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`Cos they're movin' In for the kill In for the kill Disbelievers drink the poisonwater Time stands still Don't fill my eyes Fill my head Till I'm overloaded You talk and so much talk and you talk But I don't hear anymore...R Beach

Lonnie was worried as he walked back to his suite. In all his years he had never felt so helpless before. Priding himself on being focused and clearheaded he had somehow managed to get his employer involved in an assassination attempt on a US Senator. Not only that, but the assassin could be linked directly to Justin and the guys by a number of witnesses.

And to think yesterday he had been feeling so smug and untouchable. How could he have allowed all of this to happen? How could he have let Justin down like that? It was his job to know everything about everyone who came in contact with the guys. What had gone so wrong?

His first mistake was relying on someone else to do his job. His second mistake was to get close to Justin. The first rule of a bodyguard was to maintain distance from the employer. The friendship he had made with Justin clouded his judgement and allowed for this to happen.

Now he had to trust an assassin to get him out of this mess. His only hope that Gabriel truly meant every word he spoke about Justin. But what could a killer know of love? To kill someone you had to sever all ties to humanity. He should know, he had lost his humanity long ago. Now he hoped that like him, Gabriel had somehow fell under Justin's spell. Perhaps just long enough for Lonnie to correct the problem. He had less than one day to correct it, he hoped for Justin's sake it was enough.

Opening his door, he was met by four men dressed in black suits along with Mike and Nsync's tour manager. His black eyes measured them carefully. The cheapness of their clothes matched everything he had learned about the secret service along with their regulation haircuts and army issued shoes.

"Ah Lonnie Crypt." One of the men called out when the big man entered the room. "Or at least the name you're going by for now."

Lonnie eyed the lean brunet grimly. "And you are?"

"Special Agent Gavin Wooden and this is Agent Malone." The man gestured to a shorter blond standing next to him.

Lonnie assumed the other two were goons, good for following orders and not much else. Before he could speak, Brian King, Nsync's tour manager said, "Lonnie, Special Agent Wooden is part of the Senator's security team. We assured them that we would corporate with them during today's events."

With a sigh of relief, Lonnie smiled and shook the man's hand. "Pleasure to meet you. I wasn't expecting you to arrive so soon. I was informed that we would meet the Senator at the park later on today."

"We arrived last night." Gavin explained with contempt. Clearly upset at having to explain his actions to a private security guard. "We figured it was best if no one knew when we would arrive."

"Understandable." Lonnie said with a smile. Giving the man the same disapproving attitude, he added, "What else have you not told us?"

"Mr. King," Gavin asked, looking at the chubby man intently. "I thought we had agreed that we would be handling all security measures and that you're orders were to extend any and all courtesy."

Brian quickly approached Lonnie and stared up at the big man. Speaking softly, he said, "Lonnie, I don't have to remind you that we pay you're salary, not the guys. In this matter we are unmoving. Iówe expect you to behave and act in the manner that the head office demands. Do I make myself perfectly clear?"

"Yea sir." Lonnie stated through clenched teeth. "Agent Wooden..."

"That's Special Agent Wooden to you." Agent Malone said harshly.

Gavin held up his hand and smiled, "Alex, calm down. We should remember that they are only here to help us." Turning back his attention to the big man, he offered, "Shall we discuss the procedure for Hershey Park today."

"Of course." Lonnie granted with a slight bow of his massive head.

Brian led them out of the suite to one of the conference rooms. Lonnie held back and let the others go first. This was going to be one fun day he muttered to Mike who was walking next to him. Mike only smiled, he knew better than to bait the big man further.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Between Jc and Lance, they had managed to drag Joey and Chris out of bed and had them in some sort of wakeful state by the time Justin joined them in the conference room for the morning briefing.

Both looked like death warmed over but at least they were sitting upright and dressed. Chris was well on his way to devouring a pot of coffee, dark circles lining his normally bright eyes. Joey was leaning back in the chair groaning softly to himself.

Brian King along with Lonnie and Mike, their publicist, and Kip Horn, a liaison from the Senator's office were lined up one on side of the table with the members of Nsync on the other side. Brian was talking.

"So the plan is we arrive at the park at eleven o-clock. There we will meet the Senator along with his daughter and some friends. You'll all shake hands and allow pictures to be taken. Everyone, and I mean everyone." He stressed as he look at Chris's scowling face. "Will be polite and on they're best behavior. This comes from the top guys."

The statement was met with groans and rolling of eyes. This was something the boys weren't looking forward too. The Senator seemed to be using the boys as a publicity stunt and a means to further his own growing popularity.

"After the pictures, you will escort the Senator's daughter and her friends on a brief tour of the park. Accompanying them on rides and so forth till about two. Afterwards we will have a brief meet and greet where guests of the park can get pictures and autographs. With everyone arriving back here about four."

Brian checked his clipboard before continuing, "Final sound check is at six sharp and the show starts at eight. Afterwards, you will meet the contest winners and backstage passes. Everyone should be back here at the hotel by midnight. We are leaving first thing in the morning. We have to be in Atlanta by Monday night. Any questions?"

Joey raised his hand and asked, "I thought we had some radio interviews today?"

"Those were cancelled on account of the Senator." Brian informed him blandly.

"Then how are we suppose to pick the contest winners?" Joey blurted out angrily.

Brian glared at him and looked at Lance who spoke up, "I took care of that this morning Joe. I'm going to pick them over the phone."

"Don't you think that's cheating just a bit?" Chris interjected. "That contest had been set up for months."

Lance sighed and stated, "Hey, I had to fight just to get that. It seems the Senator comes first."

Joey stood up, "Fuck him. The fans are the ones buying our records. The fans are the ones coming to see our shows week in week out. Just because a fucking Senator wants publicity in an election year doesn't mean we should shit on the fans."

"No one asking you to shit on your fans." Kip Horn stated a mouthful of smiles. "It's radio, the fans won't even know Lance isn't in the studio. He still is going to pick the winners. No one will know."

"I'll know." Joey countered, glaring at the man.

Joey stormed out of the room with Chris closely at his heels. Justin leaned back in his chair and sighed. Jc and Lance exchanged looks and Lance left the room.

"Don't worry Brian." Jc said quietly. "Lance will fix it. We'll handle it." Jc left the room to help Lance.

Brian sat down and looked at Justin. He asked, "What do you think?"

Justin shrugged his shoulders and stood up. "I don't think you want me to answer that Brian."

Pausing at the door, Justin turned and said, "Don't forget that you work for us. We don't work for you."

"That went well." Brian muttered as he threw his clipboard across the table.

"Are they always so opinionated?" Kip asked absently.

Lonnie ignored the man and said, "Brian. How long have you worked with the guys?"

"A year."

"I've been with them since almost the beginning." Lonnie smiled broadly. "One thing you have to remember. This band is all about the fans. The quickest way to piss them off is to screw their fans. They won't accept it. Want to know why you haven't been with them since the beginning?"


"Their last tour manager listened to the label instead of them. She hasn't been able to find a job since." Lonnie said with an evil smile. "If they're not happy, believe no one will be happy. Especially you."

Lonnie left the two men sitting in the conference room. He had been right, this was going to be one long day.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"This is fucking bullshit Lance." Joey yelled, showing his frustration by smacking the wall.

The guys had adjourned to Lance's room to discuss the change in plans. No one was happy and Justin felt trapped in the middle. One side was Lance and Jc the other, Joey and Chris.

"What do you suggest Joe?" Jc asked, standing so close to Lance that they're bodies were touching.

"I'm not the fucking idea man." Joey yelled.

"I hate to say this but I agree with the lard ass." Chris stated.

"Shut-up. You always agree with the lard ass." Jc accused.

"I do not." Chris denied loudly.

Joey rolled his eyes and pushed his friend, "Yes you do."

"But this time you're agreeing with me." Chris argued. The two men had now forgotten about Lance and were facing each other arguing about who was agreeing with whom.

Justin had a queer look on his face and asked Jc quietly, "How long do you think they'll keep this up?"

"Not sure. Could be for days if we don't stop them." Jc answered an amused look on his face.

Joey yelled, "And what's with you calling me a lard ass."

"I wonder if he remembers that I called him one too." Jc mused to Lance.

Lance kissed him on the cheek briefly. The action was so automatic that it surprised both men. They looked at each other and began laughing. "Probably not." Lance stated through his laughter. "Joey's pretty singled minded. I wonder if they remember why they're fighting in the first place."

"What do you think we should do about it?" Justin asked Lance. "Joey is right."

"I know." Lance agreed softly. "This isn't going to go away anytime soon. Both of them are really serious about it. And you know how Chris thinks of the Senator."

Justin sighed, he had already thought of a solution but was wondering how to bring it out in the open. Putting on his best confused expression, he asked, "Joey's problem is that we can't go to the fans on the radio right?"

"Yes. That's right." Joey said suddenly. Apparently they had decided that both of them were agreeing with each other and that the enemy was Brian King.

Justin, still with a stupid look on his face, asked, "Why don't we bring the fans to us?"

"What?" Joey asked.

"Great idea Justin." Lance said excitedly. "We're at the park for hours. The station can broadcast live from the park. And maybe we can pick someone from the park to win the contest."

"Do you think it will work?" Chris asked, amazement on his face.

"Why not?" Lance fired back. "Perfect advertising for the station. Good for Hershey Park sales, everyone's happy. Including Joey."

Joey ran the idea over in his mind. Realizing that it was the perfect solution, he smiled and said, "Damn Justin. Who says you never get a good idea."

Justin gave him a sheepish grin and managed to blush. "Thanks Joey."

Lance opened the door; "You guys get ready. I'll tell Brian to arrange it."

Joey and Chris pounded Justin on the back and congratulated him. Suddenly, Chris stopped, and looked at Jc.

"Did I see right a minute ago?" He asked Joey. "Did Lance kiss Josh while we were talking?"

"You know, I think you're right." Joey said, turning to look at Jc. "What was that all about?"

They quickly surrounded the brunet and bombarded him with questions till he told them the whole story. For the third time that morning, Justin heard the whole thing again. It was as funny and sweet the third time as the first.

"I knew." Joey said with a smile.

"You did not." Chris argued. "Just yesterday you said there was no way they were together or even had a chance."

Before they could go on another one of their endless arguments, Jc whistled loudly. Both men turned and looked at him.

"What?" Joey asked.

"Everything is cool?" Jc asked, hopeful.

"Of course." Snapping his fingers, Joey turned at Justin. "And you. I remember seeing you in the hall with that damn director last night."

"What?" Chris interjected, gazing at Justin while tapping his foot. "Justin please tell me you didn't tell him that he could direct our next video?"

Justin started to laugh uncontrollably. Joey and Chris stared at him, the anger growing in their eyes with every passing second. "Justin answer me." Chris demanded.

"No, he won't be directing our next video." Justin stated, wiping his eyes with the back of his hand.

"Then why were you kissing him?" Joey demanded.

"He was kissing him." Chris repeated. "What the fuck is wrong with everyone?"

"Jesus Joey." Justin said. "Why would I be kissing anyone in the hall? Especially a guy."

"But I saw you." Joey argued.

Justin dismissed his accusations with a wave of his hand. "You were so fucked up you don't know what you saw last night."

Jc hid his surprise from the guys by covering his mouth like he had to sneeze. Why would Justin lie about Gabriel? He made a mental note to ask the singer why at the first opportunity.

"Maybe." Joey said, still not convinced. "But I could've sworn I saw you."

Justin looked at his friend and asked, "What's going on with you Joey? Is there something you need to tell us?"


Justin teased, "You were dreaming about me kissing a guy or maybe you dreamt that you were kissing a guy."

"Fuck off." Joey said, throwing a pillow at him.

"You wish." Justin shot back, throwing the pillow at Chris.

"Hey." Chris in turn threw it at Jc. By the time Lance returned, all four of them were running around the room throwing pillows at each other.

"What the hell is going on here?" Lance asked. Suddenly pillows came flying at him from all sides.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Gabriel hung up the phone and thought over what Scott proposed. It was possible that Mehmet knew all about him. Where he lived, where he worked, what name he went by there. But his problem was where did he get his information? Mehmet only knew him as Robert. All of his dealing had been over the Internet; it was next to impossible to trace him like that.

That left only one way, someone that knew who he was. Maybe someone from his old army day's, or someone he had met during his mercenary gigs. Someone knew all about him. And that someone was trying to kill him.

Gabriel pushed everything out of his mind. There would be plenty of time to puzzle it out. Grabbing one of his cases, he opened it and placed it on the small table.

The makeup kit could alter his face into anything. With that kit he could become anyone, either sex. The possibilities were endless. That kit had saved his life more times than his gun ever had. Grinning, he slowly began forming his new appearance in his mind. Grabbing the appropriate pieces, he started applying the making one layer at a time.

It took him almost two hours to finish but by the time he was done, no trace of Gabriel was left. His long blond hair was tucked under a skullcap awaiting a wig. His blue eyes were now green and extremely bloodshot looking. The scar on his face was covered by layers of latex that blended down to a large jaw that came him the impression of jowls.

As he put in his false teeth, he experimented with different voices and accents till he decided on a deep southern drawl. Attaching his wig, he looked into the mirror. He smiled in satisfaction.

Staring back at him was forty something, slightly balding with brown hair, a big nose that had a hint of redness to it, baggy eyes and sagging jowls.

"Perfect." He drew the word out. "I'd even fool my own ma."

Standing up, he struggled into a vest. This gave him the appearance of a beer belly that would hang just past his waistline. Stepping into some baggy slacks, he padded the seat of his pants to finish off the pudgy look. Stretching a blue shirt across his ample stomach, he looked in the mirror. Perfect he thought.

Adjusting the belly, he grabbed some thick glasses from the case and put them on. Reaching into another bag, he pulled out a small wallet, one that could be affixed around his waist. Clipping the plastic pieces together, he grunted slightly. The belt would only expand so much.

Making sure his gun was loaded; he put it inside the secret pocket. When he finished putting money and all his identification in the wallet, the gun was completely invisible from view.

Making sure to clip his phone on his belt, he felt like a tourist. He looked like a tourist. The Senator's team would overlook him in a heartbeat along with any NSA agents. They just weren't trained to look at ordinary people. All their training pointed to suspicious looking characters. Smiling to himself, he made sure everything in his room was hidden from the casual observer before leaving the room and entering the elevator.

When he walked out into the lobby he noticed the man immediately. He was standing casually against the wall, seemingly unconcerned with the passerby. Dressed in a cheap suit with a military haircut, Gabriel figured he could be only one thing, NSA.

Looking over to the front desk, he saw another man engaged in a conversation with the hostess. They were dressed identical. Looks like the goons finally made it to Central Pennsylvania.

Damn, this was going to be way easy he muttered. Walking by the man, he smiled at him, testing his disguise on the government agent. The man ignored him and continued his sweep of the room.

Clearing the front doors the heat hit him like blanket, smothering him in its humid clutches. Cursing that he should have picked a cooler disguise, he bypassed the valet and walked to his car. Droplets of sweat already ran down his face and he hoped the clue would last in the humid weather.

As he walked to his car, he scanned the parking lot for anyone suspicious. A few families here and there, some kids playing tag but no one out of the ordinary.

His car was parked in the back of the hotel, the very last row of spaces. About a hundred yards from him was Nsync's tour bus along with a few Explorer's with blackened windows. Guessing it was the mode of transportation for the group to the park, he fished his keys from his pocket and inserted it into the lock.

"Robert. Nice to finally meet you face to face as it were."

Spinning around faster than a man of his bulk should, Gabriel faced the speaker. One hand finding his gun in the secret pouch, the other hand cocking the powerful weapon.

"My secret admirer." He stated coldly, staring at the red haired man.

The man was tall, kind of portly with flaming red hair. His eyes were hid behind thick glasses but there was no mistaking the gun in his fist. The quality of his suit identified him as not NSA.

Smiling broadly, the man steadied his gun. "I thought we might have a chat."

Gabriel faced him; the only thing between them was a yellow corvette. Both guns were trained on each other, neither wavering in the heat. "I'm not one for chit chat. So if you don't mind. Why don't we skip the pleasantries."

"Robert, Robert, Robert." The man said with a sigh. "I want to congratulate you on the clever disguise. I never would've recognized you."

"That was the general idea." Gabriel shot back. By this time a few of the kids were getting dangerously close to seeing them.

The man noticed the kids and started walking towards the back of the corvette slowly. "That's why I didn't bother waiting in the lobby for you like those to idiots from the NSA."

Gabriel mirrored his movements; they were now standing about five feet apart at the back of the car. "They do kind of stick out like a sore thumb."

"Yeah. They never would've thought to stake out your car." The man replied with contempt. "But then again they don't know what you were driving these days now do they."

"Are you coming close to a point or do you just like to hear yourself talk?" Gabriel asked with his lips tight. Every muscle in his body was tense, ready to leap at the slightest hint of trouble. But this man was way to calm, completely in control of his emotions. That troubled him deeply.

"Did you get the present I left in your room early today?" He asked, shifting slightly. Putting all his weight on his left foot.

"Yeah, I sent you a card." Gabriel shot out. "Should be getting it soon."

"Thanks." The man smiled. "But that wasn't necessary."

"My mom raised me to be polite."

"All I really wanted was for you to leave town." The man said sadly. "People never do what you really want them too now do they."

"Life's a bitch." Gabriel stated softly. His anger was beginning to boil to the surface. This was the man that had been dogging him for two days. Attacking his friend, breaking into his apartment, stealing all his secrets.

"Yeah, so since you're not leaving anytime soon. I guess we should go some place private and discuss it on a deeper level." The man offered with a gleam in his eye.

Looking around the parking lot, Gabriel shrugged and stated, "I like here. Lot's of open spaces. Why don't we discuss now."

The man dove behind the corvette. Gabriel jumped on the trunk of his car and dropped to the ground making sure to keep his body hidden behind the tire. The last thing he wanted was the man to shoot his legs out from under him.

Peering around the back of the car, he tried to catch a glimpse of the man. Not finding anything, he crouched down and peered under the car.

Damnit he muttered. Where the hell did this guy go? Making his way slowly down the length of the car, he strained to hear any sound that might give away the man's location. But the kids playing were yelling and he heard nothing.

Wiping the sweat that fell in his eyes, he peaked around the front of the car. Cursing his bulk, he moved to the front of the corvette. From the corner of his eye, he saw the man disappear around a black Buick. Deciding to catch him at the other end, he moved as quickly as he could to the front of the black sedan.

Taking a quick breath, he darted around the vehicle. The man's eyes widened and he brought his gun around. Before he could bring the weapon to bare, Gabriel lashed out with his fist. His hand met the man's midsection and sank in a good five inches. The man was wearing the same type of padding that he was.

The padding softened the force of the blow but that didn't stop Gabriel from bringing his other hand around and smashing the gun into the man's neck. The man cried out and dropped to one knee. Gabriel kicked the man's hand causing the weapon to launch across the parking lot. With his other hand, he smashed the man's head into the side of the car with a thud.

With a sneer, he brought the gun to the man's head and said, "Looks like I won the debate."

At that moment, Nsync and their entourage exited the building and started for their tour buses. Gabriel cursed softly and watched as Justin laughed and joked with the guys. Every second bringing the group closer to the two men. Any second they would him pointing holding a gun to the man's head.

"Lady luck smiles again." The man said with a grin, spitting blood on the ground.

"Oh yeah. You said so yourself. I'm in disguise, no one would recognize me." Gabriel stated coldly, dragging the man up to his feet.

The man was a bit wobbly and held onto the side of the car. "But you wouldn't kill me in front of him." The man put emphasize on the word him. Stressing the fact that he knew Gabriel was involved with the singer. "Now would you?"
"Who are you?" Gabriel demanded, digging the barrel of the gun into the man's stomach.

"Once upon a time I was you're guardian angel." The man spat out in pain. "But now I'm the fly in your ointment."

Gabriel pistol-whipped the man across the face, "Tell me or so help me I'll blow your fucking head off Justin or no Justin."

"Hey is everything all right over there."

Gabriel's head snapped as he heard the familiar voice of Lonnie calling out to the two men. Looking over at him, he saw everyone staring at them with questioning looks on their faces.

Raising his voice he answered, "Yeah, everything's perfect. He just fell down. He's fine now aren't you."

The man waved at them and said, "Yeah, no worries."

Gabriel turned his attention back to the man and whispered, "This isn't over. I'll see you again."

"Promise." The man said sarcastically. "I can't wait to finish our discussion."

Punching the man hard in the stomach, Gabriel quickly walked away. Leaving the man gasping for air on his knees. He heard someone running over to the man as he opened his car door. Jumping in he started the car and sped off.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck." He screamed as he barely missed one of the kids that were playing in the parking lot.

Pulling out onto Hershey Park drive, he ran the red light and headed towards the park. His mind was a whirlwind. At the last moment he got some recognition in the man's eyes. Like someone he should know. But for the life of him he couldn't place it. But one thing he was sure of, he knew that man that had tried to kill him. And the man knew him.

He could tell it by the way the man taunted him. Like he was trying to jar Gabriel's memory. Either way, Gabriel felt a twinge of fear for the first time. This was a man that mirrored him completely. All the way down to the meticulous disguise he was wearing. The man was a professional and knew him on sight. The problem was Gabriel knew him only in that one disguise. This was going to be tricky.

To Be Continued

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