Blind Date Chapter Five

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Disclaimer: This story is not true. Its Fake. Pure Fiction. This never ever happened. I don't know the sexuality of Lance Bass or Joey Fatone or any of the NSYNC guys. What I do know is that the characters in this story are mine. Please do not steal them. Everything on this page is © 2001 Mark Quigley. You must be 18 or 21 depending on your local laws to read this as this story does deal with male to male sex at times. That being said, please enjoy the story and remember-- I love feedback, so please, write me!!!

Last time:

We pulled into the back of the hotel near the casita that he was sharing with Joey. Lance led me into the casita with a strange smile. As we walked into the shared living room, we could hear noises coming from Joey's bedroom. Who ever he was with, they were obviously having some fun! Lance and I just looked at each other and giggled. We kept giggling as we walked toward the door to Lance's bedroom. He stopped me before I could open the door and pulled me up next to him and kissed me softly on the lips. He takes me by the hands and slowly leads me towards the bedroom. He leaned in to kiss me once more, when we broke apart, he whispered to me. "I want to help you forget about getting hurt in this room…." With that he opened the door and led me in.

And now, Chapter Five…

Lance led me into his bedroom; the room was filled with candles, candles on the dressers, on the end tables, on the floor, on top of the armoire. They were lit and flickering their shadows throughout the room. Mixed with the candles on the floor were rose pedals spread all over the floor and on top of the bed. I heard soft music playing in the air and there on the bed was at least a dozen long stem roses. Sitting next to the bed was a room service cart with a strawberries and some containers of powdered sugar, melted chocolate and whipped cream. Next to all that was a bottle of champagne in a bucket of ice.

I looked at Lance as he pulled me towards him. The look in his emerald eyes said it all, he was in love, in love with me, with being with me, with sharing all that he was with me. I didn't realize that a tear had formed beneath my right eye. As Lance pulled me to him, he stood up on his toes and leaned in to kiss the tear away. He pulled back only to smile at me before he leaned in to kiss me. It was a passionate kiss, not the type of passion that had a force behind it, but a kiss so gentle and loving against my lips that it just made my legs buckle out from me. As he kissed me, I wrapped my arms around him, my let arm lay gently around the small of his back and my right arm went up to his head allowing my hand to gently caress the back of his head. After a few moments of our enjoying the presence of each other's, I pulled back to gaze into his eyes.

"Lance, I…"

He put a finger on my lips to stop my sentence.

"Shhhh… Let me just say something first. Okay?" I nodded. "These past two days with you have been wonderful. I never thought I could feel what I feel for you, let alone think that I would feel it so fast. I'd like to think that you feel something for me too. And I know this is moving things rather fast, but I just want to show you how I feel about you. If you want to stop and take things slower, just say so and I'll back off. I don't want to do anything to scare you away from me. So just say the word and I'll back off and slow down. I don't wan…." This time it was me that placed a finger on some lips. I looked at his face. I could see the love and the fear that he had in it at the same time. I thought to myself for what must have felt like an eternity to him but in reality was just barely a minute.

I gazed deep into his eyes and when I finally figured out how I felt, I smiled leaned in and kissed Lance to give him my answer. After the kiss, I started to work my way to his earlobe, kissing his check on the journey. When I finally arrived to his ear, I gently engulfed the earlobe into my mouth, gently nibbling and sucking on it, savoring the sweet taste of him as he let out a soft moan. As I released his lobe, I whispered into his ear. "I love you Lance, and you will never scare me away." I could feel the relief he had as he heard me as he pulled me tighter into his arms.

We stood there, just holding each other for a few minutes and then Lance pulled away from me, but was he left, he let his hands follow the contours of my arms till his hands were in mine. He pulled me over to the side of the bed and sat me down. With a smile he walked over to the cart and pulled the champagne bottle out of its icy storage.

I smiled as I noticed what was playing in the background. "Enya? How'd you know I liked her?"

Lance smiled as he was working on getting the foil and cork wire off the bottle. "I took a guess, seeing that Irish license plate on the front of your jeep I figured you were Irish and might like Enya."

I laughed, "Nothing gets by you, does it?"

"Nope, if it's something I want, it won't get by me." He said seductively as the cork popped.

"So what happens now? I mean you've done your concert and you'll have to continue on tour." I tried to ask without letting any emotions fall into my words.

Lance looked at me as he handed me a flute of champagne, obviously I was unsuccessful with keeping my emotions out of my questions as he frowned for a moment. But then quickly turned around to set the champagne bottle back down. "Well tomorrow the guys are taking the bus up to Oakland for our concerts there on Saturday and Sunday. But I'm going to be staying behind and flying up Saturday morning. That is if someone doesn't mind my hanging around for a few days?" He had turned back around with a smirk on his face as he finished his answer.

"Well I don't know about anyone else, but I for one am happy you're staying behind." I said as Lance sat next to me on the bed.

"Then here's to the future and the love it may bring us!" He toasted as we let our flutes clink together and then drank the nectar of the bubbly.

We finished our drinks and set down our glasses on the cart. As I set mine down, I grabbed a strawberry and dipped it into the melted chocolate and took a bit.

"Mmmm, these are some really fresh strawberries, really good."

"Oh yea? You know I think I know of something else that tastes good."


All of a sudden Lance leaned in to kiss me, knocking me on to my back with him on top of me. His kiss continued to get deeper and deeper, with his tongue exploring the insides of my mouth, running along the contours of my teeth, wrapping around my own tongue as it tries to explore his mouth. The love I could feel transfer from his lips to mine was very arousing, as I could feel a stirring down in my pants.

He pulled back to gasp for air. "Mmm, I was right, you taste great." As he panted for air.

I reached up, grabbed him towards me as I rolled over to my side so that he would be lying on the bed next to me. "I think I need a second taste to be sure." I winked as I leaned in for more of a taste of Lance.

We laid there, kissing each other, holding each other, caressing each other, our mouths on auto-pilot allowing our tongues explore each others mouth and making the occasional expedition to each other's necks and earlobes. Our passion engulfed us, we both most certainly were going to have some marks reminding us of that in the morning but we didn't care. The bliss we shared with each other was more than enough to continue to fuel the fire of our heat.

Lance was suckling on my left earlobe when he whispered into my ear: "Mark?"

"Hrmph?" Was all I was able to muster out.

"Make love to me, please."

I looked into his eyes and could see the loving passion he had for me in them. I smiled as he leaned in for a kiss; I rolled him on top of me as we continued to make out. My hands gently unbuttoning his shirt and slowly sliding it off his arms. His kisses grew more passionate as my hands caressed his bare back, every once in a while sneaking up against his bare chest to play with his hardened nipples. He leaned in to kiss me on my neck so I my mouth took advantage of its proximity to his earlobe again and I being to seductively nibble on it. Lance let out a loud moan, I had found his weak spot, and I giggled to myself realizing we shared the shame weakness.

As I nibbled on his lobe, my hands reached down and undid his pants. He rolled from side to side allowing me to slide them down to his knees. My hands explored his lower back as our mouths rejoined each other. I slid my hands underneath his boxers, seductively caressing his buttocks. Eventually I slid his boxers down his legs. Lance pulled back from our kissing, it was then that I realized he had managed to unbutton my shirt as well. I looked at him, kneeling above me in his naked splendor. A big smile on his face as his hand undid my belt and pants, opening them to my boxers. He snaked his fingers under the elastic waistband of my boxers. He teasingly pulled them down, exposing my hardening dick. He yanked my pants and boxers off my legs and lay between them. His tongue exploring my inner thigh, Meticulously making it's way towards my now throbbing crotch. Once he reached my crotch, he slowly licked his way up its side. Once he reached its head, he softly breathed on the tip, making me shudder from the pleasure of his warm breath. All of a sudden he swallowed down on my member. I moaned loudly as I felt his warm mouth engulf me. He eagerly started sucking my cock going up and down madly. He continued to suck my cock as a moaned and pleaded. When he got to where just when the pleasure was getting intense enough to get me close to the brink, he stopped and straightened back up. He reached over to the nightstand, pulled open a drawer and reached in to grab something. I couldn't tell what it was until he grabbed my throbbing cock and started to unroll a condom on to it. He giggled as he then made the condom glisten with the lube he playfully put on it. Once my cock glistened in the candlelight from the lube he had placed on it, Lance shifted on his knees and hovered above my eager cock. He leaned over and started kissing me again as he slowly sat on my cock. I could feel the warm surround me as I entered inside him, his kissing grew more intense the deeper I went into him, eventually he had sat fully down on me. My hands explored his body as we continued to make out while I softly thrusted myself inside him.

After a few minutes of his sitting on my, slowly moving up and down my shaft, I wrapped my arms around him and the two of us, like one, rolled over in the bed till he was on his back and I was on top of him. He whimpered as we rolled, so I started to pull out, but he grabbed my ass and pulled me back into him. The whole time our lips never parted. As I continued to rock in and out of him, something happened, it felt as if we had merged into one. Our souls intertwined, our minds focusing on sharing the pleasures we were both giving each other. At that moment, we moaned in unison as I filled the condom within him and he shot his warm love between our chests. Our loving kisses continued for several minutes after we had expended ourselves.

I finally pulled out of him, causing us to be alone with ourselves again, rolling next to him, my arms still wrapped around his chest, my mouth resting next to his ear, I whispered, "I love you."

Lance opened his eyes; rolled his head to face me and smiled with a look that told me we would be together forever. "I love you too." He sighed. "I never thought it would be that good. I felt as if we had become one with each other."

I smiled at him, reaching down to his cock, I started stroking it again, eventually bringing it to full arousal. Our eyes never leaving each other. Finally, I rolled over to the nightstand, reached in and pulled out another condom. I then climbed on top of him; leaning down I kissed him. "Lance, I want us to share everything, what you feel, I feel." He smiled.

"Lance, make love to me."

"Are you sure?"

"I've never been more sure of anything in my life, you're a part of me now Lance, I want to feel you inside me."

"You are so good to me." He said as I moved onto my back. He got up in front of me. His hands exploring my inner thighs and crotch. He slipped a finger into my puckering hole, gently prodding my insides. Rolling my head from side to side, moaning in such pleasure as he continued his exploration.

"Lance, please, fuck me!" I couldn't take his probing for much longer; I yearned for him to be inside me. Lance continued to probe me with his fingers, slowly increasing the number of digits he was placing inside of me. After several minutes of my pleading to enter me, Lance slowly thrusted his cock inside me. I gasped in the sensation of his entering me.

"Are you ok?"

"Don't stop!"

He smiled and continued to pull in and out of me. Leaning over to kiss me I reached my arms around to hug him. His thrusting increasing with each passing moment till I could feel him starting to tense up inside of me. He let out a moan into my mouth he kissed me deeper than ever before, and with one long and deep thrust he emptied himself inside of me. Feeling this, it turned me on so much I couldn't hold back any longer and I shot my load all over the both of our chests, moaning so loudly I'm sure those in the neighboring state must have heard me.

Lance collapsed on top of me, still out of breath from his making love to me. "That was incredible!" And he lay there in my arms as the two of us started to drift asleep. Just before I sunk into blissful sleep, Lance murmured something "Love you forever."

I smiled as I drifted off with him in my arms.

To be continued….

Well I hope you liked my first love scene. Sorry for the delay! It was harder to write than I thought. I just went with what I felt would be romantic to me if I had a boyfriend. Its not as descriptive as most love scenes are, but I figure that if it was romantic enough, you'd picture it in your mind and that would be hot enough! Remember, I love getting feedback! So email me! Mark.