Blind Date Chapter Seven

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Last time:

" I just felt overwhelmed, coming out to you guys." He looked at JC, "And falling in love with you." He turned to look at me. "It all just hit me as to how fast everything has happened. Chris's teasing just showed me how much my life has changed in such a short time. It made me scared, made me think I was moving too fast."

"But…" I started to speak, but JC grabbed my arm.

"Mark, could you give me a few minutes alone with Lance?"

"Umm, but I…"

"Please Mark." I could see in JC's face that he meant business. So I got up and started to walk towards the door. I opened it and as I stepped out, I turned around to look at Lance.

"Lance?" Both he and JC looked up at me.

"Know that I will never stop loving you. No matter what you think." I walked out of the bedroom and closed the door behind me.

And now on to Chapter Seven!

I walked back out into the main room to see Joey, Chris and Justin siting at the table staring at me. I walked over to the couch and just sat down and put my face into my hands. I didn't know what triggered Lance's sudden case of cold feet, but I knew I felt apprehensive, and worried. I started to sob, I had found someone that made me feel things I hadn't felt in a very, very long time. All of a sudden I felt someone's arm wrap around me. I looked up to see Chris sitting next to me.

"I'm so sorry Mark, I wouldn't have said anything if I knew Lance was going to flip like that."

"I don't think it's your fault, at least that’s what I can figure out from what he said to me." I leaned on Chris and said softy, "God I'm so afraid he's going to leave me."

Chris pulled me up and started walking me to Joey's room. Joey and Just started to get up from the table but Chris motioned to them to stay put. Chris guided me into Joey's bedroom, closed the door behind us and we sat on the foot of the bed.

"Mark, I'm not as close to Lance as Joey or JC, hell, even Justin is closer to him than me. But I have known him as long as all the others and you don't spend as much time together as we have and not get to know someone. I've seen how Lance looks at you, seen his face when he talks about you. He loves you, really. I don't think you'll loose him."

I had started sobbing again. "But what he said, I've heard it before, and I always get dumped after hearing it. I thought he was the one, but I guess he doesn't feel the same." I was completely in Chris's arms with tears streaking down my face.

"What did he say?"

"He said he was overwhelmed, meeting me, coming out to you guys, his life changing, how scared he was and that the thought maybe things were moving too fast." My sobbing increased into a full-blown cry.

"Hmm, he was the one that planned last night out though, he asked me to get all that candles and everything else ready for you. I don't think he thought things were going to fast then. I think he just wasn't used to our knowing about his being gay and wasn't ready for our teasing him about his sex life and it freaked him. I'm sure JC is knocking some sense back into him. You have to understand how we all feel, we’ve been together as a group for a long time and we usually end up spending at least three-fourths of the year together and he kept his feelings about being gay from us. Now, not only do we catch him with a guy in his bed, but also we start teasing him about his sex. I'm sure it's rough on him. Just give him and us, some time. We've gotten through worse, and for what its worth, we all like you." I looked up at him. "Okay, so maybe not Justin, but he's a doofus so don't pay much attention to him, the rest of us don't." That made me crack a little smile. "Now come on, lets dry off your face and get some chow!" He stood up.

"Thanks Chris, you know all I read says you're the goofball of the group, but you're really an ok guy."

He chuckled at that. "Thanks, just don't spread it around!" He pulled me up into a hug. And we started to walk towards the door leading to the main room. Halfway there he stopped. "That's odd."


Chris pointed to the floor next to the bed and I looked over to where he was pointing, there was a pair of white underwear briefs laid on the floor. I looked back at Chris and shrugged my shoulders.

Chris explained. "We all wear boxers, so who do those belong to?"

"Well don't look at me, I wear boxers too, besides, I was with Lance as I'm sure you heard." I grinned at Chris as he looked at me. We both just busted out laughing as we walked back into the main room.

When we walked back into the main room, Justin and Joey were already chowing down on breakfast. Joey looked up. "Everything ok?" Chris and I both nodded and sat down to join them. I grabbed some cereal and Chris went with the scrambled eggs.

Once we had all eaten, Joey and Chris got up and started to play Nintendo. I was still siting at the table with Justin. I kept looking at Lance's door. It had been over half an hour and He and JC were still in there.

"He'll be ok." Justin assured me.

"Yea, I know. I'm just find myself really caring for him, you know?"

Justin nodded his head. "JC is really good at talking with us. If he can't settle Lance down, no one can. And Lance really does care for you. I know we didn't get off on the right foot, but I can see how much he cares for you. So don't worry. Come on, let's go join Chris and Joey." He got up and dragged me over to where Chris and Joey were playing. The four of us were playing Formula One when Lance and JC walked out of the bedroom. It had been a little more than an hour that they had been in there. Lance walked up behind me and gave me a squeeze on the shoulders. I turned around and looked up, his eyes were puffy and red - it was obvious he'd be crying rather hard. He gave me a smile before he spoke.


"Hey there, you ok?"

"Yea. Listen, wanna go for a walk? Maybe down to the coffee shop or something?"

I could tell he wanted to just go out somewhere to talk alone, plus I think he was a bit hungry and the rest of us had pretty much emptied out the breakfast cart. "Sure." I stood up and for a second we stood there, face to face. He grabbed my hand and led me outside.

We started to walk around outside, once we stepped a few yards from the casaita, he let go of my hand but still stayed close to my left side, close enough that I could feel his body heat still.

"I'm sorry about earlier. I shouldn't have run from you like that."

"Hey, it's ok, just tell me what I did, what I said to make you run into the other room like that."

We had made our way out into the back parking lot, the area by all the casaitas they had rented for the group and crew, and there was a big bus in the lot aside from my jeep and a few other cars. Lance nudged me to head towards the bus.

"It wasn't anything you did."

When we reached the bus, a guard headed towards me but backed off when he saw Lance was with me. He waived at the guard and yelled: "We're going on for a few, make sure we're not disturbed." The guard nodded that he understood. And Lance guided me up on to the bus. As we boarded Lance explained to me that this was the tour bus they used.

We got in and I saw it was more like a RV than a bus on the inside. There was a kitchen and dining area with a divider separating the driver's area from it. Beyond that were sleeping bunks and then in the back there was a lounge area. He led me into the back lounge area and sat down on the floor with a bunch of cushions to relax on.

"I don't understand, if it wasn't me, then what?" I asked.

"It was me, it's just that everything in my life has changed so fast. It all overwhelmed me, that’s all." He looked at me, I must have had some look on my face, cause he chuckled and kept explaining. "Don't worry, I'm not breaking up with you. You're the best thing to come into my life in a long time. I've never felt this way about myself or about someone and I don't intend to let that go. You see, before our first date, the only person who knew about my being gay was Joey. He figured it out about a year ago. I never told the rest of the guys and I was terrified to do so. Joey kept telling me they'd be cool with it but I was just too scared. So hehelped keep my secret. And I thought we were doing a good job till about eight months ago when Jake was working with us on some music and he pulled me aside and asked me. I couldn't really deny what he was asking me so I told him. God I was so scared he was going to freak or something. But he assured me that he didn't have a problem with it. In fact, he told me he was Bi. Guess that made me relax. But I still didn't want to tell the guys. I mean we were reaching a high in our careers. NSA was breaking all records and we wanted to continue to grow on that success and I was afraid that if they knew or if anyone from management knew they would kick me out or something - N'sync is my life, I wouldn't know what I would do if I wasn't in the group."

I could see his eyes tearing up, I could tell this was tough for him, also I could tell he wasn't finished so I just moved next to him and placed my hands on his to let him know I wasn't going anywhere and that I was there for him. Lance looked at me and smiled a thank you smile at me and continued.

"As time went on, Joey helped me become more comfortable with my dealing with who I was, and he and Jake started fixing me up with guys they thought I'd like. And somehow we managed to still keep my secret away from the others. Lonnie was a big help, I'm sure he didn't take long to figure out what was going on but he never told management or the guys. As for the guys they were fixing me up with, well it was one disaster after another. Until they fixed me up with you." He squeezed my hand and smiled at me. "I could tell you were the one as soon as I opened the door and saw you. How nervous you were and how you couldn't figure out if Joey or I was your date. It was just so cute. And just talking with you and being with you that night confirmed it. When you feel asleep on my bed that night, I stayed up for almost two hours just watching you sleep." I started to blush, he saw that and pulled my face towards his and he gave me a peck on the check. "It was then I decided that I was going to tell the guys before the concert. I didn't want to hide you from them. I wanted us to be like Justin and Britney, when they're together around us and all. Well obviously things didn't quite work out as well as I had hoped. I wasn't counting on our oversleeping and having Justin come walking in on us. And I really didn't expect him to flip out like that and knock you out. It was as if my worst fears were coming true."

The tears were really flowing down his checks and we had gotten closer to each other. We sat face to face with each other, he sat indian style between my legs and I had my arms around him. It was tearing me up to see him hurting like this, but I knew he had to get through this himself, he wanted to tell me.

"After you left that morning, I told the guys everything. There was yelling and screaming, most of it from Justin about what this would do to the group if it ever got out. But after all that they all seemed pretty cool with it, except for Justin. He didn't seem to be taking it as well as the others. Chris was the most supportive actually. In fact it was him that suggested that I do something special for you to make up for what happened that morning." I chuckled when he said that and he seemed to do the same. "Yea, who knew Chris was such a softie? Anyway, last night was the most wonderful night of my life, the happiness and love I felt inside me was so powerful, unlike anything I had ever felt before. Even more so when you woke me up this morning. When we walked out into the main room and Chris made that remark, I don't know what happened. Just something inside of me realized that all of a sudden, the people closest to me knew I was gay, they were even teasing me about it. It just felt really weird to me, one day I'm hiding it from them, fearing that they'll find out and the very next day they're teasing and joking about it with me. I can't explain it but it just freaked me out. And that’s why I ran into the other room. Why I couldn't even say anything to you. I'm so sorry Mark, I didn't me to push you away like that." He was still crying and I pulled him towards me into a tight hug.

"Lance, it's ok, I understand. It must be really hard for you, I mean harder than it was for me when I came out to my friends and family. If you want me to back off and give you some space, some time to get used to all this, just say so."

Lance quickly pulled back from the hug and looked at me. "NO!" He almost shouted. "I'm not about to lose you, not when I just found you. It'll take some time. JC talked to me, explained to me that all the guys were behind me, how they all liked you and thought you were a good person for me. He even told me that they all agreed that if management ever found out and tried to get rid of me they would walk out with me. I guess I just need to hear that from one of them, to hear how supportive they were and how they weren't upset. You know I wanted to tell you all this when you came after me earlier, I mean I felt so safe in your arms when you put them around me. But I just couldn't tell you this while JC was there. I felt so bad, I don't want to hide anything from you." He leaned back into my arms and started crying again. I just sat there holding him, rocking the two of us gently back and forth.

"I love you Lance and nothing will ever change that." I whispered into his ear.

To be continued……………….

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