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Justin took his time chewing the chicken in his mouth while he tried to come up with an explanation. The whole time Gabriel looked at him, an amusing smile on his lips. Finally Justin gave up.

"Oh fuck it. You already know anyway don't you." Justin accused him bluntly.

Laughing, Gabriel replied, "Yep. But I was wondering what you would say."

"Fine. You know. I'm a member of the boy band Nsync." Justin stated loudly, a grin breaking his face.

"I won't hold it against you." Gabriel promised. Raising his glass for a toast. "To new friends."

"To new friends." Came the echo.

"How long would you have let me gone on with my deception?" Justin asked, finishing up the last of his beer before reaching for a new one.

"Get one for me." Gabriel asked. Than answering the question, "I was thinking about forever. You looked so smug over there with your big secret. It was rather cute."

Fuck me! Did I just say he was cute, Gabriel exclaimed in his mind. His cheeks reddening at the thought.

Undaunted, Justin replied, "It's not everyday that I can pretend like I'm a normal person. It was just so easy with you I figured if no one brought it up why should I."

"Understandable." Pouring the beer into his now empty glass, Gabriel smiled at Justin's embarrassment.

"So, Gabe, do you have a wife back in Denver?" Justin asked suddenly.

"Nope. No wife in Denver or any other state."


"No girlfriend either. What about you?" He asked, changing the tables on his young friend.

Seeing the sadness fall across his face, Gabriel winced. He should've remembered, it was in all the papers. Justin had been dating Britney Spears and they had just recently separated.

"No, I just broke up with my girlfriend a few weeks ago." Justin explained quietly.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to..."

"It's okay." Justin assured him. "I started this game after all."

They finished eating in silence; neither knew what to say after Justin's admission. After they pushed their plates away and grabbed two more beers, they sat down across from each other in the living room area.

Justin toyed with a pillow and looked at Gabriel. After a moment he started smiling. Gabriel asked, "What's so funny?"

"You are." Justin replied breathlessly.

"How do you mean?" Came the apprehensive question.

"You've been wanting to ask me a question all night." Justin stated, his face turning serious.

"Oh really." Gabriel said with an amused look in his eyes.

"Yes. But you're to scared." Justin emphasized each word as he relaxed on the couch; his legs spread open invitingly.

"Oh am I?" Gabriel asked, leaning forward slightly, unconscious of the reflex. "You think you can read me that easily?"

"In this respect I can. It's written all over your face." Justin taunted him softly. Leaning forward, their faces a few feet apart, Justin demanded, "Why don't you ask me that question?"

"You're very sure of yourself aren't you?"

"Only when I know I'm right." Justin shot back quietly, moving closer to the edge of the couch.

"Than why should I ask the question." Gabriel countered. Their faces now inches apart. Their eyes locked on one another. Each seeing the lust mirrored in the other's eyes. Both wanting to know the answer, but each hesitant to leap on their feelings.

For Gabriel, the tables were turned. Normally he was the aggressor, the one in control. But somehow Justin had stripped him of all confidence, leaving him uncertain. Though every instinct was telling him to break the silence, he sat there, feeling Justin's breath on his face. An aroma lightly scented with beer that drove him crazy for some reason.

Justin peered into his eyes, imagining that he could see into the very recesses of his soul. His heart was pounding, his hands shaking as he stared, locked into the other's gaze. Helpless to any action except the fulfillment of his desire. An unquenchable lust that rose to the surface, engulfing him, telling him what to do.

Just that simple, Justin leaned in and felt a shiver when their lips met. At first, a probing kiss, gentle and chaste. Than a more urgent kiss, filled with lust and a raging desire to consume one another and taste all that they hid from the world.

As they broke the kiss, Gabriel stammered, "Wow." Swallowing deeply and taking a deep breath, he asked, "Is that the question you wanted me to ask? If I could kiss you?"

Answering him with a smile, Justin moved to his knees. On the floor in front of the dazed man, he knelt. By the look in his eye, Justin knew he had him where he wanted the man since they first met.

Reaching out, he caressed the scarred cheek. Feeling the subtle differences in the texture of the skin. Tracing the scar from his eye to his chin, Justin whispered, "This really brings out your eyes."

Gabriel's lips reached out and kissed his hand as he lightly brushed his chin. Looking again into Justin's eyes, Gabriel leaned in and once again their lips met.

A sense of urgency came over them. Justin pulled Gabriel to his knees, his hands roaming the hard body before him. He felt Gabriel responding in kind, their tongues fighting for control.

Moaning in the back of his throat, Gabriel ran his hands down the muscular back of Justin, admiring the hard body that had been offered to him. In his head he laugh when Justin started making a noise from deep inside his chest, like a kitten purring after suckling his mother.

Forever they knelt on the floor, hands roaming freely, lips locked together passionately until Justin broke away. He leaned back breathlessly and asked, "Do you think we could go to somewhere a bit more comfortable?"

Grinning like a madman, Gabriel stood up. Holding out a hand, he said, "I think I can arrange that."

Justin grabbed hold and let the stronger man pull him to his feet roughly. The two of them, still hand in hand, ran towards the bed. Gabriel pushed him back on the bed, lust in his eyes.

"Will this work?" He grunted as he began taking off the singer's shoes.

"Perfect." Justin sighed, his hands shaking visibly by his sides.

Giggling slightly as Gabriel stripped the socks of his feet. The sight of Gabriel bending over, his hands ripping off the socks drove Justin crazy. He could just make out the hard backside being hidden in the faded denim. And he always thought that butt's looked better in denim.

Looking down at Justin, Gabriel reached for his hands, pulling him up to a sitting position. Leaning in for a kiss, he ran his hands down Justin's sides. Still locked in a kiss, he slowly brought up the shirt, exposing the hard rock abs of the singer.

Bringing the shirt up, he briefly broke off the kiss, until the pouty pink lips were visible again. Leaving Justin tangled up in the shirt; he pressed their lips together, invading Justin's mouth like a man possessed. Moaning and trying to break free from Gabriel's grip and the confines of the shirt, Justin returned the kiss furiously.

Ripping the shirt the rest of the way from his head, Gabriel threw it across the room. With one hand he pushed Justin back down, and the other barely caressing the soft skin as he slowly made his way down the smooth chest. Stopping momentarily at the left nipple, giving it a squeeze before continuing on his downward journey. He traced the lines of the six-pack, causing another giggle from Justin.

"Are you ticklish?" He teased, continuing the feather light touch on the sensitive belly.

"Yes, when you touch me like that." Justin answered, his mouth opened slightly as his pink tongue darted to wet his lips.

"How `bout if I touch you like this?" He asked, barely rubbing his palm across the engorged member straining to break free of the constricting material that held it in firmly in place.

"Yes." Justin moaned, his head turning to the side.

Continuing downward, Gabriel let his hand brush against the well-toned thigh. Admiring the hardness, he went down to the foot, and than back up the other side. Stopping just as his hand reached the top of Justin's inner thigh.

He could feel the heat from Justin's crotch, warm and inviting. Looking up at Justin, he grinned madly. Slowly and methodically he undid Justin's belt. Unbuttoning the pants, he brought his lips to the hardness that he found just under his hands.

"Oh yeah." Justin groaned one finger in his mouth.

As he undid the zipper, Gabriel started gently biting the hard stomach. Sucking and biting on the sensitive flesh, causing Justin to thrash around in ecstasy. While he sucked on his belly, his hands were lightly rubbing the cloth-covered erection. Grabbing the waist of the pants, he started to remove them slowly.

Justin raised his butt from the bed to help the pants slide down. The sensation's that were going through his body made thinking impossible. His only thought was of his dick, harder than it has ever been before, begging for a release.

Gabriel grinned in satisfaction as he tossed the pants behind him. Looking at Justin clad only in his tight boxer briefs Gabriel sighed contentedly. Smiling at the wet spot that had started to form in the black material.

Once again tracing his hands lightly over the legs, he worked them both under the edge of the briefs. Caressing the skin, moving his hands higher till he felt the coarse pubic hair, only then did he stop. This action brought another moan from Justin, who pleaded, "Please."

Bringing his lips to the tip of the cock, Gabriel gently bit it, kissing the pulsing rod tenderly.

"Oh god." Justin yelled out, his breaths coming faster and faster.

Gabriel continued to manipulate Justin's cock as he ran a hand to Justin's lips. Justin opened his mouth and let the finger invade him. Sucking on the finger like it was his last lollypop; Justin stroked the hair of Gabriel. Winding the long strains around his fingers, tugging gently.

"Please Gabe. Please." Justin begged as he felt Gabriel's hands grip the elastic band of his briefs.

Again lifting up his body from the bed, he groaned as the friction of the material being slowly removed sent him into spasms. His highly sensitive head glistening with the loads of pre-cum that leaked out, pooling on his stomach.

Flinging the briefs on the floor, Gabriel looked at his prize all nestled snugly on a bed of light brown pubic hair. As the rest of Justin was, it was beautiful. Perfect in every way, symmetrical with his body, proportioned perfectly to his frame. It lay there, straight and hard, every couple of seconds it would twitch with Justin's anticipation of what was to come.

And once again, Gabriel started at his feet. Kissing his calf, licking his knee, biting his thigh, burying his nose where his leg and pelvis meet. As before he bypassed the erection and went instead for his hard stomach. Working his way up till he was even with Justin's eyes.

Justin pleaded, his eyes speaking volumes. Opening his lips slightly, inviting Gabriel to penetrate his mouth. Gabriel leaned in and kissed him. This time the kiss was gentle, lasting forever before he broke it off.

Smiling, he grabbed Justin's hands and placed them over his head. Letting his hands rub down the shivering body, he licked his way down till his tongue tasted the sweet leavings pooled on Justin's stomach.

Lapping up the semi-sweet nectar, he opened his mouth wide and took all of Justin's cock in his waiting mouth.

"Oh yeah. Finally." Justin groaned, his body writhing on the bed as Gabriel's mouth engulfed him completely.

Using just his mouth, Gabriel slowly jacked him off, savoring the taste of Justin's maleness. Loving the feeling of his cock buried to the hilt in his mouth, wanting to pleasure him like no one ever had before.

He gently massaged Justin's ball's with one hand while the other reached down deeper. Justin tried to raise his hips to allow easier access but the blowjob he was receiving made it impossible to hold his body up for any period of time.

Gabriel continued his journey, rubbing against the sensitive ring around the anus. Trying to pleasure him in every way possible. Suddenly Justin groaned, arms gripping the back of Gabriel's head tightly as he felt a finger slide in.

Bringing his hand up to the salvia on Justin's stomach, he wet his fingers before returning back to Justin's asshole. With the lubricant, he slipped in two fingers, speeding up his mouth at the same time. The combined stimulation that flooded through his body sent Justin over the edge. His balls drew tightly against his body and shot after shot exploded from deep inside him and into Gabriel's waiting mouth.

"Oh god. Yes. Auh." Justin moaned, his body tensing up as he emptied his cum into Gabriel.

Waiting until he had milked every drop from him, Gabriel released the cock from his mouth. Allowing the semi-hard cock to flop against Justin's stomach.

Justin grabbed Gabriel's head and pulled him up for a deep kiss. He could taste himself on Gabriel's tongue and for some reason it drove him crazy.

Panting like a dog, Justin stated, "Wow, I've never felt like that before."

"Glad you like it." Gabriel said with a grin, a stream of cum dangling from his lips.

"Hey, you've got something right here." Justin informed him as he licked his own cum from Gabriel's face. Sighing contently, he loved the weight of Gabriel on him, it made him feel secure and safe.

Gabriel shifted and Justin said, "What do we have here?" he asked as he felt the hardness poking into his stomach. Reaching a hand between them, he rubbed Gabriel's cock and asked, "What can we do to fix this problem?"

"Got any ideas?" He replied breathlessly.

"Oh I've got several ideas in mind." Justin growled, twisting his body suddenly, causing Gabriel to roll over on his back. "But first we have to do something about all these clothes."

Laughing at the urgency in Justin's voice, Gabriel threw the lamp on the floor, smashing the bulb into tiny shards of glass. The bedroom was shrouded darkness; the only sounds were the groans of the two men as they lost themselves to the lust that devoured them.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Lonnie stated again, "I'm not sure what he's hiding, but he's definitely hiding something."

Mike, a huge white guy with a bushy goatee, looked over the file they had started on Gabriel Cain. Thumbing through the pages, he frowned, "Everything seems normal enough."

"Look at this." Lonnie demanded, emphasizing his rage with a stubby finger on Gabriel's bank statement. "He has exactly three thousand dollars in his checking account. Ten thousand in his saving account. Don't you think that's weird, who has rounded numbers in their accounts."

"Maybe he's extremely anal. You did say he was wearing a leather jacket despite the heat today." Mike argued, still not convinced of Lonnie's instincts. "He's had the same job since college, every year he goes on a two week vacation to different spots in the country. He's an average American male."

"That's what bothers me." Lonnie declared, standing up. He began pacing as he ranted, "All this." He jabbed at the papers on the desk. "This is either the most average guy in the world or this is a forged life. No one is that boring."

"Okay." Mike caved, "What do you think we should do about it?"

"We can't yet." Lonnie exclaimed. "Justin feels safe around him. You know how good of a judge he is, nothing really gets past him."

"Don't you think that he might just be exactly what he says he is?" Mike asked, the frustration showing on his round face.

"Yea." Lonnie said, sitting back down. "The only thing we can do now is watch him. Until otherwise, we make sure Justin isn't in any danger."

"Do we tell anyone else?" Mike asked.

"No, you and me will handle it." Lonnie explained. "Tomorrow, follow him where ever he goes. I'll stick close to Justin."

"Okay, is Justin still there?"

"Yea, Tommy hasn't called me so Justin hasn't left yet."

Mike left a very brooding Lonnie alone. For the tenth time, Lonnie peered over the documents; his eyes straining to see something he had missed. After a while, a smile spread across his lips. "Gotcha."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Yea, take it all you slut." Lance screamed as he exploded inside a twenty-year-old twink, his buttocks twitching as the orgasm faded.

The twink, Lance had forgotten his name, lay there panting, his green eyes glazed. His smooth body covered in his own juices as well as sweat from the exhaustive workout Lance had put him through.

Smiling, he stated, "That was wonderful."

Pulling out, Lance threw the used condom on the floor, collapsing next to the boy. "Whatever."

Looking hurt, the boy tried to snuggle up against the deep voiced singer. But Lance pushed him away and ordered, "Leave."

The boy looked at him with puppy dog eyes, his lips quivering. Clutching the sheet close to his neck, he asked, "What?"

"Leave. Get out." Lance barked. "I'm finished with you."

The twink got out of bed, tears forming in his eyes. When Lance had first approached him at the club, he had assumed that they would be together forever like some fairy tale from a novel. Now, seeing Lance lying on the bed naked, his flaccid cock resting on a muscular thigh, his entire world seemed to be collapsing on top of him.

He hurriedly dressed, not wanting to let Lance see him cry. Pausing at the door, he looked back at Lance, a longing in his eyes, mixed with the realization that his dream wasn't coming true.

"Leave." Lance stated a bored expression on his soft features. Sighing, he wished there were other ways for him to release the stress. This tour had been nothing but a string of twinks, sweaty sex in expensive hotel rooms, lonely nights sleeping alone in the spacious bed.

Why can't I just find someone to love? That question haunted him a lot recently. Ever since he saw Jonathan and Rider together, they were so happy. Like two newlyweds in heat, they're love evident in their eyes as they gazed at one another.

Knocking first on the door, Jc poked his head in the room. His eyes worried a frown on his face. Lance covered himself, and waved his friend in.

"Why do you do this to yourself?" Jc asked, approaching the bed in a pair of pajama bottoms, his smooth chest bare.

Shrugging, Lance replied an understanding grin on his face, "You won't let me do it to you."

"That's not a very good reason." Jc argued. He sat down on the bed, looking carefully for any wet spots.

"Don't worry, we were on that side." Lance informed him, pointing to the opposite side of the bed. "Did he run down the hall crying like a little baby?"

"Oh yeah." Jc stated a tight smile on his face. "That is the fifth one this month you made cry. You have a way with guys."

"It's a gift." Lance intoned sarcastically. "What about that hot little number you took to your room?"

"Nothing happened." Jc explained. "She couldn't get over the fact that I was Jc from Nsync. Very tedious."

"Same here." Lance grinned. "The whole time I was fucking him I could see it in his eyes. I could've ripped his dick off and he would've thanked me."

Sighing, Jc lay down next to Lance, their bodies touching. "We've got to learn to stay with celebrities."

"I hear that." Lance grunted. Feeling Jc shiver, he pulled the covers over the both of them. Jc made a face, and declared, "Lance, at least put on some boxers. I can feel your dick on my leg."

Laughing, Lance stated, "Well, your closer to them, grab them for me."

"The things I do for you." Jc stated, trying to sound disgusted. Grabbing the discarded boxers, he threw them on Lance's head. That only brought more laughing from the southerner as he struggled into the silk shorts.

"Much better." Jc sighed, pulling Lance's body closer to him. Spooning his friend, Lance kissed his shoulder and whispered, "If only we were right for each other."

Rubbing Lance's hand that gripped his waist, Jc agreed, "I know. I love you in every way but that way."

"At least you can say you tried." Lance said softly. His mind going back to that night in St. Louis when Jc had arrived at his hotel room, his cock in one hand and a bottle of whiskey in the other. Jc said that he had enjoyed the night of sex but it just wasn't for him.

Snuggling closer, Jc stated sleepily, "Yes I can. I can say without a doubt that I'm not gay."

The two lay there, wrapped in each other's arms. Lance could tell that Jc was already asleep by his deep breathing. Just as he was about to drift off, a soft knock on the door brought him back awake.

Again without any answer, the door opened, and Joey asked, "Lance, are you still awake?"

"Yea, what's up Joe?" Lance asked, not moving in fear of waking up Jc.

Seeing Lance with his arms wrapped around someone, Joey blushed, "I didn't mean to interrupt you."
"No, this is only Jc." Lance explained.

"Oh." Joey said softly. Seeing the two in bed together was no surprise. He might not understand their relationship, but he knew for certain that Jc and Lance didn't fool around. They were just closer than most guys were.

"Chris and I were wondering if you knew where Justin was?" Joey asked, trying to keep his voice down to a low roar as not to wake up Jc, who was smiling in his sleep.

"No, not since this afternoon. Why?"
"Well." Joey explained. "Chris and I went into his room, we were going to saran wrap his toilet. But he wasn't there, the bed hasn't even been slept in."

Disentangling himself from Jc, Lance quietly crawled over the bed. Pulling Joey towards the door, he asked, "What do you mean he wasn't there?"

"He wasn't' there." Joey said, shrugging his shoulders. How many ways were there to say he wasn't there?

"What time is it?" Lance asked, struggling into a pair of pants. Being this close to the bearded man, he could smell the beer on his breath, a fetid smell that turned his stomach. A thought crossed his mind, he wondered if he smelled as bad to other people after a heavy night of drinking?

"Almost three."

"Damn, are you sure he wasn't on the couch?" Lance probed. Reaching for his cell phone on the table, he dialed Lonnie's number.

"Nope, we checked the whole place." Joey assured him.

"Yea." Lonnie's voice answered.

"It's Lance. Do you know where Justin is?" Lance had to force himself to stay calm.


Lance could tell that Lonnie knew something, and that he was covering for Justin. Everyone knew that Lonnie treated Justin a bit different than the other guys, and they also knew that Justin drug him into most of his adventures.

"Lonnie, I don't want to know what he's doing. Just tell me you know where he is and that he's safe." Lance spat out, trying not to yell at his loyal friend.

"Yes, I know where he's at. He's still in the hotel and I have Tommy watching him." Lonnie explained.

"Good. Thank you, I was just worried."

Turning back to Joey, Lance offered, "Tommy's watching him. He's probably fucking someone in the hotel."

"Oh good." Joey let out a sigh. "That means that I don't have to take off the saran wrap."

Lance looked at him, shaking his head, he said, "I guess not. Tell Chris that everything is okay."

Joey nodded and left the room. Lance took off his pants and crawled back to a sleeping Jc. Snuggling closer, Lance encircled him with his arms. Breathing deeply, he smiled and promptly fell asleep. Holding the one person that he loved more than anything, and yet knowing that they would never be together. For the time, he was fine with that.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Many hours after they finally drifted off to sleep, Gabriel looked down at Justin from where he was snuggled into his chest. In the darkness, he could just make out the form that he felt along the length of his body.

Moving slowly, he gradually moved away from the sleeping pop star. Replacing his warmth with a pillow, he stood up. Padding over to Justin's pants, he quickly rifled the pockets till he found Justin's room key. It was a standard key card that all hotels use now a days.

Walking softly into the bathroom, he shut the door before turning on the lights. Ignoring the guilty look on his face in the mirror, he opened one of his bags. Pulling out what looked like a small computer, he placed it on the sink.

The box had two slots in it, each one just big enough for a key card. Putting a blank into the second slot, he pushed Justin's card into the first.

A red light started blinking; indicating that machine was copying the card. Two minutes later, the green light flashed. Smiling, he returned the box to his bag making sure to retrieve both cards first.

Putting the duplicate into his wallet, he shut the lights off and walked back to Justin's pants. After returning the card, he crept silently back to the bed. Tickling Justin's nose, causing the sleeping man to shift, he wormed his way back inside Justin's embrace.

A few hours later, he awoke as Justin tried doing the same thing he had accomplished hours earlier. Feigning sleep, he rolled over, allowing Justin to slip away from him. Cursing himself for rolling over the wrong way, he could only hear Justin's movements as he searched for his discarded clothing.

Smiling in the darkness, he laughed when he heard Justin cursing softly. Hearing something smack against the wall, he guessed that Justin had tried to put on the wrong pants. After about three minutes, he heard the front door open and then close softly.

Rolling over, he grinned. Either Justin was trying to play him or he was embarrassed by his actions. Gabriel could tell when he was fucking a virgin, and he would bet his sizeable bank account that Justin had never been with a man before. He found himself becoming a bit angry at the thought of Justin playing him. And then even angrier because that thought bothered him.

I wanted to get close to him he thought. Maybe I got just a bit too close. He enjoyed the night, snuggled in his arms, feeling the warmth from his body. That was something that men in his profession just didn't do. Love did not mix with death. For a while he lay there, trying to sort out his confused emotions. Trying to convince himself that he only slept with Justin to gain access to the Senator.

If that was the case, than why was he so mad that Justin left without saying goodbye. For the rest of the night sleep alluded him. He was so angry that he never realized that last night had been the first one without any nightmares in a long while.


To Be Continued

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