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Never give in Never give up Little boy brave Never lived Never died

R Beach

Chuckling silently at Scott's attempted joke, Gabriel waited patiently for the elevator. Justin was sexy, in a one night stand kind of way. Gabriel doubted if there was anything else behind the rock star features or the flashy grin that Justin gave off, like a freaky public persona always on.

Still, if the opportunity presented itself, he wouldn't fight off the sexy singer. Of course that is if Lonnie would allow that. He laughed at Lonnie, trying so hard to blend in but failing miserably. He could teach the big black man a thing or two about bodyguards.

Getting out of the elevator, he asked the doorman to bring his car around. Smiling, he thanked him and drove away towards Hershey. He had little more than an hour to prepare the hotel room. Plenty of time to fool a pampered rock star's assistant into whatever he wished him to think.

The twenty-minute drive seemed like one minute to Gabriel who was thinking about the next three days. Pulling up to the front door, he asked the bellhop to bring the six boxes to his room. Refusing to let him carry his personal luggage, he hefted the two bags and entered the elevator.

As the doors shut, he noticed a white man staring at him talking into a handheld radio. Smiling, he figured Lonnie had someone watching him. Maybe there was more to Lonnie than he figured. He made a mental note to be careful around the black man.

Walking down the hall to his room, he heard the door to the stairs creak open. Setting down his bags, he unlocked the door. Stepping inside quickly, he pulled his gun and put his eye to the door.

When he heard the footsteps outside his door, he flung the door open, keeping the hand with the gun hidden behind the steel door.

The same white man that he had seen in the lobby was staring at him with his eyes wide open. Gabriel smiled and asked, "Can I help you?"

Stuttering, the man replied, "Ah no, my room is this further down I guess."

"Good night." Gabriel wished him and shut the door exhaling loudly. Luckily it was only a Nsync man; he did not want to cause a scene in the famous hotel.

Looking at his watch, he only had a half-hour to tidy up the room before the person Justin sent arrived. Placing the folder with the pictures of Justin in it, he waited for his other luggage to arrive.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

After the meeting with the rest of the guys, Justin made an excuse and retired to his room. Leaving four astonished guys behind with their mouths open. They had opted to go out for the evening and Justin declining was something that just didn't happen. More than Joey even, Justin was always in the mood for a night out on the town. Especially when they had a few days off till their next show.

Justin headed for his room and before he could shut the door, Lonnie put his huge arm in the way.

"Yes." Justin asked.

Making his way into the room, Lonnie stood like a statue, his arms folded across his chest. Sighing, Justin sat down and waited for whatever Lonnie was going to say.

Oh fuck it he thought. "What did you find out about Mr. Gabriel?"

"We know that he checked in under the name Gabriel Cain from Denver Colorado. He works for a consulting firm, you know the ones that observe your works habits and advises you on what positions you can change to make the job run smoothly." Lonnie stated, mentally checking off the information in his head. "He has a clean record, almost to clean."

"What do you mean?" Asked Justin.

"He doesn't have as much as a parking ticket, not in his whole life."

"Okay, what else?"

"He likes to think of himself as a photographer on the side. He graduated tenth in his class at the University of Colorado and has been working at the same job ever since." Lonnie finished, grimacing as he looked at the singer.

"So I was right, a normal average guy that upholds all the laws of the land and likes to take pictures of flowers and buildings." Justin said, summing up his points on his hand.

"According to his profile." Lonnie admitted. He still didn't like the man but he had no grounds to stop Justin from seeing the pictures he took. "I will be out in the hall the entire time."

"I know." Justin said as he walked back towards the bedroom. Leaving Lonnie to his brooding, Justin hurriedly got ready.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

As usual, Lance and Jc was ready. They were talking inside Jc's room waiting for the dynamic duo to finish primping. With Chris, it was usually a matter of procrastination. He would wait until the last minute before scurrying around like a madman clothes flying in his rush to get ready. With Joey, it was more of him changing and changing clothes, trying to find the perfect outfit to match his ever-changing hair color. They were always the last two ready, normally finishing at the same time and running into the room breathlessly.

Jc looked at Lance and asked, "Don't you think it weird that Justin has been alone all day?"

Shaking his head, Lance answered in his deep voice, "A bit, but he's probably tired."

"I don't know." Jc mused. "He's been acting strange ever since him and Britney broke up a few weeks ago."

Lance thought about it for a moment before adding, "I think it started before that actually."

"What do you mean?"

"Well." Lance said as he tried to remember circumstances about a certain night. Being on the road some much, the only way he could remember where was fixing an event to a certain town. "Remember it was right after our appearance on TRL last month."

"The time when we caught Carson buggerin that twink in his office." Jc offered his brow creased from concentration.

"Yea." Lance said excitedly. "What a sight."

"Well, what about it?" Jc asked, smiling at him. The band had known that Lance was gay from day one, and everyone was fine with that. Management never had to worry about Lance coming out cause the southerner had no intentions too. He figured it was his decision and that what he did was private and didn't have a desire to broadcast it to the world that he like sucking dick.

The only way the guys found out was they caught him one night during rehearsals on his knees in front of his best friend. His parents didn't even know Lance figured it was none of their business.

Lance continued, "It was about that time when Justin started withdrawing himself. It was only a few weeks later that he broke the news to Britney that he didn't want to see her anymore. And from what I hear, he never gave her a reason or nothing. Just said it was over."

Jc thought back to the incident on the bus the previous day, "He wanted to talk about something last night while you and the yahoos were talking in the back."

"What?" Lance asked, his curiosity peaked.

"He never said, he just went to bed." Jc explained. "It's not like him to spend all day by himself like this. Not when we're going out tonight."

Lance straightened out his shirt absently as he stated; "Management hasn't noticed anything. He seems all right just a bit sad. I say give him his space."

"Maybe." Jc said as he thought about his friendship with Justin. Justin always internalized everything, getting it straightened out in his head before he told anyone anything. Maybe he was putting together the reasons he dumped Britney. He just wasn't sure if this time Justin needed his space.

"You know how it is, he still getting over Britney. He'll come around." Lance said confidently. "Just give him time."

"Okay." Jc agreed as Joey and Chris burst through the door yelling at the top of their lungs.

"Let's blow this burg." Joey screamed out. Chris called out right behind him, "Are you ready to parrrrttttiiieee?"

"Bout fucking time." Lance grumbled as they made they way to the back stairs.

"Don't be so grumpy." Joey said as if talking to a dog. "Who knows you might get lucky." Chris added mysteriously.

Jc broke in; "If anyone needs to get lucky it's me."

"Awl, are you going to break your streak?" Joey asked teasingly.

Blushing, Jc walked ahead of them rushing down the stairs at a tremendous pace. The three others followed him, yelling and screaming as they tried to catch their friend.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The room was dark, a single lamp burning, shining it's faint light on a silver colored laptop. The figure sitting at the desk was waiting for an email patiently.

He had not gotten to the place he was by being rash. Ever since he could remember, he had been calculating. Never taking a risk unless he was sure of the outcome. Even as he waited, he weighed his chances in this new venture.

"You got mail."

The musical sound charred him back to the task at hand. Smiling faintly, his lips sealed tightly. He clicked on the hyperlink and waited.

"It's been a long time Frederick."

He smiled at the mention of his old name. It had been years since anyone had called him that. It felt good that he was still remembered. He typed, "I have a proposition for you Mehmet."

"I listening."

"I'll carry out the contract on the Senator for you."

"Are you sure? It's been a while."

"I am close to him and trusted. It can not fail."

"What about Robert? Will he interfere with your plans?"

"If he does than he's a dead man. He's grown soft, everyone know this."

"If you take Robert and the Senator out, I will double your fee. But make no mistake, the Senator dies first. Afterwards you may do whatever you wish to our betrayer."

"Understood. The Senator will be erased on Saturday."

Frederick closed the notebook and held up a picture of a long blond hair man talking to a big black man. He spat, "Let's see which of us looks death in the eye this time, Gabriel Cain."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Gabriel had just finished putting the final touches on the hotel room. Taking one last look to make sure everything was either put away or placed properly. Satisfied that everything was perfect, he pulled his gun out and placed in between the cushions of the couch.

Sitting down, he opened his book and started where he had left off. After a few moments, a knocking on the door startled him. Putting his hand in the cushions, he gripped the 9mm tightly.

Raising his voice loudly, he called out, "Come in, it's open."

He couldn't help but laugh when a nervous Lonnie opened the door and surveyed the room. Behind the big man, a smiling Justin waited patiently.

"Do you mind if I look around the room?" Lonnie asked gruffly.

"Be my guest." Gabriel stated graciously. Returning his hand to his lap, looking at Justin he said, "Hi, I thought you would be sending someone for the pictures?"

"Well, you know..." Justin stammered. He looked at Lonnie who was emerging from the bathroom with a questioning glance.

Lonnie shrugged his shoulders and stood by the door, allowing Justin to walk into the room. Who immediately started gazing at the pictures that Gabriel had laid about the room.

Gabriel stood up and offered, "Lonnie, you don't have to stand in the doorway, come in and sit down."

"No thank you." Lonnie declined. "I'll be outside." He reminded Justin as he shut the door behind him.

Chuckling, Gabriel asked, "Is he always like that?"

"Who?" Justin said absently as he moved the various pictures around. "Oh, Lonnie. He's just doing his job."

Walking over to where he had put the envelope, he handed them to Justin, "Here's the pictures from this afternoon."

Ignoring him, Justin stated with a smile, "These are really good. How long have you been taking pictures?"

Gabriel tried his best to look pleased as he replied, "Forever. It started way back in third grade."

"Your shading and framing are fantastic, even though your subjects are a bit weird." Justin continued, got up in the pictures.

"How so?" Gabriel didn't have to fake being hurt. He always thought Scott's work was wonderful.

"Like this one." Justin said, holding up a worm that had been cut in half by a hoe. "It's a beautifully crafted picture but I don't get the subject matter."

"Oh, that was a really long time ago when I found beauty in death." Gabriel lied easily. "You should see some of the other pictures I took in that time."

Justin looked at him queerly and asked, "You do know that worms don't die when they're cut in half don't you?"

"Of course." Gabriel laughed, than added, "But seeing the worm wiggling around I immediately identified it with struggling to live."

Still going through the boxes of pictures, Justin held on up and stated with a small whistle, "This is a very interesting subject."

This one made him blush, Scott had a fetish for bondage and he had done a whole collection of bondage pictures, guys and girls alike. The pictures had always made him blush; they were extremely graphic in nature.

Cursing Scott silently, Gabriel struggled to invent a lie. Luckily Justin stated softly, "I think they beautiful."

"Really?" Gabriel asked, his eyes wide in shock. He never would have realized that the seemingly innocent youth would be drawn to the darker side of life.

As he laid out the pictures side by side, he continued, "I think you've captured that which most people try their entire lives to deny. I know of so many people that would love to try this but they're honed in by convention and religious beliefs. So they deny it and live the rest of they're lives a lie. Hating themselves for not trying it and disgusted at themselves for ever wanting to try."

This boy just wasn't a pretty face. He had depth that surprised him. Gabriel altered his opinion about the curly headed singer and changed tactics.

"You know you're the first person to see that." Gabriel said, feigning excitement. "Everyone else just see the perversity or the pornography, depending on what they're in too."

Now it was Justin's turn to blush, he spoke quickly, "I'm trapped on a bus for hours at a time you know. It's either reading or playing video games. And after a while, playing video games gets boring."

"I imagine that it would." Gabriel agreed. Never seeing the attraction for pretending to live dangerously via games. He preferred the real thing.

Justin had finally finished looking at the pictures, he sat down and asked, "So, where's the pictures I came here for anyway? Aren't you going to show me?"

"Sure." Gabriel stated, a bit confused. I guess he didn't hear me before. Grabbing the envelope from the table, he walked over and handed them over. "Here ya go. I took out the shots of the buildings, I figured you wouldn't want to those."

As Justin flipped through the pictures rapidly, he asked, "Why were you taking pictures of that building anyway? It's just a normal looking building."

Again, Gabriel invented a lie on the spot, "The differences between the pearly white building with the black roof against the blue sky filled with white fluffy clouds appealed to my sense of irony."

"How so?" Justin asked, a bit curious on why the envelope only had five pictures in it when he could remember Gabriel shooting twice as many as that.

Placing the pictures down, he focused on Gabriel as he continued, "You know, a manmade object, all white and shining like a beacon against the blackness of man's destruction with the backdrop of Mother Nature and her take on white. I found it...ironic."

Justin nodded his head, and than grinned, "You just made that up didn't you."

"Yea, did it sound that bad?"

"Pretty much, I thought it was quite lame." Justin said evenly. "You need to learn to lie with a straight face."

Trying to hide a smile, Gabriel asked, "How so?"

"Well." Justin began. "I've noticed that when you lie, you're left eye twitches."

Involuntary his hand rubbed his eye, "Really?"

"Yea. I've also noticed that there are a few pictures missing from here." Justin added, handing back the envelope to a shocked Gabriel.

This time Gabriel couldn't help but blush, his face a deep crimson that disappeared into the top of his shirt. "I didn't think you would notice."

Putting his hands behind his hand, he leaned back into the chair, "Most people think that about me. That I'm some stupid pretty boy that doesn't have a clue what happens around me."

"You can be sure I won't make that mistake again."

Smiling, Justin leaned forward and asked, "So, can I see the other pictures?"

"I'm not sure that would be a good idea." Gabriel stammered his embarrassment plain on his scarred face.

"Why not?" Justin teased. "Am I the subject in those pictures?"

Rubbing his jaw, Gabriel shot back, "Was I that obvious?"

Shaking his head up and down slowly, Justin replied, "Just a tad. Come on, let me see. Please." He ended by begging, his blue eyes wide and expectant.

Justin's pants started ringing and he jumped slightly before realizing that it was Lonnie checking in on him. Reaching into his baggy pants, he answered it, "Yes." He paused for a second and than, "Everything's fine."

"Lonnie." Gabriel stated flatly. When Justin nodded, he gave in. "I get those pictures for you now."

"You do that." Justin said, standing up and walking over to the mini refrigerator that was standing in the corner. "Do you mind if I get something to drink?"

Gabriel shouted out from the bathroom from where he was digging out the pictures from his bag, "Go right ahead, get me something to will ya."

"What do you want?" Justin yelled back as he reached for a bottle of orange juice.

"Anything but soda. No carbonation."

Smiling, he grabbed another bottle and sat down on the couch. Hoping that the blond would take the hint. Damn this couch is lumpy he thought as he moved over a bit. Much better he nodded as he waited for Gabriel's return.

Walking back into the room, Gabriel paused for just a brief moment. Smiling he walked over and sat down next to Justin, the remaining pictures in his hand.

He exchanged the pictures for the bottle of juice and waited as Justin rapidly went through them. The entire time a mischievous smile on his face.

"Well." Gabriel exclaimed as Justin went through the pictures for a third time. "What do you think?"

"Interesting." Justin mused. Setting the pictures on the floor, he turned a bit and looked at Gabriel's expectant face.

"That's it?"

"Pretty much, I understand the subject for these." Justin teased. "And I must say that you picked a sexy one as well."

"Asshole." Gabriel stated as he stood up and walked into the bathroom.

Justin fell back on the couch laughing. He had not been expecting to rattle the man so easily. At first Gabriel had been full of confidence, easy talking, always smiling like he knew something no one else did. And then Justin asked a few simple questions and the man almost fell apart. He found it very attractive. He smiled as he heard the water running in the bathroom.

Bringing the water to his face, Gabriel tried to regain his composure. Looking at his reflection, he scolded himself. How could you let him get to you? You haven't acted like that since high school; he accused the reflection harshly. And what was with those pathetic lies? You've lied to the Chinese Secret Police about stupider shit and they bought it.

Breathing deeply, he thought. I've got to get this under control. Don't let his good looks fool you, he's a lot smarter than he looks. You've come to damn far to make a stupid mistake at this stage in the game. I've got to go out there and make some polite excuse so he'll leave before I do something stupid.

"Okay." He stated to his reflection, exhaling loudly.

Opening the door, he walked into the room and saw Justin lying on the couch, looking at the pictures again. Justin looked at him and asked, "Feel better now."

"Much." Gabriel assured him. Sitting down on chair, he vowed that he would not let Justin get close to him again. He smelled way to good and he looked too damn cute.

"I like this one the best, what do you think?" Justin asked, reaching over and handing the picture to him.

It was a picture of Justin; he was actually framed perfectly. The colors behind were vibrant and it looked like he was staring off into space, a confused look on his face.

"That is a good one." Gabriel agreed. Checking his watch, he stated casually, "I wasn't expecting company tonight and I haven't eaten yet. So if you wouldn't mind..."

Justin cut him off in mid-sentence, "I wouldn't mind ordering up some room service, I haven't eaten either."

Fuck he screamed loudly in his head. He never thought that the cute bastard would want to eat with him. Now what do I do he asked himself. Out loud he said, "Sounds perfect." What the fuck did I say that for? It wasn't perfect; I didn't want to eat with him. Did I?

Maintaining his easygoing manner, Gabriel asked, while he reached for the menu, "Maybe we should order something for Lonnie."

"Yes." Agreed Justin. "And I know just want to get him."

"Judging by the devilish grin, I'm going with its something he doesn't really like." Gabriel ventured.

Giving Gabriel his world famous smile, Justin nodded and reached for his mobile phone. While Gabriel scanned the menu, Justin informed someone that he was just going to order up some room service and that he didn't want to be disturbed for the rest of the evening.

Gabriel filed that bit of information away in his mind. So Justin wasn't telling anyone where he was or what he was doing tonight. And apparently Lonnie was his accomplice in the deception. That made his job easier if it was normal for Justin to go AWOL.

"So." Justin invaded his thoughts cheerily. "What are you going to have?"

Gabriel handed the menu over to Justin, and replied, "Just the usual, a chicken Caesar salad with dressing on the side. And a Molson."

Laughing deeply, Justin threw the menu in the air exclaiming, "That sounds good. Make that two."

Reaching for the phone, he asked, "And what for you're ever diligent bodyguard out in the hall?"

Shrugging, Justin stated, "I sent him back upstairs since we might be awhile." He looked at Gabriel's shocked expression and than added quickly, "You know, with eating dinner and all."

Gabriel placed the order, asking for a six-pack of beer. He figured they would need it before the night was over. As he gathered his thoughts, he started clearing the table off. Placing the pictures back in the various boxes that Justin had strewn around the room in his impatience to look at the contents.

Justin walked over and helped. From the corner of his eye, he stole glances at the blond when he thought he wasn't looking. At the same time, Gabriel was stealing his own glances. Both of them noticing the other.

Room service knocked on the door, and Justin walked over to answer it. Gabriel looked longingly at the couch; he casually wandered over to it as Justin opened the door. After making sure everything was in order, Justin signed the bill and the waiter left to attend to his many duties.

"You didn't have to pay for dinner." Gabriel explained. It had been ages since someone had paid for his dinner. And if felt too much like a date for his tastes.

"No problem." Justin assured him. "I have an expense account. Besides, I did invite myself over for dinner so I figured I owed you."

"Well, you did do that." Gabriel agreed. "Let's eat, I'm famished."

They sat down and uncovered the salads. After pouring the beers into the glasses, Justin raised his and said, "A toast."

Following suite, Gabriel asked, "And what shall we toast to?"

Thinking for moment, Justin grinned, "To the hanging gardens."

"To the hanging gardens." Gabriel echoed as they clinked their glasses.

"So Gabe." Justin started as he munched on his salad. "Do you have any brothers or sisters?"

Justin noticed a pained look cross his face briefly as he answered, "I have an older brother. But we don't talk too much anymore."

Justin picked up on the bitter feelings and continued, "I have two younger brothers and a baby sister. I don't get to see them much either."

"What about your parents?" Gabriel asked as he struggled to cut a piece of chicken.

"Their back in Orlando."

"You're from Orlando huh?" Gabriel asked politely. Knowing full well where Justin was from. But since he had not mentioned the fact that he was in Nsync, Gabriel was going to go along playing dumb.

"Yea, originally from Tennessee. I moved to Orlando when I was twelve or so. What about you? Where you from?" He asked, taking a sip of the beer.

"Denver." Gabriel replied with a mouthful of chicken. "Born and raised there."

"I love playing Denver." Justin blurted out. Then quickly covered up by saying, "Do you like football?"

Smiling, Gabriel shook his head, "No, not since High School. I played a little bit but I'm to busy now with work and all."

"Like taking pictures and stuff." Justin offered a weird look on his face.

Gabriel wondered what the look was for but shrugged it off and stuck to his prefabricated life. "Yea, pictures. I travel a lot with my job. I'm a consultant for big companies. I'm the asshole that gets un-needed employees fired."

"Tough job to have." Justin grinned than panicked when he was asked, "So what about you? What do you to that requires a bodyguard twenty-four hours a day?"


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