the pool, and then started laughing... loud enough that the kid and his mom both turned to look at them. As Dale and Mark walk back to their cabana, Dale turns to the kid. "Later tinkles."

The two spent the rest of their time relaxing in the sun and chatting about different things.

"So, Joey tells me you lost your job."

"Huh, oh yea, I guess Lance told the others."

"Well he just said that you lost your job, but from what Joey tells me, he thinks there's more to it than just that. He said Lance seemed really evasive about answering any of the guy's questions about it. The others picked up on that and agreed to just let it drop."

"Naw, there wasn't anything behind it, they just were re-organizing the department and I got axed."

"So what are you going to do? You need any help or anything?"

"Thanks, but I'm fine. I've got enough tucked away for about 5 months. I should find something by then. Plus I have my volunteer job, maybe I can see about working that into a full time job."

"Oh, you mean the one with the Police Department?" Mark nodded. "How'd Lance take the fact that you're a volunteer cop?

"I'm a volunteer motorist service officer, there's a difference. And I haven't told him."

"What? Why not?" Dale seemed surprised; he thought that by now Mark and Lance shared everything.

"Well it never came up and I'm off this weekend. So I guess it just didn't cross my mind."

"Hmmm, well okay, I guess." Dale didn't seem to convinced about Mark's response, but he'd talk to him more about it later, now wasn't the time to try to confront Mark about something like this. He knew how he could be when confronted. He decided to change the subject about telling Lance. "So what's the difference?"

"Huh? What's the difference about what?"

"What's the difference between a regular cop and doing what you said you aree"

"A motorist service officer?"

"Yea, that's it."

"Well, I'm not an enforcement officer, I'm service oriented. I basically patrol around helping people whose cars have broken down, helped them out if they lock their keys in their cars, if they need a jump-start or if they have a flat tire. I also help out at accident scenes, directing traffic, setting up cones and stuff and helping out with the paperwork."

"So you don't chase and shoot anyone do you?"

"Nope, I don't even carry any weapons. My uniform is even a different color than the enforcement officers."

"Do you have a car like the others?"

"Actually I drive a police truck. It's got all the lights and sirens like the cars, but since I have to carry tools, cones, flares and what-nots we use a pickup truck."

"Ah, interesting." Dale was about to say something but the pool attendant came by to let them know the time as requested. Mark thanked him, signed for the pool tab and tipped the man rather well. Mark and Dale wandered back up to their rooms to get ready for the luncheon. It was being held at the MGM Grand hotel so they grabbed a cab and headed over.

Mark and Dale walked into the dining hall after passing through security and getting their names checked off the guest list. Looking at the seating chart they found they being seated at the table same table that Chris was sitting at. Lance would be one table over and Joey and the others would be close by, each at a different table. They knew this was going to happen.

Mark looked around for the guys, he spotted Chris and JC and started heading towards them when he spotted Lance off in the corner. He gasped when he saw who was with him and started to storm over. Lance had some girl with him and she was all over him, kissing him and she had her hand on his belt buckle with her fingers reaching in his pants. The whole time Lance just laughed and made little attempt to break away from her.

Dale picked up on what was going on and tried to pull Mark over to where Chris was. JC and Chris had seen as well and went to head Mark off. JC let Chris handle Mark and he went over towards Lance.

"Mark, calm down, you don't know what's going on." Dale pleaded as he pulled on his arm, slowing him down long enough for Chris to join them and pull him off into one of the other rooms next door that were empty.

"Dude, calm down." Chris said.

"Calm down?? That big titted floozy was all over him and he was loving it!"

"He's just putting on act, you know that. We all do when we're in public."

"That BIMBO had her hand down his pants and he was enjoying it!" Mark continued to struggle against Dale and Chris.

Dale grabbed hold of Mark's shirt and pushed him up against the wall. "Mark, damnit! CHILL! Chris is right, he's just doing what the public wants, what they expect from a big pop star. He can't be with you like the way that HE wants to be. He has to think of the good of the band. You know this! Shit, we just got done talking about it a few hours ago!" With that comment Mark just slumped against the wall.

"I know, but it still bothers me, I love him so much and having to see some tramp that is just using him act like that to him. It just pisses me off.

"Hey, we all understand, he must have gotten cornered, none of us knew what was going on; you know we'd protect him. JC is with him now. And I know that Lance would never do anything with that chick. And deep down you know it too." Chris saw that Mark was calming down and let go of him and motioned for Dale to do the same.

"Yea, I'm sorry. I just saw her all over him and something inside of me just took over.

Chris chuckled, "Yea, must be that Irish temper of yours. Man if I were dating you, I know I'd never have the guts to cheat on ya. Now why don't you take a minute to gather yourself and lets go out and grab some lunch." Chris let Mark walk around for a few before the three of them walked back into the main room and sat down at their table just as the luncheon was getting under way. Lance looked over towards the table and gave Mark a smile with a wink and Mark knew that everything was ok and he started to enjoy the luncheon.

Throughout the luncheon Chris, Mark and Dale enjoyed chatting with the other 5 that were seated at their table, there was a another musician who was just coming on the scene, two actors, and then two people that had donated a fair amount of money for their seats at both the luncheon and the charity game. They laughed and Dale spent a lot of time chatting with Mark and the musician who was sitting next to him. Dale talked about how he had been taking vocal lessons and how he was in the middle of recording a demo album.

From time to time Joey would look over to where Dale was sitting and each time he saw Dale leaning into Mark, either whispering something into his ear or bumping shoulders with him and laughing. Joey found himself getting jealous of Mark and how Dale was so comfortable around him.

Finally, after 3 hours, the luncheon ended, there were several presentations after lunch, which drew out the length. They guys headed out, and at Chris's suggestion, Mark and Dale waited a few minutes so as to not look as if they were leaving at the same time and then took a cab back to the Hard Rock and met up with the guys in their rooms. But they couldn't find anyone. Lance wasn't in his room, Joey wasn't in his, nor was Chris nor JC. Mark and Dale knocked on the door to Justin's suite.

"Come in, it's unlocked." Justin yelled.

Mark opened the door and walked in, finding the room dark he switched on the lights.

"SURPRISE!!!!!!" The 5 N'Sync'rs yelled as they threw confetti and streamers and surrounded Mark and started singing Happy Birthday. When they were done, they escorted to the table by the kitchen where a huge cake was waiting. "Make a wish! " Lance said.

"I already did, and I got him already." Mark leaned over and kissed Lance.

"Awwww" came from the Dale and the rest of the group.

Mark blew out his candles and everyone cheered. JC started to cut the cake and everyone grabbed a plate and sat in the living room. Mark took a guess and sat in the armchair that had all the decorations on it.

"Gee, he gets a year older and finally gets smart." Chris teased as he sat on the couch. Lance sat on the floor next to Mark's chair and the rest of the guys sat on the couch with Chris. As Mark ate his cake. Lance reached around the chair and pulled out a huge stack of presents.

"These are for you. Happy birthday stud!" He set the presents in Mark's lap.

"Aww, you guys didn't have to get me so many gifts."

"Um, Mark, those are just from Lance." JC said.

"Lance!" Mark turned and smiled at him, getting out of the chair and sitting in front of Lance, he took Lance into a big bear hug and kissed him hard. After a few seconds, they broke apart. "You didn't have to get me all these! Just having you is present enough for me."

Chris groaned. "Okay wait. What's that? Oh man, I feel a cavity forming... too much sugary goodness... must escape!" A few seconds later he was pummeled by pillows.

"Go ahead and open this one first." Lance handed a box to Mark.

Mark ripped into the wrapping paper, opened the box to find a stack of CDs. Mark looked at Lance with a little confusion.

"It's every one of the CDs we've released both foreign and domestic. Now, you own a copy of everything we've sung so far, so you can make as many mixes you want." Lance grinned.

"Thanks, that's sweet." Mark gave him a peck on the cheek. When he did, Lance whispered into Mark's ear, "That's just the start of my making things better, the rest you'll get tonight." With that he gave Mark's earlobe a little nibble.

Mark sat up, with a huge grin. Lance handed him the rest of his gifts as the rest of the guys broke out their gifts and one by one they piled them on Mark.

"Wow, do you guys always go overboard like this?" As Chris started piling his on top of the others. There had to be at least 30 gifts in front of Mark. Chris looked at Justin who was sitting on the chair that was on the other side of the room. "Hey Curly, you gonna get yours out?"

"Oh, I um, kinda forgot to get some." Justin said in a voice that was half embarrassment and half contempt.

"What?" Lance blurted out. "How could you forget?? We've been talking about it for the last two days!"

"I just did! Okay, now get off my ass!" Justin yelled as he got up and stormed out of the room.

"Damn, what got into him?" JC remarked and got up and followed Justin. Lance just looked hurt and as if he was about to cry. Both Mark and Chris saw this and went to hug him.

"Hey, its alright, there are more than enough presents and I look at them as coming from all of you. Hell, Justin's been the busiest of the bunch cause this charity thing is his baby. It doesn't matter."

"Yes it does, he didn't have to treat you like that." Lance leaned into Mark and put his head on his shoulder."

"Hey! I'm the Birthday Boy right? There will be no crying or feeling bad on my birthday." Mark put his hand on Lance's chin and raised his face to where they were eye to eye. "I told you before, gifts don't matter, I just want you." With that he kissed him on the tip of Lance's nose. Why don't we have some more cake and wait for JC to get back before I open any of the others.

"What about Justin?"

"He can come back when he cools down a little, Scoop." Chris said as he ruffled Lances hair on his way to the kitchen for some more cake. They all grabbed some cake and some sodas and sat around chatting and waiting on JC. After about 10 minutes JC finally walked back in and explained that Justin ended up grabbing a cab and went somewhere. But he was sure he'd be fine, one of the guards went with him. JC also tried to apologize to Mark but Mark cut him off and let him know it was cool. With that Mark went back to opening the gifts. They were all nice, turned out each guy got Mark a set of their CDs like Lance. Chris gave Mark a full set of his men's clothing line, Joey got him a some Scrooge McDuck stuff explaining how he heard that Mark had an animation cell of him hanging in his living room. JC gave him a bunch of books, a couple gift certificates to Abercrombie & Fitch and an iPod, and Lance got him some open ended tickets to fly out and visit a few of their concerts and, with a few objections from Mark, a new Powerbook laptop computer. After hugs and helping Mark carry everything back to his room the guys went to get ready for dinner. They had a private room reserved at one of the restaurants in the hotel they sat, ate and drank.

Chris started to wander around the room to check out some stuff.

"Hey! I found a karaoke machine." Chris proudly shouted.

"Oh god no!" Joey, JC and Lance exclaimed. Mark got up and went to where Chris was. They both started fiddling with the controls with Mark picking up the microphone.

"Hey guys, maybe you should be messing with that." Lance said

Mark looked at the machine's screen and smiled.

"Yea, why don't you guys come have some more cake?" Joey didn't trust Chris around a karaoke machine.

All of a sudden Mark's voice boomed over the speakers. "My gift is my songe"

He turned around and pointed at Lance. "And this one's for you." Background music started up and Mark smiled and continued singing.

"And you can tell everybody that this is your song

It may be quite simple but now that it's done

Hope you don't mind

I hope you don't mind that I put down in words

How wonderful life is now you're in the world."

Mark started to make is way over to Lance who was beaming with pride like a soccer mom watching her son score the winning goal of a state final.

"I sat on the roof and I kicked off the moss

Well some of the verses well, they...they got me quite cross

But the sun's been kind while I wrote this song

It's for people like you that keep it turned on

So excuse me forgetting but these things I do."

Mark stood next to Lance and looked into his eyes.

"You see, I've forgotten if they're green or they're blue

Anyway the thing is what I really mean

Yours are the sweetest eyes I've ever seen

And you can tell everybody this is your song

It may be quite simple but now that it's done

I hope you don't mind

I hope you don't mind that I put down in words

How wonderful life is now you're in the world."1

Mark then leaned in and gave Lance a kiss.

"That was so beautiful." Lance returned the kiss.

"Aww damn!" Joey got up and walked over to Chris. "Here!" Joey growled as he handed a $50 bill to Chris.

JC started laughing. "Joey, you didn't bet Chris that Mark couldn't sing did you?"

"Yea, he bet me that if he got Mark to sing, that he'd actually be good."

"Hey! You thought I'd suck at singing? Gee, thanks Joey." Mark tossed the microphone at Joey.

"You know it's not Joey's fault that he sucks at making bets." Chris chimed in as he dodged the microphone being thrown at him by Joey.

"Hmmm, I think Mark just might be good enough to replace you there Joey." JC teased.

"Oh you did not just go there!" Joey went after JC who started running out of the room.

The rest of the guys slowly followed as Joey chased JC back up to the rooms.

They then prepared to head out to one of the local clubs. Mark had to change 4 times before he had something one that Lance approved of. It was a mix of the pair of pants Chris gave him and a shirt that Lance found for him to wear out of JC's closet.

They all headed out. Chris found a booth in the VIP section for everyone to hang out at. Lance and Mark joined him as JC and Joey went and got drinks for everyone. They had a few drinks and then started to head down to the dance floor. Lance went to use the bathroom, when he got back, he found Mark up on one of the platforms dancing in between a guy and a girl. Lance started getting jealous and worked his way up to the platform and started dancing behind the girl. Mark didn't notice him for a while as he was facing the guy, but when he turned around he saw Lance and smiled. The two danced with the girl in between them, the whole time staring into each other's eyes. After about 45 minutes, the girl left and the two kept dancing, keeping a space between them. Mark really wanted to move closer to Lance, but he knew that he couldn't in such a public place. It was as if Lance could read Mark's mind cause he grabbed Mark and dragged him back to the booth where Justin had finally joined the guys and was chatting with JC. The two got quiet when they say Mark and Lance walking back.

"Hey guys. Have fun dancing?" JC asked.

"Yea, this is a good club, much better than the ones in Phoenix.

"Glad to hear." JC got up to let Lance in the booth, but before Mark could sit down JC grabbed him "Come on Mark, lets get drinks for everyone. " And he drug Mark to the bar before he or Lance could object.

"Geez, J, what was that all about?" Mark asked once they got to the bar.

"Just trying to keep things friendly. Justin's having a little trouble with the idea of your being with Lance."

"Yea, that I know, we talked about it, thought he was cool about it, but I guess I was wrong."

"Well, he told me about your chat, to be honest, Justin figured that you were just going to be kind of a one city thing for Lance, he didn't really think Lance would fall for you and get serious with you.

"Oh, shit, so he's mad at my being here."

"Not really mad, just uncomfortable. Just between you and I, I think Curly is just a little homophobic, but he loves Lance fiercely as a brother so he just has to deal with a little internal stuff in his head. You know how it is." JC patted Mark on the shoulder as the drinks arrived.

"So just curious, what do the rest of you think?" Mark grabbed a tray to help carry the drinks - as JC ended up ordering several rounds for everyone.

"Well Lance is in love with you, that much you know." He winked at Mark and started placing the drinks on the tray. "Chris and Joey seem to really like you. Chris especially seems to be bonding with you I've noticed." JC grabbed the tray and the two started heading back to the booth.

"And what about you?"

"You're a nice guy Mark, you appear to really care for him. But I think the best thing is that I've never seen Lance happier than when he is with you. You don't see it, but I can. When he looks at you, even if you're not looking back at him, there's something in his eyes. And I trust him enough to know that if he's willing to open that part of his heart that we only open to that one special person to you then you must be a good enough guy. And that is good enough for me." With that, they reached the booth.

Lance and Justin were sitting next to each other talking in a hushed tone. Lance was visibly getting upset with what Justin was saying. Lance thought he covered up well when he saw Mark and JC return, but both of them had noticed.

"Whoa, think you guys got enough drinks?" Lance remarked glancing at the tray they had with them. Mark sat down next to Lance and Justin got up to let JC in.

"So what were you guys talking about?" Mark took a shot of his whiskey.

"Huh, oh, Lance was just telling me about some stuff for our benefit." Justin replied and started drinking his beer. Mark just nodded his head and decided to talk with Lance about it later. The guys continued chatting, drinking and dancing for a few more hours, then they headed back to the hotel. When Mark and Lance got back into the room, they both were rather drunk.

Lance started to walk towards the bedroom when Mark got behind him and pulled him into a hug.

"Thank you for such a great birthday. I love you so much." He kissed Lance on the back of the neck.

Lance turned around to face Mark, "Mmmm, you are so welcome." He kissed Mark back as he led him towards the bed. They were making out by the time they reached the bed. So much so they tripped when they reached the bed and fell on it.

After they recovered from their fall on the bed. They had moved up to where they were snuggled up on it, heads resting on the pillows and holding each other.



"What were you in Justin talking about at the club when we went to get the drinks?"

"Ugh, do we have to talk about that now?" Lance was getting anxious again.

"Lance, sweetie, I told you that I didn't want to come between you and the others. I'm not stupid, I can tell Justin has a problem with me still. And I'm pretty sure that's what you guys were talking about. Please, you have to let me know if I'm going to become a problem."

"NO! You're not a problem. That's not it."

"Well then what is it?"

"It's just, well it's just that Justin has some concerns and he doesn't seem to comfortable with my being gay."

"Yea, I thought so, JC and I talked about that at the club. It seems like Justin's the only one. The rest are cool with it and they just want to see you happy."

"And having you with me makes me happy." Lance pulled Mark into a hug. "Justin will get over my being gay and having you as my boyfriend. Even he said that, he just needs time to get used to it. What he's more concerned about is you're keeping my sexuality a secret. He's afraid you'll blab it all over. Having Dale and Kris come up here with you kind of freaked him. Cause now three people he doesn't really know has knowledge of my being gay. You don't know what it's like to keep a secret from the whole world when the press covers your every move."

"I guess. I won't ever do anything to harm you, the other guys or your success. I'd sooner hurt myself than hurt you. I just don't know how to convince Justin of that."

"Just give him time, after a while he'll come around. JC did, he was just as uneasy about you at first, but he's been spending time with you and thinks you're ok now."

"Yea I know, I kind figured that much, plus that was part of what we talked about. They care so much for you. They're good friends."

"Yea. Your Dale seems like it too. You know, we should find someone for him."

"Oh, I think Joey is more than happy to take care of him." Mark suddenly realized what he said and he covered his mouth but it was too late for that.

"WHAT?!?!?!?! Joey and Dale? What do you mean?" Lance sat up and looked at Mark.

"Shit! They didn't want anyone to know just yet." Mark sat up with Lance, who just looked shocked, with his jaw open.

"Lance?" Mark was a little concerned about Lance's reaction. Lance didn't respond, he just got up off the bed and walked into the bathroom. Mark got up and headed to the door, only to find it locked. "Lance, what's wrong? I'm sorry; they asked me not to tell anyone. They're kind of off to a rocky start actually. Please Lance, don't be made at me, open the door."

Suddenly, there was a knock at the front door. Mark hesitated in answering, until there was a second knock. Walking over to the door, Mark kept glancing back at the bathroom door. Once at the door he found Dale and Joey there.

"Hey. We thought you guys might like to join us for some late night pool." Joey asked, not realizing something was wrong, but Dale noticed.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Dale moved closer to Mark.

"I don't know. We were just laying down and chatting and he got up and locked himself in the bathroom." Mark was trying not to cry, but his eyes were starting to water. Joey walked in past them and headed towards the bathroom door. Mark and Dale followed.

Knocking on the door, Joey spoke up. "Lance, hey, its Joey. Let me in." There was a sound as Lance unlocked the door and Joey walked in and the door closed behind him. Mark sat down on the edge of the bed and Dale stood next to him. He knew this look, Mark was seriously worried; after a minute or two, there muffled arguing coming from the bathroom. They could tell that Joey and Lance were in a heated exchange but they couldn't make out what was being said. Finally the door opened and Joey storms out with Lance looking confused but determined.

"Come on Dale." He shouted as he started to walk towards the front door. Mark started to say something when Joey walked over to him. Joey looked as if he was going to say something when all of a sudden he lifted his arm and punched Mark squarely on the face, knocking him over on the bed.

"What the fuck is your problem Joey!" Lance shouted as he rushed next to Mark. Mark looked up at Joey who was just glaring at him. Mark thought he saw a tear slide down from Joey's eye, but Joey stormed out of the room before he could take a second look.

1 Your Song as sung by Ewan McGregor in Moulin Rouge, copyright 2001.