Blind Date Chapter Six

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Disclaimer: This story is not true. Its Fake. Pure Fiction. This never ever happened. I don't know the sexuality of Lance Bass or Joey Fatone or any of the NSYNC guys. What I do know is that the characters in this story are mine. Please do not steal them. Everything on this page is © 2001 Mark Quigley. You must be 18 or 21 depending on your local laws to read this as this story does deal with male to male sex at times. That being said, please enjoy the story and remember-- I love feedback, so please, write me!!!

Last time:

Lance collapsed on top of me, still out of breath from his making love to me. "That was incredible!" And he lay there in my arms as the two of us started to drift asleep. Just before I sunk into blissful sleep, Lance murmured something "Love you forever."

I smiled as I drifted off with him in my arms.

And now, Chapter Six:

Joey was in the shared room munching down on some cereal when Chris wandered in.

"Morning Joe."

"Morn' Chris."

"Sleep well?

"Oh yea, you?"

"Yea, was okay. So how about Lance? When did he get home? "

"Dunno, but Mark's Jeep is still parked outside so it must have been late."

"Think they're awake yet?" Chris walked over towards the door to Lance's room.

"I've been up for about an hour, haven't heard anything from them so I doubt it. Better soon, Justin and JC shouldbe here in about 30 min."

"Better wake them." Chris cracked open the door before Joey could object and stuck his head in.

There he saw Lance and Mark snuggled up tightly next to each other, the top sheet covering them up in the middle. Chris popped his head back out of the room. "Pssst, Joe, come here." He motioned to Joey to join him in the doorway. Joey joined him in the doorway and peeked in. "Don't they seem to make a happy couple?"

Joey looked for a little bit, taking it all in, the burned out candles, the rose pedals, the food cart and bottle of champagne and the smiles on the slumbering faces in the bed. He then pulled his head back and walked back into the main room. "Yea, Lance seems really happy. Looks like he pulled out all the stops last night."

Chris had joined him back in the main room, closing the door to Lance's room. "Yea, he wanted everything to be special. You know these past few days I've never seen him happier."

"Uh huh." Joey mumbled in agreement.

"You okay with this Joey? I mean I know things have gone kinda fast between Lance and Mark, but Lance seems to have really fallen for this guy and I like to think that I'm a good judge of character. And Mark seems like a really good guy."

"Yea, I'm okay with, really I am. I was just wondering how they'll make it work. What with Mark living here and we're always on the road. I mean I want it to work out for them, but I'm worried that something will happen and Lance will get hurt."

"Always the protective father, aren't you?"

Joey chuckled. "Old habits die hard I guess."

"That’s one habit that shouldn't have to die." Came a voice, making Chris and Joey spin around to see where it came from.

There I was standing at the door to Lance's room with a hotel robe on. "Morning guys, sorry, didn't mean to startle you." I walked out into the main room and closed the door, Lance was still asleep and I didn't want to wake him. I walked over to the kitchenette and grabbed some orange juice from the fridge. I then sat down at the table with Chris and Joey, the surprised looks still on their faces.

Chris broke the silence. "How much did you hear?"

"Not much, came out right when Joey was saying about something happening and Lance getting hurt. What was that all about?" I looked at Joey who seemed rather uncomfortable.

"He just means that in our line of work it's though enough to keep a straight romance going, it'll be even tougher for you and Lance."

"I know, I've thought a lot about it, and I'm sure Lance has too. Look, like I told you yesterday after the concert, there's nothing I wouldn't do to make Lance happy. I know this will be tough, but I'm willing to do what it takes to work and I'm pretty sure Lance will too. But I do know that we're going to need the help of our friends, Lance especially, since you're the only ones that he can confide in." I got up and started to walk back to the bedroom. "Chris, you said you think you're a good judge of character. Well I like to think I am too, and I can tell just how much you two care about Lance. Justin and JC care too, but you both seem to care a little differently. I like to think of you two as my friends and not just friends of my boyfriend. And I hope that we'll have your support to make this work for us." With that I opened the door and walked back into the bedroom.

Chris and Joey just sat there. After a few minutes Joey looked up at Chris.

"They'll be fine. I see that now. They need us to be there for them, and I for one plan to do anything I can to keep them together." Chris nodded in agreement.

I stood at the door, just watching Lance sleeping there. He was so lovely, I hated having to wake him up, but if Chris was here, that meant JC and Justin would soon be joining him and Joey.

I looked over and saw the food cart and smiled. I walked over and lighted a candle and placed it in the food warmer that had kept the chocolate melted last night. While waiting for the chocolate to melt, I pulled the top sheet carefully off Lance's waist. Exposing his lower chest and groin. Finally the chocolate was gooey enough for my plan. I dipped my fingers into the chocolate, then softly ran them on Lance, leaving little trails of chocolate on him. Thankfully Lance was a sound enough sleeper that I was able to get quite a bit of chocolate on him. Finally when I thought there was enough, I slipped out of my robe, climbed up on the bed and started to lick up the chocolate off of him.

As I licked, I started to notice Lance was getting aroused. Good that means he's started to wake. I kept on licking up the sweets. Finally I felt his hands on the top of my head. I licked up a line that went up to his nipple, looking up his chest as I did; seeing him watch me with a smile on his face. When I reached the nipple, I leaned forward so that we were nose to nose.

"Morning sexy"

"Mmmmm, that has got to be the best way to wake up!" Smiled as I gave him a kiss on his lips.

I chucked. "I'm not done waking you up." I smirked as I then repositioned myself and went straight down on Lance's now stiff cock. He moaned as I went down all the way, his pubic hair tickling my nose.

"Oh, god Mark!" Lance moaned as his head flew from side to side. I continued my feast on his cock. Deep throating him several times, each time his moans got louder and louder. His moans made me suck him even harder.

Lance finally screamed out. "Yes, I'm gonna cum!" With that I could feel him tense up and I went down on him one last time, taking him all the way, allowing him to shoot his love down my throat. After I swallowed it all, I moved back up to kiss him. His tongue explored my mouth, eager to taste himself in my mouth.

"Hmm, between waking up with you or with a cup of coffee, I think I'd prefer you." Lance said with a smile as he wrapped his arms tightly around me.

"Thank you, well I don't think I'll need breakfast this morning, think I got plenty of protein." I smirked as I pulled him out of the bed with me. "Come on, you're all sticky and chocolatey, lets get you cleaned up before the guys all get here."

Lance and I quickly jumped into the shower and cleaned each other up. Both of us got aroused but we knew we couldn't do anything at that time and it took all our self-control to keep from doing anything. We got out and got dressed and made our way out to the main room where Justin and JC had already joined Chris and Joey and there was a large cart of food with them. We both grabbed some food and sat down at the table. All the time there were four sets of eyes following us.

"You guys have a good time clubbing last night?" Lance questioned.

The guys all started chuckling at that. Chris walked over trying not to laugh. "Not as much fun as you had this morning!" Chris couldn't keep it in and burst out laughing.

I started to blush and Lance got up and ran back into the bedroom, slamming the door behind him. I got up to go after him, but found the door to the bedroom locked. I knocked on it. "Lance, you okay?" All I got in response was silence. I looked over at the guys who had stopped laughing. JC had a look of concern on his face as he walked over to the door and me.

"Damn Chris sometimes you don't know when not to tease." JC knocked on the door. "Lance, it's me, JC. Open the door." Nothing happened. "Damnit Lance, open the door or I'll break it down." A few seconds later we heard the door unlock. JC opened it and started to walk in, I followed and closed the door behind me. We saw Lance sitting in the corner of the room on the floor, his knees up against his chest his head down.

I ran over to him, getting down on my knees, wrapping my arms around him. "Lance, baby, what's wrong? Chris was only teasing, he didn't mean anything about it." I looked at JC, my eyes pleading for him to help.

"He was just being his obnoxious self, like always." JC sat down on the other side of Lance and placed his arm around too.

"It's not that." Lance sobbed.

"Then what?" Both JC and I said in unison.

" I just felt overwhelmed, coming out to you guys." He looked at JC, "And falling in love with you." He turned to look at me. "It all just hit me as to how fast everything has happened. Chris's teasing just showed me how much my life has changed in such a short time. It made me scared, made me think I was moving too fast."

"But…" I started to speak, but JC grabbed my arm.

"Mark, could you give me a few minutes alone with Lance?"

"Umm, but I…"

"Please Mark." I could see in JC's face that he meant business. So I got up and started to walk towards the door. I opened it and as I stepped out, I turned around to look at Lance.

"Lance?" Both he and JC looked up at me.

"Know that I will never stop loving you. No matter what you think." I walked out of the bedroom and closed the door behind me.


There's chapter six! Not quite what you were thinking huh? Well we'll just have to see what happens in chapter 7! I can't believe that I got this chapter done so fast. After I finished chapter five and emailed it to nifty, I still had the urge to write and it just flowed from my fingers on to the keyboard. Lets hope the other chapters are this easy to write from now on!